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Honestly this game is the most fun I've had in this demo day. The default loadout seems kinda weak though. You just go too slowly. Sedan with continuum booster is just way more fun. Also it would be nice to have pickups so you can use your item again. The level design could use some work so it lets you go faster. The flying enemies seem to get stuck in mid-air when they die.

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It would be nice to have a "continue" button on the pause screen.

It's not super obvious at first what the circles above the player represent. I deduced it was hp and ammo? Or maybe it's hp and aiming?

The play/resume icon seems to be stuck on my screen. Maybe let it fadeout after a while or make it less "in-your-face"?

The pathing seems kinda weird on the overworld? My character wants to go around trees for some reason even if there's a clear route straight ahead.

Going to the building with a yellow mark in the overworld didn't work at first so I lost some time running around attacking patrols because I didn't know what to do.

The enemies don't seem to care about standing on open-ground without cover while being shot.

One of my characters that seemed to be into cover died anyway. The blue circle didn't appear for some reason but there were some boxes between the the character and the enemy.

It would be nice if you could differentiate better the overworld to the regular maps because they look quite the same.

I hope the feedback is useful it feels good to see a game coming along and making progress.

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The black crystals were pretty annoying. It's not apparent what they do at first and even slightly touching them means instant death.

It's not clear at first what your items do and when you experiment with them you have to die to get more. A good puzzle game like portal lets you experiment plenty without having to restart.

It's also not clear what you can use your items on and not. For example, on the 2nd level the thruster works on the rotating platform but not the other orb.

Also the instruction papers can be easy to miss. I didn't see the first one immediately. It doesn't seem to have any text?

Good luck with your game!

Looks like a promising game. You might want to look into the panels, they were crashing the game when I tried activating them. Also it doesn't feel very good to stop moving when shooting. I played the v2 version.

Thanks for taking the time to make a video :)

Thank you! I'd like to translate the game into as many languages as possible, including Hebrew.

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Hey, thanks for the feedback!

last demo is 15mb, this one is 117mb :thinking:

It's the music.

I expect game to pause on alt tab
would either quiet the music down or silence it on pause

I might do that, good suggestions.

don't ever allow mashing Esc to quit the game
the Escape button contextualization is dogshit, make it do the same thing and no more

I took that idea from touhou games. I like it. If it works for ZUN it works for me.

fuck your screenshaking
the shake doesn't shake the text, I know you want it readable, but it breaks immersion
just let me turn that shit off

You can already turn it off. The option has been there since DD21.

I can't into French

The french text is a place-holder.

Yep, the merlin text is just a place-holder. The constructive crticism will be put to good use, thank you!

You're welcome! Thanks for the tip about parallax, I'll investigate it.

Very possible. I'll look into it before launch along with a linux version.

Thanks for the feedback! You play for a high-score so I'm not planning on adding checkpoints.

You can parry the boss' attacks by typing the word above you..

You use the spell to clear all enemies on screen. I could also make it do more damage against the boss too.

Thank you! I'm not planning on releasing the game on mobile right now but you never know what could happen!

Your game really shows the hard work spent on making it. Nice job!

I agree with Swannicus, all the little moving objects and the color choices make the game hard to read.

During the intro level, I tried to pick up guns hanging on the wall by walking up to them. I think it would be more intuitive if you could that instead of selecting them on the screen after entering the car.

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I like the aesthetic and feel of the game. Going to the gate for restarting takes too long imo.

Thanks for the feedback!

The merlin text is a place-holder. You can parry the boss' attacks by typing the word above your head.

Grapple games are fun and so is this one but it's extremely hard. I'm having trouble getting passed the first level. I'm disappointed to see the project abandoned.

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A new demo of Type Knight is available!

Type out the words above the enemies to defeat them!

New color palette, new visuals, new enemy, new mechanics and a lot of polishing were added since the last demo! Feedback is really appreciated.

Game :

Changelog :

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Thanks for the feedback!

