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Are you still working on the game?

I'm aware of all of this. Long story short supporting other languages is harder than I thought. I found one pixel art font that I liked and had all the characters I wanted (Cyrillic, kanjis, etc.) but I couldn't get it to work. Maybe I will support Cyrillic languages if I make Type Knight 2. You should request a refund if you're unhappy with the game.

Thank you! Don't forget xclip if you want to import text.

Thanks for letting people know! I'm glad you like the game!!

Hello! I'm a programmer looking for paid work!


I have been using GameMaker Studio regularly since late 2015. I own both version 1.4 and 2.

As for Unity, I have about one year of experience.

I also have been formally educated in computer science (3-years degree in a post-secondary college).


I have programmed and designed Type Knight which is released on steam (90%+ positive) and (5 stars)!

Contact info:

The best way to contact me is by email but you can also send me a PM on itch, twitter or discord. 

Send me your offers or questions!


Discord: chaikadev#7112

GIFs of past projects:

Top down shooter with stealth elements and inventory system.

Type Knight gameplay.

Guided missiles in Unity using proportional navigation

RTS prototype recreating various mechanics from the total war series

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Make sure to have the following packages:

  • libcurl4
  • libopenal1
  • xclip

Then, unzip and launch the executable!

If you can't launch the executable, open a console in the local folder and type "sudo chmod +x typeknight".  This should enable you to use the executable as intended.

If that doesn't work, you can check StormKMD's comment thread below. There's some useful info for linux. If it still doesn't work, you should ask for a refund.

A big update for Type Knight has been released in honor of its 1 year anniversary that's coming up soon. Type Knight is a score attack game where you type the words above your enemies to survive.

Read the patch notes here!

-> Store page <-

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Hello! I'm a programmer looking for paid work! My rate is $25/hour (USD).


I have been using GameMaker Studio since late 2015. I own both version 1.4 and 2.

As for Unity, I've been using it regularly since late 2019.

I also have been formally educated in computer science (3-years degree in a post-secondary college).


I have programmed and designed Type Knight which is released on steam (95%+ positive) and (5 stars)!

Contact info:

The best way to contact me is by email but you can also send me a PM on itch, twitter or discord. 
Send me your offers or questions!

Email: chaikadev0[at]

Discord: chaikadev#7112

Twitter: @chaikadev

GIFs of past projects:

Top down shooter with stealth elements and inventory system.

Type Knight gameplay.

Guided missiles in Unity using proportional navigation
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Yes, I knew the dash could damage enemies. It felt like the cost was still too high.

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  • Please add the option to disable head-bopping.
  • I like the visuals.
  • I had a lot of screen tearing, V-Sync could be useful.
  • It's hard to tell where the altars are at first.
  • Combat is fun.
  • You should consider an altar as complete if there's only one or two enemies left. It's not fun to spend time searching for an enemy that's hiding. Alternatively you could highlight remaining enemies on the HUD when there's only a few left.
  • Movement is fun. You should add a lot of platforming with death pits.
  • The lance's ribbon is bugging out.
  • The key to open the gate is easy to lose.
  • The game needs some music.
  • If you're lunged into the air by teleporting into your lance, you should add a downward thrust with a large area of effect attack by holding the left mouse button. I think that'd be a really fun combo to pull off.
  • There needs to be a way to gain more health. Maybe refill the health after completing a level.
  • I would buff the normal attacks by giving them more range because throwing your lance is a lot more useful in comparison.
  • The dash move feels like it costs too much stamina.
  • I like that the hitboxes are forgiving.

Really good job overall. I could see this selling for 20 bucks on steam if you fix these small issues.

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Your cutscenes have a lot of SOUL and the gameplay is excellent. I'm rooting for you. Please finish the game! Hopefully this will give you some motivation.

Are you using a shader to animate the grass and plants or is it by hand?

Simple but fun and satisfying. You get a really good sense of speed. You could make a good game out of this.

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The concept of the game is quite interesting! It's quite fun too. I think the design could use some polishing. Having to switch from using the knight back to tetris mode at the same time is a bit awkward. Maybe you could fix this by doing phases? Example: Place three or four blocks THEN only use the knight. And then repeat.

Aside from that:

  • I noticed you can't click on the retry button when you die or the continue button after finishing the level.
  • A warning when you're about to clear a line with your character on it would be useful.
  • I would make the AP count pop out next to the character (like you do with the HP when you take a hit) every time you make a move so you can easily how much you have left.
  • The hit sound that plays after attacking could be softer so it's easier on the ears. Add some random variation to it too.
  • Add more music. I'm getting tired of this one song playing on loop as I'm writing this feedback.
  • The aesthetics of the game aren't bad but all beige/gray/black is a bit boring. You should find a way to make the color scheme more pleasing to the eyes. Maybe add a colorful background instead of the black void.

How much time did this take you to do? If you fix these small issues the game isn't far away from being to ready to sell.

