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I had fun playing this! I think it's a really strong groundwork for a fun game. I think it definitely needs a wave/level system though, it seems like it's just endless mode right now? Definitely needs some moments of respite, heal up, maybe repair barricades etc.

I like the way that the mouse-look pairs with the crossbow as a main weapon- you'd might want to consider disabling that if the character equips a melee weapon though. 

I agree with the other poster that enemies can feel like bullet sponges. It would be really satisfying if the little mooks died in 1-2 hits, which would allow for more of them to be thrown at the player, as well as making the tougher enemies seem scarier. More enemy variety always helps too.

If the main game is always going to take place in the encampment setting, it would be cool to be able to set up fortifications, booby traps and walls (like a tower defense thing).

Good work on this, I see potential!

It's a start! I would play a fleshed out gunrange simulator, with a bunch of different types of firearms and realistic reloading / magazine handling, etc. You should keep it up!

As soon as I started this game I was reminded of Pixel Dungeon. It really does feel like a 3D version of that. I like that you have the option of 1st person or 3rd person view, I'm not sure which one I prefer.

Interesting choice letting you resume from the floor you died on, but kind of pointless because spawning as a level 1 character on floor 2-2 with no gear or skills is never going to end well. I threw myself at that a few times just to see if it was doable, but it was not.

I couldn't tell if the floors were procedural or not, but they did seem kind of linear. It might be more interesting if the paths branch a bit more, eg. the locked door is near the beginning or the left fork, but the key is on the opposite part of the floor. I guess backtracking wouldn't really work right now though, because all the enemies stay dead- you would need to have them spawn randomly. More enemy variety wouldn't hurt either! Even just having rats to go with the bats on the early levels for example.

I think the skill and inventory system is rock solid, I just wish I had gotten more use out of it (I only ever found one other weapon, and it was worse than the one I started with.) I noticed gold coins but no item shop, at least I didn't make it long enough to reach one. 

This is the kind of game I would play on my phone while commuting, if you were considering making it a mobile game I think it could be a great fit.

I didn't encounter any bugs and the engine seems polished enough for what it needs to do. Good job!

The music is pretty sick. Main menu music is actually better than the main game tune.

I get that this is kind of roguelike with the quick deaths/restarts and randomly generated levels, but I don't think the difficulty is particularly balanced. Like, I entered a room and got hit by the robocop-looking thing and the lil helicopter guy instantly, they were both just hanging out at the door. And the little ball enemies that walk along walls and ceilings can shoot you from any direction, while you can only hit them if you line up on their x and y axis. It just doesn't really feel like you're supposed to try fighting the enemies because they are fast, small, hard to hit, and damage you a lot. 

Once I found the controls in the readme it helped a bit. Just pop them up on screen in the starting room, it's easy enough to see them once and remember. 

I couldn't figure out what the little things on the ground were (they look like tanktops so I thought it might be armor). I also never found any vending machines.

I think if you worked on game balance a bit more, that would really open up what you can do with this game. 

I'm going to be honest that I expected the worst with the MS-Paint style screenshots. The guy kind of reminds me of salad fingers for some reason. But after playing through the demo I was pleasantly surprised, I'd say that the fundamentals are here, you just need to take some time to polish them up!

The movement- right now it's pretty slow and floaty, but the collision detection and platforming (especially the ledge climbing) all work, and it would probably be easy to increase the speed and tightness of the timing (eg. if you ran, jumped, fell, etc. at 200% speed I think it would be much better). As kinoplex mentioned, the wall jumping needs work because it's easy to mess up. Maybe if you "stick" to the wall for a few frames without sliding down, then players could take their time to line up the next leap. 

Basically you have the core components of a platformer ready to go, and the question is what will you add next? Enemies? Objectives? You can take it in any direction from here. Maybe just have someone help you with the art :P (the music is max comfy though!)

This is definitely a good game / concept but as others have mentioned, it takes a while to figure out. In my first game I went to clear a line as quickly as possible, because the 'tetris side' of the game is most prominent / obvious at a glance. Of course I ended up killing myself because I was standing in the cleared line. In the next game I died to a monster because I wasn't paying attention to my HP. Basically it took a while for me to figure out the 'dungeon crawler side' of the game to keep myself alive.

I guess that's the challenge of combining two completely different games into one, how do you marry them together so that it feels like one game instead of two?

Maybe an in-game reason why the cleared lines are dangerous? (like if they flooded with water or something before vanishing) Maybe as someone else suggested, a build phase where you take turns between a block falling and moving your knight? I played with the move-separately control scheme.

You did a really good job with this, and it might just need a good tutorial or introductory level to help new players "get it". Love the art style too by the way.

I don't know what I expected but this wasn't it.

I'm no fighting game pro but the controls / responsiveness worked surprisingly well!

also based Stickler is my new main

It took me a while to figure out what to do. I think a little set of tutorial levels that force you to use the different push/pull powers one by one would be a good fix!

After I got the hang of it I basically just used the strong pull for everything, and it mostly worked until the late levels. I would recommend some other stage hazards (map pieces, enemies) or even collectibles to encourage players to send the pellets on more interesting paths!

I played it without reading the instructions (my bad) and thought it was pretty boring, but when I went to close it I saw the part about speeding up when matching the red and white lines. That's actually a great mechanic! Flying through the sky water is pretty dope. 

Have you thought about making courses / tracks / levels to play through? Maybe collectibles floating in the air? (I thought you could nab the colored specks.)

Anyways, good stuff! Very reminiscent of old flash games.