  • I'll look into changing the pause menu. I mainly wanted it to loop for being consistent with the other menus.
  • You can actually map enter, it just immediately reselects the rebind option after you press it. I already fixed on my side but the demo won't be updated.
  • I'm not sure what you mean? You can press escape to dismiss the pause menu.

About the dictionary, I just tried a few I found online. This one seems pretty nice indeed. Right now you have to tank hits but I'll look into a mechanic to block damage.

Hey, thanks for the feedback! It's really heart-warming to see someone took the time to write an article.

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Yeah, I found what caused the bug as well just a few hours ago. It's fixed now. It's weird that I couldn't reproduce the issue on windows 7 but it happened on windows 10. The bug happened on the itch client too. Maybe it's the unzipping software?

Thanks for helping!

Were you using the itch application by any chance? I couldn't reproduce the crash until I tried playing from it.

If not, are you playing the game on windows 10 or maybe in linux with wine?

Yes, I absolutely want to add an HP item! Bonus stages are a pretty good idea, maybe I'll add them to my "to do" list.

I'd love to! I'm not too familiar with Korean, I've heard it has an alphabet-like system? I could do romaji Japanese (or the Korean equivalent) relatively easily. Supporting kanji would be a lot of work. Maybe eventually.

Thanks! Which language would you like to see?

There you go! My setup only has headphones. I hope this helps.

I really enjoyed your video! About the boss: you just have to take it down as fast as possible at the moment but I could add a mechanic to block damage. Sorry for the rude words, the word selection is completely random. This dictionary only has 56k entries. I used to have one with 400k words and it had an even weirder selection!

Thanks for playing!!

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I just redownloaded the game to test. Turning off the ambient track doesn't do anything, the static seems to be coming from all audio sources including sound effects. The menu music has static as well.

You move at approximately 1/3 of the speed after alt-tabbing.

Additionally the icon seems to be broken or non existent?

I'm wondering why you can't see those problems, are you developing on linux? I hope this helps!

There you go! It's this area.

Nice game. I'm looking forward to the full release. I like how the camera handles. Is there half-cover or a suppression mechanic? Here are some issues I found.

You might want to put a "click anywhere to begin" or something like that after the first loading screen. I thought it was still loading because the whole screen was black except a faint arrow on the bottom right.

I saw some z-fighting during the first level on the grass.

I managed to break the first VN sequence after starting a new game for the 2nd time.

Extending the black fading during the VN sequences to the borders would look much nicer in my opinion.

I really like the mech's cockpit but there doesn't seem to be much gameplay.

Your game has potential! I got the same bug as Azebu.

Nice game! I like the art. I can't seem to move after dashing in the mech suit. The game looks very impressive for being only 2 weeks old.

Your game is really cute, I love it! I couldn't figure out how to get on top of the rock columns. The ambient sounds are a nice touch, they're very relaxing. I died to a cat just after opening the doors. Did you put it there or was it a coincidence? Anyway it would have been nice of have a checkpoint after unlocking the doors.

It would be nice if you could still move the camera when you're far away. It's hard to have situational awareness when you can't control where you're looking. The missile sound effect is way too loud.

I encountered this problem with the game over menu you're probably aware of.  Your game has a lot of potential! Good luck!

I think it would feel better if you could open the doors from further away. You really need to add some sound, an ambient track could go a long way for the atmosphere. I managed the get out of the map pretty easily in the first room.

It's more challenging than it looks! The controls were unintuitive at first but I got used to them after a while. The game is simple but fun.

I like the aesthetic, your game looks really good. I can't really comment on the gameplay because I don't have someone to play against and I haven't played bushido blade. It seems like you've really nailed the camera and character movement. I like that it feels like a fighting game yet you can actually move around in 3D. Did you make the characters yourself or are they from an asset store? Anyway, nice job!

I can't play it at the moment because my vive isn't ready (it takes me about an hour to move my computer to the living room and set up everything). The next time I'll do it I'm going to be able to leave you some feedback. It's a room-scale experience right?

The gameplay is simple yet it requires skill. It's very fun. Do you plan to add an opponent? I like the characters, they're cute.

Not much to criticize. Good luck with your game!