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Thanks alot for playing and also big thanks for streaming demos, bro!

I used to play some RTS many years ago, it is funny feeling, all those muscle memory hotkeys working, lol.
By the way, normal browser build didn't work on me, clicked stable version and it worked.
Interesting concept, a bit slow (maybe it worked bad on my browser). On second reality my troops got divided between hordes of new enemies, I couldn't unite them and lost my hero when he was acting strange and going straight to the enemy castle, while his army were retreating correctly. Also I don't get if it was a bug, or intentional, but first summoning circles like kinda over time stopped spawning ranged ones, and on second land it soon were building only one type of units (terminator-likes).

Hey, thanks for playing, glad you liked it!

>Some enemies have an "auto-dodge"
It is random, they don't react on your attacks.

>Small bug, "New level: 2" text says "New level: 1" for half a second at first
It is not a bug, it was done on purpose.

>Not being able to open Lost Loot in combat
In general, this was not done as a matter of principle, it just seemed logical at the time. Perhaps I could allow it outside of combat, but the lag when opening large bags can be unpleasant during combat.

>I wish the view distance was naturally capped by the candlelight
Unfortunately it has some real problems with light sources limit.

>Low Rez option
It just imitates pixelization

Thank you for your feedback!

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I don't exactly remember, but I think it is something like 2 hours on demo (4 floors total), 3-4 with side quests.

Thanks for playing!
As for pots, you can also open those by pressing E (controls by default).
It is unclear, don't know how to tell it to players more straight, without making those Press E popups that I dislike. Now it only mentions as random tip of Adviser in the camp, but you also can find it out on your own as you go.
Same goes for "you can interact with weaponracks", by the way.

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Most important changes since last demoday (DD 52):

    • Added Spanish localization
    • New consumables: food (meat, fruits & vegetables, fish)
    • New status effect Satiation (exp in combat +15%)
    • 2 new traits
    • New containers with food
    • Better drop chances of green loot from chests on first floors
    • Better chest loot for Story difficulty
    • "Subtlety" trait now works only out of combat
    • More convinient quick use of lockpicks and flints (don't have to use it, just interact with a chest/hearth)
    • Added act separation
    • Rogue, Main Skill, 2nd upgrade of 1st tier - in addition to slowdown, allows you to throw a knife while in a combat state
    • The damage of bows and slings for active skills has been significantly increased
    • More prominent shop and stash tabs
    • Difficulty "Story", boss battles, if you lose, a bag of dropped loot appears at the entrance before the battle
    • Ranged weapons can no longer be used without suitable ammunition
    • The available Tower Upgrades are more visible
    • Redrawn low-level light armor (when worn by a character)
    • Bugfix, quick retirements sometimes gave miniscule amount of Fame instead of 0
    • Optimized excessive amounts of shards/decals/stains on walls and floors
    • Some code optimizations
    • Some bugfixes

    Crash Bandicoot vibes hit me uncontious :)
    But it runs very badly on my browser, almost unplayable.

    Very interesting concept, liked playing it. Beated all missions and campaign. But felt not too much strategy and challange, only needed to think for a moment on last two campaign missions. Has some potential, it is very intruiging to see more of it later.

    It looks like it asks for manually installed DirectX 9c, it always fixes this problem.

    (2 edits)

    The most important changes since last DD (50):

