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Wacky! It's hard to tell what's going on but it's a cool concept

I guess I'm the most retarded playtester because I couldn't figure out how to move.

I also tried to record my gameplay for you but my laptop couldn't handle obs and the game at the same time so it's just a slideshow with me mumbling into my mic barely audible. So I'm not sure if I have any useful feedback.

The vibe feels cool tho


Having multiple Next buttons doesn't make any sense. They should be different choices.

Why do I do damage to the enemy when I block?

Just tried again with the new update, some stuff feels better but the steering wheel movement is still way too fast.

so,  just to be sure, did you select gpad mode in the steering method in the Controls menu?

Yup did that.

what did you mean when you said that the steering was too fast? the wheel  response itself or the vehicle  response?

The steering wheel itself. I drive in 1st person and I can see the wheel moving much much faster than I want it to.

there  is a linearity option that should help if it feels too responsive, you can lower it a bit.

Doesn't seem to have any effect.

The triggers for accelerator and brake were working,  right?  the orange and green bar on the GUI should show you the inputs.

They're working but I'm noticing there's a big deadzone on the brakes I can't get rid of even when I set the brake deadzone to 0.0. I did some testing to see if I could hold the brakes at 50% or any value between 0% and 100% and it was nearly impossible. I could sort of get some progressive input on the brake but it jumped from 0 to 100 so fast and suddenly. That's probably the cause of a lot of my braking problems.

I could  not reproduce the crash when changing the brake options,

I get the crash if I launch a rally, go back to main menu, and then set the brake values again. (Maybe only sometimes)

I remember that last time you told me the brakes were  too weak. you can disable the ABS by setting both to 0.0,  then if slamming brakes still feels too weak, that means my tires dont have enough grip.

Might be better but I'll be able to truly evaluate when I can consistently hold a desired brake amount to threshold brake.

did you change the `slippy tiers` setting? don`t change that, somewhere  along the way I broke the  `normal` tires,  so keep it at default, which is `on`

I never touched it. I thought the default was off before the last update, but now I see it's "flicky" tires and it's defaulted to on.

I saw you did an update and wanted to try this joint again.

Gamepad controls didn't work very well for me. It felt like the steering was way too fast. So I tried mouse controls and I could control the wheel better but I still just couldn't control the car. Maybe it's because having only keyboard presses to control throttle and brake is too hard for me. Having pedals or gamepad triggers makes me feel like I can balance the car.

The upshift button didn't work on gamepad.

I really like that you added brake bias. But it crashed when I selected a value of 0.5. A value of 1.0 worked and made the car much better to drive.

Wave 20 is pretty impressive at triple speed!

I definitely want to bring her human form into gameplay. I was thinking it would be her 'weak' state, like she gets hit and it breaks her out of bat mode and she has to avoid attacks until she can transform back. But it also could be the opposite for better control.

oh that's bizarre. I can't believe how hard it is to find a consistent way to manage time in the browser. What browser, version, and os are you on?

damn this chick runs slow, work those stumpy little legs.

Only shader I can notice the effect of is a lighting shader? Looks fine but the texture is so simple it's hard to say more than that.

Nice start to an engine!

Thanks for playing!

Interesting that there seems to be a theme of people not jiving with the keyboard controls. I'll double check I didn't have a regression but I think they're the same as they've always been.

Great to hear it was fun.

A full city to fly around in and humans that react to the player are the next two things I'm currently working on and planning!

I'm looking through the Upgrades, and I can select Penetration. But it says Not Enough Materials. But I can still select it? Will it work or not?

The initial controls explanation just shows [ ] instead of any controls.

Can I not play this game with gamepad? I could navigate the menu with it but I can't aim.

One of the big bug enemies bugged out. It's stuck in a platform endlessly taking damage.

When I alt+tab in and out there's a big stutter on returning. Only sometimes.

The prologue is pretty fun! It felt way easier than I remember the old levels being, which is probably good for easing in new players.

I sort of know how I'm 'supposed' to play this game, get into the bullet mode and zoom around fast. But it was hard to apply that to the boss. I couldn't quite figure out the right pattern. I killed him with some combo of gunfire and hitting spacebar when close to him.  It definitely piqued my interest for more new levels!

