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A stealth adventure featuring a kleptomanic little lizard.
Submitted by KoboldDev (@GameYark) — 2 days, 5 hours before the deadline
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very cute game but i really dislike how janky some interactions feel, like picking up treasure and putting it on the bag, also that damn chest stole a knife from me and spat it on the sewers making me lose it forever.

also i dont like the camera being locked the way it is and im not saying it just because i wanted to get a view from under her ass or something, it just feels very limiting during gamplay

managed to steal the shit and run away tho, was nice


I get a lot of mixed reactions with the sack mechanic, lots of people like it it lots of people do not.  I don't think i'l change it too much but i'l definitely try to make it more intuitive.


"The procedure entry point CreateFile2 could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll."

I guess my OS is too old, though I didn't think that was going to be a factor.  I'm running some not completely updated version of windows 7.

Let me know if there's anything I should try to get it to run.

Developer (1 edit)

The official unreal engine reply is

"The oldest version of windows officially supported is Windows 7 service pack 1. Unfortunately with this being the case, we will not be able to provide further support with this issue. Thank you for your time and information

My apologies""

This was for ue4.27

I'm going to assume this being ue5 game won't support w7 either any more.

I do not think i will be able to help unless you want me to package the project for linux as well?


Well, I mean it's definitely SP1+. Oh well.

I don't run linux sorry.


My apologies fellow dev, il look a bit deeper into potential solutions.


Pressing the settings button in the main menu does nothing, I'm not sure if this is a bug or you just don't have it implemented yet.

I used my mouse and keyboard to play, so take that into account. If it's a game that's intended to be played with controller a lot of my complaints could be invalid and the game might feel a lot better with controller.

The smoothing on the camera turn felt odd, an option to turn off smoothing would be appreciated. Got used to it eventually.

Camera also felt very limiting, especially for a game where looking ahead to sneak is important, an OoT style camera would feel nice in this game, but I also got used to it as I played more so it's not a required change.

The scroll up toggling the more zoomed in camera was nice to get a good view of things.

Z for jump feels odd, and sometimes when landing she wouldn't stumble. After playing some more I'm getting the impression that I wasn't supposed to find out Z jumps though.

When talking to the chest in the level, he changes your camera angle to look at the soldier, it does not change back. That being said the angle he forces on you feels a lot more pleasing. It puts the main character more at the bottom of the screen and gives you a much better view of what's in front of you. If the camera was always like this I wouldn't have any problems with it.

Might want the collisions on the stairs to be a smooth slope so the character doesn't snap up like that.

Had to restart game because a slime took my bag, and then the knife I took from the kitchen disappeared after I killed one slime. I assume it just broke, but having no knife left me with no bag.

Stole the rogue's dagger easily because he doesn't kick you when you first go to talk to him.

When you're too close to the rogue he won't take stuff from you. If you talk to him while holding an item he should take it from you there, instead of just once you enter a collision space like it seems to be doing.

Sometimes held items would fly far away when dropped. Lost the sword I stole and the Box in the sewers cause of this.

At one point my bag turned invisible, I could still pick it up and use it though, but I just couldn't see it.

I have no idea what caused this but at one point the sewer gate stayed open, I then stood on it and left, and it went back to closing and opening again.

I tried using the gold key on the gold lock and nothing happened. Ran around the castle and tried it again, and then it finally worked.

Choosing what you can take out of the bag when you hold down the key would be nice.

Killed a slime as it picked up my bag, died with my bag inside and never dropped it.

Walking around inside with the staff seemed to cause some lighting issue, that didn't go away even when the chest was fed the staff.

The game has lots of potential though. Very cute, nice sound effects where you have them. Nice gameplay. Great character design. Just very buggy for now.


Very cute and fun!

I keep losing my key tho, first time I must've put it in the sack then dumped it under the chest or behind a wall because I didn't know what I was doing.

The second time I must've dumped it and not noticed (the animation is subtle and as far as I've played there wasn't any sound) 

Oh, as of writing this I took the game out of my downloads folder and re-launched it and now there is sound!


The character interactions remind me a lot of Banjo Kazooie!

I played some more with sound and it didn't take long until I dropped my key and bag through the floor or something in the hallway... they're totally gone.

I think it has a lot of potential and personally I like the limiting factor of the bag and even the scramble of dumping out all your treasure to find the key in the bottom (that might sound like sarcasm but I assure you it's not! ^_^), but atm I keep losing things and having to restart... and it'd be nice to be able to put stuff in it the bag while it's on your back and selectively take things out (even if you can't have it in your hand to use while holding the bag).

-Sometimes my character would shake their head at a lock even thought it was the same color as the key I was holding, sometimes moving would fix it, other times it just wouldn't work and I'd give up.

