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Looks promising, but something about the game gives me nausea no matter how I set the FOV.

I'll try to do it before the end of august, when the game will be complete.

Thank you. It doesn't have a name. Top-down line of sight?

>From the art on the page I can already tell it's improved significantly, and the sounds/music are great!

Thank you!

>The first time I played I didn't even know there was a hud. It didn't appear until after I died. This is repeatable, happening 3 out of 3 times I started the game. It's obviously much easier to play with a health bar, and really adds to the tension, but honestly playing without the hud was kind of neat. I just kept on typing without any fear of death. Is that intentional?

>Every text prompt after the first had the same block about a utilitarian accessory.

I'm aware of these issues, couldn't fix them in time.

>The blocking mechanic is really cool, but I don't like to have to backspace the entire word when you miss typing the block. But is that part of the difficulty in a typing game? I don't know. I can't tell if this is a good design choice or a bad one. It would be nice if there was a delete-all key or even if Ctrl+A was allowed, but that's just me. And either way it's not that bad to deal with.

There's Ctrl+Backspace or a key of your choice in the options menu (DEL by default)

Thank you! There should be a new version up fairly soon featuring updated art.

Thank you! Glad to hear it.

Thanks for playing!

Thank you for the feedback, I'm aware of these issues and I'm working on fixing them.

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I really appreciate the sentiment, this is the first time someone offers me money for something I've made (not forgetting the help of others of course). I went through the process of creating a paypal and a ko-fi page but I changed my mind because unfortunately most of your donation would probably have been lost in fees and taxes.

Instead if you want to support me, please follow the twitter, get the game on launch and spread the word around! Thank you!

Thank you.

On the page of one of my game, I have a lot of old builds currently hidden that I leave there because I want to keep track of the statistics. Can I delete these old builds and keep all the statistics if they're all on the same game's page? (The game's page will stay up, of course.)

I'm glad you liked it! Thank you!

Thank you for playing! I appreciate the feedback.

Thanks for playing! Expect to see a new boss and more polishing of the existing art and gameplay.

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Thanks for playing !

There's only 6 unique story panels by the way. It loops back after the last one. The game is a work in progress!

There's a cooldown bar for the multiplier just under it. If the bar empties your multiplier goes back to 1. You probably got the crazy score by doing a really long combo!

Nice! I plan of fixing the red text to make it easier to read.

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Sorry about that, it's my fault. I realized I forgot to check the windows tickbox after uploading a new build a few days ago. It prevents the game from being downloaded in the itch launcher when you don't.

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Here are my thoughts as I played the demo:

Did you use to be able to pitch up and down the camera? It'd be nice to be able to.

Did you give up up on being able to move freely in the overworld?

I can't seem to be able to rotate tranches when building a camp. The overall camping experience feels like it should be streamlined. I had to fight against the UI a bit.

A button to automatically take all the loot would be convenient. The loot you receive is unbalanced, there's way too much ammo.

I can't see anything. It's not just dark, it's opaque. It should be clearer.

The rate of random encounters feels like being in a cave without REPEL in pokémon.

I went from -2 rations to 0 while traveling.

I may post more feedback tomorrow.

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Everything feels right. The gameplay is very fun. Add more levels and I'd buy it for sure, especially if it's in VR. Great streamer-bait too.

I got endings A, B, C and D. I wish the stats would give you more dialogue options and different outcomes. I couldn't even do the  [convince] option with maxed charisma.

I can't believe I missed a DemoDay stream. Did you post a link in the thread?

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Your game is the embodiment of SOUL. Just get a youtuber to do a meme video of it and you'll be swimming in fat dosh.

The camera got locked in this state while exploring the map. I could still move the car around.

You need to release the soundtrack as a standalone. It's really good.

>Hope at least you had a comfy time flying around the maps, I'm really proud of how it looks.

You should. The overall aesthetic made it really stand out.

The movement feels very sluggish and unresponsive. I get that you're trying to portray the feel of heavy armor but it isn't fun.

The main character doesn't look very good.

I like the ambiance and the dark-souls-inspired level design.

Nice job, keep it up! The game has a lot of potential.

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I absolutely love the artstyle and presentation of your game, it's really top-notch. Jumping into the water feels satisfying. The water itself looks really good too. I like that you can see the colors of the sky and the moon reflecting on it. It makes the game feel atmospheric.

The only bug I found was being able to swim through the island and ship and some sprites popping up on the edges.

It wasn't clear at first what was the effect of turning on and off the lamp (or if it was doing anything at all), maybe you could add a sound effect for walls disappearing and appearing again. If it wasn't for the object being unique and the popup I wouldn't have guessed I had to place the branches on the table. Other than the lack of clarity the puzzle was too easy. Maybe you could a element that would require the player to think a little?

Did you make this all by yourself or are you in a team? Anyway, great work!

Many people have been reporting the same issue. I'm going to do something about it before release.

Thanks for the feedback!

Not yet but it shouldn't prevent you to play. The different layouts are just for navigating through the menus and the on-screen keyboard for disabling keys in the custom game menu.

Merlin lines were a placeholder from the last demo several months ago. Are you playing the DD25 version?

You're pretty good if you managed to make it this far without knowing how to parry! You have to type the word in red above the knight when it appears. I'm going to find a way to make this clearer in the future.

Thank you for the video! It's really appreciated!

I suggest you play in the easiest difficulty (Spelling Squire). If you want something even easier, you can go in the custom game menu and disable the top and bottom row of the keyboard like in this picture.

There's a dedicated key (DEL by default) which you can rebind in the options menu and CTRL + backspace also works.

I plan on doing a linux and mac version just before releasing the game. There's still a lot of work to be done before it's ready.

It's pretty fun! The main mechanic is original. It could use some music and sound effects. I like the player character. Jumping feels a bit too floaty.

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I'm glad you enjoyed it! Pixel art isn't from me, I merely did some special effects like the weather, the color scheme and a few adjustments here and there.  The art is a mix of free assets and original work from Stingray. Check out the in-game credits!

Thank you for the feedback! About the 2nd point, that's by design. It adds some challenge to get the timing right. I'll consider changing it though. I'll see what I can do to address the rest of the issues.

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Thank you for the feedback! I'll look into what could cause the missing chains. About the second point, you can do ctrl + backspace or set up a dedicated key in the options menu to erase all characters. I just tested it with enter and it works like you suggested.

Thank you for the feedback and crash report! Did you attack after writing the word above the knight? Then it's working as intended.