Mouse controls are still around, but only on the Windows build. I've never gotten mouse controls working in the browser because I can't reset the cursor position to allow for sweeping turns that move the cursor out of the web canvas.

Made it to wave 26.

Damn I think that's the all time high score! Thanks for playing.

but keyboard controls feel worse than mouse controls form last time.

I'm ok with this. I'd prefer players don't use keyboard controls, it's not the way the game is meant to be played.

There is still some weird movement in certain angles, but as long as you don't do anything too crazy and only press keys for very short time it works pretty precisely

Obviously for good control pressing a button should lose out to an analog control like a thumbstick or a mouse. Hopefully what you're describing is just that and not some sort of buggy behavior with the keyboard? Holding directions shouldn't do anything bad besides turning you more than you anticipated.

Thanks for playing.

I'm currently working on a new city to fly around in, but it's slow going since I have to build my own level creation workflow.


When I raise the ground it raises the roof the building, much like a good party.

That makes sense as to why it only started happening later, good find.

If you managed to lose a unit in time and no longer be at max spawn when bar is full, the spawn would happen.

Ah I see. I wonder if there's a way to communicate that to the player. Like "Readying spawn" "No room" "Spawn successful" text by the bar.

More importantly, I experienced a bug. On wave 15 my blue orb stopped regenerating. I thought that was a feature, like the difficulty going up on that wave, but from wave 16 onwards I had infinite blue energy.

Huh, after some hunting I can't reproduce this. I wonder if you echolocated or recharged right on a wave increment or something weird.

sorry, I'm not feeling this music. Sounds a bit cheap.

Who puts decimal places in their loading percent! It's 53.73% done, might not have time to grab a beer!

Nice art. Refreshing to see something not anime styled.

You auto-switch between showing keyboard controls and gamepad controls when I use the gamepad, nice detail that most indies don't bother with.

But my controller isn't working at all. The game obviously knows it's there because the UI switches, but none of the inputs work. UPDATE: It seems to work now and I think it's because I unplugged my steering wheel controller.

What is West's pocket watch doing? How is it hanging like that at an angle to the chain?

The color difference between a selected UI element and an unselected one is too subtle.

You should hide the mouse cursor when I'm playing since it doesn't do anything.

When Ether walks up against the wall, she partially goes into it.

Well I said it's not anime styled but they speak Japanese apparently!

I was trying to take in the selling screen for the first time, and I didn't realize there was a "patience" counter until it was almost out. So I tried to make sales as quick as I could. It seems that once one customer's patience is low, they all are? I thought it would reset per customer. Edit: I understand now that they run out of patience when they stand in line.

West was telling me something about that chest but I've completely forgotten already.

If I had the shop open all day, why does it say "End the day early"? It's not early.

Pomao :3

The sprint seems to come in in a laggy way.

Second day I had a lot of sales go bad. One of them I was selling something for 1 cent and the customer was offended at the price. It literally can't go lower! Edit: I now see that the price is in dollars and cents. The way that the "cent" label was placed it looked like the whole price was in cents. I was thinking old wild west pre-inflation prices.

A lot of these bad sales were at 100% markup so I guess I have to take market flucuations into account? But I don't see why a customer would be offended at a price if the price is only bad because of market fluctuations.

"Open the shop" should be removed from the menu or grayed out if I'm done for the day.

I don't understand what the time lengths for opening my shop do.

What puts items in the Investments column? Were those the ones that customers threw and broke? Edit: Oh wow I only just realized I was buying stuff from them sometimes. That changes everything.

What's the point of the broom sweeping mechanic?

It's kind of annoying having to do this dungeon repeatedly since there's no content.

Why am I whiffing all the time with magic?

Sometimes the detection of what part of the table I'm looking at seems buggy.

I'm having trouble figuring out if I'm running this business well, sometimes the "perfect" amount for selling is 60% markup, is this good business practice selling at this markup? Should I stash them until their value goes up?