-There was a time where I was walking and the torch flew out of my hand across the sewer to the chest on the other side, also I'd talk to the chest from anywhere in the room if I wasn't interacting with an item. This happened again with a helmet in the armory.

-a couple chests would let me take stuff out of them before opening them.

-sometimes the interact icon would be enormous

So there's a bit of jank, but I did manage to finish it

I've got high hopes, good luck!


Thank you for playing! 

The jank is much and bugs are many indeed, but i assure you most of these are being worked on. I admire the patience!!


I want to like this game.. but parts of it felt so frustrating. I can't see anything because of the camera. I don't get any checkpoints.. I have to go all the way back if I'm caught. Figuring out how to use the bag and pick stuff up ends up feeling frustrating. Like I have to keep cycling between q and e and trying to remember which is which.

The art is so cool and the stealth gameplay seems good, for me I think some quality of life improvements would really bring me into it.


Visuals: Pleasant to look at, lighting doesn't blend that well with the style, but it works. UI is good to look at and the main menu being 3D is a nice touch. I like the design of the main character, but otherwise it feels like generic fantasy. Nice animations.

Audio: No complaints.

Gameplay: Feels limiting having just two interaction buttons and only one inventory spot at a time. Maybe the bag broke, but I couldn't figure out how to put items in it while in hand. If it only works when on the floor, then that doesn't feel intuitive, or I'm just dum. Due to that, I didn't go out of my way to collect treasure since I usually had a key or weapon to lug around instead, plus I didn't feel motivated without a purpose for having gold at the moment. Moving around felt fun, I like that running into the wall will drop your item, which makes for light comedy if you're running away. Mimi sucking up items was a bit annoying at times when I didn't want him to suck up my sword or the armor pieces as I stepped too close by mistake. 

Stealthing is very meh. The camera is close enough that it's hard to see a guard before they see you, especially into doorways where the geometry blocks the view of already short vision. Maybe add a first person view? Guards are either dead to the world or seemed to notice me when I didn't expect them to. I eventually found that it was easier and faster to just run past the guards, turning a corner and entering a room was enough to lose them usually, and you outpace them. Combat is serviceable so far, very basic.

Bugs: One time a guard saw me through a wall. The skeleton portrait was blurry, probably using a filter by mistake. Some items broke and couldn't be picked up. The bag of holding glitched once and snapped to my hand but acted as though it wasn't there. There's more but I can't remember now.

I beat the game, fun ending. 


Thiefbold is a nice Name for this. 

Nice interactable Main Menu, no working Settings.

Camera feels kind of too close to the Kobold. He's cute tho. Needs to turn and decelerate faster I think.

Camera rotates too slowly.

While sprinting Player also tries to rotate based on Camera, causing every Sprint that isn't straight forward to become a tight Loop.

When you spam E on the Bookshelfs you sometimes get the Sound twice. Dialogueboxes and setup is really cute tho.

Some Z-Fighting or lighting flicker or something on the Floor next to the right Pillar next to Mimi.

Texture on the Pillar also isn't seamless, doesn't blend together with the upper end of it, looks a bit odd. 

Can't select new Dialogue choices with A/D only W/S. Also the Cursor doesn't move very smoothly or swaps, but flickers a bit in between Movement. Looks very off.

Your interaction Cursor has the E on it inverted. 

Accidentally atsde the Donut. 

You walk in the Air for quite a bit when climbing through the Window. Since its a non-return Option anyway, why not have the climb down end in a Cutscene kind of thing? Just something short to mask the floating in the Air and the Camera zooming in on his Butt so hard. Might also be better to turn off crouching when you're at the Top, or to disable not being able to fall off while crouching, so this doesn't happen.

When you drop the Sack while standing on the Key, you zoom through the Room, I assume Physics Issues.

Opening the Door gives you a Key back, which is nice, but it keeps a Key stuck in the Lock, which breaks immersion. I kind of just duplicated my Key.

Accidentally quit to main menu when geting Caught. Can I really only ever carry one Item? Makes the Sack feel a bit useless then, might aswell carry the Item itself.

You don't reset the Game when you start again, so I couldn't get my Mission objectives again. It still worked, as I apparently already had them, but it shouldn't be this Way.

That the Kobold automatically taps silently when near a Guard is really neat, I like it.

Apparently the first Door also doesn't require a Key, as I could open it with the Key dropped aswell. And when I pick up the Key while on top of it, I can float a bit. Maybe disable Collision first, before moving anything?

Guards are very easy to loose. And apparently this Time around I could open the second Door with a silver lock aswell without a Key, while in the first Run I couldn't open it at all.

Guard in the Rectangular Corridor got stuck on a Corner while chasing me, making it never loose aggro and me unable to ever leave the Armory.

For some Reason in the Sewers once a Slime hit me or something I was stuck facing some Direction for quite a while. Until I stole the Dagger from the other Thief.  Also the Doorway thats unlocked via the Crate in the Sewers leads nowhere and has a piece of Wall on the Side you can walk through.

