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The game is legitimately fun but there's not enough ammo pickups. I also noticed taking a screenshot makes the pause menu appear in it. I wanted to share a bug where the shotgun reload animation got stuck.

Hello! I'm a programmer, I've made Type Knight. I like your art. I'd be up to do a small rev-share project together if you wanted to.

Are the statistics in the game real or fake?

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Feels really well made and polished. Steam release when?


  • The range for the prompt to talk to NPCs is too narrow. Making it so you don't have to face the NPCs would feel better.
  • You should soften up the edges of your tiles with grass and flowers. The hard edges clash with the rest of the hand-drawn artstyle (which is great by the way).
  • Something should happen if you stand in the fire.
  • It says down arrow + X to fall down but you have to do down + C.
  • Running is obsolete when you can spam dash to go faster.
  • I got stuck pretty quickly because I couldn't find a bomb to destroy the big block on the left, couldn't make the slime move on the right and the cave on the right doesn't seem explorable (can't fit through the opening to go left, can't destroy the ground to go below)

You really need to auto-detect the input method (keyboard or controller). Also please add keybindings.

Attack sound seems a little loud compared to other effects.

I like the art for the main character. I like the music.

I have RB button prompts even though I chose to use the keyboard.

My thoughts as I played the demo:

  • I like the intro but it started when I clicked on options
  • The tutorial prompts are jarring, they could use a smoother transitions
  • One of my guns turned into an error when I moved it in my inventory
  • Being able to pick an answer with a key press would be nice
  • You need to add checkpoint
  • An AI guard turned and shot me instantly when I jumped down behind him. However the guards react very poorly if you shoot them from above
  • You better add polish VAs if you're going to set your game in poland.

Thanks for the feedback! I'll consider adding the option.

Thank you! โค๏ธ

Thanks for the update, it's much appreciated!

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Very nice! May I add your solution to the readme? I'll give you credit.

Nice work! You should prevent the game from closing when attempting to rebind ESC.

You have to keep the dot on the airplane for three seconds while aiming.

  • I like the art
  • It needs sounds
  • White whip is hard to see against yellow clouds

The movement feels alright. I'm not sure about the way you lose all momentum when jumping from a platform.

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The packages are required by the engine for the game to run on linux. I've done a quick google search and they seem to be available for redhat (so it should work on fedora, right?)

I'd also like to mention I've only tested the linux version on Ubuntu 18.04 as that's the only "officially" supported distribution by gamemaker. I did mention Ubuntu in the minimum requirements on steam page but forgot to do it here too. Sorry about that.

If I were you I'd try to get those two packages installed but if you can't do it, it seems itch allows refunds if you email their support.

If you do get the game working, please let me know what fixed your problem as it could help other fedora users. 

Do you have libcurl4 and libopenal1?

Thank you!

It crashes too after the logo.

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I too would have liked to have more backgrounds. However, the scope of the game was limited due to having no budget.

My plan is to use the experience learned in this project to start something bigger, with at least moderate funding. I hope you will look forward to that.

However, I'm not done with Type Knight. I will keep fixing bugs and other issues. There's a possibility of more content but I don't want to promise anything.

64 bit

Yes, it's a score-attack game.

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>Do you remember if you were in the middle of an action or menu while alt-tabbed that caused your mouse to drag up?

I've restarted the game to test that out. It seems to happen during the VN-like portion of the game between the two cutscenes.

>And if you wouldn't mind me asking, what CPU and GPU does your laptop have? I'd love to be able to better support lower end PCs.

Here's the specs of my laptop.  It's using the nvidia GPU when running your game, not the intel one.

Thank you!

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I'm sorry to say this because your game seems fun but it crashes upon starting up. I see the comfy fox logo, a window with a loading bar pops up for a fraction of a second then it crashes. I'm playing on the windows version.

Edit: I got the game working on another computer. Here's what I noticed while playing:

  • Initial impression is really good. The art looks nice and the game seems polished. You seem to have high production value.
  • I'd like to click to get through the story faster. Pressing escape should pause the cutscene and give you an option to skip it.
  • My mouse cursor was dragging up while being alt-tabbed. It's definitely because of the game because exiting it fixed the issue instantly. I've never had that happen with another program.
  • The water effect looks a bit out of place.