    • New system of resisitance debuffs, only one type of resistance can be cut at once
    • Added minibosses with personal health bars with a name on it
    • Added green version of powerful crystal "Power Shot" for archers, so now it available for demo players too
    • Stash now has 4 tabs (previously it was 1 common stash with no tabs)
    • Added malus inborn trait "Wasteful" (has a chance to waste 2 consumables on use, instead of 1)
    • Fame bonuses for retirement now: no traits +0%, normal traits +5%, rare traits +7%, malus traits +10%, rare malus traits +12%
    • Max clan level increased to 45
    • Improved some tracks (Title Theme, Floor 2, Credits), replaced track in Clan's Domain with a new one
    • Power crystal "Bleeding Cut" - bleeding stronger by 25%
    • Removed sort order button form inventory and stash, now you can sort in both orders just pressing LMB/RMB (Gamepad - A/RB+A)
    • In the camp and Clan's Domain visible range of quest markers on map ("?" and "!") is unlimited
    • Fighter's second skill quest, gobloids won't count anymore, 30 cultists are required instead of 50 cultists and gobloids
    • Sticks now STR/DEX based weapons, instead of being STR-ones, Vagabond's 1st lvl perk "Stick Fight" was removed (did the same thing)
    • Rogues now have a text message for non-planned break of stealth
    • All archetypes who use Rage Points can enter relax state only in home places like domain, camp and ally locations (relax makes you loose Rage Points quickly)
    • Fighter, passive skill, 1 tier upgrade, instead of medicine pot power => +50% combat passive RP regen
    • For rage classes skills like weapon buffs and crystal helpers won't require prepared RP before activating it
    • Some balancing for an OP skill Multi-Hit, blue quality won't reduce damage penalty from -30% tо -20% anymore, heavy weapons increase this penalty by 5%
    • Archer's Quick Shot, trick points cost can be reduced from 2 to 1 with upgrades
    • Trait "Oblivious" changes: now its rare malus trait, instead of not seeing himself on the map just forgets about healpots and potions on the map, picture of it updated
    • Renewed hp bars of enemies
    • Fixed some ugly bugs

    Cute gamie, nice graphics and sound, but I'm too brainlet to go far here.

    Hey! Currently I'm working on Archtower and I have lots of work to do for now, I need to do all preparations to launch it in Early Access soon. But I could return to Blaster Cop for that later.

    You can change GUI scale pressing Num+ and Num- (you also can remap theese in control settings)

    Hey! If you have all needed quest items (check that in the Quest Log (press L)), then you need to go to their leader Agal, he is at the end of 2-3. Gobloid at the start of 2-1 can short cut your way to their base.

    Thank you for playing, also tell your gf, I saw her post on 4chan. Such things boost my moral these days :)

    Archtower Hotfix

    • For new players firstly you go for the camp
    • Ice Shards crystal skill changes - more adequate spreading, higher damage
    • Fire Blast crystal skill changes - faster cast, higher damage
    • Bug is fixed, there were problems with a big pile of goblins at 2-3 for new players
    • Other minor fixes

    Thank you for playing!
    >Ice Crystal which felt pretty underwhelming
    Yeah this one has some problems, will have to think on how to fix it.
    It has mixed damage (physical+energy), which is especially bad with guys who have both good armor.
    Higher quality versions of this skill will have more shards, but looks like I need to fix the spreading and increase damage a bit. Also, what was your character class? Did it have +physical damage or +energy damage bonuses? When I will add first STR+INT class I think this skill would work better for him.
    >I couldn't light the fires in the Swamp Area
    When your char don't have an Elven Flint after a quest completed, it starts dropping from barrels randomly on this floor.
    >Despite you saying it was fixed, I saw a Firemage behind bars pretty early on, so Bug not fixed I guess?
    If he was standing there from the start then this was intended, but if he went behind the bars accidentally while fighting you, then this is the bug :)

    Most important changes since last DD:

    • New parry system (prevent enemies' attacks and blocks with well-timed strikes)
    • Small chests, contain power crystals
    • 3 new crystal skills
    • New casting animations and effects
    • Some trees are much easier to walk around, except those that serve as way blockers
    • Statues foundations are bigger for pathfinding purposes, so enemies won't stuck at those anymore
    • Map and minimap are reworked
    • Increased Fame you get for retirement/death, having traits and traumas improves it
    • Slings drop less often for most classes
    • Using pet crystals (like Barrel Destroyer) requires part of your skill resource to be reserved to maintain
    • Barrel Destroyer has some changes, mostly nerfed, but now you can Reactivate boosting its attack speed when it is already called out
    • Crystal skills don't increase its cooldown by 25% for Trick Points users (DEX and DEX+INT classes) anymore
    • Now you have a message when you have a new traumas
    • More clear description of some quests
    • Redone Tower Upgrades window, also Tower Attendant is shown on map, by its icon you may know that you have new upgrades available
    • Light helms now have an innate bonus to headshot resistance (half of the heavy one's analogs' power)
    • Can't save in combat or if enemies are chasing you
    • Crystall skill Thunder Strike buffed, higher damage, range +20%
    • Smoother camera
    • Bug is fixed, sometimes some mobs could get behind bars of jail cells and stuck there
    • Better optimization, especially for a Floor 6

