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Some feedback:

-Love the character design. Love the overall game feel, a nice mix of cutesy and action.

-KBM controls are pretty good overall, though it takes a bit of getting used to the gamepad setup. Kind of wish you had a pure twin-stick control scheme for gamepads. Turning could be a bit faster across the board.

-Wish there were a dodge mechanic.

-The knockback on that scattergun is nuts, pushed me to my death a few times. Not a bad thing, but could be a tinge less intense.

-Shooting feels good though, despite my wrangling with the controls. Good sound effects, good feedback. Its fun to shoot those baddies.

Overall, I like it. Want to see what it plays like with more enemies on screen at once. Good stuff!

Some feedback:

-Gunplay feels good. Movement is quick and responsive, the recoil on the guns makes them feel punchy. Alt-fire is always great. Its already fun to just move around the map and shoot things.

-Awesome music.

-Sound effects are kind of all over the place. The player character's voice effects are good. The shotgun's reload and shell drop effects are great, nice and crisp. But I can barely hear any of the weapons actually firing. Takes away from the solid gunplay.

-Like the theme. Like the idea of a fast-paced cyberpunk FPS.

-Kind of hard to talk about your enemies since they can't move at the moment. I like their 'CRT with legs' design though.

Overall, this seems to be shaping up very well. Look forward to seeing this get fleshed out even more.

Some feedback:

-Liking the designs of both the player character and enemy, got some nice New Londo vibes going on.

-Not certain if this is part of your design or just for the sake of testing, but I really like that weapons are mapped to separate buttons rather than having to switch between them like you do in Souls games. Being able to switch weapons mid-combo makes the combat feel more engaging.

-I also like that charge attack with the Rapier. Very cool.

-That said, I feel like the recovery phases on your attack and dodge animations are a bit too lengthy. Makes the combat feel a little clunkier than it should.

-Took me a while to figure out how that stamina bar works. Not used to seeing one that adds rather than subtracts.

Overall, I really like this game. Looking forward to seeing it progress.