I stopped playing there because the game ran pretty badly on my laptop but it seemed very well done. How many people are working on it? The production value and attention to detail stand out compared to most hobby projects.

The game looked very similar to Recettear. What are you going to change to make it different?

I would have liked to be able to get to the core gameplay faster. However, I was more impatient than usual because the game didn't run too well on my computer.

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Remarks as I played your demo:

  • My xbox 360 controller wasn't detected when I started the game. The flaps and throttle were working but not the camera. I found the option in the pause menu after crashing.
  • You can't navigate the menus with a controller.
  • Couldn't find a button to change my loadout on the controller.
  • The missile warning beep kept going even after dying and going back to the main menu.
  • Unpausing causes the throttle to go to 0%.
  • You can't tell what does the fast beeping mean at first. I'm guessing one of your missile is locking-on? It would be nice to have a visual cue.

Really nice work. I love the sound effects. The gameplay feels like the right balance between arcade and realism.

In real life, should another pilot hear the lock-on warning before the missile fires? I've tailed an enemy fighter for a few seconds while being locked-on with a missile uncaged and he didn't seem to react.

Are you planning to do a campaign? Scenarios? First person view? Simulating the effects of too many Gs? When is your game coming out?

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Well done! The art is fantastic. When are you going to release the game? 

I only have a few constructive criticisms:

  • I feel like turning corners could be more forgiving.
  • You told on your game's page about adding more music to the game but I haven't heard any?
  • The menus could use a sound effect when moving the cursor.
  • What do you think about making the player hold the ESC key instead of closing the game instantly? 

Works really well! Are you going to keep working on it? It'd be nice to have the dogs play the instruments instead of having keyboards everywhere.


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I like seeing old games that keep getting updated. Nice job! Remarks as I played your demo:

  • Initial impression is really good. The game feels really polished.
  • The pink torches in the background seem to be attached on nothing. It feels a little odd.
  • The thunder sound-effect feels too lo-fi and the effect happens too frequently. It seems to have stopped after the first screen.
  • I would like to pause the game when pressing escape with an option to go back to the main menu.
  • I noticed the cursor resets to the first position instead of staying in the same place when rebinding a key. It's a bit annoying.
  • The controls need to be saved when you exit the game and restart it.
  • I would like to be able to duck and shoot.
  • I like the music when you enter the castle a lot. The art is nice too.
  • Not sure what the altar with the floating ball is supposed to do. Something unfinished or I've just not unlocked the necessary item?
  • The poltergeists are a bit hard to hit.
  • I reached a boss and got my ass kicked. Nice gameover screen!
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Good work, this game has a lot of potential. I hope you keep improving it. Here's what I noticed when trying the demo.

  • The UI could be more intuitive. When placing the characters my first instinct was to click the their sprites on the left. Then I tried to click and drag.
  • Having to reselect a unit after a move is completed is tedious.
  • One of the enemies decided to move to a tile on fire.
  • I tried to use a lightning strike but nothing happened.
  • I can't go to a previous menu after I select one.

It feels like I'm really on newgrounds 10-15 years ago. Nice job.

Thanks for the feedback! I disagree with you on saving though, as it's a score-attack game. It's like if you wanted to save when playing tetris or pac-man.

Hello maniraptor,

I wanted to do a Mac version but ran into some issues. See this post for a more detailed explanation.


Thank you leafo! โค๏ธ

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Type Knight is a short atmospheric typing game.

Type as fast as you can on your keyboard to survive.

Discover what lies at the end of the cemetery at the cost of your life.

Get the game here!

Reviews of the game:

Click the images to watch on youtube!

Pepp AiraShepple

Thanks for playing!

Thank you!

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The random numbers are the points pop-ups right? I can't recreate the issue but it might be fixed in the current version. I'll keep an eye for that.

I've improved text readability in the newer version too. All writable text has a black backdrop by default now.

About the fullscreen mode: it's not going to happen because of the form factor of the background assets. They're not 16:9. You would have black bars all around. Changing the layout to make it 16:9 would be too much of a headache at this point.

Thank you for the kind words!

If you want to, describing the bugs and how to trigger them would help me out.