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Thanks for the kind words! I'm taking note of this feedback.

Could you have pressed space between words by any chance? That might be it.

I'm taking note of these suggestions! I was already planning to add scaling to the options menu.

Thanks for the video PHI, it's really appreciated!

One or two game-overs you've had were indeed due to a bug. String comparison can be tricky sometimes, I'll investigate that.

About the three people credited for the background : I just realized Luis Zuno and ansimuv are the same person. The main background is cc0 and the grass strip (which I recolored) is from another asset (CC BY 4.0). I found these assets here on itch.io. Stingray is an artist that is actively collaborating on the project as part of the team. He modified the clouds from the original background and did the title screen.


Wow, thank you for the kind words! Watching your video was pure fun for me!

I'll definitely make some changes about the difficulty. The game is a work in progress. Ideally I will have a system that adapts to the player's skill. You weren't the only one finding the game hard!

Pretty fun! I actually got the end. The enemies feel a bit bullet-spongy. Also I think it would feel better if you could pick up items just by walking into them.

Swinging is very fun! As the others have said, the buttons and balls are buggy. Have you considered doing this game in VR?

Your game looks like it has a lot of potential. I wish there would be a dedicated key to advance through the tutorial because I kept advancing through it by mistake when I just wanted to dodge the bullets. Thanks for sharing your demo!

The game was fun! My two criticisms are that enemies respawn in your line of sight and you respawn always at the same place often near enemies. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

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Thanks! Check out the artists in the credit section!


Nice looking game! Your dancing skeletons are fun. It reminds me of crypt of the necrodancer. Here's some nitpicking. The game window was stuck in the upper-left corner in firefox. Movement feels too floaty. I couldn't figure out what to do once you get to the magical staff. I couldn't equip it.

Getting to the other island was pretty hard. I could list a few issues but I'm sure you're aware of them. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress!

Nice game. The art is really pretty. I'm disappointed I couldn't get the web version to work on firefox (52.7.3 ESR). Couldn't figure out how to reach the higher platforms. Spamming fireballs while running is fun.

Your game is pretty fun to play. The graphics reminded me a bit of Yoshi's Island. Here's some nitpicking: The window kept going back to the top left corner against my will. The .exe outside of the main folder doesn't seem to work. The text can be pretty hard to read because of the font and the moving letters. Also I didn't have to time to read everything during the intro cutscene but that may be because I'm an ESL.

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Hey thanks for the feedback, it's really appreciated. A lot of people have complained about the difficulty so I'll definitely change that.

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Game page : https://chaikadev.itch.io/type-knight

This is a typing game. The faster you type, the longer you will survive.

It's a work in progress. Check out the main page for more details and remember to leave feedback !

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Thanks for the lengthy feedback.

I'm aware some of the features are half-broken. I'll probably have to scrap some of them like the depressurization and air mechanic because they're quite buggy and I'm not sure if they add a lot.

My next plan for the game is to do a design document and clean up the code. I fear got a little too much into a feature creep. I need to think what I want my game to be about and have a clearer idea of the work ahead.

Progress is really slow because I don't have discipline and have  low motivation at the moment. However, some work is being done on the assets. Posts like this not only contain useful information but really help me get back on track so thank you.

I know performance is quite poor but in this case it doesn't have much to do with how it looks. I'm working on improving it. What are your computer specs?

Thank you for the feedback by the way.

Thank you for these videos! I was aware of the camera bug but it appeared at the last minute and didn't have time to fix it.

thanks for the feedback, it's really appreciated

Thank you for the reply! My plan is to add many sandbox elements so the player can tackle a level however he feels like it. I want to add many gadgets and computers that will let you interact with the ship, such as controlling the doors from a central point and monitoring the oxygen level of rooms.

Thanks for the comment! Inventory changes are already done and work like you suggested. I'm not going to release another version until the next demo day though.
The grenades are supposed to have a short animation when exploding but I think they don't play properly. Thank you for pointing that out.
The text appearing outside of the FOV isn't intended indeed.

Thanks for the feedback! I've already worked on some fixes based on previous comments and made changes to the inventory system. Only weapons appear on the bottom bar now and any additional copies go straight to the main inventory.

I wasn't aware you could pace them to attack faster. I was talking about all of them but the special attacks had quite a long wind-up time iirc.

You've really nailed down the presentation of your game. It feels very polished.

I don't mind the art-style if this is a short-game but I'm sure you're aware it's going to put-off a lot of people.

As for the gameplay, it's not really my cup of tea. I got to the part where you find a blue square but didn't figure out what to do after. 
The font for the instructions is pretty hard to read.

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First of all, the game is very fun and has a lot of potential.

The last time I've played this is during DD12 (I think). Things don't seem to have changed that much but I'm sure you've been working hard on it. I'm going to nitpick and complain about things you're probably already working on / aware of but I'm going to say them anyway just in case.

  • Your game really needs a flashlight, it was hard to see in some areas.
  • The knife doesn't do anything if you hit objects with it. Maybe add a sound-effect + a decal
  • They're probably really hard to do but if you could add ragdolls they would be very fun to mess around with.
  • If you can't do ragdolls, can you at least make the corpses react when you shoot at them? Maybe make them spray robot blood or something.
  • I was able to cheese a bit with the NPCs by hitting their feet at an odd angle through a door frame and they didn't react or move.
  • More varied sound effects when jumping would be nice.
  • The FOV felt a bit cramped to me, adding it to the options menu would be nice. Is it set to 90?

I feel like the attacks take too much time to accomplish. The time-window where you can't control anything is too large. This has potential though.

Nice game. I'm disappointed you can't shoot the birds.

This does remind me of some of the better golden-age flash games. My only complaint is that the bounce physics behave weirdly sometimes.

Thanks for the feedback!

The art and music were nice and the gameplay was promising. The intro was perfect. However, I had trouble with the controls. The skeletons didn't seem to respond properly or I was doing something wrong.


I saw it, very nice of you!

@Hamfist McMutton @Rokas

Thank you for the feedback! I'll definitely reduce the engagement range for enemies. Being shot from outside the screen has been the most popular criticism.


Thanks for the feedback, it's really appreciated.

This was a lot of fun. If you flesh it out it's going to be a great game.

I felt like the upgrades were not satisfying enough, otherwise good job.

Very cute. I feel like should have been better at the quiz. Also Kaworu is best girl.

I wish I could listen to the entire song, make the level longer or give me an mp3 file. Very enjoyable.


Thanks for the feedback! I'll work on these changes as soon as I can.