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It took me maybe one more second than normal to see it. What I really meant to say is that brown on brown doesn't look too good. Something important should pop out more of the background you know?

It's nice to see you had a pause menu after all. I'm used to press escape for it to show up so when nothing happened I assumed you hadn't implemented one yet.

Oops, I found it after writing my comment and made an edit.

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It took me a while to get passed the screen with the book at the beginning. I tried clicking on continue and pressing every button but nothing registered.

You should work on the background art and the animations for the cat. The smiling faces look quite creepy. The trees look too flat. The walking animation could use more frames.

The music is very good.

I got stuck for a while again at the gate in the 2nd level. It's hard to see because it's the same color as the tree trunks. The game doesn't tell you which key to press to switch characters. I know it says the "switch characters" key but you should tell which key on the keyboard it is. Also if you skip the dialog too fast you have no idea what to do and can't even go back to the main menu.

The game sounds very promising, looking forward to see you improve it.

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Initial impression is good. Looks cute. Here's my feedback.

  • Consider adding a fade out animation to the UI when you're just walking and not shooting. Although from seeing the game looks like this situation is not going to happen too often.
  • You run out of ammo too quickly with your first gun.
  • The voices are annoying.
  • I can't read the dialogue when I'm getting shot from everywhere.
  • The core gameplay is good but some enemies feel like bullet sponges. I'm doing multiple headshots on the enemies that run at you and it doesn't affect them.
  • It looks like the title on your game's thumbnail says "mugforce".

Is this going to be just an arena shooter or are you going to add levels with progression later?

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Very well done, it looks like you know what you are doing.


  • The idle animation isn't great, the characters move too much. It's like they're laughing at you.
  • I think tab would be a better default key for the inventory.
  • I would like to be able to attack the wizard that greets you at the tower.
  • It would be nice to have independent sliders for music and sound effects so I can listen to my own music if I wish to.
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The game is legitimately fun but there's not enough ammo pickups. I also noticed taking a screenshot makes the pause menu appear in it. I wanted to share a bug where the shotgun reload animation got stuck.

Hello! I'm a programmer, I've made Type Knight. I like your art. I'd be up to do a small rev-share project together if you wanted to.

Are the statistics in the game real or fake?

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Feels really well made and polished. Steam release when?


  • The range for the prompt to talk to NPCs is too narrow. Making it so you don't have to face the NPCs would feel better.
  • You should soften up the edges of your tiles with grass and flowers. The hard edges clash with the rest of the hand-drawn artstyle (which is great by the way).
  • Something should happen if you stand in the fire.
  • It says down arrow + X to fall down but you have to do down + C.
  • Running is obsolete when you can spam dash to go faster.
  • I got stuck pretty quickly because I couldn't find a bomb to destroy the big block on the left, couldn't make the slime move on the right and the cave on the right doesn't seem explorable (can't fit through the opening to go left, can't destroy the ground to go below)

You really need to auto-detect the input method (keyboard or controller). Also please add keybindings.

Attack sound seems a little loud compared to other effects.

I like the art for the main character. I like the music.

I have RB button prompts even though I chose to use the keyboard.

My thoughts as I played the demo:

  • I like the intro but it started when I clicked on options
  • The tutorial prompts are jarring, they could use a smoother transitions
  • One of my guns turned into an error when I moved it in my inventory
  • Being able to pick an answer with a key press would be nice
  • You need to add checkpoint
  • An AI guard turned and shot me instantly when I jumped down behind him. However the guards react very poorly if you shoot them from above
  • You better add polish VAs if you're going to set your game in poland.

Thanks for the feedback! I'll consider adding the option.

Thank you! ❤️

Thanks for the update, it's much appreciated!

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Very nice! May I add your solution to the readme? I'll give you credit.

Nice work! You should prevent the game from closing when attempting to rebind ESC.

You have to keep the dot on the airplane for three seconds while aiming.

  • I like the art
  • It needs sounds
  • White whip is hard to see against yellow clouds

The movement feels alright. I'm not sure about the way you lose all momentum when jumping from a platform.

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The packages are required by the engine for the game to run on linux. I've done a quick google search and they seem to be available for redhat (so it should work on fedora, right?)

I'd also like to mention I've only tested the linux version on Ubuntu 18.04 as that's the only "officially" supported distribution by gamemaker. I did mention Ubuntu in the minimum requirements on steam page but forgot to do it here too. Sorry about that.

If I were you I'd try to get those two packages installed but if you can't do it, it seems itch allows refunds if you email their support.

If you do get the game working, please let me know what fixed your problem as it could help other fedora users. 

Do you have libcurl4 and libopenal1?

Thank you!

It crashes too after the logo.

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I too would have liked to have more backgrounds. However, the scope of the game was limited due to having no budget.

My plan is to use the experience learned in this project to start something bigger, with at least moderate funding. I hope you will look forward to that.

However, I'm not done with Type Knight. I will keep fixing bugs and other issues. There's a possibility of more content but I don't want to promise anything.

64 bit

Yes, it's a score-attack game.