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Thank you for another report!

We should fix those pushers not acting physically and then figure out if additional actions are required for collisions. Fun fact, spike used to get stuck in walls and that was super annoying. We changed collision mode to be more precise and that fixed it. I hope we won't have to do it for all Zooids though.

Re DD22: Please, feel free to continue testing! You have provided valuable reports, we highly appreciate that. DD22 was intended for a gamedev community to test and provide feedback on. 


Sorry forgot to ask, did you try going past Breed selection menu? I've forgotten to change effects in main menu, which could have still indicated unplayable build.

We've uploaded another build - Sipho 0.91_NoNoFX Linux which should have NO effects at all. Let us know if it works!

Thank you.

As a last resort I will make another build with no image effects. It's weird though as those builds use same features as WebGL, yet the latter works for you.

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Hey, thanks for feedback!

Yeah, options are trashy at the moment. We are going to implement keybinds first and then polish it up. You gave some nice ideas we haven't though of though, like pressing outside of menu to go back. ESC should have worked for going back in menu already.

Comparison to FTL is some serious acknowledgment, thanks!

Edit: Main Menu UI ESC didn't work, thanks for reporting.

Thank you for info. It will help us to dig it down.

Nice report. Do you play in browser or in downloaded version? Do you click "Dive" using mouse or Enter key? Has this ever happened on first playthrough (in comparison to happening only after dying/manually starting new game)?

This is something that has been reported but has been very elusive to repeat, we are looking for more info to dig in. My first hunch tell me that it has something to do with UI because Space key is the one that activates selected UI element.

Thank you for the report!

It's a known issue in our soft body solver. It doesn't handle larger symmetric builds which we didn't expect it to surface in normal play conditions. I'm going to take a note it's a higher priority issue than we anticipated. Thanks again! 


I have uploaded two Linux builds similar to WebGL:

Sipho 0.91_Nofx Linux Universal

Sipho 0.91_Nofx Linux

You can find them on main Sipho page. I couldn't figure out how to link them directly on itch. Would you be able to tell us which one works for you? They both have some image effects disabled like WebGL does. And Gamma one uses Gamma rendering (instead of Linear). Thanks!

-I couldn't figure out how to play in full screen, so the block state was hardly visible in high resolution

-The game felt juicy, action feedback was nice

-It was hard to properly "feel" what cells I'm going to hit, so I let through some hits. Probably due to nature of camera.

-Rooms were slightly too big, but felt good nonetheless

-At some point I got lost and started backtracking and revisiting same spots

-Nice color palette and overall aesthetic

Interesting game, I wonder where it would take it further with dungeoning stuff. Keep it up!

Thanks, we'll think of something to prevent this overlap!

As a workaround you can either change UI scaling in Options menu or you can use "4" key on keyboard to select and cycle through Consumption Zooid category

Walked around, gathered things, went inside the house to craft the juice.

-Recipe used up all ingredients rather than was necessary for cooljuice

-The girl didn't talk back to me after I made the juice, she kept me telling to keep gathering stuff.

-It got dark and raining, FPS dropped to 30. Machine: MacBook Pro, Ge Force 750M. Running off battery though.

-It was pitch black inside the house once it got dark

-Nice extensive menu

-Crafting UI grid is pretty small and text appears to be small on button as well. Maybe scaling issues due to high DPI screen?


-Full screen on 2880x1800 lags as hell, even without filters, uses up 2.4 gigs of RAM and utilizes 100% of GeForce 750M

-Show controls shown empty keyboard until I manually puposely typed in "LIST FILES"

-I did a mistake when binding controls and keys were offset in the game. Whoops, but managed to complete it anyway. They were merely offset on the keyboard.

-Deleted anime without looking in that folder :(

Cool concept, liked the russian hacking interface. I was instantly hooked and story, rather than duty to play demos kept me going.There was obvious jump in difficulty with code hacking interface which surprised, but at the same time felt slightly tedious to put in. I wonder if any game can avoid being tedious.

Hey, thank you for trying out Sipho!

Do you have enough nutrition to grow the Zooid? If you do, could you provide a screenshot of how the game looks when you can't select it? Also, you can try using number key 4 on keyboard to select Consumption Zooid group to grow?

Thanks for playing!

You're right abut the poison, we shouldn't allow 100% easy strats to beat him. I'll make him push poison away together with projectiles and environment spikes.

