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A masterful composition the likes of Cage could only hope to one day imitate


I liked the setting and mood, though I didn’t care for the endless referencing. I thought the setup was kinda neat, but I kept thinking that I wanted to know what was actually going on, but felt it was being purposefully withheld from me. So I sorta realised it was going to have a conclusion of this sort before getting to it. Once I saw the ending, it got me to try again and see if picking “nicer” (hardly) choices could lead to a better conclusion, but soon realised there was no avoiding it.

That got me thinking; I feel like what we see in this VN would work remarkably better if it was reframed as a conclusion of a longer project that I actually got to play: the “wanting to try and make things better” part of it (even though that was more Bee’s thing than the protagonist’s) yet inevitably reaching this terrible (lore-wise) conclusion would be pretty amazing if we had seen the escalation of events that lead to this point. That said, as a videogame and not another form of media, it would still make little sense if it wasn’t us, the character as well as the player, that wanted to try and make things turn out well, too.

Basically, this is a great ending to a third act, I just sorta wish I had seen the first two.

Pressing Enter after starting a game starts one again, seems like the main menu's button remains selected or so.

There's no Ctrl skip, so I was a bit disappointed some of the (confusing) choices led to the same outcome after clicking through it again.

I thought the concept was interesting, but I wish the framing was different; I didn't really care for the corpo bit, but the climax of it was cool. I think you should do more with that part of the concept.

It was interesting, but I feel like the resources were somewhat underused. I expected more "fetch-questing" based off of the graveyard intro, and I was invested in the story, so I feel like it ended quite suddenly.

Also, the statue in the center of the cat area has no collision, and the mirror collider clips through to the bedroom.

> Weird button
Can I ask what window resolution you played at? I assume this was happening due to a wider format where the camera distance for the 3d scene is not adjusted vertically but horizontally.

> Alt fire
It destroys roots, one of the passive items makes it more combat-ready but it's still in the works somewhat.

> Screen fade
Not a priority yet sorry; I still think walking to doors every level would be super tedious (other people have said more for less, so I think it's a matter of expectations).

> Editor
Only did some fixes to traps and meadow floors dial, I haven't heard from anyone reporting issues so for now it's solid. Should probably add an enemy count warning at some point but I want players to have the freedom to do whatever.

> Aesthetic
The current tilesets are sorta basic, I will be adding more biomes and it's missing key assets to make levels a bit more distinct or not as shapeless.

Thank you for playing! Let me know if you have any further feedback about items specifically, since these are this update's main addition.

Sorry, it has since been resolved on its own. I wish it hadn't because as annoying as this issue was for quite some days, I would've loved to allow you to provide a definite fix.

> Which boss? skeleton one?
No, the snake lady you fight on the rug

> claws
The enemy that burrows that can also hit me while burrowed. Just that same sound you're using; even though the game was loud as a whole, that one felt louder than the rest too, but it's fine if temp.

> press down to fall down faster
I think the game over screen has charm the first time, but I'm not sure why you wouldn't just allow moving to the sides already while falling and not needing to fall down all the way.

> skelly boss on your face
Well I wouldn't worry for now if you plan on making some intro sequence where it moves from the cauldron to the center while the game auto-walks you back to in front of the room door, but yeah.

> op bolt
I think it just needs to be more scarce yet still usable in some way. If you make it resource-based I'm not sure why you've got so much of it. General balance thing, I guess.

> event reset
I didn't leave; I tried to screencap with ShareX (external program, might've made the window lose focus) while the previous double bell double text bugs were happening. Maybe that  caused it?

> upgrade through ESC
Oh, even after i found out the menu I didn't realise that was a thing. Also the end text says to hold ESC but you gotta quit with the door.

> played a fair bit
Yeah it was pretty fun and I want more :)

Still great, I like the new left hand weapon a lot.

I hope we get to see even more expansive and dense levels and harder difficulty areas / more puzzles in the future.

Lovely game, here's some debugging feedback:

- Very loud
- spiderweb hitbox is larger than it looks
- typos...
- couldn't even talk with rug guy boss started immediately
- tpd to start center of the room after boss - boss hits didn't lower hearts
- star hit sfx is super loud/wand hit on ground claws
- Can't move hat while it's falling in game over
- Hitbox feels inconsistent when entering doors:
- Skelly guy in church talks too fast
- Skelly boss sorta spawns in your face, feels like it needs a bit of an intro i guess.
- bolt sphere spam seems op and expensiveless.
- I think it would look nicer if frost giant walked one leg then the other
- Dorothy bell in my hands while also in the floor. Text stacking on top of eachother.
- Immediately after, the event got reset?
- Claws can hit you even while buried?
- Is it normal I could get the fish skelly key before fighting it? I think I got hurt though
- Moth says to get in summoning circle but that doesn't do anything
- I guess you can't trade pearls in the demo
- How can you break star spell with the ring (dash)? doesn't seem possible
- Doesn't seem I can give life to my acorn bomb with fire
- I only found out ESC menu when I was gonna quit so I had no flowers to test the variable object summon based on familiar

Overall it's really nice and i want more :)

Thank you!

