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Sipho community · Created a new topic Join Sipho Discord!

If you use Discord, come join Sipho Discord server to say hi!

Nice find :D We are glad synergies emerge like this

Thanks, it's released on Steam as Early Access game, working on updates.

Noted sniper misalignment - currently placing logic is not ideal, it gets worse when you enter growth in motion.

Disabling input is something unheard of - did it just stop working altogether?

Thanks for playing and feedback, I'm happy there weren't any larger issues.

Movement velocity change could more responsive.

Can't tell if pressing shift makes you ran faster instantaneously or after the FOV animation ends.

Would play an FPS

Was expecting more levels. Wallclimbing is fun
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I enjoy cooking, so this was fun to try. I think movement and timings were biggest issues. Keybinds are fine. Feels like designing kitchen had some impact, but it was mostly negated by recipe timing.

The password is: agdg

Hey, thank you! In this prototype I'm experimenting with laser mechanics and I wanted to see how the game plays with hex grid instead of square. So far I'm pretty happy with it and your response seconds that. Things you have listed would definitely come to a full game.

Nice, appreciate it!

Thank you! I hope your name does not apply in this case :D

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Played in Lithuanian language, so the feedback will be in Lithuanian too:
- Pradžioje neaišku kuo skiriasi "baugas" nuo "pražūties"
- Neaišku, kad reikia šakotis, o ne statyti. Pralaimėjau pirmą žaidimą, nes vis neleido statyti naujo bokšto
- Šakojantis iš pražūties abu pasirinkimai yra pražūtys, tačiau skiriasi stat'ai
- Keista, kad gali "šakotis" nors galų gale viskas auga tik kaip kirmelė, tikėčiausi, kad išsišakojus pirmam bokštui, jis galės toliau šakotis.
- Pardavus pirmą bokštą negalima jo statyti iš naujo - turiu baigti ir pradėti iš naujo
- Paspaudus ant 5 baugo šakojimosi kai pasistatau antrą bokštą pražūtį žaidimas pakimba
- Spaudžiant dešinį pelės klavišą, kad grįžti, dažnai grįžtu per toli į meniu valdantį žaidimą (išeiti, keisti)
- Nullify damage pas baugą kai užvedi pelę ant "išjungt"
- Atrodo, jog žaidimas pradžioje tiek sudėtingas, kad reikia žaisti tik tokiu būdu kokiu tu žaidi. Vienas sveikatos taškas nepalieka vietos eksperimentams
- Pasistatant bokštą prie pat starto ir pradėjus žaidimas pakimba ir nulūžta. Apskritai statant aplink startą nulūžta
- Toks jausmas, kad su Baugais pradėto žaidimo išvis neįmanoma laimėti. Ir su pražūtim...

Ah, yes, forgot about that

Thanks for playing!

I keep thinking to myself that for now I should make mirrors stay in place just because there is little opportunity to set them up in a way that you, as a player, would benefit from their movement on hit. There are also those moments where you feel like "eehh I shouldn't have let that beam dig further".

Noted annoying sounds.

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Similar to previous DD version. Main differences:
- Grid is now hexes instead of squares. I'm experimenting with freedom of direction that comes with hexes
- Movement is now tank-like, because it's hard to make absolute directions clear on a hex with keyboard. Thanks to anon who suggested this
- Movement is expressed in linear sliding instead of teleportation in hopes to make movement feel better
- Enemies don't chase you. They also slowly endlessly spawn


Do you experience this issue with Demo or full version?  Could you please upload game log after you run the game. It can be found at:

macOS~/Library/Logs/All Parts Connected/Sipho/output_log.txt
WindowsC:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\All Parts Connected\Sipho\output_log.txt
Linux~/.config/unity3d/All Parts Connected/Sipho/output_log.txt

I like how cheeky DoE talks :D

Great creation and we might want to try "detaching sub-bosses" idea for future boss creations. Thank you and keep it up!

