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Thanks for the feedback.

I assume by unfitting enemies you mean the slimes? Maybe their brightness should be toned down a bit.

Thanks for the feedback. I don't mind the 'complaining', definitely more useful than just a generic "Good job".

As for the performance, RX480 should be able to handle it as we've had no performance problems with GTX 770. We'll look into it

I agree with the game-play problems. At the moment the guns are bit weak, which makes it hard to clear enemies properly. Sprinting will either be removed or make shooting more inaccurate. At the moment the main use is to move forward faster so it doesn't take so long to get to the next objective (sprint is not applied when moving backwards).

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Thanks for the feedback!

We'll work on performance, settings menu and better map generation for the next demo.

You can actually carry two weapons at a time, but there is no UI to show it yet. You can change weapons with buttons 1 and 2 (forgot to add it to the controls list).

You can press ctrl + - to decrease the sensitivity.