The "guys getting stuck between passages" is a harder one, but I've got some ideas what could help. Thanks a lot for feedback!


Hey, thanks for playing and feedback!

You can change movement type in options to TwinStickRelative.

Hey, thanks a lot for playing and sticking around with us for so long!

To clarify on your proposal, the game would work like this:  Player has an "inventory" of parts which can either have parts stored or grown. If part gets killed it becomes lost. So player doesn't have a  universal resource to grow new parts, but parts themselves be a resource.

We've thought about this before and it's a pretty neat and hardcore idea. It would enforce "roguelikeness" of the game, but work against player being able to choose what to grow, as it would only be able to grow what's left in inventory. So it's roguelikeness vs creative freedom. I think Such gameplay would encourage "safe play" in which player tries to minimize the risk. We are already punishing player for losing Zooids, but we preserve the creation which automatically re-grows once there is enough nutrition. If game worked by proposed rules, we couldn't preserve player's Sipho design. One game I know that works similar way is Captain Forever. I personally felt reluctant to engage in fights that may result in losses as then I wouldn't be able to easily redesign my ship back to the way it was.

It could work as a separate game mode we could consider adding after release and I'll make a note of it. Thanks!

I don't have Linux machine to check, but it's probably not in the Data folder, but rather in your environment. So this:


probably becomes this:


Could you provide us your player log when launching the game on Linux? It should be here `~/.config/unity3d/AllPartsConnected/Sipho/Player.log`

My suspicion would be that black screen is caused by unsupported image effects we use in the game. WebGL version has some effects turned off.

Hi, thank you for taking such enormous interest in our game! We are happy and humbled by the thought you put in our game.

That's a nice fitting idea with creature gallery. We base the game on creativity and that would encourage it even more. This could also tie nicely with some kind of sandbox mode you've also mentioned. So far, our plan is to release the game with campaign mode only.

The game is still in development and only the first boss is mostly going to stay the same. The rest are going to be tweaked to follow the right difficulty curve. We occasionally change balance of the game, trying to find the right spot for pacing. For now, the game is in "Harder Mode" for earlier levels. We'd like to push that difficulty up to higher levels.

Multiplayer is a big topic and a big undertaking for us and the game. We didn't plan it initially as it would require to already have a substantial playerbase and more time to develop. We would like to release the game with solid base mechanics and singleplayer mode first. After that - we will have to decide if future of the game would be better with more singleplayer content or a multiplayer mode. We can guarantee that the game is coming out with a campaign mode as seen in the demo.

Once again thank you for ideas. We appreciate players telling us what they like and want in the game because it allows us to focus our attention on the right things. Cheers!


Current public version is in kind of hard mode and 3rd boss comes relatively stronger than player. This will surely be balanced in future versions. We've also polished level ending - we are leaning towards letting player finish collecting things in level and only forcing whirlpools when there's nothing left.

Thanks for playing Sipho and reporting this issue!

Does this bug happen consistently? If I'm understanding correctly - in game, you've pressed space button which then took you to Main Menu?

And second bug is that after that happening, you start in an empty field?

Sipho community · Posted in Bugs

Good stuff, thanks for reporting!

Bug 1: We have noted that, but haven't found a way to consistently reproduce.

Bug 2: I'm not sure I understand the issue correctly, but there are some problems with Zooids that are to be regrown and moving existing zooids. Future versions should remove Zooid ghosts if existing Zooids get moved around.

Bug 3: I'm guessing that's issue with continuing the game. We have that fix.

Bug 4: Does that happen on continuing the game?

Bug 5: This one is interesting. Could you tell us more on how could we reproduce this bug?

Kickass stuff, guys!

Do you mind if we shared your creations on Sipho twitter?

Thanks, noted.

We had observed similar issue with WebGL builds where input would lock-in. Have you tried playing a standalone build?

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Thank you for playing the game!

I will look into this later. For now could you please tell us what your computer specs are and what version (WebGL on browser X/ Windows/Max/Linux) you were playing?

Edit: Also how big your Sipho (or in which level you noticed that) was when you noticed input delays?

Hello, thank you for reporting your experience.

With recent changes the game was too hard - player has progressed through levels too quickly. Future versions will allow more nutrition for player to play with. Third boss was too hard as well. That combos with a cherry on top - being hunter by Advena and Unknown. Future versions should be easier and more prolonged.

