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I like the aesthetics but I wish I could turn chromatic aberration off as that makes me nauseous.

I really like the spear mechanics. I got to the point where you get a key and it asks you to bring to the locked door. I couldn't find the door so I climbed all the way up and threw the key over the big rocks at the mountain top temple, which seemed like I was breaking the game and I'm not sure if I was supposed to go there but that's where I found the glowing golden thing so I tried to put the key there but I got stuck and couldn't move. Not sure if I did something wrong but I couldn't find the door and if that place is where you're actually supposed to go then it's very very unintuitive.

Overall I think this has lots of potential.

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Yeah, I heard people complaining about motion blur, is it that? I really need to fix it. I do want to make a controller option to play with classic KF controls but it's a good idea to also add an oldschool keyboard control as well.

Thanks for playing and the suggestion as well.

I actually added a buttom prompt when I started working on the project but ultimately decided to remove it to encourage players to try and interact with things on their own. There's not much you can interact with right now but I plan on adding more. I don't know if you managed to find the secret walls in the dungeon, there are two of them. That said I'm making sure that interactable objects are obvious for the player to notice.

Yeah there's no jumping in the game, that would break the atmosphere and gameplay.

Thanks for playing and the feedback.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'll try my best to add more enemies, polish and expand the combat.

Thanks for playing and the feedback.

I still haven't decided on the final speed for movement in the game so it might change in the future and that includes sprinting speed. As for walking circles, well that's basically how you're supposed to deal with those, later on I'll add enemies that you need to bait their attacks to get an opening and so on.

Thanks for playing and the feedback.

- Well it doesn't have a name yet lol

- Yeah I really need to remove the motion blur

- I should put the controls in the menu. I did add them to the game's page but if you download it directly from the demo day page you might not see it. That should not be an issue for the next demo

- Combat still needs to be polished.

Thanks for playing and the feedback.

I really liked the atmosphere, you absolutely nailed it. This reminds me a lot of Shadow Tower actually, with the enemy sounds around you. It's kinda terrifying when you're low on health and you keep hearing this goat jumping around and you can't find it, neat stuff.

I think the movement is fine but it wouldn't hurt to make it a little bit faster. I do have to agree with the other in that the combat is too slow, even for a King's Field inspired game. The speed is fine when you're fighting only one enemy but add another one and there's very little you can do about it. I'd often get blasted by the goat because it would attack me from a distance while I was dodging the throwing knife goat. It also makes blocking kinda useless since by the time you can block after attacking you already took damage. The dodge mechanic is fine though, just takes a while to get used to the timing and is very useful.

One thing I didn't like is how long it took me to get the tutorial message on how to repair items. I wish I knew I could do that earlier, could have saved me in a few runs. I assume people will complain about the durability because they didn't know about the repair mechanic.

I also couldn't find more than a single health potion. I got loads and loads of mana potions but only one health potion. Same for the wells, only one of them healed me the others I assume either were curing posion or recovering mp. Healing seems to be very scarce which makes the game really hard. I managed to get to the slime(?) boss but I ended up dying before I could kill it and I had no way of healing.

I really liked the randomness of the levels and everything and also the weapons. The throwing daggers were pretty badass. I can't wait to see more of this in the future and it's already really fun to play. Keep it up.

I noticed some graphical glitches with some white lines flashing on the screen. Not sure what causes that.

The tutorial messages were a bit offscreen.

Theres this part where the tutorial says that you have to hold jump to cling to characters and your supposed to double jump a wall so that got me confused for a while. Eventually I realized you had to jump on the wall and then immediately press jump again to do a walljump. Maybe consider changing the tutorial message.

I got stuck for a while in the section where you need to do three jumps using the booster pads, I could do the first two easily but timing the third was a bit rough. Then I got to the part where you need to chain 5 of them and I had to give up after about what seemed to be at the very least 50 tries, very frustrating.

The combat is fun and I wish I had seen more of it. I think it's interesting to have this weight to the animations and I think it works well with the combat and general design of the game, although it takes a while getting used to it. The platforming was good too and using the booster pads to complete the platforming sections was pretty satisfying but chaining them together is just not fun for me. The artstyle is pretty good.

Overall a really good game that's very promising but with one little flaw that ruined it for me, sadly as I really enjoyed most of it.

Very fun to play game. Not much I can say about it other than I had a great time playing it. The first match was really easy but then in the second match it seems the other team AI played much better, or maybe it's just my imagination. This could be very fun to play in multiplayer. 

The game looks fine as is but I can imagine how popular this could get if you make some quirky characters for the players, maybe some funny looking animals or maybe like all the players are penguins or something silly like that. Also maybe adding some environmental harzards to cause chaos could be a interesting feature to add but in an alternate mode as that would interfere with the core gamplay of the game but would probably benefit to have different modes like that.  Also, consider making like thematic backgrounds, I think it would add a lot to the experience, nothing really fancy, just some low poly flat textured blocks that resemble different types of environments like a forest, mountain, city, tropical beach and so on.

