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Windows 7

Thanks for playing!

Very cool concept. I wonder why eyes open after being shot and not the other way around, but I guess at least it lets you do... that.

Had one bug at one point

Game will not work. If I copy an image and name it error it will just freeze (only a "Game start" text on console) and crash when i click on it a few times.

I really like this concept, though it seems like designing levels for it must be thought. My main issues were just some falling glitches and some edges deciding they just did not want to connect, likely to do with the camera rotation being too sensitive.

Maybe I'm just terrible at rotating the cube (I am), but it seems to me like once you're "walled" in with only a linear path to go back and forth through, it's already game over, as there is no way to line up with any of the tiles surrounding you, since there is no space to change your rotation enough that you won't have the same rotation on the same tiles every time. Maybe you should be able to perform some sort of extra rotation on a single tile space with some special, limited action?

I got to level 9, but the game appears to be bugged... or maybe not. Pools are hard to understand, it's really not conveyed well. But when I thought I finally understood, the game then throws this at me...

And if I try to build it next to the other house, it says it needs to be networked to a keep.

That aside, the presentation is excellent (other than the mixels for the action cards).

Thank you for playing Real Marmo Dev!!

I am considering movement upgrades, but I'll have to see what they can be that is balanced off some other way. Extra bounce upgrades will be in too.

The AI is always spotting you, they're just a bit dumb sometimes.... slimes don't chase you though.

Thank you for playing!

Those are certainly coming!

Thanks for playing!

More stages and enemies is the plan, and there'll be upgrades along the way. Not too keen on persistent progression, but unlocks (such as characters) are a possibility.

Thanks for playing!

I'm glad you like the art :)

I don't believe I will add path prediction - since all bounces work at a horizontal or vertical flat surface, being able to judge a bounce is part of the skill.

There will definitely be bounce upgrades in the future!

Thanks for playing!

The game used to run on a lives system but it's since switched over to an hp system because that will work better for 2 player balance. I feel like being able to trade hits to push through a level whereas otherwise you'd be restarting the level is also an interesting choice to let the player make, as you made.

In regards to difficulty it's sort of not there yet so far since there's only a couple dumb enemies in for now. Starting HP will also possibly be lower once I introduce upgrades (hopefully next DD!).

I liked the atmosphere, but I'm not sure I quite get the game. Right after I got out of the intro segment, the enemy jumped at me before i could enter the forest proper, and killed me as I cannot outrun it. Then it just set me back to the previous torch which was five meters away, but the enemy wasn't there anymore. I lit up a couple torches following the right side path, but then after dropping off the big rock I found the enemy again and promptly got killed again as I could not outrun it either this time. Am I missing something?

Thanks for playing!

Currently I'm working on animations, models, and implementing upgrades. It should be ready by next demo day. Upgrades will make you stronger (some like the ones you mentioned, perhaps) but hopefully difficulty will be balanced by new enemies with better capabilities as well. Not sure when these will be ready though.

I hope you can look forward to it!

Thanks for playing!

That is indeed the inspiration, we plan to add in many more features though since the intent isn't to just clone the game.

Thanks for playing and thank you for the feedback!

In regards to player speed, you'll be able to increase it via upgrades in the future.

Could not get past this level, is it possible?

Thanks for playing!

Eventually you will be able to get upgrades mid-run with various effects such as more bounces and faster bullets. I'm unsure about displaying the bounce angle, since that is part of the difficulty. Perhaps as an easy mode or an upgrade, but as of now I doubt I'll add it.

Speed is subject to change, for now it might feel a bit easy since the enemies I had time to add for this prototype are really basic and harmless, only being complicated when they appear in large numbers. More complex and faster enemy bullets will be added in time. Also, i plan to make all bullets slightly larger.

Haven't played CrossCode, I'll take a look!

Thanks for playing!

