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Control 2 different characters in this puzzle-platformer
Submitted by Untailo — 2 days, 12 hours before the deadline
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this is like something I'd play when I was 8. Very much reminding me of the experience of googling "games to play on browser". Hope you add a sinister edgy story.


It's fun though.


lol, must be the graphics. Thanks for playing!


Wall jump felt a little off, but besides that I can see where you're going with this. Keep at it!



Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Feels like the movement for both characters needs a lot more polish and fluidity (and "don't hold space or you won't climb the ledge" needs to be explained imo), and maybe the spider will be fun to play as then.

Honestly I don't think it's doing anything new, but if you fine-tune the spider and come up with more mechanics for it, it might turn out to be a fun platformer. I really like how the spider flops its legs around, which already makes it more fun to play.


Thanks for the feedback! I'll work on the movement. Glad you like the spider!


I feel the human is too floaty and the walljump too weak/slow, but aside from that they control well. Had no issues with the spider, enjoyed her gameplay segments. Keep it up.


Thanks for the feedback! If you find the dummy slow now I'm glad you didn't play the first version...


Hey I saw it in the thread that you updated the game so i gave it another try. The game plays much better now, I was able to quickly go through the walljumping sections by holding jump and changing directions so it felt smooth and satisfying. I also liked the reworked spider section. Very nice improvement. I managed to get to the end of the demo and it was a nice experience overall. Keep up the good work.


Thank you, glad you liked the changes!


I like the idea but the platforming is a little bit too demanding for no apparent. The wall jumping part with the spider was pretty annoying with the spikes, very little room for error, there's no reason to be so stringent with that. The walljumping was also pretty weak, it would be better if you jumped a little bit higher and further away with it. There's also no reason for that part with the bees to be so high. It too me a while to get up there with the human character and hit the button so I jumped down right after that to do the spider part and after doing the spider part I realized I had to do the walljumping section with the bees all over again. Sorry, I tried but the bees got the best of me.

It's a cute game with a comfy atmosphere so there's no need to be hard or demanding in the platforming sections. I think it would be better to make the game easier and more pleasant to navigate and focus more on the cute artstyle, story and comfy atmosphere.


Thanks for the feedback!

Sorry about the bee part, when you have your mind on a game for too long you sometimes don't see obvious flaws and worst, you get used to them! I can clear the bee part easily! But I see now it's not fun and the walljumping isn't intuitive.

However, you should never have to do the bee part twice, once you press the button you're done, so I don't understand what happened to you there. You simply have to progress on the spider side!

Thank you, I'll try making the game less frustrating.


I'm going to be honest that I expected the worst with the MS-Paint style screenshots. The guy kind of reminds me of salad fingers for some reason. But after playing through the demo I was pleasantly surprised, I'd say that the fundamentals are here, you just need to take some time to polish them up!

The movement- right now it's pretty slow and floaty, but the collision detection and platforming (especially the ledge climbing) all work, and it would probably be easy to increase the speed and tightness of the timing (eg. if you ran, jumped, fell, etc. at 200% speed I think it would be much better). As kinoplex mentioned, the wall jumping needs work because it's easy to mess up. Maybe if you "stick" to the wall for a few frames without sliding down, then players could take their time to line up the next leap. 

Basically you have the core components of a platformer ready to go, and the question is what will you add next? Enemies? Objectives? You can take it in any direction from here. Maybe just have someone help you with the art :P (the music is max comfy though!)


Thank you for your post! I'll try to improve the art somewhat or find someone to help me.

I'm already working on the movement after all the feedback, I think you'll find it much better next update!

I've got lot of ideas, but I want to have a good base first. The music is Fretless by Kevin MacLeod!


Wall climbing is nice, wall jumps are annoying, just ended up tanking the bees. Didn't really understand spiders controls and how to manually stick to walls but spider was fun.


Thanks for playing and for the feedback! I'll try making the spider's controls clearer.

Doesn't work for me. I click play, music starts, the screen stays the same.

Developer (1 edit)

Weird. Could you try pressing F12 to open your browser's console and tell me if there's any error message?

Edit: made a small update with an exe version, maybe you could try that instead


F12 does nothing. The game starts in its own window anyhow.

The exe version works for me!

So, about the demo:

The humanoids movement is pretty weird, both on the ground and mid-air.

The acceleration on the ground is somewhat slow, which often would leave me jump up instead of forward.

