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As soon as I started this game I was reminded of Pixel Dungeon. It really does feel like a 3D version of that. I like that you have the option of 1st person or 3rd person view, I'm not sure which one I prefer.

Interesting choice letting you resume from the floor you died on, but kind of pointless because spawning as a level 1 character on floor 2-2 with no gear or skills is never going to end well. I threw myself at that a few times just to see if it was doable, but it was not.

I couldn't tell if the floors were procedural or not, but they did seem kind of linear. It might be more interesting if the paths branch a bit more, eg. the locked door is near the beginning or the left fork, but the key is on the opposite part of the floor. I guess backtracking wouldn't really work right now though, because all the enemies stay dead- you would need to have them spawn randomly. More enemy variety wouldn't hurt either! Even just having rats to go with the bats on the early levels for example.

I think the skill and inventory system is rock solid, I just wish I had gotten more use out of it (I only ever found one other weapon, and it was worse than the one I started with.) I noticed gold coins but no item shop, at least I didn't make it long enough to reach one. 

This is the kind of game I would play on my phone while commuting, if you were considering making it a mobile game I think it could be a great fit.

I didn't encounter any bugs and the engine seems polished enough for what it needs to do. Good job!

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Thanks for your detailed feedback!

>level 1 character on floor 2-2 with no gear or skills is never going to end well
Later there will be options to call more expirienced newcomers with better gear, and/or call one of your other characters (those will wait in tavern/inn, or something like that)

>but no item shop
With that gold you can by items from shop keeper at the Camp, he stays near the bonfire.

>mobile game
Not sure yet, but I'll try it later, and if it'll work I'll do it.