    Hey, thank you for playing! :)
    As for bandits it is not a bug, you need to use chain lever near one of the gates to open way to that one guy. (it is north-west)

    >What specifically made you frustrated?
    Nevermind, it was just a conclusion of all problems I mentioned

    (1 edit)

    Wishlisted! :)
    Also, I always have 42~45 fps, is it normal? I remember that the last time I played it, everything was fine, but I didn't check fps back then.
    Also, encountered a bug, I beat a slime boss, chose an all-seeing orb, then the demo ended, after that my new character had an all-seeing bonus, without that orb item.

    I know that your demo is in an early stage of development, and some of the problems could be just you didn't have enough time for this, I'll just list you problems I encountered, don't mind it as a hard criticism.

    Controls for the menu and inventory are weird, I think, it is better to use just a mouse.
    It's cool that there is a focus on the enemy, although on the next battle already I forgot what this button was, lol.
    Any combat activity eats TONS of stamina, either try to make it cheaper or at least make some basic things free, like weapon swings, those are slow as a snail truck but eat so much that you can run out in like 4-5 swings, and you need stamina for everything besides sword swings.
    After an attack, if you hold down the right mouse button, then blocking with a shield will not work.
    It is cool that the run is a thing, but, strangely, you can't just run holding the shift.
    Oddly, the equipment can only be changed in chests.
    There is no pause on the Esc menu.
    Heals are spent, even if you have full health since nothing can be done when you hit, or when you are beaten, you have to quickly press heals and spend extra ones as a result, and attacks with a sword, on the contrary, are buffered too much and occur when you no longer expect them.
    Combat controls are uncomfortable and unresponsive in general.
    Monsters have interesting attacks and abilities, but the battle process itself makes you frustrated.
    Also, it seems that the health bar and other ones are displayed inaccurately, seemingly, part of it is hidden behind a huge panel on the left.
    When enemies killed me and it threw me back offscreen, I had about a half of my maximum health reduced, above which I can't heal, this is very punishing and limiting, I suppose you will have some ways to handle it later in development?
    The cool bleeding effect you have, when low on health.

    Overall, it is a cute little demo, with a lot of harsh corners, but I see some good potential in it.

    Also, I never played Dark Souls, so I could underestimate some of those combat elements which you could borrow from that game.

    Interesting potential, nice graphics, and art.

    Thank you for playing!
    They have a few attack preparation frames (when the rat raises its tail before attacking).
    Those don't have any preparation frames and are a bit random, but they are weak enemies overall, and you can get used to them, also they have a decent waking up window (~0.83 sec) when they are vulnerable, and won't dodge your attacks or bite you at all.
    >strict classes are working against you
    Yeah, I see it being a thing, but I plan to add more classes and make subclasses later. For example, Rogue - Assassin (quick kills, critical hits), and Outlaw (more evasive and elusive, more stealthy), Firestarter - Pyromancer (more about burns), and Incinerator (bursty damage). Also, subclasses will have different third skills (ultimates?) and might alter a bit other skills.
    >You could also generate adventurer based enemies
    Absolutely yes, I have this in my plans, at least you'll meet your rival clan dudes from time to time, as a pseudo PVP.
    >I'm also not sure if the perma-death is the best inclusion
    You have options to save your life and/or dropped loot, you'll even unlock an ambulance (costs with crystal currency) eventually. So you always have options to cancel permadeath, but with the cost - bet hero's life on random or pay with crystals for sure, spend gold to heal traumas. Traumas might appear when you survive after defeat, body resistance affects trauma chances.
    >It's interesting that you keep all your floors unlocked but starting from the beginning felt necessary with a fresh character anyway.
    Tower Attendant NPC (near the Tower entrance) sells you Tower Upgrades, there you can buy the right to hire more experienced dudes from your clan (higher starting level, have starter gear).
    >Had lots of fun, will definitely wishlist this and pick it up when it comes out!
    Thanks a lot! Glad you enjoyed it :D