Sipho community · Replied to "Zero" in Bugs

Thank you for report, noted. I can't check right now, but I think this might be related to the fact that we consume food when it starts touching zooid. So it might be possible to get food pellet spawned. Did it cause any additional problems besides feeling off?

Nice, thanks for playing. Movement and dragging need rework, shouldn't be a struggle in this kind of "setup lasers to shoot" game.

As for lasers killing the player - I've experimented with that before and am afraid that it might impose limits on experimenting with laser builds. You would be afraid of trying something out or setting up a crazy thing because you could just die. Maybe lasers could push the player and be more of a nuisance than deadly. Or if ever different kind of "non-full spectrum" beams become a thing they might be more powerul but deadly as well as an increase of difficulty together with player power/beam utility. But different beam colors should come after I find the right set of pieces to create some kind of emergent "engine of lasers" used for efficient mining and killing. This is what I'm looking for - redstone and pistons of Minecraft, conveyour belts of Factorio, but with laser beams.

Sipho community · Replied to "Zero" in Bugs

I think we have it fixed in latest non-demo version. Thank you for your report, but we can't do anything about the demo - it would take too much time upgrading it and making sure it's still a "demo" compared to the full game.

Sipho community · Replied to "Zero" in Bugs

Damn replies are hard to find on itch. To be sure, which version are you playing?

Good idea!

I wonder how it would work with Zooids from other Siphos around - it might be too powerful as a holder. Although we could always say other Zooids are more "slippery" than stationary rocks. Also state as a toggle might get weird, but if we do it as we do with Flail - global for whole Sipho, it should be okay. I will write this down and propose it as a prototype for next potential Zooid drop.


Thank you for your suggestion. Indeed multiplayer, especially with different tactics like this, would be cool. Sadly, we have not planned that from the beginning of developing Sipho and because of that, it would be a tremendous job of converting it to multiplayer. While in Early Access we want to focus on delivering quality single player experience. After that - who knows, we might be confident enough to try, but that would be far in uncertain future. We want to have this game as a strong base to build upon first.

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Very cool roleplay! If we had some mechanic, maybe through a zooid, which would buff neighboring zooids stats if Sipho has no movers, this kind of play could work. Or a zooid that is like Grabber or Leech, but doesn't let go of objects and doesn't require lots of energy to maintain hold.

This is taking new zooids to a another level!

This is super cool, thank you for posting this <3

And I just realized - if anything like that happens again, please upload game log file, it can be very useful to determine why it happens. It can be found:

macOS~/Library/Logs/All Parts Connected/Sipho/Player.log
WindowsC:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\All Parts Connected\Sipho\Player.log
Linux~/.config/unity3d/All Parts Connected/Sipho/Player.log

I liked boss variety. Reset button doesn't seem to reset defeated count and score. Shooting sound would go silent after 5 secs after resetting. Since there are no little enemies I would juice up damage to the boss to make it feel impactful. Good luck!

Falling down after jump curve felt very rigid

Movement speed is good

While running along the wall I could climb up to the top of level. Generally, spamming jump next to walls would make me climb crazy fast and frantically throw me through level.

Revolvers seemed pretty shit at damage.

In 3440x1440 resolution timer and score are almost in the center of the screen, there is no crosshair and hurt screen overlay does not cover whole screen.

Back-strafing while firing was unpleasant when I fell down platforms. I guess that is my own fault, but maybe there could be a lower starting gravity so I could "feel" that I'm falling and "second jump" in air to get back?

Enemies could soak up less bullets and ground enemies would make this a whole deeper experience. Keep it up

Welcome back! Thank you for reporting this. Has this been happening to you before or was it after all the updates? I can't remember if I asked, but what are your PC specs?

Hey, thank you for playing. And I'm super glad you did - no worries about being late to the party, we need playtesting of each version.

