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Use your typing skills to defeat waves of enemies!
Submitted by chaikadev (@chaikadev) — 1 day, 6 hours before the deadline
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Fantastic work in terms of polish, UI, etc. Just a few nitpicks:

  • The pause menu UI confused me initially. For some reason I thought the brighter button was highlighted instead of the darker one. Maybe it's just me — but you can fix it without changing the design if you stop the cursor from looping around at the top and bottom. The only options are Main Menu and Continue anyway, so the looping isn't really useful.
  • It seems you can't map enter as the Delete All button? I feel like that would be the perfect button because it doesn't seem to do anything else in-game, and it's easy to reach. I also couldn't map \ even though I doubt that key comes up within words.
  • There should be a back button for the menus (escape?)

Those are just nitpicks anyway.  Dunno what you're doing for the dictionary, but I love the word choice. It's a lot more interesting than your average typing game. I made it to the second boss, but it seems like you have to tank a few hits no matter what?

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for the feedback!

  • I'll look into changing the pause menu. I mainly wanted it to loop for being consistent with the other menus.
  • You can actually map enter, it just immediately reselects the rebind option after you press it. I already fixed on my side but the demo won't be updated.
  • I'm not sure what you mean? You can press escape to dismiss the pause menu.

About the dictionary, I just tried a few I found online. This one seems pretty nice indeed. Right now you have to tank hits but I'll look into a mechanic to block damage.


Sounds great. And for point #3, I think it was the settings menu where escape didn't work, not the in-game pause menu. If I'm mis-remembering then don't worry about it.


This is really cool I like it a lot, is there a way to block the bosses attack because it just seems like inevitable damage. I hit language on the option screen and the game crashed, this was the error message

action number 1
of Draw Event
for object objControlleur:

File is not opened for reading.
at gml_Script_scrChargerTxtParDefaut

stack frame is
gml_Script_scrChargerTxtParDefaut (line -1)

I filled out the survey, good luck on the game.


Thanks for the feedback!

Is it possible that you took the .exe out of the folder or something similar?


Everything is still placed in the same way it is in the zip


Strange. I'll have to look into it. Thank you for reporting the issue, it's very helpful!


Were you using the itch application by any chance? I couldn't reproduce the crash until I tried playing from it.

If not, are you playing the game on windows 10 or maybe in linux with wine?

Submitted (1 edit)

I wasn't, also I'm on W10. I think I found the issue, I think when I unzipped the rar, the unicode for the french dictionary filename got messed up, its "fran(garbage)is.txt on my PC currently. If you want to reupload a version that uses normal characters for the filename, I would gladly test again on my machine.

Developer (2 edits)

Yeah, I found what caused the bug as well just a few hours ago. It's fixed now. It's weird that I couldn't reproduce the issue on windows 7 but it happened on windows 10. The bug happened on the itch client too. Maybe it's the unzipping software?

Thanks for helping!

Submitted (2 edits)

How are you calculating the WPM? Seems wildly inaccurate.

In any case, it's a really neat idea and the artwork is gorgeous.


It was broken but I've already fixed it. I'm hunting for a few other bugs and then I'll upload a new version. Thanks!

You should have more clearly visible text for this kinda game, the color sometime get mixed to the scenario for some reason.


It's because the text renders in the opposite color of the background. Most on the time it helps readability except when it's on gray. I'm still trying to find a solution for better readability.

Crashed after (or during) first boss. Looks beautiful though.


Were you playing the default mode or a custom game? Do you remember what the crash report said? The more details you can give me, the better.

Default mode and 3x size. I think it was during the boss fight rather than after. I've tried a few times to replicate without success.


Good improvement since the last demo. Only gripe I had was the word that appears above your head during boss fights. I tried typing it in twice expecting to block the upcoming attack, but nothing happened. I assume it's supposed to do nothing and it just represents the boss typing it in?


Thanks! Yeah, the red word is just the boss' attack. Being able to block it by typing the word is a pretty good idea though, I'll consider it.


Looks and sounds great, but needs a fullscreen mode.

Could be a cool way to improve your typing skills

There might be something wrong with the WPM ( i assume words per minute) counter on a game i was terrible it gave me 30 and the next game i was doing great and typing like my hands were on fire it only gave me 15...

Also a key that resets the typing buffer would be swell

 my keyboard is qwertz which was not an option, but it worked on qwerty anyway.


Hey, thanks for the feedback!

About WPM, it's very plausible that it's broken. I changed how it's calculated not long before the demo and I may have made a mistake. Thanks for the reporting this issue!

There's already a key to reset the typing buffer: it's delete by default but you can rebind it.

Most if not all keyboards should work for playing the game. The keyboard support is specifically for the virtual keyboard drawn on screen if you want to edit which keys are enabled. I originally wanted to support QWERTZ for that but dropped it due to limited time. I decided to just stick with keyboard patterns used in the countries where the two languages supported by the game are spoken. It also changes the keys used to scroll through the menus if you want to use WASD or the equivalent on other keyboards.


Awesome art, and music. if i was a teacher at a school and wanted kids to learn how to type i'd give them this game. 


Wow, thanks!