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The music is pretty sick. Main menu music is actually better than the main game tune.

I get that this is kind of roguelike with the quick deaths/restarts and randomly generated levels, but I don't think the difficulty is particularly balanced. Like, I entered a room and got hit by the robocop-looking thing and the lil helicopter guy instantly, they were both just hanging out at the door. And the little ball enemies that walk along walls and ceilings can shoot you from any direction, while you can only hit them if you line up on their x and y axis. It just doesn't really feel like you're supposed to try fighting the enemies because they are fast, small, hard to hit, and damage you a lot. 

Once I found the controls in the readme it helped a bit. Just pop them up on screen in the starting room, it's easy enough to see them once and remember. 

I couldn't figure out what the little things on the ground were (they look like tanktops so I thought it might be armor). I also never found any vending machines.

I think if you worked on game balance a bit more, that would really open up what you can do with this game. 

Thanks for the feedback! I actually know absolutely nothing about music. I was just pressing random buttons on looooooool.

The tanktop-looking things contain items, by the way. You can shoot them and grenades or hearts will sometimes pop out.