As you say the game currently lacks a lot of content since it's just a prototype, so a lot of systems aren't in yet. The amount of bullets you can spend will be possible to increase via upgrades mid-run, however part of the strategy is to try and use your shots sparingly so you're not caught without when you need them. It's in a bit of an awkward place difficulty-like right now because I only had time to make two enemies for this prototype, but you'll be seeing tougher enemies and upgrades before going on for this many rooms in the future.

Doors were initially added as perhaps a way to transition levels, but for now I've skipped on having them work that way since currently there's nothing to do in a level after clearing them, and not sure if there will be. Movement speed isn't exactly high so if you have nothing to do in a room after clearing it and the doorway is at the other end, I feel it's better to just cut out than to waste time.

Thanks for the compliment! I don't think the camera can be any closer during normal gameplay though due to how the camera needs to be static and encapsulate the whole level. There will however be other types of scenes where closeups might be possible, such as shops or character selection.

Thank you for playing the game!

Thanks for playing the game!

Regarding the points you listed:

- I'm not sure whether that's a good or bad thing? I have no issues on my end.

- The "lethal section" begins once night falls, wherever you are, and is part of the gameplay loop as a whole, so I'm afraid we won't be adding any checkpoints.

- The pick-up key also serves to interact and trigger voicelines anytime, so it's necessary that it is a separate key from throwing chestnuts. By the way, you can pick the chestnuts back up.

Thanks for playing! I hope you feel like walking around in the forest a few more times, and come back with your haul!

Using windows 7.

After clicking play and getting past the intro text, all I can see is the static effect. Besides that, everything is black.

(1 edit)

The game looks really cool and I wanted to try it out, but unfortunately I have to stop early as I notice what to me is a fatal flaw: the aiming reticle being relative to the character position instead of purely the mouse position on the screen. This means I have to account for constant aiming repositioning as the character moves around as it doesn't stay on the center of the screen since the camera trails behind it - a behaviour I'd also recommend changing, and instead, move the camera in the direction of the aiming reticle - while keeping the reticle in the same screen position.

Nothing more, I'll just wait for this to be fixed before I play the rest, because it seems fun but this would really ruin my experience.

Not much to say since it's still an early prototype looks like. There is, however, some things I personally feel could be improved. These are mainly related to the third person over the shoulder perspective, since I find it doesn't help in regards to aiming accurately all that much:

  • Bring the player (gun) closer to the center of the camera when aiming
  • Speed up movement animation transitions even more, for turning.
  • Climbing on objects feels super slow. Will there be vaulting in the future if you sprint?
  • It felt like I died almost inmediately once enemies started shooting, but I guess that might be the intent since the tagline is "tactical espionage".
  • I like the vent camera system where you allow it to clip through freely. However, I feel the rest of the map outside the particular vent you're in should be obscured somehow, aside from maybe a cone of vision at the vents' exit. As it is now, it feels a bit too cheaty.
  • When the camera zooms out suddenly (such as when you have a wall close behind you, but you strafe and move past a corner where then the camera can pull all the way back), you should consider smoothing it slightly. Obviously when it zooms in you want it to snap to place right away, because otherwise if you smooth it there the camera might clip into geometry, but I feel as though it should be ok to smooth it on zoom out.
  • Please allow hold to crouch instead of just toggle.
  • I like cactus vision.
  • Checkpoint menu (leave/level up) requires 2 clicks per button?
  • No way to exit level up but to press ESC.
  • Floating UI is clean and efficient.
  • When you open the ESC menu, you already have control of the mouse, but the first click will always place the mouse back at the center of the screen.
  • How do I switch weapons?
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Playing for a bit, here's some feedback

