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The art and music were nice and the gameplay was promising. The intro was perfect. However, I had trouble with the controls. The skeletons didn't seem to respond properly or I was doing something wrong.


I saw it, very nice of you!

@Hamfist McMutton @Rokas

Thank you for the feedback! I'll definitely reduce the engagement range for enemies. Being shot from outside the screen has been the most popular criticism.


Thanks for the feedback, it's really appreciated.

This was a lot of fun. If you flesh it out it's going to be a great game.

I felt like the upgrades were not satisfying enough, otherwise good job.

Very cute. I feel like should have been better at the quiz. Also Kaworu is best girl.

I wish I could listen to the entire song, make the level longer or give me an mp3 file. Very enjoyable.


Thanks for the feedback! I'll work on these changes as soon as I can.

Very enjoyable, feels polished. I wish there would be more boss fights and less other stuff. If I had one criticism it would be that the game is pretty hard to read.

Maybe it's just because I have a headache from lack of sleep but I couldn't really understand your game because there were too many UI elements and gameplay mechanics thrown at me at the same time. Your game looks really interesting and the art looks good but maybe do a tutorial where you gradually introduce mechanics through gameplay?

Also I'm not sure if you're supposed to be able to click on the windows but give more feedback for the user in the UI or don't include fake buttons because they're confusing.

My bad. It's up now.

Bretty good game. Are you going to finish it?