Based on spain, Telefónica, no images for some days now.

Thank you for playing!

And thank you for the item feedback, that is very relevant to me.

Maybe I will speed up casting time with Weathered Tome. I agree club is not very good against basic enemies but I think it works better against Gryllus, specially the sentry ones (I don't know if you saw them). It will hopefully get better as trickier bullets are added in.

Let me know if you have any item ideas! What you say about defense and offense is pretty true too.

Outfits are just outfits! Text is just flair. I will be adding new characters soonish.

It seems heavily WIP so I don't think I can talk about much other than the visual presentation, which looks pretty good. I'm interested in seeing how well these models do in more varied environments though as this scene is a bit one-tone.

On this regard though I hope you plan on redoing the party info menu because I like the tube screen tv style of the commands menu quite a bit.

Looking forward to whatever comes next!

This is a pretty cool base for movement, I think it's gonna be pretty sweet if you keep at it. A bit too rough to comment on anything else right now.

Oh, I think the arms for the XL lady seem to be a bit disjointed. Slide animation was hard to understand too.

Pretty fun, though extremely broken at times. Specially around corners.

I think some QoL could be having hotkeys for the UI as well as interrupting playmode by drawing. Sometimes the physics aren't consistent when just hitting play twice, that bugs me a little.

(1 edit)

I only played a little, but the movement felt quite imprecise, like I was often overshooting.

The two other things I'll comment on is I didn't really feel hooked from that intro, and that I waited a while for something to happen even after I walked all the way left once I lost my eyes because I expected the popup action text to display over the nothingness.

Edit: played web version only, just in case.

Fun to play, I think ingame instructions would be nice though.

There seems to be something that doesn't work quite perfectly when selecting shapes I think, I don't know if it's due to trying to drag through air or what, but sometimes the shape that forms is definitely not what I was trying to do. Maybe it's just me.

Thank you for playing!

Player movement feels solid to me but my opinion might change based on what content I come up with next. Passive items could help too, but it might throw balance off. The walking animations are totally unfinished so that might be what's giving off that feeling too.

Thank you for the feedback!

Thank you for playing!

I think right now the speed is well suited for the kind of situations the game puts you in; maybe once I add in more content my opinion will change. It could also be that the currently unfinished movement animations are what causes this feeling too, I know it does a bit for me. Further passive items could also help this.

I'm not sure what you mean about communicating unique attacks - each enemy has their own bullet visual, but of course until you get shot you won't really get a feel for it. At least for now since they're sorta standard, just changing speed and bounces. Later on I'll add more variety in this regard. Did you mean something else?

Thank you for the feedback! If you have any feedback or suggestions about specific items I'd love to hear about that too. Be sure to download the newer version if you give it another go!

A new build has been uploaded. It fixes item pricing (oops) and makes them more easily accessible in the early shops, as well as demoing it in the tutorial. Info about items added to the menu too.

Password is agdg. If you own a wiimote and want to use it to play, contact me in the agdg Discord to obtain the GlovePie script.

The yellow number counts your coins; it will probably be positioned at the same spot as it is now but it is missing the UI backdrop, yeah.

(1 edit)

Boomerang X. It's obviously not the exact thing we were thinking to make, but the general feel was similar.

Password is agdg

Yes, we're currently working on the dungeon game. There were a number of issues (actual 3D physics are a pain) as well as a lack of direction for what the "full game" should contain, and a number of other factors. Also, a certain game came out around the time that was doing a bunch of things we wanted to do but streamlined and, you know, already completed.

For now it's shelved, but maybe we'll make something out of it in the future. I doubt it though, as it would need major refactoring and we have a bunch of other more attractive ideas in mind.

Thanks for playing!

- Anything in specific about the UI? Is this about the ingame UI, or the default unity placeholders?

- There are upgrades that let you move faster, and in the future the expendad upgrade system and pace should make this more interesting.

- I've locally implemented a better player indicator for when levels begin. There will be a little pause too to let you spot yourself without danger.

- Increased in next version, thanks!

You don't need to restart from root: Holding Q will open the group your current tile is in, W will open the category this group is in, and E contains the categories you open with W.

Thank you for playing and thank you for recording it!

What do you think could be streamlined for the editor?

