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A jam submission

Arsenal DemonView game page

A fast paced survival arena shooter with dual wieldable weapons
Submitted by Renoki — 1 day, 8 hours before the deadline
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Falling down after jump curve felt very rigid

Movement speed is good

While running along the wall I could climb up to the top of level. Generally, spamming jump next to walls would make me climb crazy fast and frantically throw me through level.

Revolvers seemed pretty shit at damage.

In 3440x1440 resolution timer and score are almost in the center of the screen, there is no crosshair and hurt screen overlay does not cover whole screen.

Back-strafing while firing was unpleasant when I fell down platforms. I guess that is my own fault, but maybe there could be a lower starting gravity so I could "feel" that I'm falling and "second jump" in air to get back?

Enemies could soak up less bullets and ground enemies would make this a whole deeper experience. Keep it up


As an avid fan of going fast I completely agree to the design philosophy of the movement in this game. It's not perfect, it needs some fixing just like the other posters said already but I just appreciate your inclusion of SPEED into this game.

Work hard on it, I'd love to see where this game goes.

  • movement gets stuttery when you go up ramps
  • the way the camera just snaps to a different angle when wall running feels really disorienting
  • look sensitivity is shown as an integer but you can get different sensitivities with the same number (also setting it to 0 will make the camera not move at all)
  • the revolver shooting animation is pretty weak

also the game just decided to spam one million enemies at the end but otherwise the game is pretty fine


Momentum gets weird when you touch walls or go up ramps. Got stuck a few times in corners and had to jiggle free. Otherwise the movement is nice. Has a nice quake feel to it.


Looks promising, but something about the game gives me nausea no matter how I set the FOV.