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Fun concept. Reminds me of an old mobile game I used to play called Graffiti Ball.

The dropdown menu to select a resolution scrolls REALLY slowly when using the mouse wheel, and it's kinda hard to tell if vsync is enabled or not. There's a typo in the first tutorial. "To goal" should be changed to "The goal."

There are some minor physics problems, such as balls spinning forever inside green circles, and balls occasionally sticking to the bottom of lines. Also, I noticed that occasionally when I hit the "Start" button twice without changing the level at all, the ball moved in two different ways. Is there some sort of random number generator being used?

Fix up the issues I mentioned above and I think this could be a fun little physics puzzle game.

This is actually really cool. Fun concept, good art style, and interesting puzzles. Great work.

In the level A3, I landed on the side of a staircase, and I wasn't able to move anywhere (see screenshot). I ended up having to reset the level. I'm not sure if that's intentional or not, but if the player ever gets themselves stuck, maybe play some kind of "failure" sound effect, and reset the level automatically.

Game crashed when I tried to change the music volume. Also, the ability to hold down the button when changing volume/shake/columns/rows/etc. would be nice.

First thing I noticed was that the "Options" and "Credits" buttons in the main menu don't work. I'm using a 4K monitor, and most of the text was REALLY small and hard to read. It took a while to load the game, and I also noticed some framerate issues, mostly when trying to move the map around.

After the game started, I suddenly realized I had no idea what to do. A tutorial for brainlets would be nice.

I really like the art and aesthetics. Just fix the technical issues, and this could be a good one.

Did not like the controls at all. The writing could also use a lot of work.

Some of the music was pretty good.

10/10 doesn't walk all over my keyboard

This was actually kinda fun. Took me a minute before I realized what I was supposed to be doing, but I think that moment of discovery helped towards the feeling of the game. Ironically a tutorial might actually make this worse.

I like it. Simple yet enjoyable.

A counter for how many planks we've cleared would be nice.

I launched the game, went through the menu, started the game, and played for about 2 seconds before it CTD'd, and the .exe was deleted.

10/10 would play again

Firefox. I'm on Windows 10, if that matters.

Neat idea, and I like the minimalist art. This might just be me, but using two different mouse buttons to shoot felt kinda awkward (kinda like using two different feet to drive). Maybe give the player a different way to switch colors, like the scroll wheel or the spacebar, and the option of only using one mouse button to shoot.

Graphics and sound effects are nice. Messing around with gun modifiers was fun, although as other have pointed out, the UI could use a little work.

I'm not sure if this is intended to be a browser game, or if it just happens to run in a browser, but when I tried to use the scroll wheel to switch guns, the page scrolled downwards. If I went into fullscreen, it only took up about a quarter of my monitor (my resolution is 3840x2160). Also, when I tried to drag a modifier into space, my browser interpreted that as me trying to click and drag a link. It opened a page with just "null" in the URL bar.

Looks really good so far. It ran perfectly fine for me on Windows 7.

The only suggestion I have is to make it so that if the player holds shift while crouching, he automatically stands up and begins to sprint. That way he doesn't have to manually stand back up first.

There's practically no gameplay, although I found myself wanting to continue for some reason. I could see this become a nice little idle game.

The first thing I would look into is the fact that the player's movement speed slows down greatly when he collides with an object, even if he's not walking into the object. I walked upwards into a wall, and then my horizontal movement speed greatly decreased. This made it hard to navigate in more dense areas, like the forest.

I would also recommend some more detailed instructions when obtaining new items. It took me a minute to figure out that I had to hold the space key to use the drill.

Apart from that, no real complaints. Good job!

Yeah, I got a lot of comments a few months ago about the controls and the gravity. I've changed them a lot since then, but I guess I still need to tweak them some more. Thank you for playing!

I just climbed up the mountain outside of the inn. Here's a screenshot:

Glad you got it running, and thank you for the kind words! I'll keep working on it.

Thank you for playing! I guess I need to work on the difficulty a bit. And thanks for the suggestion about the reset button, I might add that later.

That's weird, I've never heard of anything like that happening. Could it be because of an antivirus software? That's the only reason I could think that the .exe would be deleted.

Sorry for the trouble!

Thank you! I have had some other people mention the speed and difficulty. I guess it's kind of hard for me to judge how difficult the game is, since I made it.

As someone who likes to cook, the gameplay itself is actually pretty fun. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to complete a single order after the tutorial, because I kept running out of time. I would either speed up the player's movement and cooking time, or make the customers just a bit more patient. There were also times when I accidentally placed two ingredients into a single dish, and I was unable to separate them (although this may be intentional). Lastly, I'd recommend pausing the game when the player opens the cookbook, so that the player doesn't waste time while reading the recipe.

I really do think this could be a fun game if you fixed it up a bit.

I found it hard to move the character without bumping into the ghost or the enemies. As someone else mentioned, it basically just devolves into moving in circles over and over.

The game crashed during Night 4, with the error message:

action number 1
of  Step Event0
for object obj_boom_game: Unable to find any instance for object index '64' name 'obj_boom_enemy'
at gml_Object_obj_boom_game_Step_0
Really good sprite art, though.

An insane amount of content, and it's all polished like crazy. Great job!

The controls could use a bit of work. In particular, jumping felt totally pointless, since the character couldn't jump high enough to get anywhere.

The art is a bit inconsistent (anime profiles, vector UI, and pixel-art gameplay).

There are also a lot of bugs, as someone else pointed out.

It needs a lot of work, but I think something interesting could come out of this. Keep at it!

Surprisingly fun once you get the hang of it. I just wish there was an easier way to move long distances across the map, instead of having to click the edge of the screen over and over.

Not really sure what I'm supposed to be doing. I managed to start the game, look at the "how to play" window, move around, jump, and shoot, but beyond that I had no idea what was going on. I could pick up stacks of cars and move them, but they'd just clip through everything. There didn't really seem to be much interactivity.

The first enemy took me a few tries to kill, because it kept falling off the cliff. I also wasn't able to talk to the old guy after I killed it (although I'm not sure if I was supposed to).

I was able to jump around and clip through parts of the map, maybe some invisible walls would help here.

Great job with the art and music, though.

Comfy graphics and sound effects.

There were a lot of objects that I didn't realize I could fly through, for example the large wooden planks in the cave. Maybe making them transparent or something could make it more obvious.

Nice work!

Really impressive for having been made in 4 days. I really like the aesthetic of the whole thing.

The red and blue paddles' abilities seem kinda useless to me. I guess they give you a few extra seconds to think, but they don't really help you juggle the balls at all. Also, is there a way to restore health? Maybe once the player gets a certain score or combo, the health should increase. This may already be in the game, and I just didn't notice it.

Well done!

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you thought it was fun.

I really like the overall aesthetic of the game, and the gameplay is simple yet surprisingly fun. Just give it a slight polish, and I could see this becoming decently popular.

Thanks for the feedback! I actually know absolutely nothing about music. I was just pressing random buttons on looooooool.

The tanktop-looking things contain items, by the way. You can shoot them and grenades or hearts will sometimes pop out.

Thank you for playing, and good luck with your own game!

Thank you for the feedback! I'll keep at it!

I've never heard of Zillion, I'll be sure to look it up. Thank you for playing!