  • Overall I think it's technically solid and I like the writing so far, the comedy is good. However visually I think it needs one more pass - the levels just look monotone. In some cases, the terrain is harder to read on a quick glance due to this too.
  • This barrier could use a bit better visuals, it's clear what it is but it almost seems like you can walk through it if you press against it
  • The disappearing shader for pillars and walls and such is very functional, however I'd say the effect needs to be a bit less distracting.
  • I get this issue using Unity too; you can see the seams of the model cutting through the shadows.... a smoothed normals model won't have that issue, but it will probably decrease performance.
  • I need an actual explanation of the abilities and not just how to use them. Specially for Elsa, I'm confused about some stuff. Do those enemy instakill circles just stay there forever?
  • Shooting through walls with Elsa's M2 seems a bit overpowered. Actually I'm not sure how much I feel the game is balanced at large. Though it's less relevant since it's singleplayer pve, but still.
  • Robe mages in level 2 are hard to see.
  • I think the light could maybe be emitted from the character and not the wand to avoid issues like this . Also, perhaps a small light surrounding the character with no shadows to it could add to the look (yes, that'd mean seeing what's on the other side of the corner here - but if it's your intention to make the current light feel like an actual field of view thing then disregard that).
  • I like the music so far.
  • I know it's a tricky subject, but is it intentional that you can't shoot up stairs?
  • The armor suit stopped its idle animation as soon as Arcana started talking. Arcana and Elsa are sort of jittering around, here.
  • Should probably add an invisible wall here 
  • You might as well add the map as a minimap.
  • Menu would be better opened with Tab instead of Esc.
  • Stats comparison on equipment might be a good idea.
  • Feels weird to actually see this level floating on the void due to the ambience light being not black
  • After equipping an item, having to press X to see the map again even though I have no more items that I could possibly equip is a bit weird. I think you have tons of screen space that you could use better, why not make it always visible?
  • Some enemies get stuck walking against walls sometimes.
  • Area attack visual representations are displayed at the player's waist height or so instead of the ground. This is confusing, as sometimes it looks like you're going to hit someone on the upper edge of the ability but they're actually outside of the range. You also don't know how much vertical range most area abilities have; some seem to have none, some a bit, some are a sphere.
  • As stated previously ability balance feels too random. The mage's M1 attack definitely feels way powerful, and M2 is useless charge aside. Why does it go through walls? It just melts everything, and shield enemies have nothing to do against it which is a bit surprising considering they were just introduced to the game a minute earlier. Though that said, I thought they'd be blocking all normal attacks that do collide, but I see on the next stage I can melt through them by holding M1 on Arcana too...
    I think at large you need to rethink how the kits work, specially since most abilities seem non preferrable to just spamming M1 with how situational they might be, and the time they take to set up compared to what returns you get on them, which are far lower than just spamming. Also, they have a cooldown, even while inferior.
    In my opinion, kits should be reworked into something much simpler that focuses on the core "feel" a character should have much more. Perhaps just M1+2 then E for a single ability, where said ability might have different synergies with each attack. I also think it's interesting to modify (usually downgrade) the M1 spam attacks over time, you could build up on that idea some more.
    I'll try to give a bit of specific feedback on each character:
    • Arcana: Her build is pretty decent, but I think some changes could be made. It wouldn't hurt to reduce the damage and fire rate of her M1 to emphasize her damage-dealing abilities some more. M2 feels like it's in a good place, but the damage is absolutely insane. Distance should probably scale in a more drastic way depending on charge (like barely traveling a meter if you insta-cast it). Her first ability is pretty boring in my opinion. Maybe give it a delay to explode after you cast it, and have it do lower damage but multiply for each target inside (up to a maximum limit if necessary)? Her second ability is pretty okay already, but personally I'd add a clock hand that does a full loop inside to indicate its duration, and maybe instead of just freezing enemies it could slow them down to half speed or so for 3-5s. Her third ability is pretty interesting too, but a bit simple and overpowered right now for my taste. You could sinergize it with the rest of the kit in some way; for example, what if you gained a charge of it for each kill you got from the first ability, or that changes its bullet/damage output somehow? What if it follows you around until it expires? Condense and focus on the core of each kit, and give things synnergy with eachother.