    Hey, cool game world you are making!
    Nice style, cute lowpoly models, comfy textures.
    Didn't have any problems with combat, tried out a two handed staff/mace-like thing and a bow. What I noticed, your arrows fly straight forward in its direction, was it intended to work like this, or is it planned to add trajectory to arrows with a gravity later in development?
    Colors are bright and beautiful, but eyes got a bit tired of that combo of lowres imitation and highly saturated colors and high contrast. Also, water flows are too flashy a bit.
    Mobs are cute and SOVL. Overall I like your animations.
    Also you could try to get some inspiration on mobs and their animations from old game Ecstatica, your kobolds gave me that vibe a bit, or I just got my boomer-like flashbacks out of the blue.

    Thank you for playing!
    >write it more like this: "Archtower is an X genre game where you Y and Z"
    I think I'll try this, thank you for the advice!
    >a father calling his dead son a loser out of the blue?
    He was lying that they were relatives to get that loot he dropped. I think, later I'll make a log book item of that grey dog dude to make it more clear.

    Thank you! :)
    Can't wait to get my hands on making some new classes after creating the 7th floor with an elf boss.

    Thank you for playing!
    >enemy variety felt shallow for the first two floors
    Yeah, that bothers me a bit, I added rats, but it seems not really enough.

    Hey, thank you for playing!
    >the Mosquitos are really getting under my Skin with that Soundeffect, so good Job on those I guess?
    Yep, this is an effect I wanted to get, though those swamp locations with mosquitoes become optional after you finish it once.
    >Level 10 seems to be the maximum?
    Yes, you increase the maximum level after boss fights, so when there will be a second boss, the max level will increase to 14~15.
    >Twice I got attacked right when I was starting to talk with the Elfguy
    It was intentional, as a feature of this unpleasant place. Normally I don't do that in other places.
    >Would that just not be complete-able until I exited and re-entered the floor
    >I still wish it had random floor layouts ( or maybe just in an extra mode) for more replayability.
    Yeah, I'll definitely try to make such a mode with random floors to make it more variative.

    The most important changes since the last DD:


    • First book, a Manual (the Advisor in the camp gives you it if asked)
    • New floor 6
    • Water on the new floor, interactions with it
    • 5 new traits
    • Factions system
    • Hearth system for drying up
    • Ambulance (costs crystal currency)
    • New enemy type: Rats (added for the first levels, for enemies variety)
    • New enemy type: Mosquitoes
    • New enemy type: Slime Monsters
    • New equipment with item level 8, which may drop with rare (blue) quality
    • New questlines for two new factions


    • Max clan level 15 -> 25
    • Vandal class won't get battleaxes (heavy axes) expertise by default (but still can get it with perks)
    • Removed color filters
    • Chromatic aberration settings option changed from on/off to off/rare/always (rare - only for some effects, like toxins)
    • More detailed difficulty levels description
    • Poisoner's Toxin Vial upgrade "Damage x2" nerfed to "Damage +40%"
    • Fighter's Charge has no more auto-attacking on touching an enemy (it caused some player confusion, and it worked less effective if not used manually)
    • Multi Strike power crystal skill has a more clear description
    • Used weapon racks change their weapon display texture to distinguish from unused ones
    • Barrels drop equipment and ammo items more often


    • bug is fixed, quest key in lost land quest dropped incorrectly sometimes
    • bug is fixed, lamps could work incorrectly at some angles of view
    • fixed incorrect hitboxes for decorative alchemical retorts and bottles
    • bug is fixed, incorrect headshot hitboxes for elves

    Uploaded a Hotfix

    • fixed a bug, crash at the archer's class quest on getting a new skill

    Thank you for bug reporting!
    Fixed that problem and uploaded hotfix
    I hope that would be the last hotfix for this patch XD

    Uploaded a Hotfix

    • fixed a bug, crash at the intro beginning
    • fixed a bug, heavy weapons cooldown worked inappropriately sometimes
    • after unlocking heavy weapons weapon shop lists get 1 extra lot for weapons for sale