It seems like the Shop Performance Overview isn't looking long term. Say I bought some nice items so I've done more investments that day. The Cash Flow could be grim but I've acquired nice merchandise. That's not a bad day.

In the newspaper this morning, there's two conflicting reports on the food supply.

Seems like a promising start to the game. I wish I could understand better if I'm running the shop well or not.

Yes I think that'd be perfect. Just to solidify what skill I'm learning and for me to know that my crouch jump was correct.

Woah that's the all time record, very nice!

And thanks for the bug report. I think the opposite was happening, then I thought I fixed it, but I must have just reversed it to be always on.

Ok, this part tells me you were able to beat the multi jump part (right?)

Yup I was able to but if I remember correctly I needed to use a double jump. Since that part of the tutorial was describing crouch jumps, I thought a crouch jump alone would be enough to do it.

I wonder which cutscene frames were hard for you to understand.

Wish I could remember but sometimes the characters were a little too shaded so I couldn't tell what action or face they were making.

What does the yellow bar in the spawn circle mean? Seems meaningless?
It should align with that specific Circle next spawning a unit.

So sometimes that coven would be at the max spawn but the yellow bar would keep scrolling.

Is it expected that the golems refuse to move?
No. But they have a pretty large collision box. Maybe that was the issue?

ok yeah they got stuck between their spawn circles and a ledge.

Very odd… there is a general limit of how many units can be selected: 48. (Bottom bar will be full.) That wasn’t the issue, was it? With "select all" do you mean drawing a rectangle around units, or do you mean doubleclicking a unit?

Sometimes it was with a small number of units and would still happen. I think I saw it repro with double click and drawing.

A bunch of units’ spritesheets are very heavyweight, e.g. Golem or Spider. A single one easily amounts to 200+MB alone when fully uncompressed.

dang that's wild, low-poly low-res 3d is so small in comparison

"WebGPU not yet supported in your browser"

Firefox 123.0.1 on windows 10. May not be a surprise to you but just in case. Works in Chrome. Takes quite a long time to cache 200MB of assets, that seems like a lot! Is it from multiple music tracks?

Looks like the experience is better on the d/l version so I'll switch to that, just wanted to see the web version load.

It's a little confusing that there's a hvc.exe and a LaunchHyperCoven.exe. I opened hvc.exe which I guess just defaults to some scenario. It seems like you would want players to always go through the launcher rather than opening hvc without the launcher and getting a default. Perhaps the app could default to the launcher or hvc.exe could be hidden away.

In the tutorial text: "Smaller ********* hold artifacts..." the ******** is blocked by rubble. I assume it says "fortifications".

That's really weird that I can use backspace to toggle between a tutorial and a game.

Bro I got completely wrecked in my first game, I didn't even get to leave my first coven spiders and shit came and killed me here lol??

You should choose a more normal way to start new games rather than alt+r, that opens my nvidia performance panel and consumes that keypress.

If the idea is that I have no time limit, then why not give me everything immediately?

It should be more obvious where the edge of the map is.

What does the yellow bar in the spawn circle mean? Seems meaningless? Edit: it seems to mean something only when I'm converting the stuff to a coven? And after that it's just for show and doesn't line up with what's going on.

Some of my units have having trouble pathfinding around forests.

Is it expected that the golems refuse to move?

Just now I gave an attack command to many troops and only some obeyed it. Then I selected the ones that didn't obey it and gave it again, some more obeyed but a few didn't.

The select all won't select all the ones I want to now. Maybe because there's too many? No.. there's some other bug going on. I think it's got worse as I get further into my playthrough. Small numbers of troops won't all select at once.

Ok! I rule the universe on easy mode! That was pretty fun.

I have the same feedback I had a year ago, I feel super overwhelmed in the tutorial. It would be nice if maybe the tutorial was broken up and show to me between levels in the game.

The part of the tutorial that tells me a crouch jump is as good as a double jump seems to imply I should be able to clear those ledges with just a crouch jump. But I can't?

The heart menu looks like something I should be able to interact with but I can't.

I don't understand if I beat the tutorial. I never "went back to the entrance" even though I was there?

The cutscene is cute but some of the frames are hard to understand.