The trigger tiles might need some adjusting, I'm currently looking into it. Later on once the system is more finished and upgrades are in place better, I think the walking speed upgrades should be easier to obtain.

Thanks for playing!

There's no savepoints as it's meant to be a roguelike; however since I intend for dungeons to go on for very long in the future, I suppose a save-and-quit would be nice to implement and probably not hard at all. The pace and rate of money + pickups should also make it easier to last for longer. I think I'll have some free heals here and there...

There will be several dungeons and dungeons will have many branches and paths to go down through, accessed through different exits in shops or secret pathways. More creatures, characters and upgrades are on the way too!

Framerate also tends to make it more noticeable I think.

Yeah, I understand what's going on with the hitbox, it's just that for me it's the opposite. I think the blue fairy looks better aligned (though I think you should keep the shadow positioned relative to the sprite not the hitbox). Interacting with stuff indeed felt a bit off for the same reason to me.

I think for the sand, something resembling a dune-y texture would work better. Something with a wavy shape and two tones, like this perhaps? How Fish Makes Textures [Semi Realistic Planks 2/12/2012] - Resource Pack  Discussion - Resource Packs - Mapping and Modding: Java Edition - Minecraft  Forum - Minecraft Forum

(1 edit)

This... game? is extremely confusing. What am I even supposed to be doing? I tried setting the "target" (btw put the readme contents in the game page) to a system, warped... everything looks the same, still nothing going on. Decided to set a planet target with the numbers... says it's set but it's not marking it on the radar or anything. Go over a planet... cannot dock unless I first select it as target. So I have to press the numbers and space every time until I get it right.

I'm very confused by the state of the game specially after seeing the DDs it's been in and your blogpost - I figure there's more going on here, but somehow I'm managing to miss it all. Could you please explain what I'm supposed to do in a clearer way?

I didn't get too far in because the game is pretty dense from the get-go, while not exactly being friendly. I feel like there should be a clearer display of what each modifier does and how swapping their order is actually something meaningful. The more modifiers you get, the more experimentation becomes discouraged if this is not a fast, intuitive process. Arguably it may be the case once you get used to the process, but I didn't play as far as to get to that point, sorry. It wasn't very well reflected ingame with the starter modifiers either; perhaps a tutorial level with stronger, very distinct & disctinctly combinable upgrades is in order.

Aside from that I think the game seems fun enough, though I agree with congusbongus on the pacing a little. It's just the frontloading that gets to me.

(1 edit)

Looks extremely charming and plays well, I love it.

A couple of thoughts about the mechanics: I feel like the piercing railgun is fairly useless, as it seems to leave you unable to attack (and requires you to beforehand) for a while and only does the same damage as a single normal shot. It pierces, sure, but it doesn't seem worth it. I feel like you could easily buff it a little and maybe compensate by adding a delay to the fire instead (with appropiate s/vfx for it). Enemies overall could also use having less health. Also, please make middle mouse rebindable, it's typically an awful input to execute and my mouse fails to do it 90% of the time. I tried looking into the settings but I'm fairly sure it's hardcoded/not using these settings.

Speaking of the settings, I had a pretty bad time trying to set it at a nice resolution. Gave up in the end. I don't think this is really your fault or that most people will care (and maybe the CRT mod would've done some nice things already), but I @d you in discord if you want to read about it.

More things about the gameplay: I feel like it would be nice if the turret would start rotating once you look towards "the other side", even if it's not an "acceptable angle" it can rotate to. Basically, if, say, its max rotation is 90º to one side, then looking at 100º on that side because you switched while looking back should already make the turret rotate, considering it takes time to do so.

Hitboxes feel a tad larger than they are, at least for the player's hovercraft. I've seen a few enemy boats go out of bounds but since it seems they go back in upon dying, this doesn't seem to be an issue and I'd actually leave it in if it's not already intentional.

I think I'd make the dash work even if you're not holding a movement key, provided that your hovercraft still has some velocity either forward or backwards.

It took me a good while to realise that letting the charge bar fill up makes shots be faster. Maybe the sound should be swapped with something slightly different?

I've seen some enemies getting stuck for a bit too long on islands; maybe their turn rate  could be increased for a bit when that happens, or have them move in reverse?

Also, on the first level, I thought that was the entire span of the demo, so until I read someone else say there was a level 2 I thought I was done with it. The "survive" objective text could probably be changed to something like "destroy the enemy fleet" or so, to clue you in on the enemies not being endless. Overall, the dialogue was pretty funny!

All in all it was fun and I'm looking forward to what you do with it next. I think it could be fun to have some level objectives like taking care of coastal buildings or such; you could have them sit on the side of islands and be destructible, maybe even have stationary turrets that way. Stuff like hovercraft customization, swapping parts with stats or so, could be fun too.

