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Space Aqua-Gymnastics
Submitted by PricklyPearGames (@ColeDitzlerOnTw) — 2 days, 23 hours before the deadline
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Reminds me of Nitrome's Worm Food.

Personally I'd add a clear goal that has something to do with specific spots in the level, be it hitting targets like in Worm Food, turning it into a platforming challenge where you need to get to a specific spot, or something like that. However with some more polish and a clear indication of how and why you get points, it might work as just a "style" game.

In regards to controls I'd love to have a bit of air control and perhaps control the game with the mouse.

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It took me a while to understand the mechanics and then the game went from boring to holy shit this is FUN. I got some sick air time and shot into the stratosphere. Sadly I hit the sand at the bottom of the ocean so hard the game glitched and the sky turned pitch black so I was forced to stop. Really fun game. I do agree with the others that adding some collectibles would be nice. Maybe some special bubbles that gives extra points or extra speed as well.


I played it without reading the instructions (my bad) and thought it was pretty boring, but when I went to close it I saw the part about speeding up when matching the red and white lines. That's actually a great mechanic! Flying through the sky water is pretty dope. 

Have you thought about making courses / tracks / levels to play through? Maybe collectibles floating in the air? (I thought you could nab the colored specks.)

Anyways, good stuff! Very reminiscent of old flash games.


this is cool for, you can do some cool stuff if you make levels and stuff. do wish i had atleast a little air control tho, when i fall out the bubble i could save it by just going a little to the side.

Not very intuitive to figure it out. But once you do understand it, the speed becomes neat.

sadly it doesn't work for me as it glitches


Interesting, what browser are you running it in?

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I'm launching over the itch app

*Starting manually over a regular browser works ...


Which browser is "regular" to you though? I only ever tested it in chrome, but I think some browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer may have issues with it.  Thank you for replying!


Waterfox and Firefox

So, the game is fun. Difficult to learn, but just the right way of difficult. It creates a nice state of flow.

My only gripe is that changing the direction input is somewhat slow.

Also, I wish I could play with mouse (either by changing directions via aiming, or by pressing LMB and RMB to rotate.


This was a neat one.

-It took way more than it should have to figure out how to build speed. It kinda doesn't make sense, but I think it works for timed mode.

-Could benefit from some tricks you can pull off in the air

Not really much to say about it, but it was nice. Keep up the good progress!

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My boss just fired me today.  I was so close to ending it all until I found your game Mr. Prickly.  I'm glad it doesn't have any sort of authority figure I have to face; that would really push me over the edge.


You're right, I should add a final boss or something. 


Took me a minute before I started to get it, but once I got there its pretty fun. Has potential.


Thank you for playing! I'm glad it didn't take too long to get the control-feel, my previous games are more difficult to get the feeling for.