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Holy hell this looks really cool. I imagine small Siphos running into that thing and getting eaten. Looks very organic and natural. Even makes me want to add these kind of "obstacles" to the game.

Thank you for getting your hands on Sipho! :D

Noted these issues: skills activating on Dive UI button press, cancelling object placement issues.

Aquarium backgrounds and environments are dependent on selected breed - if you start with Advena, you'll get alien stuff and if you start with Cra'than you will get their fleshy environment. Changing background is not something we have planned to do, but we could, having enough interest from players.

We'll be further working on Aquarium UX - one video I've seen was enough to show how confusing the UI can get. If there are more "gotchas" you find in it, please let us know - it's very useful.

Our current plan is to allow sharing Sipho creations with others and implement a better management UI for them. Aquarium level management is not something we have considered, but least we can do is to expose Aquarium files (in a better way - they can be accessed right now in saved game files). You're right, there is nothing much to use to create shareable levels right now. If we ever add more environmental content, like hurtful obstacles, currents and other things that can make custom levels more interesting, this could be a development vector we could follow. Survival scenarios with hand-placed enemies and fixed awards could be interesting. But that could only come after current Aquarium polish and Campaign improvements we want to do.

Thank you for your interesting thoughts and feedback, I am always happy to read them.


We are alive and kicking! We are preparing for Aquarium update launch on March 26th.

Finally got around to playing your game. Things I've noticed while playing:

- Initial controls image doesn't fit to 3440x1440 screen
- Up/Down selection in menu could be "click to select next" rather than "hold". It cycles very quickly and there's nothing much to select from in order to gain from such fast scrolling.
- Whole UI doesn't fit to my screen or wider aspect ratio resized window
- Can't change resoultion from main menu. Pressing escape in rename screen just asked if I wanted to be named Jelysa
- Mouse selector could move faster when snapping to buttons.
- "Enter" keyboard button could also work as select
- I like elevator selector, the first person level select is nice
- Slime girl clips through window. You can use stencil buffer to make girl not to clip through window and render her nicely
- It's silly that you're breaking windows and leaving slime everywhere when you're supposed to clean things
- Sometimes you can get stuck in corners between boxes you want to jump on and not be able to without stepping back
- First level could be a lot shorter - it wasn't clear what collected trash will turn into and what is the main game loop. It could definitely be a mid-game level.
- Had the game paused for 2 hours. Coming back to it, changing menu categories was very laggy. Also entering/exiting menu froze the game for more than 5 seconds. Finishing the level fixed menu lag.
- Sub-menu title overlaps its contents 
- Objects nicely fade away, but things hidden behind terrain remain invisible
- Little robot bunnies can step inside you, avoiding further attacks
- Things spawned from enemies drop down the ledge
- I didn't know that pressing the button will end the level
- Restarted the level - noticed that instead of junk there's parts of my slime now. This is nice to see where I've been and not, but it promotes unnecessary grind to get as much junk as possible. Maybe your old splats could remain in the level instead as flat, which would be more consistent. And your old slime could become collectable after you finish the level or get promoted to a "better slime" which now has to collect own old slime, since it's "obsolete".
- Previous notice becomes a lot more inconsistent with glass - I can't remember which glass I broke last time, but they're all back and not slimey. Then some of them give completion percent, some don't
- There seems to be a little difference between doors that can be squeezed under and those which can't. I can't remember how first squeezable door looked like, but I keep wanting to try to squeeze under other doors and not being able to feels bad

Some thoughts: 

I've only noticed later after completing first level that I could shoot. It was fun enough to continue trying to collect things.

Platforming felt nice and consistent, except for one little thing I wrote down before - walking into corners and trying to jump on them sometimes doesn't work. I liked that there are defined edges in levels that I know that I can jump on. Everything is neatly placed in uniform distances. Some smaller edges were also jumpable on, which I guess is nicer than not being able to.

I really liked diegetic interaction with lobby things - cleaning myself and changing looks. The washing machine door was annoying to get past at first since it pushes you far enough to close itself.

Enemies. Chickens could be a little bit better at telegraphing their death. After killing each I had to wait few moments to verify if they're really dead. Deer were annoying since I couldn't attack-spam them to stagger them and kill, but I guess that's fair.

I like consistent quality in game assets - looks and sounds were very cute. I played around 40mins game time. Keep it up!