Very nice demo, I liked it a lot.

Hey I saw it in the thread that you updated the game so i gave it another try. The game plays much better now, I was able to quickly go through the walljumping sections by holding jump and changing directions so it felt smooth and satisfying. I also liked the reworked spider section. Very nice improvement. I managed to get to the end of the demo and it was a nice experience overall. Keep up the good work.

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It took me a while to understand the mechanics and then the game went from boring to holy shit this is FUN. I got some sick air time and shot into the stratosphere. Sadly I hit the sand at the bottom of the ocean so hard the game glitched and the sky turned pitch black so I was forced to stop. Really fun game. I do agree with the others that adding some collectibles would be nice. Maybe some special bubbles that gives extra points or extra speed as well.

Hey I almost did it, got it down to 200 health at 4/5. Pretty challenging. I liked the mechanics. The melee seemed pretty useless to me in this fight but could be useful against other types of enemies, maybe an enemy that can't be damaged by bullets?  I played with the keyboard and found it to be easier than the DS4, which actually works with the game since I have DS4windows and it's basically an xbox controller. Fun stuff, would be nice to have a full game out of this. 

It's pretty hard to see. i can tell you were going for some aesthetic design. The basic fps mechanics are all there which is nice.The enemies deal a ton of damage and kill you really fast when they're close. I had to shoot them from a distance with the revolver. It said I should get to the target location or something but there was only this church and the bunch of guys with uzis that I killed, I'm not sure if that's the end of the demo. I hope to see more of your stuff next demo day though. Keep up the good work.

Pretty fun game. Reminds me of Bullet Girls on the Vita but without the ecchi stuff. First off I had an issue with my DS4. When I had my DS4 connected the game would spin the camera around. I tried changing DS4Windows to hide DS4 and I tried it without DS4Windows but nothing worked so I had to disconnect it. Problem is, the only sound I get is from a headphone plugged to my DS4 controller so without the DS4 I had to play it without sound so I can't say much about the music or sound. Everything else worked fine and enjoyed the gameplay.

At first the melee seemed overpowered but later there were stronger enemies that resisted melee attacks so I guess that's fine since you can adjust the difficulty  by sending weak enemies that the player can melee to restore health while fighting stronger enemies that requires some headshots. I do have one thing I didn't like and that is how the broken crate pieces remain in the game after you break the crates, they really get in the way sometimes at the later stages of the fight so maybe try removing them after a few seconds or something? Nothing else to add though, solid demo and I really enjoyed it.

Everything in this demo is top notch, very well done and very polished as well. I really liked the usage of the resident evil style safe room music, that's a nice touch. You clearly know what you're doing so there's really not much I can say. Excellent stuff.

Interesting game. Is this an endless wave survival game? I couldn't make past a little bit over 2 minutes until I got swarmed and mercilessly killed. I agree with the other poster that we don't really have the fire power to deal with everything. I did like the idea behind the special attack in that it makes you vulnerable and in exchange you can hit several enemies if you aim it accurately, I like it. One thing I would suggest though, if possible, is to limit how far the cursor can move away from the character as I would often have the character in one side of the screen and the cursor on the other side and I couldn't rotate fast enough so I had to pay constant attention to where the cursor was which detracts from the main gameplay loop imo. 

Also maybe increasing damage with powerup drops or maybe a levelling system so that you can do more damage as time goes on would be a really nice thing to have since I feel like the more I play the more outnumbered I get and there's not much you can do since dodging is kinda limited.

All in all I really liked this one. Keep up the good work.

Well uh, yeah... to each their own I guess. Looks like a cool customization tool and pretty polished. Just not my thing though.

I like the idea but the platforming is a little bit too demanding for no apparent. The wall jumping part with the spider was pretty annoying with the spikes, very little room for error, there's no reason to be so stringent with that. The walljumping was also pretty weak, it would be better if you jumped a little bit higher and further away with it. There's also no reason for that part with the bees to be so high. It too me a while to get up there with the human character and hit the button so I jumped down right after that to do the spider part and after doing the spider part I realized I had to do the walljumping section with the bees all over again. Sorry, I tried but the bees got the best of me.

It's a cute game with a comfy atmosphere so there's no need to be hard or demanding in the platforming sections. I think it would be better to make the game easier and more pleasant to navigate and focus more on the cute artstyle, story and comfy atmosphere.

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This would be a very nice mobile game. I do agree with the others that an undo button would really improve it, also a reset button to revert all pieces to the original state would be nice too. The difficulty is all over the place though. Some levels are incredibly easy while others are much harder, with some playtesting I'm sure you could rearrange them into a friendlier difficulty curver though. I like it.