    Thanks, it works just fine now. This time I went to the 25th level.
    More complaints: sometimes when I shoot too many bullets it is really hard to read my current position, and when the background goes red-colored I often barely see enemy bullets, although it is good I can destroy them.

    it is 1366x768

    Cool game!
    Controls are nice and very responsive, nice stylized graphics, gameplay is smooth.
    Died when mobs started to respawn after they all were dead. Didn't see my hp bar, cause the game window was too big for my tiny ass display, please, add a fullscreen mode that will autoscale for such displays.
    By the feeling game let me live long forgiving enough mistakes.

    Most important changes since the last DD:

    • traumas system
    • a chance to survive and escape from the tower
    • hospital in clan's domain
    • option to always compare items with equipment
    • auto equip if a slot is free
    • skill cooldown (affected by DEX and clan bonuses)
    • new decorations (mostly in the tower)
    • enemies can climb on some decorations to avoid them getting stuck
    • new heavy weapon: greatswords, battleaxes (wider attack, target +1, reloads both weapon slots)
    • forge in clan's domain (to unlock heavy weapons, will have more functionality later)
    • 2 new perks for heavy weapons

    • more clear task description for Fighter class quest with timer
    • Vandal's upgrade that gives you hp regen in combat improves by rage points
    • exp modifiers changes: it was normal x0.9, hard x1.0 => now normal x1.0, hard x1.05
    • more obvious location of a chain lever to get last quest mob in quest Disrespect
    • larger buttons for inventory sorting and switching shop lists
    • innate casting speed formula is now based on (2INT+DEX), not just INT
    • crystal skill firebolt is buffed - better trajectory, range and burn chance
    • crystal skill poison spit is nerfed - on hit instant poison damage 1/4 of a total dot, instead of 1/3
    • crystal skills are not tied to STR/DEX/INT stats anymore, also available to all archetypes
    • statues that thunderstrike you can be turned off, you need to smash all nearest electric orbs
    • decreased stat requirements for spears (STR 28 and DEX 28 => STR 25 and DEX 25)
    • redone intro and clan's domain roads

    • elf knights won't block any stealth attacks of Rogue
    • fixed problems of bad scaling of text in quest log when changing HUD scale
    • fixed a bug, when hitting with fast-moving projectiles could boost mobs walking speed quite a bit

    Hey, thank you for playing, and such detailed feedback!

    >Hopefully I can find some new skills for him.
    You can unlock second class skills for every class by doing quests tagged as (class), for that.

    >I have a feeling firestarter is OP?
    Firestarter have some power, and his bottle skill seems a bit OP sometimes, but every class has different strengths and weaknesses. I will see for more balance later in development, also I think that you are playing on normal difficulty, hard one will make it more dangerous. And there will be a harsh moment at the 5th floor, where your current char (according to your screenshot) won't survive for sure, but you will see a skeleton near the entrance to that dangerous room as a warning.

    >pickups could be more exciting
    Do you mean more often, or better quality loot? On hard you get better quality loot more often.

    >the later quests could have clearer objectives
    -Mysteries Of Mystic Cultists-
    You need to kill blue cultists, they have a chance to drop a key, or a boss, he has 100% chance drop, then you need to go near big room with skeletons on level 3-1 (room before the room with 5 cultists) and use your key there from inventory. Will think how to make it more clear but not too much.
    -The Mystery Of Fireballs-
    This is the quest to teach your firestarter his second skill, you need to collect cultist notes from red cultists, then study them (look at quest item description), that will make a page of report, you will need 4 pages (it mentioned in page quest item description) to make a full report. Will think how to make it more clear.

    >fullscreen and borderless
    Window mode works really strange and incorrectly, so I skipped that part, but you can switch between fullscreen and bordeless by pressing Alt+Enter for now.

    (1 edit)

    Thank you for playing!
    Yeah, good idea, I think I'll add a third difficulty (legend) later in development, and it would make you restart from the camp, or from the beginning of the floor.

    Lol, that was pretty fun!
    It would be cool if "Delicious!" was said in "Multi Kill!" voice manner XD