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Thank you I'll look into it.

Did the countdown on the upper right of your screen run out?

I'm getting an instant crash when I try to run the game. The window pops up for less than a second then closes.

I'm running windows 10, intel processor, amd graphics card (RX 6600).

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I commented a while ago that your game needs a flashlight and I think that's still true. I like your game, I hope that I'll be able to play a new level one day!

Thanks for playing! Art is by hirotonfa.

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Very nice game! Here's my feedback.

The presentation feels really polished and the gameplay is a lot of fun.

I tried to equip the blue ribbon but it disappeared. Not sure what happened. I had to restart.

If I were you the thing I'd focus on the most is making the character art and 3D models look better. (Particularly the faces on the 3D models)

The cutscenes are really well made and enjoyable.

The music is alright but a little generic.

You should make the items autoequip. Going into the inventory is not fun. Especially since you have to do it all the time.

Nice game. It's my first time playing since 3 and a half years ago. (Demo day 31). Looks like you've made huge amounts of progress. Here's my feedback and impressions that I wrote as I played the game.

Initial impression is pretty good. I enjoy the details like the rats moving around. I like that you can see your character's legs. Feels like a proper immersive sim.

I tried to climb the pile of junk to my left when starting the game and almost made it to the top but got blocked by an invisible wall. I'm a bit disappointed.

Please add a splash sound effect when walking into puddles.

I can't figure out how to combine the cassette player and the scrap log I picked up on the table.

The book font is hard to read.

Jumping to climb up the ladder is really weird.

Right clicking an aug  and selecting "equip" should actually equip it and not make the character hold it in her hand. Having to use the separate menu is unintuitive.

I tried to talk to the bartender and he attacked me.

My character fired her gun when clicking to use an ability.

I wish you could map your abilities to the bottom hotbar.

I'm glad the game doesn't have invisible walls after going outside. I like the freedom of exploration.

I wish the game would be more generous on the night vision battery usage because the game is really dark.

Have you played Babbdi? You should check it out if you haven't. It's very similar to your game. Could be good inspiration.

I like the diagonal elevator. You're probably aware but jumping is bugged when you ride it.

I can't find the objective but I love exploring the city and getting lost in it. Eventually found some subculturalists that shot at me.

This is a nitpick but shouldn't reloading the mosin nagant make you lose a round since your character immediately cycles the bolt after firing? (Played too much Red Orchestra 2).

You should disable more hud elements by default or make them semi-transparent to enhance the immersion. I noticed you added the options to do that, it's nice. The compass isn't really necessary, it should be more subtle.

Shooting guards with the mosin feels really satisfying, I like it.

The loud porn actor scream easter egg is a little funny but it's very annoying. I'd make it way more subtle.

I wish I could grab the coke bricks to sell them later.

There needs to be a way to manually rotate items in the inventory. If there was one I couldn't find it.

It's too easy to accidentally activate abilities that will drain your battery meter in 2 seconds.

I stopped playing after deactivating the subculturalist's fan and jumping under it. I had a lot of fun. Aside from fixing the ladders what I would focus on if I were you is making more obvious where your objective is. Being able to see it from outside a window near the start would be cool.

I got to flying my spaceship then gave up. I almost didn't write anything because I didn't play for long but I thought getting some feedback about the first player experience would be better than nothing. Take my feedback with a grain of salt, I might not be in your target audience.

I looped back to the first checkpoint.

Hey thanks for the feedback. I'd love to implement your suggestions, they're good ideas but I'll have to focus on issues with the core mechanics first.

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Nice game! I know you've been working on it for a while but it's actually my first time playing. 

The space combat looks fun. However I don't like getting lore dumped when starting a new game. The UI felt overwhelming. I couldn't tell what the icons meant. I might be too ADHD for this. If I were you I would start the player immediately flying in the spaceship so you can experience the meat of the game first, then the RPG stuff later.

I like how the city looks.

I could nitpick on some details like being able to do multiple jumps mid air but you probably already know.

I hope you find this feedback useful. I like seeing you post progress.

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Nice game! Here's my initial impressions and feedback that I wrote as I played the game.

I like the presentation. The intro logo is very soulful.

I like that you see the area name when you start playing.

The red and green confirm/cancel buttons look out of place but I guess they're probably placeholders.

Jumping feels unresponsive. I'm not sure if it's intended or not. It's like there's input delay.

I don't like having to use the mouse to attack since using the sword doesn't require aiming. Maybe it's because you unlock a gun later on? I hope you're going to add rebindable controls so I can use Z/X/C to attack and interact.

You should be able to close the menu and map mid-animation. Also, the animations take too long.

It'd be nice if you could have a map overlay so you can move while looking at the map.

Since you have to use the mouse, you should being able to click to advance through the tutorial screens.

I feel like a game journalist lol but I got stuck on A6-2 for a while because at first I couldn't see the thing you are supposed to hit. Then I thought it was too high to hit after trying 2-3 times. So I backtracked because I thought I missed an item.

You should be able to grab ladders mid-air.

I don't like how the character controls, in general. Being locked in animations doesn't feel great. I understand I might not be the target audience however, since this looks like a cinematic platformer.

After climbing the ladder I was moving the crate and I almost softlocked myself. My character got stuck between the barrel and crate and was jiggling left and right. I could climb down the ladder but when I climbed back up I was stuck again. Thankfully I could destroy the barrel by attacking.

Looking forward to see you make progress on this game, it looks really cool and ambitious.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! Yeah I know it's going to take a while. I've already been working on it for a long time. I had to redo the movement + pathfinding of the units from scratch several times after working on them for months. Someone more reasonable would have given up by now but I like this game project too much to quit.

>even if it's just for testing purpuses, add a X2, X4 speed

it's already there (page up, page down, home, pause)

Thank you!