    • Elsa: I feel like M2 could change to simply be a hold-to-constantly-fire, lower rate of fire but wider arch "shotgun" type of shot, whereas M1 remains more focused like it is now. The first ability might be better if it was faster to cast (E bind i.e.) and had a lower cooldown. The what-I-though-was-invisibility but actually is invulnerability ability just seems out of place. There's no reason to not be spamming this, but also it has faults like not showcasing when it's going to run out in any way  that I can tell. Overall I feel like it's boring and does not belong. Perhaps you could experiment with modifying dashes for each character instead - how about a shorter distance, and more spammable (or rather make the others' longer - or nonexistent) dash that gives you full immunity while doing it? The third ability also feels out of place and not fitting to the character, on top of giving no indication how many more enemies it can kill before expiring (maybe I'm blind). Feels like it's just trying to fill in a checklist of stuff all characters should have, when I think you should only focus on a few elements of the whole (like, mobility, high damage, defensive abilities, cc) instead of trying to have each character do them all. That would make the design lean more into each character being unique with a different playstyle.
    • Frank: I like that he's a melee-based character, but it feels like you should focus on that more. His M2 charge attack feels too overpowered. His M2 attack feels like it doesn't give you enough returns for continuing to hold for a while - like, there's no reason to continue holding it but release it anytime before the full charged attack. His first ability also feels out of place - why can he throw some projectiles, and why even do it when they are so underwhelming? So how about this: remove it, remove the full charge M2, remove M2 charging at all, and instead give M2 a longer cooldown, but let it send back projectiles you hit with it, with a speed boost to them. Second ability feels like what should actually happen when you hold M2 completely, but keep the cooldown else it'll be very abusable. Before reaching full charge, I'd just make him hold his swing in. The third ability feels good to use, but I wonder if it could be a synnergy to something else instead? Like for example, get a "kills" gauge that fills up by 1 every time you get a kill, but you lose that point 2 seconds after or so. So if you get a bunch of kills on a short time, you can get the gauge to fill up and temporarily activate this ranged shockwave attack automatically (pretty much stealing from Hammerwatch here). Make it less powerful though. I also feel like his dash should act in a unique way due to the rest of his kit, how about it being a melee attack as well? Like a long stab that pierces enemies, and perhaps pushes enemies on the sides away and stuns them for a sec, but it has a bit of a longer cooldown?
    • Vania: Clearly a more melee focused character already, with more mobility but more defensive? I feel she's a bit on the underpowered side right now, and could definitely use some more synnergy too. Personally I would take her jump ability and make that her M2 attack, with no charging. Have her knock back enemies on landing but idle for a second, recovering from the jump afterwards, or just a plain cooldown perhaps - I just feel like pressing 1 to cast it is unwieldy. Her second ability feels the same as Elsa's: there's no good indication of when it will run out, and just going invulnerable for X time is boring. So how about this instead: block damage but only from the front, and after a couple seconds, do a forward slash the range and damage of which increases with each attack you blocked during that time period (this would merge her original M2 with this too). Have it on a cooldown, and you're unable to attack while doing it, and suddenly it becomes more of a strategic decision - do I want to protect myself from these attacks, while knowing that I can't attack too? Or do I save this for when even more enemies are coming, so I can get even bigger damage returns? Her third ability is the weakest part of her kit right now, specifically because of its shape, causing you to miss 50% or more of the enemies you'd want to hit right around you. The visuals look like it's staying "on" for a bit too, when it's just instant damage for one frame. It's also just not very interesting. Perhaps instead of a plain old AOE attack you can give her something that has more levels of complexity to it, and that plays to her core themes a bit more. Something that plays with base attributes, for example, or with her character role. How about filling a "morale" meter for every enemy you defeat, that goes down over time slowly, and then once you use the ability you can summon allied soldiers that last for a bit, depending on how much meter you have? Something like that.
    • Octavia: Probably the most interesting kit to me so far, though the damage values are quite underpowered all over the board. I'd only suggest a couple changes: Make M2 charged dash charge faster (half as much time as it takes now?) while the base M2 attack (shove) has a static, non-scaling range (middle point between base and total?). Her third ability could probably have slightly bigger radius and also bigger damage, but how about instead of an instant explosion, it's a grenade toss that takes ~1s to land and hit? I think she should also be able to do it through walls (I couldn't throw it to the other side of a tree in the arena). As a minor thought, maybe her first ability should have a lower angle spread and concentrate the projectiles a bit more, but only slightly. I like how they pierce and knock back enemies though. All of her kit was fun to use, probably because of the extra precision required by the single bullet base attack and feeling more like I needed to use the rest of her kit to survive.
