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Glad you like it. Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks for the feedback. Game B has a randomized stage progression, and the cards - while mostly in the same position - have their values randomized making for a unique game every game.

Thanks for the very long play of my broken demo. It's appreciated. I'll be uploading a better version of the game soon.

I'll check it out, thanks.

Thanks for playing. The goal of the game is listed in the description, which is to collect as many cards as you can. I'm aware of all of the bugs as well as others that exist.  I did try rush fixing a lot of these but ended up breaking the input even worse than it is in this build.  Please look forward to a much more functional version of the game.

Thanks. Seems you enjoyed yourself at least!

Fixed. Sorry about that, everyone.

Lots of fun new stuff. Skating is my favorite.

Love classic diablo. Lots of cool stuff going on here. Can't wait to see more!

I did the remix. I want to do more with cats with stats. I'm hoping to get back on the bike soon.

Hopefully in a good way!

Cool idea. But. The game ends too abruptly. Items don't seem to have enough of an effect and not being able to see the whole table kinda sucks.

Cool game!

Control in general is difficult to describe but I guess they feel a bit loose? Locking rotation and having Q and E handle rolling could help, So instead of rotating when making sharper turns with the mouse maybe have a maximum bank angle.

Thank you for playing!

I was convinced to make the sprites larger, from 32x32 to 64x64. I was planning on using them still, as a status effect and in towns.

I replaced a handful of songs, mostly placeholders for now. 

There's several bugs in the combat system which are fixed. I'm waiting to update the game until I have many of the show-stoppers fixed. Probably before Friday.

Difficult but fun. I like the style and setting. The grid feels tiny however, in comparison to other dungeon crawlers.

Interesting dialog and good use of 3D. I like the battle scene but- while it's likely a placeholder - the blue and white lines are hard to look at. The music in town is a bit loud and bassy. Lots of room for improvement but it's not a bad start.

Blue team's music and the low poly go really well together. Many of the attacks are really satisfying. Game crashed in the forest level but I'm not even upset. This is probably going to end up being my favorite game in DD27.

The doors are too small. Looks alright, though!

Pretty fun. Not a ton of ammo but I'm guessing that's realistic too. Sound effects are really good and the jet looks nice with its vapor trails. Not entirely easy to control with M&KB however.

Very cool! Consider adding a down+jump to fall through thin platforms. 

Couldn't agree more! Very nicely done.

Looks a lot like torchlight, in a good way! The enemies are a little brawny but not overly so. I feel like there are some enemies where you should need the Witch to kill them, like the globby-type dudes. 

Momentum gets weird when you touch walls or go up ramps. Got stuck a few times in corners and had to jiggle free. Otherwise the movement is nice. Has a nice quake feel to it.

Zero shinies. :(

Good sound effects and sprites. Not sure about the grid system though.

Slayed that fuggin draggin

Thanks for playing! I'm hoping to have these issues ironed out and improved by next time while adding some more gameplay.

Mostly the battle scenes I feel. Thicker outlines would do nicely. Some bigger text too, particularly in the skill section of the battle UI. I'm looking forward to more improvements!

Funny! Bosses are working well, except for Thumper.

Super fun!

This would be a lot of fun to play with others. I'd like to see more variety and an upgrade system too! Keep going!