The wall jumps are very unsatisfying to perform as I feel like I have to press in the direction of the wall, which causes me to move towards the same wall I jumped off of AFTER I did the wall jump (due to air control). With the bees I didn't have much luck to dodge them.

Crouching in the air is a fun idea for a 2D platformer, but the hint should come before the pit, not after you already fell.

The spiders movement is alright, though the jumps with the spike blocks too tight, or maybe the collision of spikes is too big.

As the demo is focused on the movement of the 2 characters I'll leave it at that.


Thank you for the feedback, I will definitely look into the dummy's physics.


Got a big ole writeup for you. 

-The framerate keeps tanking like crazy on my 11 year old rig. Take of that what you will.

-Autoclimbing up the small steps in the tutorial took a bit to figure out what was happening. I tried to jump over them and I was flung in the opposite direction and off the cliff.

-As a fan of emulator type controls (zxc + arrow keys), I found the default control mappings miserable. Especially ctrl to read signs.

-Oh geez, walljumping is awkward. Please look into increasing the force to 150%~200% of what it currently is, please.

-It keeps mentioning throw like it's an ability you should have but I can't find it.

-As I struggled with in my own game, the worst part of these character switching games is when you have to move characters one by one down the same path. Having a join up mechanic would work great for that, as that sort of thing happens a lot in these games.

-I REALLY don't like autoclimbing up 1 tile high gaps and going flying off when my instinct is to jump it.
-The bees section was simply too hard for me to get through with the lag and the iffy walljump mechanics. Where most games would have 4 or 5 walljumps to get up to a goal, you have 15 with how weak your walljumps are. It doesn't feel good. The bees section is simply too tight to get through or time anything with how tight the walljumps are.

-The spider doesn't seem to have walljumping at all, which feels kinda bad. The sections where you're expected to psuedo-walljump are super tight due to this.

-Speaking of the spider, it feels really awkward that controls switch constantly. I see where you're going, but I'd prefer to just hold right to move up the wall still. I'm used to that from Sonic.

-And speaking of controls, the human doesn't feel particularly great in any fashion. The only pro he has going from his is a really good ledge grab. REALLY GOOD. He could probably use a bit of rebalancing...

-I made it through the bees finally.

-The spider spike jumping section has poor conveyance. It looks like you're supposed to jump on the bottom of the spike wall and grab on but that doesn't happen. I had to pass over that spike instead.

-Crouch jumping is a stupid mechanic and I love it.

Overall, this game might be nice. Needs a lot of work on the core, however. Keep up the good work!


Thank you for the wall of text!

-Framerate: Might be due to being Html5? Browser performances aren't the best. I'll look into it though. Maybe I'll add an exe if Godot and let me.

-Noted, I'll rework autoclimb, especially for small steps. Will probably make it faster and basically instant for steps.

-Sorry for the controls! I'll try to add control mapping and make the default better.

-I'll rework the dummy's physics as a whole, he is kinda sluggish right now.

-Throw is just a joke for now but I'll definitely add an ability like that.

-Yes join up is planned, but the demo wasn't long enough to warrant it. I'll try your game to see how you did it.

-Ahah yeah that sucks, will definitely do something about that.

-Bees: I got too used to the walljump and can get through it easily, but I now see this is a problem, you're not the first to have trouble.

-Spider walljump: Definitely ankward, I'll try to make jumps from walls more predictable or just remove that section.

-Sonic spider: Kinda on the fence about it, might get confusing if you change orientation quickly, potentially going the wrong direction after an unexpected turn around.

-I'll rework the poor dummy.

-Congrats on beating the bees!

-Yeah I kinda threw the spike section together at the last moment to be honest, will be redone. I'm not sure specifically what spike you're talking about though.

-Crouch jumping is the best

Thank you for playing and for writing so much about my game!


-Yeah, HTML5 probably plays a big role in this.

-If you feel that default is good, that's fine. Every game where it makes sense to have remapping should have it though.

-The way I did join up might not work for your game, but if you think it does, go for it!

-With the Sonic Spider thing, that control style is pros and cons. You will never be able to make it feel right to everyone, so follow your heart.


You might want to edit the gravity a bit, but other than that it's a surprisingly cute game which invites you to play it. Good work!


Thank you!


The platforming as the wooden-dummy guy feels kinda slow and floaty. There were also times when I would push against a wall and press the jump button, but he wouldn't perform a walljump.

Nice concept, though, and well put together. Keep at it!


Thank you for the feedback! I'll try to make that dummy a little more reactive. As for walljumps not working, this is weird, I'll look into it.