      One last note about Octavia is that due to how abilities are drawn at waist height instead of the floor, or maybe regardless of that, her second ability feels a bit hard to land sometimes, I'd make it slightly wider.
    • Fiera: Her kit is also really interesting and fun to use, however it's greatly overshadowed by her insane M1. Her second ability also missled me into believing I was invulnerable, when I just had a damage aura. I think you could mix around her ability order to create a more fun to use and interesting kit: Replace her M1 for a simple left-right-left-right fireball spam. They should be relatively weak, and not so fast. They definitely should not pierce through enemies. Her M2 + full charged feels good, but I'd like to see how the fireball in her hands grows bigger visually while charging it. Then, I would add a heat meter or such that builds up by doing damage. This time, it doesn't decrease over time, probably. Once charged fully, you would be able to trigger, or instantly turn into, the "fire spirit" phase. Your heat bar would deplete relatively fast, and transform you back once it's out of heat, however during this phase you are much more powerful: you gain the fire damage aura around you, M1 gets turned into the current M1 flamethrower, and M2 allows you to "place" AOE explosions like you can do now with the first ability, but one for each click (with a bit of a cooldown of course, ~1s?). Charging M2 would then allow you to use a tornado - the charge shouldn't take too long considering you're already on a timer (heat bar), and that you probably shouldn't be able to have 2 tornados out at once.
  • Together with all the above, the UI probably needs a rework too. Even if none of those kit ideas are into account, you definitely need to at leastchange the UI to emit some sort of effect once an ability goes off-cooldown.
  • The "respawn as" system isn't really explained, and I'd like to be given the option to choose character when starting a stage too.
  • The country borders, or what I assume are country borders, should be represented a bit more clearly in this map, although I assume this map is extremely WIP
  • Level up flash is way too obnoxious and hurts my eyes, should just be removed and leave just the text.
  • Octavia's firing animation makes it seem like the model is badly positioned, rotated to the right. It's alright because the bullets actually go where you're aiming, just a detail.
  • I don't know why I have 4 identical level 1 power 1 crossbows, will there be a weapon scrapping mechanic?
  • I got a level 1 common grenade with power 2, and a level 2 common grenade with power 2. Is this normal?
  • Level design definitely feels a bit lacking. I don't think it needs to be anything super complicated for a game of this kind, but right now the story levels feel too corridor-room-corridor-room-like. The arena level is much more interesting because enemies come in from multiple sides at once and there's small obstacles in the middle of the room, both things that the normal story levels lack. I would try to focus more on having open spaces with obstacles; corridors are definitely no good used this often.
  • Forest level feels a bit lazy, with both areas having pretty much the same layout. Try to spice up the rooms a bit like described above so that the two areas can feel more unique.
  • Feels like there should be collision here, these trees cover up too much (2nd forest area, right side) 
  • I would like to not have to walk all the way to the boss again, specially since there's enemies in the way in the second forest screen. The boss design seems veery good, by the way, and that's coming from someone who doesn't really enjoy bullethell games. Boss dialogue could also probably be skipped after the first time.
  • Perhaps the camera could be pulled back a bit more for the bossfight?
  • Very glowy river. Feels like this third forest screen could use a bit better visibility overall (and thus also less contrast with glowy river, too glowy) or give characters a warm light around them that lights up the scene a bit - similar to the level 2 request I made earlier.
  • I see weapons giving me stats and such, but I don't quite get what the "Power" is. Bear in mind I never played Diablo or the likes, so looter game aspects are a bit lost on me, but I think it'd be nice to have it explained.
  • You should be able to drag the map around in the pause/inventory screen.
  • I find the dashing halberd/lance enemies pretty interesting, however their visual effect for preparing to attack is a bit lost next to an endless supply of glowy bullets/enemies like the wraths and the blue wisps have.
  • Skeleton walked into bossfight somehow.
  • Hanako and Yurie holding hands animation resets when it ends, probably shouldn't.
  • Boss attacks should probably inmediately despawn the moment the cinematic starts.
  • Boss dropped hearts should not despawn while the cinematic is going on.
  • Boss attacks that are mid-execution should be cancelled by the cinematic too. For some reason, after the meteor shower before the cinematic, Hanako started one of the huge AOE nukes in my position, before cutting to the cinematic. It hit me right after it ended with no chance for me to avoiding it.
  • Hanako's wand and attacks glow a bit too much in my opinion.