So this is a lewd game but you don't have any lewd stuff yet????

Oh man, now I have to learn what seals are. So many syssssteeeemmssss to leeearrrrrrnnnnnn.

So I already have a butt ton of seals equipped some of which have negative effects? Don't I have a say in this?? I guess I can unequip them all but there are so many and I still don't know how to play..

Why can't I choose the compass seal if it has a cost of zero? (I guess that's cost? The skeleton hand?)

There are cards too??? Cards and seals? And guests? That have tags? Jeez man you might have too many systems in this game. I dunno maybe it's someone's cup of tea. I'm super overwhelmed. I'm being talked to about all these systems and I haven't even done a real run yet.

Am I supposed to know what room in the map is the entrance room? The one with the big door? It's not very apparent.

ACTION SCREEN? ANOTHER SYSTEM? You are a system madman. omg this is so complicated.

It's good you have a button to open the tutorial again, but you need a way to close the whole tutorial rather than hitting "next", "next", "next"...

It wasn't clear to me how many spendy things I had to spend on actions. I just guessed that I had enough for the receptionist one. Edit: oh it's the top left one.

I like the bassline in the menu music

What is the lewd screen? I don't get what this does.

When I adjust the UI volume, you should play a UI noise with the newly selected volume so I know I got it right.

How do I put my gold in the chest?

My brain can't handle a new system... my eyes are glazing over trying to understand seals...

You might need some more menu music, there are so many menus in this game and they all have the same music.

Overall this game seems pretty fun and I can see how all the systems interact even if I wish they were drip-fed to me way slower. Looking forward to giving it another try at the next DD and going further into the levels.

Ok wow that's pretty interesting and informative, thx. So after writing my last post I decided to try requesting 999 (as big a number as possible) and then doing my WaitTime (raylib function) call at the start of the game loop. I only wait to try to get as close to my 60hz tick as possible. Then the rest of my game loop is the same as win32: if it's time to do logic, do it, if it's time to render, do it (basically what you wrote). This gets me pretty close in Firefox (~58) and exactly 60 in Chrome. Just deployed that change so I'm curious what your Firefox gets since you've been the big outlier.

raylib WaitTime seems to call nanosleep?? No idea what that's calling in web, I'm not compiling emscripten with ASYNC so I don't think I have access to emscripten_sleep without that compiler switch.

(1 edit)
Best is to decouple the logic framerate from graphics framerate.

I do have separate timing for each of these (or i do in win32, but removed in web to try to play with emscripten), is there a way in emscripten to let the renderer do whatever but get my gaurenteed 60hz tick? Maybe I should just do a while(true) and give up on the emscripten loop.

I'm not sure about the sim-ese language. I might lean more towards a Golden Sun esque dialogue sound when the text scrolls.

lmao ok I just got a very satisfied "sneed" and now I'm warming up to it. But people not in the joke might be confused.

Poor grammar: "So whats your game is about?" better as: "So what's your game about?"


I think experienced dialogue should be removed after I go through it. I got to the congratulations screen by just spamming a talk prompt that seemed to move the bar further into the red.

Curious where you go from here! The basics seem nice but I think for it to be worthwhile there needs to be more. The 'I like you' / 'I hate you' binary setup feels too simple. There should be more ways to measure how an NPC feels in a conversation. This makes me think about the Oblivion talking minigame. I'm not saying that's the end all be all of amazing video game conversation, but it was unique. I also couldn't tell how much the dialogue options branched based on how the NPC felt, I think that will be crucial to have the necessary depth.

Woah the mouse camera movement is WAY too sensitive. Even when I set my mouse down to literally the slowest movement setting it's still wildin out in game. This is nearly unplayable.

omg the text get shown sooooooo slooooooooow.

Typo: "witch needs to undersand" (understand)

Typo: "5 spirits out of many that lives here" (live)

The player gets caught on the pond rocks.

Typo: "Well i guess I" (capitalize both I's)

Cayenne reacted to my wood spirit but not my fire spirit.

I can jump and stick to walls.

Sorry I don't want to keep trying the platform jumps with the camera like this, it's making me feel sick.

