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A 3D top-down shooter demo with healing cookies, rat pits, and ogre gorillas.
Submitted by Potion Park (@PotionParkDev) — 1 day, 18 hours before the deadline
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Enemies keep glitching in their movement, at least visually. It's really annoying and makes the game harder to play on top of the too overly neon color palette (the green grass mainly).

Can be fun, didn't expect it to be so hardcore from the start.

Not much to say, other than those couple issues I'll just wait to see how the game progresses.



Talent is there. Can't wait to see where this goes.


Good groundwork for a fun game, it needs some more elements to make it more interesting as waves go on however.


I had fun playing this! I think it's a really strong groundwork for a fun game. I think it definitely needs a wave/level system though, it seems like it's just endless mode right now? Definitely needs some moments of respite, heal up, maybe repair barricades etc.

I like the way that the mouse-look pairs with the crossbow as a main weapon- you'd might want to consider disabling that if the character equips a melee weapon though. 

I agree with the other poster that enemies can feel like bullet sponges. It would be really satisfying if the little mooks died in 1-2 hits, which would allow for more of them to be thrown at the player, as well as making the tougher enemies seem scarier. More enemy variety always helps too.

If the main game is always going to take place in the encampment setting, it would be cool to be able to set up fortifications, booby traps and walls (like a tower defense thing).

Good work on this, I see potential!


Interesting game. Is this an endless wave survival game? I couldn't make past a little bit over 2 minutes until I got swarmed and mercilessly killed. I agree with the other poster that we don't really have the fire power to deal with everything. I did like the idea behind the special attack in that it makes you vulnerable and in exchange you can hit several enemies if you aim it accurately, I like it. One thing I would suggest though, if possible, is to limit how far the cursor can move away from the character as I would often have the character in one side of the screen and the cursor on the other side and I couldn't rotate fast enough so I had to pay constant attention to where the cursor was which detracts from the main gameplay loop imo. 

Also maybe increasing damage with powerup drops or maybe a levelling system so that you can do more damage as time goes on would be a really nice thing to have since I feel like the more I play the more outnumbered I get and there's not much you can do since dodging is kinda limited.

All in all I really liked this one. Keep up the good work.


Okeedoke, I'm playing this.

-Personally I don't like how far the camera shifts to see where your cursor's at. This might be nice to be a setting, as it's very scalable.

-Moving is hyper slow while dashing teleports you into a different dimension. IMO keep this speed while backpedaling, and increase forward speed. To prevent kiting so much.

- I found the dash cooldown to be hugely unsatsifying. I'd be in favor of removing the cooldown and decreasing how far it goes.

-The player seems super weak.  I don't think I killed a single goblin in run 1.

-The timer is buggy. It seems to start when the map is loaded, not when you take the meat.

-Mouse aim is weird, and it's kinda wierd to shoot at an offcenter cursor. Do consider adding a reticle during waves. I find I can't hit much of anything.

This game definitely wasn't my cup of tea, but it seemed like you can make a really nice game out of it with some work! Keep up the progress!


Sound didn't work for me, if its implemented yet. Artstyle is passable, but lots of green. The enemies were pretty good, the players kit is kind of weak and slow in comparison, atm.


In the beginning I ran around aimlessly, didn't know I had to pick up the meat to start the game.

I like the help screen (F1) to show what's up. This could be emphazised a little more.

The goblins are surpringsly scary, but the gameplay overall is rather dull, as the enemies feel like bullet sponges. There were so many enemies, but not enough fire power to reduce their numbers. And just running and shooting just didn't feel satisfying enough. The special ability is also quite suicidal, because you have to stand still - and also never hit an enemy (flew over them? through them?).

I couldn't use the cookie...?

The art is neat, though too much green for me (green floor, green trees, green goblins, green giants).