All in all, the game is solid so far, but I would consider some of the kit tweaks I mentions, everything else is just minor polish. This text wall might feel like it goes on for far too long, but trust me when I say I did enjoy my time with the game. The forest level enemies and the bossfights were a definite highlight, I'm looking foward to future updates!

Edit: A couple things I missed

  • Knights appear green in this part of the first forest cinematic, for some reason
  • I'd love to see a bossrush mode in the future, or just individual bossfights, that you can do with any of the characters, so I can fight Hanako and Yurie as the Arcanum(?) girls/armor lad!

We'll try to upload linux and mac builds for the next big update, we were pressed on time for the DD deadline with this one so we couldn't make them, and now things are in a buggy mid-dev phase.

Shame, mine is running on 2019.2 and still has the dialogue, guess that one's on unity.

The aiming issue, it's not about spread, it's that the trajectory of the bullets isn't the same as the camera's forward vector. at some point, the bullet trajectory will cross the camera forward vector, and ideally at that point is where the crosshair should be placed.  But when is that? 10m in? 5? 20? We don't know, and even if you did indicate the crosshair distance, it still won't be very accurate visually for distances shorter than that. That's why I mentioned having a laser dot where the bullets will actually collide.

I didn't think of turning off voices until after I stopped playing, so that one slipped by me. Sorry about that!

The pasta was just a funny detail, it can be understandable to skip that step hahah.

(1 edit)

I played as far as the first green enemy. Here's some feedback:

  • Movement is extremely slow, feels like the entire game is in slowmo. Your motions don't flow at all; 2s for every jump landing, and similar interruptions after other actions.
  • Tutorial text is cut offscreen.
  • Blue enemies seem like they'd still hurt you once stuck in the ground.
  • Purple enemies seem rather simple compared to everything else, but I assume they could be placeholder.
  • Attempting to jump while sticking to the base of a wall doesn't work properly.
  • The air-jump thingies look a bit out of place to me, and have a lot of effects to them. Would work better if they were just some sort of simple notch, in my opinion.
  • Green enemy is absolutely terrible. Once spawned, if you die, he'll keep attacking you when you're trying to get up the ledge again, sometimes making it impossible to get up before getting hit. But on top of that, both him and his attacks are all going behind the bush, which just makes it unplayable.
  • I think the smoke particles for the jump shouldn't spin. I generally don't like rotated pixelart much in videogames, but some of it can be okay I guess (falling bamboo). This one however spins really fast and seemed unnecessary.

By the way, both asset links in your game page link to the first.

Aside from those issues it works well and I'm looking forward to future updates.

Nice concept, however I would do some key changes to it:

  • Use a "confirm" and "cancel" input instead of what you've got going on with Z and C for the crate, I don't think it's a bad concept but I think it's overcomplicating it. Space to start interacting with the crate, then arrow keys to navigate and space to grab things, and an input  to exit interaction. Personally I think it would feel more intuitive than how it currently is.
  • Some "recipes" could use more flexibility, for example: putting utensils on the stove first and then putting the food inside them, as opposed to putting in the food first (personally I always boil water first and then put the noodles/whatever else in, which is why I tried that despite the tutorial telling me to do otherwise. Surprised that boiling water counts as ruined?).
  • Crate UI is way too huge, though I guess the size is part of it being a placeholder too.
  • It's weird that some actions like mixing ingredients in a bowl are automatic, but others like cutting the noodles are not. Makes me feel like putting them into the bowl at all is an extra step that should be cut, but logically that's not the case. Also, why would the noodles become whole again if I walk away mid cutting?