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Finally a new version of ET! Let's play:

  • Where's 3440x1440 resolution? Max I can get is 1920x1200
  • When selecting Mother and the rest of the stats would be nice to see what each stat does. Ok once selected they appear on the right. They could appear even without selecting, then I'd know where to look.
  • What the hell is that brown hair color.
  • In Tutorial I used skill on empty tile. It got stuck. Then I clicked on target dummy and it passed that point.
  • Tooltips on skill groups get stuck 
  • Mousewheel scrolling in skill groups is painfully slow
  • Shield bash didn't show that my friendly unit will get damaged
  • In first fight last standing enemy Raider did nothing when it was single one left and I even had to skip his turn
  • "Avoid" is annoying. It's so intense having to miss an attack sucks. I think last time I played your game, I wrote that even having min-max range of damage was RNG-ey. This is even worse.
  • It seemed like last hitters got experience from kills. I wish XP was distributed by damage or at least observers got some XP. It's annoying to cheese or just powerlevel shitty units with last hits.
  • Pushed down dude with a shield bash down to water from multiple tiles height. It got damaged to 0 hp but didn't die. I couldn't kill him. Killed the rest of enemies, couldn't win the game.
  • Other characters were able to walk on water.
  • Being able to cast on empty tiles without any effect was meh - you could warn at least.
  • Shadow acne was visible on the ground - tweak your shadow settings.
  • I didn't really care about damage types. It was hard to read what armor enemies had and if damage type bonuses also affected HP

Generally UI is very complex. I guessed that big white percent number is a chance of avoidance, which was common and annoying. I wished I could fight a battle first before having to set up my characters - after first fight I was way more comfortable seeing what I need and what I don't need. 

I couldn't rotate my characters on the field which seemed like enemies could.

Not being able to reach some point on the map due to it being too far could still display path to it. Otherwise I need to guess where to go.

I like where this game is going, a bit overwhelming at first, but fun to play. It seems like combat in first version was more fun, maybe because each character had more skills. That's why characters had to skip turns and combat felt slow. And drop the random misses, that's not fun.

Also beefy characters are OP.

You know what the password is. Please check out game description at what to look at.

Feedback is based on one tutorial pass and one full playthrough:

  • Main menu image is blurry
  • Cool music
  • Laser pointer doesn't get blocked by walls and objects
  • It's apparent that you get pushed back from wall when running into it rather than colliding and stopping at it
  • Destroying objects was tedious with a sniper, but it was my favorite weapon
  • Turret boss was boring. I won while hiding in a corridor while waiting for turrets to stop firing. Turrets could at least be dodgeable and destructible
  • Whole roguelikeness and various weapons felt captivating, would like to play more
  • Blood splatter sometimes defies depth, but that's a cool tech though

Finally have gotten around writing feedback:

  • Going backwards part is weird and managing to get up on platform to the right feels more of a platforming challenge than a driving game fun.
  • Smashing aliens is fun.
  • Going fast and flying is fun. You could consider adapting levels to only some type of car and allowing to glaze through level if driving at the right speed.
  • Mouse zoomout could max out earlier, maybe at 75%. That way would be easier to see things that are far away. Otherwise it's weird to keep mouse pointer close to the game's window border.

Played a lot of Hill Climb Racing on my phone.


Next thing we're going to work on after Aquarium should definitely be more parts, maybe even a new breed.

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Password is: agdg

More stuff you kill in campaign mode, more you will have unlocked in Aquarium. We plan to release Aquarium behind minor achievement.

Things to look at:

  • Aquarium game mode - play around with things you have ever obtained in Campaign mode. We want to know if it's fun to hang around in. Note that spawned obstacles do not get saved. This is something we will have to work on.
  • New sounds - some of them are placeholders, but we finally have most of the sounds in place. Ignore sound artifacting when multiple audio sources are playing.


WASD - Movement. You can change movement type in Options menu
Space - Open up growth mode
Escape - Open/Close in-game menu
Menu in top right of Aquarium - select things to spawn and edit game settings


We had to change the layout of our page  for the sake of release. Only downloadable versions are available for both full and alpha versions. Alpha web version is and continue to be available on Kongregate


  • Noted that performance drops. We use "pooling" for objects, but that shouldn't cause any problems as objects get re-used. My hunch tells me that it might be copies sipho "blueprints".  We will look at it - it will have to be fixed for Aquarium any way. Knowing that you only need to quit to menu rather than whole game gives better clues.
  • Noted about 3rd boss. We shall fix that exploit for good.
  • Noted that "play again" button doesn't work.

Thank you for all these reports! We also use discussion forum on Steam, but we monitor both communities, so you can use whichever you prefer.

Thank you for the report!

Growing whirlpools should still start displaying Dive button. We recently made these more robust, but it seems that was not enough, noted!

Hey, thank you for the report!