We have heard a lot of different pronunciations of Zooid. Since they're based on real Zooids, so you can just follow what wikipedia says how to pronounce :D

The overwhelming amount of parts is due to testing version. At the beginning only Advena breed is available.

Regarding "getting back on your feet" after getting your ass kicked - we've had a lot of criticism for it from different sources and have some ideas for solving it. However, none of them seems like a no-brainer. What could you suggest for solving the "getting back on your feet" issue?

I've noted rest of the things you found that I didn't comment on. Thank you for playing again, I'm glad you liked Sipho.  We're in Early Access and providing early-early access builds to the community is great way to playtest new concepts. Cheers!

I'll write down notes as I go:

  • UI is nice. Options menu is a little bit too busy.
  • Same resolutions in options are listed several times (It's the Hz thing)
  • UI is a little bit skewed on 3440x1440 resolution
  • Battle UI is broken in Spell menu
  • I didn't notice how much damage I've made attacking nutria. Nutria kicked my ass, I only did 3 damage each hit.
  • I like the dungeon painting thing. I would expect a rubber erase to erase painted tiles instead of a spatula
  • Trash bin icon seems like a tool rather than a box to drop in items from the map. Can't zoom out of the map.
  • Escaped from nutria, started at the beginning of the level. May I should have stepped back one tile instead?
  • I didn't know I need to equip items that are in my inventory. Equipped them now. Inventory and the rest of the customisation button is very hidden. Silly me, I should have read the description.
  • Kicked nutria's ass with several headshots. It regenrated head's health at some point, didn't understand how.
  • Accidentally drew on the map. I can draw walls, that's nice. Although a lot of work in case I die
    Accidentally clicked on door which said it's locked. Now I know I can interact with items in level
  • Walls could be auto drawn?
  • There should be a sprint button
  • Weird that I need to drag to equip items, but can't drag and have to right click to unequip
  • Wire fence doesn't look like door and after encountering one first that was locked, I thought all of them are locked.
  • Having to go back to rest is tedious. Why not teleport the player after resting to the begining
  • Resting could even happen on the same spot - all that prevents me from resting is boring walk.
  • I didn't notice that I have stunned a nutria or that it was stunned. Status effect could be shown on their portrait in the field
  • This is how much I've played - 

Final thoughts:

Mazey map design is interesting, but not being able to sprint through it makes it less pleasant to traverse. Expected loot in deadends and was not disappointed. Except for bottom-right corner, it just had a newspaper lying around, but that would be acceptable if levels had more creatures going on.

I sure hope that trees become cuttable down later in the level because having to back-track navigate to spawn point is tedious. You could have bushes replace trees near spawn point which then later you get shears or something to cut down, making it easier to get to distant parts of the map. Same for trees, but later and with an axe. For example rocks could not be removable and would act as trees do now.

I'd suggest adding more creatures to fight against and more consumables to pickup. Most of the encounters should be easier - after each encounter I wanted to rest and regain my stats. I wished each encounter dropped something.

Audio is very nice and tag pickup sound was very familiar and nice.

I liked that even if I was constrained in grid movement I could still walk around and peek at dungeon behind trees.

It was silly at first that I had pistol in a medieval dungeon-maze, but after finding a bike I realised what the game was about.

It was unclear in the battle what simple "Attack" does when I have a pistol and it seemed like I did more damage than bare hands. Overall, skills should display expected damage (or it did and I just missed it?) as battles are rare and intense.

Interesting game, I haven't played old-school dungeon crawlers before though.