Some other situational feedback:

  • A certain tutorial (I think the second one to mention so) says to press H for past tutorials, instead of T.
  • Cut noodles can't be put down on the cutting board again, which, after my boiling water counted as dubious food, and I had them grabbed on top of my head, could then only go to the trash or a plate but not the bowl.
  • For some reason I can pick up cut noodles from the plate while carrying my pot with a burnt mess and water inside.
  • The mortar appears to be bugged. After mashing the tomato, I can't pick it up to put it into the pan. If I walk away then it becomes uninteractable, if I don't then I can press space once more for a progress bar to show up again, but this one can't progress, so I can only walk away. Only way to pick it up is by carrying a pan and interacting with it.
  • Aren't we going to drain the pasta?
  • Cooking bars are far too fast to do anything the tutorial tells you to in between without it getting burned.
  • Two-step cooking could be nice; have dishes requiring ingredients to be added halfway, so instead of having one cooking bar, you have two.
  • A counter placed itself once while closing build mode. Removed itself again when opening it again, and then didn't come back.
  • Building mode resets the player's position.

Hoping to see more next demoday!

Aiming is a mess. You should at least make it so the mouse gets captured at the same height your bullets are being spawned at, otherwise the aiming is not going to be accurate whatsoever.

The camera system is not optimal either; it's too zoomed in, and lagging  behind the player so much means if you're running towards any direction that's the direction you see less towards, which is bad. Placing the camera halfway between the player and the cursor is probably the easiest solution, otherwise just keep camera fixed on the player.

Enemies keep glitching in their movement, at least visually. It's really annoying and makes the game harder to play on top of the too overly neon color palette (the green grass mainly).

Can be fun, didn't expect it to be so hardcore from the start.

Not much to say, other than those couple issues I'll just wait to see how the game progresses.

(1 edit)

Where's the pause menu to adjust my sensitivity? ESC just closes the game.

For a demo that only features the most basic of movement, it needs tons of polish still. I like the idea of a mech that switches between humanoid and tank mode and can run on walls as much as the next guy, but there's still a long way to go. Personally, I think the wall running should be based on physics, for the most - right now more than running on them because of innertia it feels like I've just got magnets on my feet: Clearly I wasn't running fast enough to be able to climb something like that, and when on ceilings I feel like I should start falling off at some point, no matter how fast.

Maybe that's not what you're going for. I'm mostly just speaking from the expectations I had going into the game, but it's definitely too early to judge anything either way, so don't take this too seriously.

I hope I see a more realized version of this next demo day!

Edit: I see now you uploaded a new version after I had downloaded all games during DD weekend. I can use the pause menu now, but mouse sensitivity is wonky; had to set it to 0.3 to be usable at all, but then while the left/right rotation works at a good speed, up/down rotation speed is slower than a snail. Also, I tried releasing all inputs when on top of the tube segment to see if I could just drop through and go faster that way, rather than walking down the walls, however all this did is lock my camera to a really weird angle and didn't let me walk on beams when falling on top of them.

Same here.

This seems like a big game, and I only played a little bit for now, but it's looking alright. Here's some feedback:

