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I had fun playing this! I think it's a really strong groundwork for a fun game. I think it definitely needs a wave/level system though, it seems like it's just endless mode right now? Definitely needs some moments of respite, heal up, maybe repair barricades etc.

I like the way that the mouse-look pairs with the crossbow as a main weapon- you'd might want to consider disabling that if the character equips a melee weapon though. 

I agree with the other poster that enemies can feel like bullet sponges. It would be really satisfying if the little mooks died in 1-2 hits, which would allow for more of them to be thrown at the player, as well as making the tougher enemies seem scarier. More enemy variety always helps too.

If the main game is always going to take place in the encampment setting, it would be cool to be able to set up fortifications, booby traps and walls (like a tower defense thing).

Good work on this, I see potential!