  • XP cards have no action, but have a verb "explore". Would make more sense to be a noun like "loot", "treasure", "a gem" - you can't do anything with a gem
  • XP for buying could be shown closer to the shop or even in the shop. I didn't have difficulty finding it, but playing on large resolution asks for additional eye movement. Same for "Stop doing actions/Stop buying cards/..." button which could be below your hand/the text that tells you what to do. Could even be next to that text as "Done"
  • I couldn't understand how to "use" dungeon cards. Tried to use trash altar while in buy mode which didn't work - I had nothing in hand and wanted to trash Explore 1 gems. Died from hunger because didn't know I had to use Stairs to get down
  • Bread as food doesn't cure hunger - that might not sound like a good name for mechanic.
    Hunger is brutal, I couldn't finish off two rats
  • Don't call human boring - it makes me feel like that is a bad option and that I have less good options to start with, meaning less perceived content.
  • Hunger in help menu should mention that if I can't reveal any _dungeon_ cards.
    Why can't I descend stairs after buying something?
  • Satchel feels like a powerful item but places a great pressure on remembering what you have in the deck. Not sure I want it at the start of the game.
  • After 5 attempts I now see that Stairs require 3 xp to advance. At first it seemed like I need to reveal all dungeon cards, then that I needed to kill all enemies and the other time I thought I couldn't advance because I bought something, but in reality I just didn't have that 3XP.
  • 3 easy enemy encounter did not spawn anything in 2nd level of goblin dungeon
    King Goblin didn't seem to summon anything sometimes. 
  • Rogue seems to have very little heal. Fighter has no real mechanic for revealing dungeon cards - maybe it could have a skill that does "Storm in - deal 1 damage to everything that will be spawned in this room", yet again, that is solely dependant on guessing.
  • Using two gloves at the same time does unexpected thing - first one does 2x effect and then second one does another 2x on another card. I'd expect first glove to double second glove and then execute ONE card with 4x effect. Or don't allow selecting glove to chain at all. Having no undo button this wastes additional glove if there are no actionable cards.
  • Blue XP book still says +1 Buy even though I didn't notice that mechanic apparent. Good job of getting rid of it. Now that book is useless - XP boost or +1 Action would be nicer, since it's very expensive.
  • Won the game with Human Fighter against goblins. Game got easier when I bough Glove. Discarded many level1 gems, before getting enough of level2, but managed to survive. Used a lot of Satchels as that basically is a free random card. Lots of axes. Bough longsword only when fighting against boss, had a chance to use it with Glove.Anything with +1 Action gets boosted a lot with Glove. Did final boss encounter not increase hunger?
  • Didn't really care for dungeon cards on top right, but maybe that would help in more advanced runs. Didn't bother me either. Couldn't tell at which dungeon level I was though and how much of it was left.
  • Art is adorable 10/10, except for trash altar. Instantly broke immersion 0/10.

I haven't played last DD, but played before it. These are my observations:

  • Shop randomisation is nice - keeps some valuable cards hidden behind RNG and limits going full bread or axes.
  • I like that there are classes and it seems like it's a good thing to separate good cards with OP synergies like Bread and Glove
  • Didn't really feel race impact, although tried to play all permutations. Deeper insightful description of them could be a better guide for starting the game and making informed choice.

Password is agdg

For ultimate crazy madness fun I recommend playing Sparta mode

Holy hell this looks really cool. I imagine small Siphos running into that thing and getting eaten. Looks very organic and natural. Even makes me want to add these kind of "obstacles" to the game.

Thank you for getting your hands on Sipho! :D

Noted these issues: skills activating on Dive UI button press, cancelling object placement issues.

Aquarium backgrounds and environments are dependent on selected breed - if you start with Advena, you'll get alien stuff and if you start with Cra'than you will get their fleshy environment. Changing background is not something we have planned to do, but we could, having enough interest from players.

We'll be further working on Aquarium UX - one video I've seen was enough to show how confusing the UI can get. If there are more "gotchas" you find in it, please let us know - it's very useful.

Our current plan is to allow sharing Sipho creations with others and implement a better management UI for them. Aquarium level management is not something we have considered, but least we can do is to expose Aquarium files (in a better way - they can be accessed right now in saved game files). You're right, there is nothing much to use to create shareable levels right now. If we ever add more environmental content, like hurtful obstacles, currents and other things that can make custom levels more interesting, this could be a development vector we could follow. Survival scenarios with hand-placed enemies and fixed awards could be interesting. But that could only come after current Aquarium polish and Campaign improvements we want to do.