I also spent way more time with it than I was expecting.

Impressive stuff. I managed to get an S score in the mission but I guess there's only one for now right? Has lots of potential. As already mentioned localized damage would be a nice feature to add. I really liked it.

Very interesting project. I don't really like fighting games but I could see people enjoying this one. Not much I can say since I'm not the target audience but keep up the good work.

The controls are really weird and takes a while to get used to, maybe because I never played God Hand so idk.  I like the concept of the game and timing my attacks and dodges and all that. I wish the areas were a little bit more lit but I understand this is just a tutorial for a simple demo. I also liked the in depth tutorial explaining the combat mechanics. I would love to see a full game come out of this, it's right up my alley. I should probably play God Hand sometime as well. Good stuff.

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Well I don't want to repeat what everyone else has already said. This game reminds me of Zillion on the Master System so it's kinda nostalgic. I like the artstyle and general theme of the game. There's lots of potential here,

Also, I recommend looking into Zillion for the Master System. One thing that game had that I would recommend adding is the ability to crouch and crawl so you can shoot enemies at different heights. This could also be used for navigation.

The cars spawned a little bit too fast when I got close to the boss fight. The ending was pretty good.

Looks good. This kinda reminded me of Dead Nation for the PS3. I think maybe if the camera was zoomed out a little bit more it would be better.

I really enjoyed playing this one. Reminds me of strider even though I never actually played that game, probably a silly thing to say. I like the art and aesthetics, also the parallax scrolling. I think the controls are fine for the controller but I couldn't get far with the keyboard controls, sliding with ctrl just felt wrong to me. Unfortunately my DS4 disconnected and now it's not working with the game, that's actually a pretty common occurrence to me so nothing to do with the game but I was unable to get far using only the keyboard. The game is pretty challenging and I like that. It took me a while to realize you have to attack the dogs from behind and that you can easily slide under it, after that it became very satisfying rushing through the level, until my DS4 blew off that is.

I do have to agree with Team Essell though in that the walljumping is really frustrating. Having to stop moving before pressing jump to walljump makes it really weird and I miss the timing all the time. I think it would be better if we could walljump regardless if you're pressing to move left or right. I'll play it more later after I fix my DS4 but from what I played it's pretty solid.

I'm glad you enjoyed the exploration bit. The combat does need some polish I agree with that. Thanks a lot for playing the demo.

Yes, I started about a month ago. I'm aware of the lack of sound and music but I had to prioritize something so I spent my time implementing the basic mechanics of the game. I'll be adding sound and music as I work on the game. There's a lot to polish still and I was thinking about showing your equipped weapon in the HUD so that's nice to hear. I do think having the weapon show on screen all the time would kinda detract from the atmosphere though.

Yeah I'm aware that the combat is pretty boring yet and I do plan on adding ranged enemies, having lots of spell casting enemies will be nice but that will be in the later areas of the game. As for the exit button, there were two exit buttons in the menu and I was going to change both to return but I forgot about one of them it seems.

Thanks a lot for playing the demo.

Thanks. I do need to add music and more sound effects. I just focused more on adding the basic mechanics to the game first.

Maybe it's not necessary to increase the speed given the context of what you'll add later to the game, that was just my first impression. I also loved the music.

I liked it even though I'm not a big fan of 2d platformers or castlevanialike games. I really like the art style and the music is really good, I'd say both are on point. My only criticism would be the game being too dark and it's hard sometimes to tell the platforms apart, I even raised my tv brightness up a lot but it didn't fix it. 

One thing I think the game is missing is the ability to jump down platforms by pressing down and then jumping to drop down. I tried that but I don't know if you can do that in the game yet but I think that would be a nice feature to have. 

I climbed up the tower(?) where you have a breakable wall and got stuck there, it took me a while to realize you had to jump over the ceiling on the platforms.  Maybe it's just me not paying enough attention or maybe you could make it a little bit more obvious that you have to go up there because I legit thought that was the ceiling and that's it. I haven't finished the demo yet now that I found my way up the tower so I'll play it more later. Either way I'm looking foward to your game.

I liked it. I do agree with the other guy who said the cat feels a little bit slow though.

I have no idea what is going on with this game but I like the style. I don't know why sometimes I'd die from touching the enemies and sometimes I'd kill them, sometimes they all just explode out of nowhere, it's a little bit confusing.

I really liked this one. I liked pretty much everything, the movement, shooting, textures, enemy design, there's really not much I can say about it. One thing I'd like to say is that I think it would be better if the focus were more on the shooting aspect than conserving ammo, from what I understand the ammo doesn't respawn right? at least that's what it seemed to me, or maybe I should just get gud. Anyways, I'm more interested in a single player campaign for this game though.