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it should work on windows 10...could you show me what's happening when you try to run it?

I know some integrated graphics chipsets on notebooks don't work so well with a lot of games/shaders, but I'd like to try and pinpoint the issue.

its very touching to see people like yark so much! <3

Fantastic world building and an interesting but still familiar take on turn based combat.

Everything was easy and clear to read and understand.

While slow paced battles are fine, maybe an option to speed things up, as well as an autobattle mode in the vain of others where it would copy your previous decisions in case of an easy encounter. A lot of time i spend repeating the same actions for multiple battles without much variation, this is fine for adding fodder battles but make them less tenuous.

While i love the character designs overall presentation the overly saturated DOS visual design isn't quite appealing to me personally but that's a minor gripe.

Text could be a bit faster and sound mixing a bit better but no problems, Looking forward to more.

What kind of notebook are you using? Currently, the demo is only working properly on windows 10 or later PC's.

yes! the version we are crowdfunding right now will be for the release of the steam version. I am planning on releasing it on early access at first once its a little farther along.

Yeah sorry! Right now I can only figure out how to make Unreal 5 work with windows 10. I am working on it though!

Thank you for the insight! Though pre-release might be a bit much, this is very much an alpha and i will take this advice to heart, a lot of things are subject to change and improvement!

New BIG update coming soon (I hope!)

Also, join our thieves guild if you want to support the developer and maybe get a physical copy of the game!

I get a lot of mixed reactions with the sack mechanic, lots of people like it it lots of people do not.  I don't think i'l change it too much but i'l definitely try to make it more intuitive.

My apologies fellow dev, il look a bit deeper into potential solutions.

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The official unreal engine reply is

"The oldest version of windows officially supported is Windows 7 service pack 1. Unfortunately with this being the case, we will not be able to provide further support with this issue. Thank you for your time and information

My apologies""

This was for ue4.27

I'm going to assume this being ue5 game won't support w7 either any more.

I do not think i will be able to help unless you want me to package the project for linux as well?

Thank you for playing! 

The jank is much and bugs are many indeed, but i assure you most of these are being worked on. I admire the patience!!

Yeah that was the idea! Though the guards will get a bit smarter and you will need to look out my idea was more akin to thief, where you solve puzzles going through the level while thief has more of an immersive sim vibe to it i wanted to take a more cartoony approach hence why the adventure and puzzles take a a bit more precedence then the stealth mechanic . I did design it so backtracking is generally minimal and when using the sack you could already have the quest items needed for the rogue with you so no backtracking necessary at all.

Further levels will have more mechanics, like disguises, staying in the light and lighting up areas etc. Plans are there once the core mechanics are polished and working.

Thats quite a bit of stuff!The majority of these issues have been fixed already but are not pushed through juuust yet. 

Yes only one item, the sack is to make it so you don't have to make multiple trips several times as you can store as much as you want in it. 

This isn't really explained very well just yet but putting other items on the button also opens it (you can also exit through the big open gate in the big round room)

I might look into moving the camera further away though. All stealth game are inherently puzzle games at it's core! The path you take is generally the solution to the level (puzzle)

I'm glad to hear that! 

That's some valuable feedback, i do not plan on making much more major changes to the camera but rather the design of the level to make the camera work a bit better, i felt having the camera lower takes away from the fact you're playing a small creature.
I can't quite tell from the feedback but there is zoomed camera that does put the camera at eye level allowing you to scout rooms beforehand.

I wanted to craft a game where you are not an experienced master of stealth, mishaps will happen you WILL get chased, that is exactly why the guards are very lenient with their catching, you will most likely get out of sticky situations even after being spotted BUT! I do want player who want to try be able to ghost it and that will require some level design and guard placement adjustments but getting spotted will never have a negative impact on your score, its all about that treasure!

Wack it with a knife or the convenient fallen torch! If those were in the bag then the slime owns all of that now!

Thank you for trying it out! Il be adding a zoom function allowing you to put the camera closer  no worries. 

The white bag stores items allowing you to carry more around, the smaller bags are coinpouches but that's indeed not extremely clear. 

Most items are treasure and bringing them back to Mimi he will either eat them if it's treasure or spit em back out if it's not.

Pressing E while holding an item will generally show your if it does something but i'm planning on making indications what kinda item you're carrying around.

Il continue to work and polish it so it's more clear what is what though!

Thank you for trying it out nontheless, it is indeed a very very buggy, but lots of these i didn't know existed before! So people like you are helping me make it more stable.

Thanks for the valuable information! I'm glad you like it! "It would also be great if you could jump into the urn to hide. Maybe even push it around as MGS-style box camouflage"  this is possible but i put the wrong non intractable one in the level by accident!. Next version will definitely have a lot of fixes.