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not at all, feel free to

i have one and im using it

she cute

2slow for me tastes so aint got much to say, i really aint a fan of the movement-run system you got

got a nice amount of options in the menu tho i appreciate that

btw i noticed there is a stutter every time you kill/break something

movement too slow even if you're running, in fact that kind of run is a garbage mechanic but that might just be me being a boomer that likes the old autorun thing way too much

good song on the goblin's 4th level, instantly killed me thanks

dear god what the fuck, if this was a vr game it would kill someone

  • movement speed to slow

apart from that its kino tbdesu

this is a p cool game, played real fine but when i reached this stage thee objectives bugged out


some nit picks:

- music is too low even at maximum volume

 - there were some objectives which made me completely forgot about my character and just focus on the tetris idk if thats good or bad but its a thing at least

- no use for gold unless its an objective

- "Reach level 7" and "Defeat x enemies" are pretty much the same objective, either that or i didnt notice any other way of leveling

- music needs 2 bang more, i am gonna second Jonok and say u should get tim follin to compose for this somehow 

good fucking shit, very enjoyable thing

- speed is great i like speed

- strafing feels bad, has no speed on its own

- air control also bad, there is barely any

-double jump kinda sucks, i especially hate it whenever i fall from a platform and i cant double jump from the fall, makes me really mad in any game

-slow motion pretty damn useless other than just looking cool

-sometimes a random ass robot just spawns before the game even starts

console kept spamming open gl error 1282

game ran at 1-3 fps

game froze right here and nothing happened after

fuck the game froze

fuck the game froze

very good game tho i enjoyed it a lot. some minor nitpicks:

  • took me a while to discover how to equip the bow, could use something to show which acessory slot i was supposed to use
  • some skills i have no idea what they do (mostly the ones that dont deal damage) could def use some information on them
  • the red knights third skill's targeting would just disappear under the environment sometimes
  • could def use a option to skip skill targeting, similar to how quick cast works in a game like Dota/League of Legends

cute game with good visuals and music, only nitpicks are

- dont see much poitn on holding a button to run, if anything u should hold the button to move slower since i was running 99% of the time

- boss was pretty boring, i just stood in a corner doing nothing until it killed itself

- fairy hitbox too big pls buff

-if ur hugging a wall you cant charge your jump

(1 edit)

pretty good game so far, 

this could def use a tutorial, there is information overload right at the very start of the game

magic seems pretty useless, every time i tried to use it i just run out of mana potions and didnt even got the boss to half hp, leaving me there waiting, or just running to get a proper weapon (it doesnt help how the auto aim thing just makes you attack the environment a lot of the times)

buff turn speed

scary if true

look pretty good but i dont like the movement at all, feels too floaty and makes changing directions not viable at all

thank u for ur feedback

i fell out of bounds and kept falling forever, also I doesnt seem to die unless i touch the ground

overall its a pretty good game but i feel like it only got interesting after you learn the teleport move

there were some p bad sound effect issues and a few fps drops

the combat isnt bad per say, i think the animations are good and it has nice feedback but the movement thats coupled with it doesnt feel great, and the fact that you can just easily stunlock everything making so there is no consequence to combat also makes it unengaging

also the hud is way too big and the camera seems to be locked in a way that makes the player always be on the bottom right

nice gondola tho i like him

thank u for playing my game and congrats for ur gay!

only got two words for this: kino

everything about this game is great, the animations, the character, the style, the music , this is some serious good shit ur makin

btw was that cat in the title screen real? (sorry for the small text idk how to disable this)

i really dig the gameplay on this, it has a very enjoyable kind of movement

only real complaint is how loud some of these sfx  can get

this game sucks cause i suck at it!!!!!

for real this game is pretty damn hard but its also p damn satisfiying, it has very good sound effects and the way spells work is so juicy, i love it

i love the cosmic thingy spell i think its very cool how it works but at the same time i dont think its that practical considering how fast paced the combat is, unless you are hiding somewhere where enemies cant get to you but i think thats lame

the only thing i actually didnt like was that megaman-ass underwater bullshit level like cmon bro pls

overall very good game even though i only reach the first boss once and got my ass kicked all this feels like its missing is some music

thank u for the feedback i fixed a few of these already although im having a bit of trouble to replicate the flickering hp one 

vry KOOL  n cute game!

some thoughts:

- ur options menu need some tooltips i have no idea what some of those options do
- those trains r pretty slow, make me wish there was an option 2 speed up game play

- could use a key 2 hide/show level objective

i really like how this game looks, im not a fan of the platforming parts in this tho. also, i have a bit of a hard time knowing where the front of the boat is on the ocean map

real cool game, ive only had a few issues with it

ive had a few troubles figuring out whether some or the floors are higher or lower, like in this screen where i thought the floor to the right was higher and didnt realize i could just drop down

and here where these stairs didnt work the first time i found them, they only worked properly when i entered the room from the right door

Thank you for your feedback! I'vee added the mouse only controls to my list of future plans (along with keyboard only/joystick controls)

I'm aware of the flicker thing and I still gotta find a fix for that (or else i'll just have to stop using godot's tilemaps)

thanks for the notice, i forgot to put some code that was supposed to go on the level up display screen.

by spreading the cards a bit more do you mean the distance between each other during battle?

if you can id recommend adding a little animation for when orochi is turning invisible, that would show that its intentional

oh, winrar does all that automatically for me so i never realized it was an issue, ill keep that in mind when uploading future demos

thanks for your feedback! i dont really get what you mean by "You should put the files in the folder" though

orochi keeps turning invisible randomly and also either turns invisible himself or just throws your character so up high it takes an eternity for it to fall back

omega tiger woods hurts you for ? reasons, maybe ones of his attacks is invisible as well

worked for me (windows 10)

not a fan of how there is no air control at all, but the physics are fine otherwise

good soundtrack, dont really got much to say

the only thing i didnt like about this is this weird aliasing all over the art

  • movement gets stuttery when you go up ramps
  • the way the camera just snaps to a different angle when wall running feels really disorienting
  • look sensitivity is shown as an integer but you can get different sensitivities with the same number (also setting it to 0 will make the camera not move at all)
  • the revolver shooting animation is pretty weak

also the game just decided to spam one million enemies at the end but otherwise the game is pretty fine

Its just upscaling, if the game was made in 64x64 then it's ok.