Feels like there's a cute game in here somewhere but needs some polish.

Since rolling on the ground seems to be a good strategy (no poop loss), can you make rolling faster?

Fun game. You should add a way for me to see all my levels and go to the ones I haven't got 3 stars on yet. I would have gone back and tried to 3 star all the levels if you had that.

Would be nice to have volume controls in game.

You didn't do the thing that allows for me to d/l yr game with app.

The game opened fullscreen but the fullscreen checkbox in options was unchecked. Checking it did nothing obviously.

I was impressed you provided rebindable controls until I realized they only rebound the controls that navigate the menu?

The game freezes while the tutorial loads, you should make sure the player has feedback that the game is loading and not frozen indefinitely.

The anime girl drawing are soul but maybe not in a good way. The colored pencil look clashes with the rest of the game. It's incredibly soulful that yr mom made them tho. Maybe apply a colored pencil shader to the whole game? Or have your mom or you apply color digitally as a final step.

I should be able to read all the dialogue and then dismiss it when I'm done. It goes away too fast right now.

The minigun firing isn't very juicy.

Movement in the mech feels very good. Smooth but with weightiness.

I need access to the options while in game. For example I need to adjust the mouse sensitivity.

It's unclear that the orb in the tutorial is an enemy. There's also not enough feedback to me as a player when the orb hits me and hurts me. I think the orb was able to kill me way too quickly. When I died while firing the minigun, the minigun kept firing forever.

Quitting from the tutorial shouldn't quit the entire game, it should take me back to the main menu.

It feels like the mouse moves fast enough in front of me to aim but then it's way too slow to turn and look to the side. Maybe intentional because the mech is slow?

There should be more sounds when the mech moves around. Continuing from my point above, it would make the slow turning mech more believable if I heard the leg joints and hip joints creaking and turning with my mouse.

The music is sorta cris-tier. Sorry. But it's got that cris thing where the melody has way too many notes in it like the composer is trying too hard. Just simmer down a little and keep it simple and let the melodies breath.

Why is a ray drawn from the minigun when I shoot?

The compass is nice but I wonder how useful it is in-game?

It trips me out that I click my left mouse button to fire my right weapon and visa versa.

I'm wondering where the fun is in this game? Arcade mode isn't really fun, I'm just spamming the fire buttons. The mech isn't fast like Armored Core so I don't have that kind of speedy fun. But there's not much of the fun I would get out of a slow mech game either. No ammo to conserve. No maps to traverse. No squad tactics. I got bored of arcade mode before dying because it just didn't feel like it was going anywhere.

You've got a lot in place so there's potential there. You've made a lot and you have some soulful art and music but you better find the fun fast.

Game felt much faster than last time, took a bit to get used to.

This is actually a huge bug, it's running at ~85 fps for you when it's supposed to be limited to ~60. You're playing the game in ~1.4x speed!

This is happening because emscripten (the web build library) isn't obeying the fps I'm sending it in Firefox. I hacked it to work in my Firefox by sending it 120 (which gives me 60 for some bizarre reason), but it seems for you that's giving you a different number. What OS and Firefox version are you running? I'm going to have to figure out why this is being so weird.

I feel bad you played a bugged version for so long.. but thanks for the video, it's a big help to be able to see what people do and what their flying style is.

The collisions are definitely hacky and not good and it's high on my list to fix them. I think the reason you had such difficulty with the ground is that you were less likely to flap because your game was bugged to be so fast already. Flapping gives you a boost upwards as well as forwards. If you're not flapping a lot and getting the upwards boost, it's easier to scrape against the ground.

I was not commentating, because I thought the mic was turned off, spoiler: it was on.

The frustration noises really elevated the runs haha.

It is striking how much more comfortable you were with the mouse. You seemed to intuit in your last mouse run that the turning stays tighter while holding the flap button. I'd like to push players toward using (in order of my preference): gamepad, mouse, keyboard. But I'm not sure how to direct them that way besides maybe defaulting to them.

The first Mouse death was some bullshit. The last Mouse death also seemed like I got hit twice.