By the way, which breed did you play with and what builds did you try to pull off instead of using Flaks?

Loved the quake hit and minecraft hurt sounds, and item easter eggs. But memes aside:

I haven't played spelunky, so controls seemed hard. The hold X + Y felt hard to pull off, especially when chest opening hitboxes are so small or if you're running and want to throw your weapon. New level spawns next to enemies is evil. It seems that after picking up chests you can't open them anymore.

Chest rewards hooked me to go further. Level generation seemed interesting enough.

I'm concerned about gameplay value people get from this game and how much replayability it has. The game lacks tweaks in this regard so I hope it's going to be just right. I'm happy about your thoughts on eater change. Thanks again!

Hey, thanks for playing!

I'm glad to hear we're headed the right direction. Our hopes the eating change did not trivialize Zooid placement too much.

I'll take a note of this mangling up issue, this should be fixed.

Could you answer a few questions:

  1. How many times did you play this game before?
  2. How long this session was?
  3. When did you decided to stop playing this session?
  4. After eating change, how do you think Zooid placement matters compared to other factors like skill/movement actions, actual decisions on Zooid types/breeds?

Nice to see a returning player. Thanks again!

Hey, thanks for playing our game and your kind words!

Yeah, the game is pretty mute at some parts. We are planning to fix this by add missing skill sounds, main theme music, player hurt sound and that bubble-rumble boss spawn sound you can hear in your head. There's more on the list, but those we think are more important.

We are currently using post processing (in standalone builds) to add some color-shifted-tonemapping to different environments. Sea is a bit blue, Plants are greenish, Body is red and I can't remember Alien one, its look is to be designed. If we'd do another pass on Zooid shading, this could be a nice thing to add. Mask the blend out only for certain areas for Zooids, or simply gradient edges. I'll take a note of this, thanks.

I haven't heard of Warning Forever before. The idea of enemy adjusting its shape to players playstyle sounds neat. This could be interesting vector for boss design or procedural part of regular enemy growth. I'll take a note of this too.

Could you answer a few quick questions: How much time did you play? When did you decide to stop playing?  How many playthroughs did you have?

 If you have any more comments or critique don't hesitate to spill them out. Thanks again for your review!

Hey, thanks for playing Sipho!

We plan to redesign the second boss to give possibility to kill it without losing any health, as every boss should be. 


Could you please upload a gif or a video of discoloration happening? We can try to determine what's causing it and note to add an option to disable it in the future. We had occasions of outlines stretching through the screen and in your case it sounds like it might be either color correction or eye adaptation breaking the view.

By the way, have you had any other issues with games made with Unity engine on your machine? Specifically, we're running a 2017.4.2 version. 

Thank you for your effort to test our game!

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Hi, thank you for trying out our game.

It looks like only UI is rendered. Could you please upload player log after trying to run the game? Maybe it would give us insight if it's an error. By the way, what is your GPU? We use some DX11 equivalent features which could be breaking rendering. We haven't had a pass on lower graphics settings. With that in mind, could you try running in different configurations? Like fullscreen and with different quality settings.

Edit: fixed typo

Sipho community · Posted in Hard!

Hi, thank you for playing our game!

Sorry we've missed your post, sometimes doesn't notify of new topics in Community page. Third boss is more of a proof of concept and provides a rather steep challenge for players as there is not much content after it. We'll be improving the boss and adding more content for the full version.

Good news is that upcoming update will change how pricing for Zooids works and ungrowing will be made to return more than a base of Zooid cost. This will promote experimenting and will make mastered levels act like a sandbox mode. Stay tuned!

Hey, thanks for playing!

Yeah, that boss is pretty nasty. We wanted to test a possibility of boss spawning smaller minions and itself being "stuck" in the level as if it had some symbiosis with the environment. We will be refining the boss for final version, it gives too little chance for the player to fight it off. With that said, we hope that future bosses will be as much masochism-inducing as this one and completing full game will bring true sense of pride and achievement.

We're glad you like our game, stay tuned for updates!

Hi, absolutely! Skipping tutorial should not punish player for doing so. Thanks for the report.

Awesome! How many tries did it take to beat Sipho demo? Did you find any levels (excluding bosses) too hard or too easy?