You have Z-Fighting in there aswell, on the small Exits along the Walls.

And your Water/Slime shader breaks a bit on the Stairs. And looks off with the Ripples along the Walls aswell.

Invisible Walls outside are dumb, just put Bushes/Fences/Etc there. Theres also a Chair you can walk through outside for some Reason.

And one of the Trees clips into the WizardStaff Area.

You can also apparently open all Doors as long as you've picked up the correct Key once. You don't need to hold it or anything.

Sometimes you have giant Billboards of Things breaking through Various Areas, no Idea what they are or what causes this.

Bouncing off the Walls is cute, but it can get a hindreance(?) pretty quickly, maybe have a smaller Radius for it? Also when I picked up the Crate to open the exit in the Sewers again, it catapulted itself out of my Hands and out of this World, so the Exit is blocked out completely. But I got the Staff and everything, so I'm just going to consider this a finished Heist.

It's really more of a Puzzle then a Stealthgame, isn't it? Nonetheless, could be fun, if it had a Camera further away and ironed out all the Bugs. Very cute Graphics and Characters.


Thats quite a bit of stuff!The majority of these issues have been fixed already but are not pushed through juuust yet. 

Yes only one item, the sack is to make it so you don't have to make multiple trips several times as you can store as much as you want in it. 

This isn't really explained very well just yet but putting other items on the button also opens it (you can also exit through the big open gate in the big round room)

I might look into moving the camera further away though. All stealth game are inherently puzzle games at it's core! The path you take is generally the solution to the level (puzzle)


What I ment is, it feels more like I'm solving a classic Puzzle with what Item to take where and how to use them, while avoiding some Guards, instead of the other Way around, where I'm trying to move through a Level unseen while solving some Puzzles. 

Hence it feeling more like a Puzzlegame with Stealth Elements, rather then a StealthGame with Puzzle elements. It's less about which Route I actually take movement-wise, and more about how and in which order I use the Items themselves. with pretty constant back and forth through the same Areas, but that might've also just been due to me messing up using the Sack properly.

Not that this is bad in any Way, I personally think it fits your cute Artstyle better then an actual StealthGame, if you focus more on the Puzzle side like it is currently. Gives it a more lighthearted Tone, which just fits this.


Yeah that was the idea! Though the guards will get a bit smarter and you will need to look out my idea was more akin to thief, where you solve puzzles going through the level while thief has more of an immersive sim vibe to it i wanted to take a more cartoony approach hence why the adventure and puzzles take a a bit more precedence then the stealth mechanic . I did design it so backtracking is generally minimal and when using the sack you could already have the quest items needed for the rogue with you so no backtracking necessary at all.

Further levels will have more mechanics, like disguises, staying in the light and lighting up areas etc. Plans are there once the core mechanics are polished and working.


ahoy. i played it for about 30mins without any major bugs. here are my thoughts:

>Main menu is excellent. the interactability is great.

>Settings option in main menu doesn't work? 

>ESC to open ingame menu works, but can't ESC to close it

>Tons of small details everywhere, adds a nice touch of life to the game. it's *immersive*

>Some button prompts are mirrored?

>No button prompt on rope, but there's one on almost everything else?

>Animations are solid

>Music/sound is great

>Camera. The camera is awful. This is especially noticeable when entering a new room. Put yourself in the shoes of a new and inexperienced player. He climbs the rope and enters the first castle room ever. The character plays the falling animation, and it takes the player 3-4 seconds before he can even have a small look around. This would make a poor thief- if anything a thief should be able to look first, jump in later! The player should know the layout first, before anything else happens. While that might not be good for gameplay purposes, I should be able to clearly look at my surroundings at the earliest possible moment. The fact the camera is angled as-is also adds unnecessary  wasted time to this. It leads to a feeling that I'm wasting a lot of time to accomplish something that should be simple in t his genre of games. I think the best solution would simply be putting the camera at eye level of the character, while still being behind it.  Perhaps right click could then take control of the camera to allow us to quickly look around. This problem becomes really obvious when entering the small dining room with the guard. By the time i even realize a guard might be there, it's too late!

>Controls are sometimes a bit confusing, but that's probably on me. Since you already have so much interactability, i'd say increase it and allow the player to get even more familiar with the controls before a mission. The first donut is a good example, more of this!

>Chest in the first castle room sometimes just doesn't want to talk to me?

>No "Are you sure" check on quitting/exiting to main menu. That coupled with the interactability of the main (out of game) menu will surely lead to someone messing around with the coins and accidentally press Quit Game

Silly bug

this is what happens if you dont try and sneak past sleepy boy - he sleepwalks at you!