Redoing the collision detection and how Batty crashes is high on my list, it's pretty hacky right now. The last mouse run death was odd but it seems like the collision detection was right. I have a change that will extend invincibility frames so you don't get triple jeopardy like that.

I think it would be cool if there was a scoring system and not just wave count. You could give extra points for quick wave clears and getting double kills (it was fun to get them).

You're not the first player to comment on the fun of getting multikills so I'm going to keep this in mind, looks like a good way to find more fun in the game.

Thanks for the feedback and the recorded videos, those are so crucial for me since it's tough to describe and understand this sort of game through text.

Is there no sound? That's a bummer.

Selecting the level was weird, I selected it then it took a long time for it to register my click.

The smoke from the train looks a bit odd and unnatural the way it comes out and hangs in the air.

What does "place all pieces" do? It's grayed out.

There's a nice sense of satisfaction when I solve a puzzle.

Sometimes the pieces when pulled away from the whole go 'black' and dead, but sometimes I can place them as their own thing. It's unclear to me when or how I get one or the other.

There's a weird square that appears in the top left when I'm placing pieces.

It's super annoying when I'm building and I reach the end of the play area. Why not make the play area infinite if I get to the edge?

I got filtered on the bow level.

Hoped to have someone else to eat in different waves or spaces (like pigeons)

A vampire eating pigeons?? How undignified!

No, you're right though. There needs to be some sort of aerial interaction rather than only swooping down to the ground. I'm thinking helicopters or airplanes get involved?

Liked the ability, but maybe make humans glow to see them even better.
Would love to have some invisibility frames, if you hit the ground near a building you could easily get hit several times.

Good feedback, I'll tweak these.

How could someone put words or give feedback to a masterpiece like this, I dont feel worth of such thing, some things are simply not possible to be explained. I'll just say that I fucking love this game.
In wave 11 and beyond I became one with the game, I felt there is no distinction between life and the wind passing through my wings, so good.

Ah thank you so much. This kind of feedback gives me a boost when I'm feeling down about the game's progress.

Watching your video, you have very good control when flying. I'm impressed with how you could make those tight turns! I noticed you don't use echolocation, did you know it's an ability?

One thing that would make the game even better would be to add a timer and a leaderboard so we can have a small and healthy competition going on, that would be cool.
That would be cool, but I'm planning on making the game less arcade focused and more of an open world game going forward.

Replying to your reply here:

it would be good if immediately after a collision the player became invincible for 1 or 2 seconds, this would avoid having multiple collisions at the same time, this happens a lot especially in collisions with the ground

Are you referring to what happened in your video at 1:19? Or are you referring to buggy multiple collisions, like hitting one surface and getting two collisions from it?

There is code to prevent the first type, but it seems too conservative. I'll up the detection time to prevent double jeopardy. If it's the second type, that's an effect of how horrible my collision detection is. I'm hoping to rewrite it this weekend.

Thanks for playing. There's an in-game help option that explains the controls. Hopefully it's easier to find when I make a real UI.

Ok this is good info thanks. You can change the inverted Y setting on the start screen right now. I can understand if it's not obvious though. High on my list is to make a real UI and it will be easier to find then.

The flying feels way slower now than it was in the last build from a couple days ago. 

Looking at my version control I only added color to the Batty model and introduced broken collision detection code since the build a couple days ago. The game does run slower on Chromium browsers, I request 60 fps from the web build but Chromium seems to only give me 55-58, which is surprisingly noticeable in the flying. Firefox gets 65 fps and feels super fast.

The new street lights are interesting, I assume you're going to use them for lighting? 

They actually already are the main 'light sources' in the game. It's not as noticeable as I'd like, the light spreads out really far rather than staying tightly around them.

I can't seem to lose any blood unless I hit walls. Not sure if intentional.

That's intentional in the first 3 waves. I'm pulling out all the stops to try to make the game more approachable and easy. Wave 4 brings the blood drain back.

The music style is going in a better direction.

Thanks! It's fun and easy to record the acoustic stuff so I'm pleased with it.

Hitting the ground now often results in a stunlock until death. 

Thanks for letting me know, broken collision code slipped its way into the build. I just fixed it.

Thanks for the feedback!