Thank you for your interesting thoughts and feedback, I am always happy to read them.


We are alive and kicking! We are preparing for Aquarium update launch on March 26th.

Finally got around to playing your game. Things I've noticed while playing:

- Initial controls image doesn't fit to 3440x1440 screen
- Up/Down selection in menu could be "click to select next" rather than "hold". It cycles very quickly and there's nothing much to select from in order to gain from such fast scrolling.
- Whole UI doesn't fit to my screen or wider aspect ratio resized window
- Can't change resoultion from main menu. Pressing escape in rename screen just asked if I wanted to be named Jelysa
- Mouse selector could move faster when snapping to buttons.
- "Enter" keyboard button could also work as select
- I like elevator selector, the first person level select is nice
- Slime girl clips through window. You can use stencil buffer to make girl not to clip through window and render her nicely
- It's silly that you're breaking windows and leaving slime everywhere when you're supposed to clean things
- Sometimes you can get stuck in corners between boxes you want to jump on and not be able to without stepping back
- First level could be a lot shorter - it wasn't clear what collected trash will turn into and what is the main game loop. It could definitely be a mid-game level.
- Had the game paused for 2 hours. Coming back to it, changing menu categories was very laggy. Also entering/exiting menu froze the game for more than 5 seconds. Finishing the level fixed menu lag.
- Sub-menu title overlaps its contents 
- Objects nicely fade away, but things hidden behind terrain remain invisible
- Little robot bunnies can step inside you, avoiding further attacks
- Things spawned from enemies drop down the ledge
- I didn't know that pressing the button will end the level
- Restarted the level - noticed that instead of junk there's parts of my slime now. This is nice to see where I've been and not, but it promotes unnecessary grind to get as much junk as possible. Maybe your old splats could remain in the level instead as flat, which would be more consistent. And your old slime could become collectable after you finish the level or get promoted to a "better slime" which now has to collect own old slime, since it's "obsolete".
- Previous notice becomes a lot more inconsistent with glass - I can't remember which glass I broke last time, but they're all back and not slimey. Then some of them give completion percent, some don't
- There seems to be a little difference between doors that can be squeezed under and those which can't. I can't remember how first squeezable door looked like, but I keep wanting to try to squeeze under other doors and not being able to feels bad

Some thoughts: 

I've only noticed later after completing first level that I could shoot. It was fun enough to continue trying to collect things.

Platforming felt nice and consistent, except for one little thing I wrote down before - walking into corners and trying to jump on them sometimes doesn't work. I liked that there are defined edges in levels that I know that I can jump on. Everything is neatly placed in uniform distances. Some smaller edges were also jumpable on, which I guess is nicer than not being able to.

I really liked diegetic interaction with lobby things - cleaning myself and changing looks. The washing machine door was annoying to get past at first since it pushes you far enough to close itself.

Enemies. Chickens could be a little bit better at telegraphing their death. After killing each I had to wait few moments to verify if they're really dead. Deer were annoying since I couldn't attack-spam them to stagger them and kill, but I guess that's fair.

I like consistent quality in game assets - looks and sounds were very cute. I played around 40mins game time. Keep it up!

You know what the password is. Please check out game description at what to look at.

Feedback is based on one tutorial pass and one full playthrough:

  • Main menu image is blurry
  • Cool music
  • Laser pointer doesn't get blocked by walls and objects
  • It's apparent that you get pushed back from wall when running into it rather than colliding and stopping at it
  • Destroying objects was tedious with a sniper, but it was my favorite weapon
  • Turret boss was boring. I won while hiding in a corridor while waiting for turrets to stop firing. Turrets could at least be dodgeable and destructible
  • Whole roguelikeness and various weapons felt captivating, would like to play more
  • Blood splatter sometimes defies depth, but that's a cool tech though