As it is the world is great, the sound is great, the animations are great, but my window into seeing and experiencing the world is trying to get me not to experience it! As soon as the camera is changed, it will feel worlds better to play.

keep up the good work, and i hope to see you next DD! 


That's some valuable feedback, i do not plan on making much more major changes to the camera but rather the design of the level to make the camera work a bit better, i felt having the camera lower takes away from the fact you're playing a small creature.
I can't quite tell from the feedback but there is zoomed camera that does put the camera at eye level allowing you to scout rooms beforehand.

I wanted to craft a game where you are not an experienced master of stealth, mishaps will happen you WILL get chased, that is exactly why the guards are very lenient with their catching, you will most likely get out of sticky situations even after being spotted BUT! I do want player who want to try be able to ghost it and that will require some level design and guard placement adjustments but getting spotted will never have a negative impact on your score, its all about that treasure!


i understand now, i think i just came in with the wrong impression. your design decisions make much more sense now. best of luck, and i'll be sure to try again on your next submission


I'm glad to hear that! 


Am I missing something, or is the camera really supposed to act that way? I'd prefer if I had more control over it. The camera feels too high, I can barely see anything in front of the MC. Currently I feel like I'm just sneaking around blindly.

Also the role of many objects isn't clear. What is the white bag, the brown bag, etc... Seems important since I can apparently only carry one object at a time.

I wanted to like this because of the cute kobold, but I think I'll hold off for a while.


Thank you for trying it out! Il be adding a zoom function allowing you to put the camera closer  no worries. 

The white bag stores items allowing you to carry more around, the smaller bags are coinpouches but that's indeed not extremely clear. 

Most items are treasure and bringing them back to Mimi he will either eat them if it's treasure or spit em back out if it's not.

Pressing E while holding an item will generally show your if it does something but i'm planning on making indications what kinda item you're carrying around.

Il continue to work and polish it so it's more clear what is what though!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I am a simple man... i see a cute kobold... i click. and i play. and i enjoy. 

fun game, well done


Hey, I tried playing this and I feel like there's a really solid game in there, but it's so riddled with bugs that I can't really get to it:

Stuff like keys going through walls and being lost forever, Mimi eating stuff out of your hands from halfway across the map, music breaking after the first time you're spotted, that rogue NPC "taking" the sack so it's invisible when I try to carry it, NPCs being stuck halfway through the floor, crouching sometimes still being too tall to let you into a hole; the list goes on.

I'll continue to look forward to playing a more stable version in the future.


Thank you for trying it out nontheless, it is indeed a very very buggy, but lots of these i didn't know existed before! So people like you are helping me make it more stable.


I've been looking forward to trying this, it looks great.

  • After it worked with Sorceress, I tried adding the game to Steam as a Non-Steam game and that got it to work on Linux
  • Controller already works on Linux but all of the prompts are for keyboard and the right stick doesn't move the camera.
  • The art style is fantastic. A lot of chunky pixels and simple gradients, you've really nailed it. Gives off Spyro and Medievil vibes.
  • The animation for putting something in the sack is really strange. The sack shakes immediately like it's already done but then you only put the thing in after the animation plays
  • The animations themselves though are really well done. Very fluid and lots of character. Just need one for jumping.
  • Interaction can get a bit congested, and sometimes multiple prompts will show when only one works
  • Also, I've had cases where having two prompts for the same button and doing one caused the other one to not work unless you walk away and come back
  • The hitboxes on the main menu options are bit wonky, they don't quite match up with the planks themselves
  • Restarting the game without quitting causes Chocka to skip the briefing and just wish you good luck.
  • Rhiri's eyes move way too fast. If it's just the pixels being changed I'd recommend making it a sprite or something. If it already is then it ought to be smoothed because it's way too fast.
  • The music is also really good. Though the alert music continues to play after the guards give up looking for you and then stops looping altogether.
  • The camera is really hard to use. Would be good to have a button you could hold down to look around in first person.
  • There's a ring on a bench in the armory that I could pick up. Next to a blue bangle and a brown pouch. I realized later you could jump with Z but the guard was next to it and I ended up getting caught.
  • Sneaking around is really fun, the movement system is very solid
  • It would also be great if you could jump into the urn to hide. Maybe even push it around as MGS-style box camouflage
  • Need a sound and some particles when you eat something! There a bunch of interaction sounds needed really, like bonking the slimes with the torch
  • I had the golden key go missing on me at some point, I was carrying it around in the sewer and it just disappeared while I was going over the untextured plank. I thought the mimic ate it but I couldn't find it again.
  • I played this for hours, I really like it. Can't wait to see where it goes.
  • Chocka a hot

Thanks for the valuable information! I'm glad you like it! "It would also be great if you could jump into the urn to hide. Maybe even push it around as MGS-style box camouflage"  this is possible but i put the wrong non intractable one in the level by accident!. Next version will definitely have a lot of fixes.