  • The visual style is not bad, but it feels a bit too barren. I get that you're going for low poly simple retro pixel art, but it feels a bit "fake". Like papercraft houses on a flat board. Personally, I'd make the trees some shape more interesting and add a bit more polygons into the houses, give them some more interesting shapes. Roof ending beams, support pillars on the sides of walls, windows that pop out more, maybe one or two loose roof tiles, stuff like that. In general, some more decorative props with more volume and some texture for the grass would go a long way too. Just more visual detail in general without necessarily changing the style of the game.
  • Interiors need a more top-down camera, or walls going invisible when standing behind them (though I'd still say make it more top down, don't want to miss things behind the wall if I don't walk close to it).
  • Tree invisibility fade is far too slow, and if possible should work for multiple trees at once, since you can be hidden between multiple at once.
  • The mayor tutorial is far too long and pointless. If the town is interesting people will already want to find things on their own, and with the cut transitions between buildings in the tutorial you don't even know where they are located until you check the map anyway.
  • The map is too tiny. Up that menu UI size!
  • Some insides seem too dark (Went to the woodcutter house right after the tutorial, it's hard to make things out).
  • It would be nice if the shop signs were front-facing too. I get that I'll probably memorize this later on but not even the text sign says the shop name, just a little detail:
  • Is there a hotkey list or a settings menu anywhere?
  • Scrolling on the friendslist with the mouse wheel is far too slow and also affects the camera zoom.
  • It's a bit awkward to use the mouse only for menus, but also because there's no keyboard support in menus.
  • The font seems a bit too bold, some letters merge with others too much (r with n for example).
  • I'd prefer it if doors required pressing E to enter.
  • Building interior names at the top of the UI could be permanently displayed.
  • Bit weird to see Majiene on the bridge at night when I just saw him sleeping in bed.
  • Bit weird to see the blacksmith scene right after waking up only for them to teleport into the table chair right after (and sitting in the same seat?).
  • Scrolling on the blacksmith's shop seems to be at a proper speed, but still affects the camera zoom as well (Seems to happen in all scrollable list menus).
  • NPC dialogue interaction trigger seems exceedingly small, hard to interact.
  • Majiene teleports out of the way when the fade to black is starting, not when it goes fully dark.
  • Area change triggers could display the name of the area on screen before you decide to cross to it, instead of just showing them after entering the area/in the map.
  • Combat seems like it needs a lot of work still. Enemy hitboxes are too big for some. Player attack hitboxes are not properly represented at all. Enemy attack windups are hard to see if there at all for some. Enemy attack hitboxes are also hard to tell. In general, it feels like an afterthought, but then again I haven't really found what else to do in the game yet.
  • Main menu should have an exit game button.
  • Some buttons in the main menu should stop the player from interacting further after pressing them (for example, when you hit Load on a save).

This might sound like a lot of criticism but I think you've got a good foundation and half if not more of what I mention is just related to polish anyway. I haven't played too much yet, but the pace wasn't picking up so much (don't know what to do other than go fight monsters, and I belive I interacted with all I could in town except for closed shops on the specific day), and I've got other demos to play. I might play some more later. Keep up the good work!

This could turn into something more interesting if you added in more mechanics to further the gameplay past "just walk until you find the exit while keeping a loose mental map". Think some elevated spots that let you see a portion of the maze, a thread with a certain length you can arbitrarily use at some point and will signal your path in the ground for a while, see-through walls, stuff like that.

I think multiplayer can be a neat concept too.

Maybe the minotaur shouldn't rush you a lot though, can you escape him at all once he sees you? Maybe some walls the player can go through but the minotaur can't?

Aside from all that, I have to ask you to please remove some of the materials for walls/floors as they really hurt the eyes, heh. I liked the rock bricky wall and some similar ones, but stretched bunch of colors/missing material pink floor/etc are really unusable. A slightly wider FoV wouldn't hurt either.

I don't see how giving the option to keep randomly rolling but not assigning points is any good; people are going to keep rolling for a while until they get something that closely matches what they had in mind, why not let them assign points? If balance is a concern, you could implement some system that doesn't let an attribute get too far ahead unless there's another attribute at most X points under it, or something like that. I feel like silly cheesy builds like these can give it more replayability value though, for games like this.

As for the lightning, maybe rock spikes from the ground should block it too? I tried doing that a couple times but it always seemed to go through, even though the rock was right in the middle between us. I get it's not a specially big spiky rock, but I felt like it could've worked.

And about the resolution thing, it's not only that it kicks me back into a tiny tiny window, but afterwards I wasn't able to maximize it at all. It was either fullscreen or a 600x400 or so window.