I think tutorial shouldn't have game save at all. Iztacmizton is right, to fix this properly we're planning to fully save map's state at some point. That will also help to preserve anything that's been going on in upcoming Aquarium mode.

Thanks for the report!

It may be caused Frakir being unable to fully grow and still be in the "preparing for battle" state. I think I see a missing spike. Noted!

Indeed it is!

All breeds were re-drawn more or less since their first versions. Our artist has made a "genealogical" tree of some sort showing their artistic evolution -

Thank you, we're working on it!

If you have any suggestions, feel free to post at our community pages

Nice one!

At this point we can say you've earned it :D

We should fix this one together with possibility to skip boss rewards by jumping into whirlpool early. Thank you.

Hey, welcome back!

We have increased spawn rate to make this boss less farmable and have a more of risk-reward thing while fighting it's minions. It might be too hard, but with certain tactics the boss is easy no matter what spawn rate it has. I'll keep an eye open for it's difficulty, although with upcoming changes to the game, we won't have to reduce the difficulty. Thank you!

Hey, thank you for suggestions!

These are cool ideas, willful deformations of Sipho could add a lot of undiscovered synergy between parts.

Talking about existing parts, we designed them with idea that each could do it's own job and be inherently useful without any other part. That keeps complexity low and helps to learn the game and does not require additional step of finding another part that might make another useful. Bonus/emergent synergies between parts are also our goal when designing one.

Since we had base zooids for breeds in place, we have allowed ourselves to make wackier parts, like grappling hook or energy leech. So we might experiment with things like you suggested.


I would like to ask you to write your thoughts down in a single message rather than posting several at a time. That way we will keep the community page nice and clean. If you do forget writing something - you can edit your previous messages.

Thank you!

Very cool design! I think the small spikey one could do some harm if it manages to get inside the killzone :D

Have you seen this topic as well?


There is no need for advertising your own topics - community pages are easily browsable. Please don't advertise your posts in unrelated topics.

Just to be sure, have you tried extracting all files from the zip? Like right click on the zip file and select "Extract ..."

I can't give you any timeline as we're not sure when that mode is going to be up the quality we want. Currently we are working hard to polish Early Access build. After November 13th, we will start experimenting with Aquarium mode. Creative mode itself should work easily, but we want to provide good UX for setting up various scenarios to play around with.

Hey, thanks for interest in playing Sipho!

Let's make sure you are able to. Have you extracted files from downloaded .zip?


This is going to be our next thing to work on after Early Access release!

Ah damn it, I quit at the level before last, not noticing misplaced cube. Good entertainment/effort ratio for a game like this :D

Indeed. After playing it myself I feel there is a hook, but everything is hidden under overengineered stuff. I need to make it more gamey and solve the "game plays itself" by transforming main turret into an actual character that player controls.

How to play:

<0-9> To select planet, <enter> to start. Deploy your main turret from bottom right. Aim and shoot with mouse. Click on your turrets to modify them. Buy mods for your weapons and put them into your weapons.

<escape> to open debug menu

I rage quit when James started talking about how negative scale affects planes.

10/10 masterpiece, mr. Davey Wreden

I've never been good at surfing.

  • Last tutorial text about shooting comes just after being blocked by a crouchable thing - couldn't read it the first time
  • I loved tunnel level, it has many different ways to complete. Although the gravity change after jump seemed random-like, allowed to play with the level for a while
  • Didn't know gamejolt gives this kind of framework for highscores. It gave me incentive to compete at tunnel level.
  • Don't use built-in shadows with transparent objects, that's why ground is shimmering in some levels

Keep it up!


Could you contact us through one of these sites: 

Dominas#6068 on Discord

Or by email:

Itch doesn't have private message functionality, so that's why I'm writing here.


Could you contact us through one of these sites: 

Dominas#6068 on Discord

Or by email:

Itch doesn't have private message functionality, so that's why I'm writing here.


Could you contact us through one of these sites: 

Dominas#6068 on Discord

Or by email:

Itch doesn't have private message functionality, so that's why I'm writing here.


Could you contact us through one of these sites: 

Dominas#6068 on Discord

Or by email:

Itch doesn't have private message functionality, so that's why I'm writing here.


Could you contact us through one of these sites: 

Dominas#6068 on Discord

Or by email:

Itch doesn't have private message functionality, so that's why I'm writing here.


Could you contact us through one of these sites:
Dominas#6068 on Discord
Or by email:

Itch doesn't have private message functionality, so that's why I'm writing here.

Hey, thank you for playing our game!

We have optimizations for that boss coming in Early Access version. If you've played in browser, try downloading the game, it should have better performance.