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A jam submission

Hybrid Shooter System Prototype DD38View game page

First Person Shooter to Third Person Cover System
Submitted by GLFaraday — 2 days, 23 hours before the deadline
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Hybrid Shooter System Prototype DD38's page

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Movement velocity change could more responsive.

Can't tell if pressing shift makes you ran faster instantaneously or after the FOV animation ends.

Would play an FPS

Not a fan of the cover atm


I played this demo!

-Default sensitivity is super low, I have to move my mouse literally across my whole desk to make the character turn around.

-Cover wasn't working in any meaningful fashion.

-Jump happens whenever you hold the button down instead of on every press.

-The fixed jump height isn't enough to get over a bunch of the boxes but you can hold jump to trigger a glitchy double jump to get over it.

-Kinda weird to still see the reticle when you're in the iron sights mode or whatever.

-On that note, kinda wierd to have iron sights at all with how accurate the reticle is.

-The FOV change or whatever on sprinting looks super weird.

Pretty barebones still, but you could do something cool with this. Keep it up!


I enjoyed the 1st/3rd person hybrid system in R6V, so its nice to see someone else giving it a stab. Only suggestion I have is maybe make pulling away from cover a bit faster. Feels a tinge too 'sticky' right now, though its nothing major.