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Yeah, removing the dependency on the timestep would be a good idea, SDL would be giving you the total distance moved across the entire last timestep so there's no need to scale it by deltaTime as well, just removing that would probably fix it all.

Integers are what each mouse itself gives you so that's normal, I'd just multiply by sensitivity and 0.1 instead of sensitivity and deltatime, I usually get good results from that. You may end up needing to tweak the magic number  a bit to get it to feel right but it's usually pretty solid.

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Nice to see this still coming together, the new skybox makes up for all the tear-inducing acne on the third level. Somehow I can only ever do the jumping puzzle on my first try, every following attempt always screws me up.

How are you doing your mouselook though? It moves in these nasty sharp increments that get worse the higher you set the sensitivity. I usually have each pixel of OS movement translate to 0.1f degrees each to keep the increments really small, with sensitivity being a multiplier on that (1x at default).

EDIT: Having now played the Linux version, I can say it's a lot smoother on that, the increments are only perceptible at super-high sensitivity.

That's probably your system's version of OpenGL being too old, are you playing on Mac or Linux by chance?

At least you could run around for a while, thanks for trying it out all the same!

Every time something like that has happened before it's from the computer not supporting a high enough OpenGL version, but I've made sure to only use the bare minimum 3.0 spec to get the best compatibility. It could simply be an outdated driver, because if your device really can't support OpenGL 3.0 then it shouldn't be able to draw anything but the UI. Try getting the latest drivers and see if they show up.

Thanks for trying it out again! I haven't been working on it as much as I should but if I start skipping demo days then I'll just get even more complacent!

  • I'm not sure about a flashlight, but I will put in a gamma adjustment slider.
  • The knife only really gives feedback if you hit something that takes damage, and there is a sound effect, but now that you mention it, having an animated reaction on the hand wouldn't be too hard
  • I won't add ragdolls, as I think they'd be a pain to get right, but I will be adding more hit effects and doing enough damage will gib enemies in the future.
  • Yeah, heh, I use the enemies' move colliders for hit detection so it's really easy to exploit at the moment.
  • I only use public domain sounds so hunting down new ones takes a while, but eventually they'll start grating on me too.
  • It's 75 vertical by default, I'll add a slider for it later that will go from 60-100

I like all those zoom-in effects, they're hilarious. I also like the creepy vibes you get from the other characters.

The controls felt a little wonky sometimes, like there's no reliable way to skip through dialogue with the keyboard, while the shoot button worked on the controller. Movement works fine but sometimes when shooting with the controller it wouldn't start shooting in the direction I was moving.

It looks cool, I'm not very good at it, but I like it.

Sexy. Love the auto-wash. I'm hoping you're going to make it so you can just hold down fire and she'll keep shooting right? It seems like that's the idea. And obviously indicators of which workshop combinations will actually work as well as something on the HUD to tell you which weapon is equipped.

This is looking good, and I normally seriously dislike any kind of sidescroller, but put in cyberpunk boobies and I'll try anything. I'll be keeping an eye on this!

@Hamfist McMutton

Thanks for all the feedback! What's happening with needing vsync, are you getting some really ugly tearing?

I know which can you mean, I'll increase the range a little bit as it does look like it should be close enough. I'm redoing how the glass will be represented soon so they should become destructible, hopefully by next demo day.

Yeah the volume scaling needs to be redone a bit, I'll try adding a power curve to the scale to make it drop off faster, they're already supposed to be at half volume when there's something in between them and the camera.

The bots are just chattering gibberish, that was the idea, lol. I do need to go back and redo a lot of the sound though, I make most of it out of combining samples from freesound and audio is not really my area of expertise.


Yeah I keep forgetting to add the numkeys, I want to have a neat little roller show up like in Serious Sam to show you all the guns with the corresponding numbers.

There is an autorun option already! (I actually have it on all the time myself) Right at the top of the Controls menu in Settings. I'm thinking of adding a button that toggles it on and off as well so you don't have to pause the game to change it.

Still not much new since last demo day, but you can check out the new shotgun


I'm still on the fence about auto-reload, in the end I think I'll just put it in but turn it off on my local settings.

Yeah the keybindings are a bit funky, as they're read from a file I dump in your Documents, and if a particular bindings isn't listed (because, for example, you played a previous demo) it will simply be unbound, not by "default", just because your local settings don't have it.

I'm going to change how that works though as it annoys me as well. Next demo day it will reset to default anything it doesn't find a definition for, and will represent unbound entries by listing them but not having any actual bindings assigned.

Yeah, there's no actual lighting on the lightmap yet, it's just he AO pass. This level will be more of a bright, dusty Mad Max style opening, with the later levels having you go deeper and darker into the city


What graphics card + OS are you running? That sounds like a whole new set of problems.


I've had this reported a couple of times now, and I get it on my own laptop as well. The HD4000 drivers don't support OpenGL 3.3 which is what I'm currently using. I do have a couple of ideas for working around this (Using GL3.0 functions or forcing GL_ES) to get the game to work on these chips, but it won't be ready in time for this demo day.

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Thanks for playing!

I'm not sure what could be causing weird mouse behavior, it translates your desktop movement 1:01 to degress in both axes so it shouldn't be giving different sensitivities, I'll put in separate X and Y sliders if the problem doesn't go away.

I'm going to put in some more difficulty levels later that apply damage mods to the enemies, probably won't cause you to do less damage though as I think that's cheap.

Rushing around and cyberpunk are very much the idea. For now the map is really bright because I haven't put in the lighting system yet, when I do this map will be in the late evening rather than the middle of the day, and most other maps will be in the dead of night.

I want nothing more than to start again in C++, but I've come too far! If you must know, I simply found LibGDX to be very useful to get going with, after this project though I won't be touching Java again except for much smaller games.

Glad you liked it, that's exactly the sort of thing I've been going for.

>Stuck behind the canisters
I noticed this a while ago, then next build of the map shouldn't have this problem.

>Fall Damage
This is a tricky one, at the moment you need to fall about 6 meters for it to kick in which I think is quite forgiving. It's something a lot of people have been concerned about though so I'm keeping it mind.

Thanks for trying it out!

Scope is on the way, along with weapon switching, reloading etc. Most of it should be in the Demo Day 10 version

Thanks for playing!

I'm still tuning the sound levels so I might start music lower by default

There will be reload! Likely by next demo day, along with hopefully another gun

You press F :P But if you've played one of the previous versions you'll still have a settings file without a definition for the use key, so it will be unbound.