>Are you planning on adding in control groups?

Yes I'd like to add control groups but I'll have to prioritize more important issues first.

>I can't tell if spotting enemies is working correctly.

It is behaving weirdly at the moment, and has really bad performance. Overhauling that system will be among the top priority for the next demo.

Feedback noted, thanks!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Yes, the universe is fictitious so all the units will be non-historical. The current vehicle models are placeholders. The units will be based loosely on the early cold war. I'd like to have a research tree that lets you unlock helicopters, atgms, better planes, etc. However these are still a long way off.

The anime aspect won't affect the wargame-style gameplay too much. It's more about the aesthetics, the story, the characters.


Yep, planning on doing those suggestions.

Feedback noted! I really appreciate it.

Thank you! Definitely planning on adding more wargame features.

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah I know it's pretty barebones but I'm happy I got something playable after working on it for a very long time. Movement and pathfinding were hard to do.
You can change the time scale with page up / down, home to reset, pause to pause.

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Nice game! Here's some feedback.

Some hud elements appeared offscreen. Probably because I'm on a 16:10 monitor.

I like the orange character's reactions when you do things. However art-wise it doesn't look like it fits with the main character.

There's too many mixels.

My character was stuck strafing, and holding shift made it -not strafe-.

Shooting enemies feels good.

The movement feels stiff. However I understand what you're going for with it. (bullet-hell style?)

Looking forward to see you make progress. Good luck!

The graphics, artstyle and animations look superb. Did you make all of this?

The camera feels off when playing with mouse and keyboard. I don't like that it turns based on your movement input. Feels like a mechanic for controllers.

I'm disappointed there's no collision box on top of the electric wires so I can run on them.

The character controls well. I like how running feels. I wish you could grab the ledges of the roof when climbing on a house.

Looks promising.

I like how the guns behave. It feels good. It reminds me a bit of VR games.

I got really bad lag spikes on my first life. But nothing after. Maybe there's some initialisation issues?

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Great game! Here's my feedback:

- The characters look great.

- The character movement feels good.

- The mini tutorial house is well done. It's a nice presentation.

- I like that there's no HUD and music (except for the ending lol). It feels very immersive.

- I wish I could cut grass with the sword.

- The z fighting on the castle walls is annoying

- I wish there would be a label on the items to tell which one does what.

- I'm disappointed there's no back entrance to the castle.

- The game really needs an aerial attack move. It would feel great to use when jumping down on an enemy when you're standing on a beam.

Looking forward to the full release.

What are you going to do to differentiate your game from luftrausers?

>Shooting stops health regen.

Ah I see, that should have been obvious.

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Nice game! Here's my initial impressions and feedback.

The grappling hook feels good.

The meter feels like it's lacking a passive recharge mechanic when running on flat ground. I know when you go fast that would be mostly irrelevant but still. I jumped in place in the tutorial to recharge the meter, I thought I had to do that because the it was bugged.

I like the skybox and water a lot.

Might be my monitor settings but red boxes don't always look red because of their dark shadows. It's not clear whether they're going to kill you or they're normal boxes.

I understand it's needed for gameplay reasons but the way the objective marker is drawn on-top doesn't look great. Maybe with s compass along with a tall in-world light beam could do the trick.

Please add a FOV slider.

The repeating textures don't look great.

I like the yellow grind bars, they feel good to jump on.

The game is fun when the level design clicks.

Some checkpoints are very hard to recover from after you die like 2/7 and 4/7 in the 2-2 level.

The right click dash feels weird when it's used on the floor to gather speed, sometimes you lose momentum very fast after using it, sometimes you don't. Maybe it's because of the surface type?

Having both an air dash and a grappling hook feels redundant.

Looking forward to see your progress on this game!

Nice game! Here's my feedback:

- I like the effect when a bullet hits the water.

- I like the health circle.

- The artstyle lacks cohesiveness. Mix of pixel art, cartoon 2D and low poly 3D is weird.

- The bullet sound effect gets old fast.

- As far as I know there's no reason to not shoot, so why is it not on autofire?

The gameplay has potential. I hope you keep working on your game.

There's a spelling mistake in the game's description. "granduer" -> "grandeur"

>Anything in specific about the UI? Is this about the ingame UI, or the default unity placeholders?
The placeholders but also there's some parts of the UI I'm not sure if they're placeholders or not. For instance the yellow number on the top left looks out of place, it reminds me of FRAPS.

That's unfortunate.
Which "certain game" are you talking about?

The menus look nice but you should make it more obvious how to start playing. Maybe highlight the "embark" button? Also clicking on the ship in the selection menu doesn't seem to be working.

The camera gives me motion sickness. Have you considered making it a fixed angle and more zoomed out?

The volume on some of the sound effects for getting hit is very loud compared to others.

It's hard to understand what's going on because although the graphics are nice they're not very readable. It's the exact opposite of Vampire Survivors.

Did you stop working on this? I remember really enjoying the demo.

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Nice game! Here's my feedback.

- The visuals, except the UI, are very appealing.

- The movement speed feels a little slow.

- It would be nice if you could go through the first door by walking inside it instead of having to press a button.

- It's a bit confusing to enter a door north and appear on the left in the next room.

- The walls made of branches are hard to see against the dirt floor.

- I'm sure you're aware but the gameplay itself feels too basic.

Are you still working on the game?

I'm aware of all of this. Long story short supporting other languages is harder than I thought. I found one pixel art font that I liked and had all the characters I wanted (Cyrillic, kanjis, etc.) but I couldn't get it to work. Maybe I will support Cyrillic languages if I make Type Knight 2. You should request a refund if you're unhappy with the game.

Thank you! Don't forget xclip if you want to import text.

Thanks for letting people know! I'm glad you like the game!!