Very solid mechanics, I want to see what you do with this next. 

I only have a couple complaints in regards to technical things; DX11 should be set to default if there's no reason for it to use 12, and mouse smoothing should be set to 0 by default. I also see no reason why options couldn't be accessed from the main menu, but I assume it was just a matter of time.

Chains had a couple of minor issues; when descending the one in the second tower, I jumped to it, which made it wiggle. This moved me around, so it made me hit the floor and then I fell down through the hole without being able to grab onto the chain again. Maybe you should make them not wiggle/affect your position (unless there's a swinging mechanic later?) or at least add an interaction option to re-grab onto them. Another situation was when grabbing onto the moving chain; when it went up on the rail, the player sorta slips down a little. I think it would also benefit if you added a toggle so that W always climbs up and S always climbs down.

Other than that I think the bow is missing a visual when you light an arrow on fire, which had me questioning why you "can't" (you can) light them on fire unless the bow itself is burning.

Looking forward to future builds!

Puzzles sound interesting, I'm looking forward to it.

Regarding the dragging; it had a "forbidden" cursor going on. Sometimes if I hovered for very long over where I should drop them it would then switch to a different cursor at which point it'd work.

Seems like some good ideas may be there, but the execution is far too flawed at the moment.

I thought the game was being funny at the start because it took close to half a minute to actually start when I "pressed any key", I thought maybe some keys weren't valid.

There's not a lot of interesting gameplay going on at the moment; you spray, you bash. There is no decisionmaking, no reason to change things up, no limit on resources, or anything like that.

The wooden plank hitbox seems way short for its visuals; I had to keep scooting closer to enemies even though they were in range, since they get knocked back a little.

The spray stun is ridiculously long for yourself. Even after the eye rubbing animation is over, your movement and actions are locked for two more seconds or so. Combined with the extremely short range of the plank, this makes positioning mistakes (unfairly) costly.

All that is topped off by the fact that mouse sensitivity seems to be too low (at least subjectively; I didn't see a setting to adjust it anyway) which actually, does not matter,  because the attacks follow your model rotation instead of your view rotation. This I would definitely change up; it may be easier for controllers than for keyboards but it is hard to aim like this either way.

Also, you can zoom in past your model.

As an aside, I wanted to stream this game for my friend as I'm doing with most demos but Discord wouldn't have it. I tried using the fullscreen option but that didn't help, and the second time pressing it turned it into a very tiny bar-only window at the top left which meant I had to kill it.

The game is aesthetically pleasing but I couldn't keep playing after the third level. All it did thus far was spam ten enemies around me every time I walked through X spot or picked up Y thing. It didn't feel challenging, it didn't feel like I was making intelligent use of the space. I just kept spamming the gun until I got through while hearing the same death noises ten times per second.

If that's what you're going for, then I guess it's just not for me. You should however probably make it clearer when enemies are going to deal damage, visually.

I forget if you were making this game mainly for phones or if that wasn't the case. I feel like the arrow key controls are sort of finicky in regards to how quickly they make you turn but other times not at all - I figure there's something to do with the gravity pull of the spheres but since going full thrust ignores it I haven't gotten used to it yet. I wonder if phone controls, if that is a thing, would change that somehow.

Other than that, the game looks good, albeit blurry if you don't maximize the web player (guess it's rendering at 1080p regardless). The sound is pretty quiet, but turns super loud during the scoring screen, specially so for the sound that plays once it's done counting score.

I was a bit confused by the sword-icon powerup firing lasers. Also, if you have a shield and it breaks, it makes it really hard to see your ship (and which way it's facing) for a second. Lost a run to that.

(1 edit)

This is a great concept that I wish I could play more of, but my browser (Firefox) seems to not like the battle phases. Dragging cards into where they go is hellish, and won't work most of the time. I had to repeat the dragging five times to get it to work at times. I would play it more if there was a desktop version.

I enjoy the CYOA concept though I'm not sure if being able to read (since you can) a page that you cannot flip to next to the one you're own is intentional. The ones I found didn't necessarily clue me in on that.

The other thing I really want to comment on is that while it's helpful to always have them there as a reminder, the battle rules menu being the only way you can learn how to fight is definitely not good. There is a lot to it that uses terms that are not properly represented in the battle UI, so it doesn't make for a good visual learning experience, so to say. It took me the entire fight to decipher what was going on, and even then it felt like my actions didn't really seem that meaningful - I'd assume this is alleviated once you get more cards and are able to fight faster, but this time around that was just not possible for me.

I'm looking forward to future updates!