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Slash, dash, and telesmash in this high action first person game!
Submitted by Alenar Soft (@alenarsoft) — 5 hours, 49 minutes before the deadline
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you should push a linux build, unity almost always just make it work :)


We'll try to upload linux and mac builds for the next big update, we were pressed on time for the DD deadline with this one so we couldn't make them, and now things are in a buggy mid-dev phase.

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  • Please add the option to disable head-bopping.
  • I like the visuals.
  • I had a lot of screen tearing, V-Sync could be useful.
  • It's hard to tell where the altars are at first.
  • Combat is fun.
  • You should consider an altar as complete if there's only one or two enemies left. It's not fun to spend time searching for an enemy that's hiding. Alternatively you could highlight remaining enemies on the HUD when there's only a few left.
  • Movement is fun. You should add a lot of platforming with death pits.
  • The lance's ribbon is bugging out.
  • The key to open the gate is easy to lose.
  • The game needs some music.
  • If you're lunged into the air by teleporting into your lance, you should add a downward thrust with a large area of effect attack by holding the left mouse button. I think that'd be a really fun combo to pull off.
  • There needs to be a way to gain more health. Maybe refill the health after completing a level.
  • I would buff the normal attacks by giving them more range because throwing your lance is a lot more useful in comparison.
  • The dash move feels like it costs too much stamina.
  • I like that the hitboxes are forgiving.

Really good job overall. I could see this selling for 20 bucks on steam if you fix these small issues.


Thanks for playing! We're going to do our best to implement solutions and missing features regarding most items in your list!

A bunch of features regarding visual effects and settings are already on our to-do list. We're also going to look into adding something that points you to the next objective with more clarity, aside from streamlining level design.

Unity's cloth system is unfortunately extremely buggy right now and only gets worse with each version, so we'll try out some third party plug in soon, probably disable it in the meantime.

Audio is completely temporary, as sadly none of us have any knowledge in that area.

If you play with the second lance you'll find that move is already a possibility ;) We'll include an ingame explanation of movesets later on, but for now you can find one in the game's page.

Health recovery and possibly energy boost pickups are something we have planned for the future, we're thinking on the best way to go about it.

The dash damages all enemies you go through with a pretty wide hitbox, which is the reasoning behind its elevated cost. Do you consider it to be too much even then, or did you not realize it could do that?

Thanks for all the feedback, even if I didn't reply to specific bits all of it is very helpful and written down in our list now!

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Yes, I knew the dash could damage enemies. It felt like the cost was still too high.



There's a bunch in the video to take in, but it's clear from everyone's feedback that the game needs to improve a lot in regards to clarity, so we're going to try our best to improve that. Thanks for playing!


Very aesthetically pleasing and the movement was super fluid. I especially loved yeeting a spear and then teleporting to it, while preserving momentum. I would tone down the spear FX and ribbon flapping while you're holding the spear as it's a little distracting. I died before completing the demo so something like this may already be in the game, but I could see a skill-based deflect working very well with the existing mechanics and enemies.


Thanks for playing!

The lance's ribbon is definitely bugged right now, Unity hasn't bothered fixing their broken cloth simulation for ages so we're going to have to look for a plugin to replace it.

Currently you can unlock an alternate lance by beating the first level (although you must be warned that attempting to interact with a wall lock with that one will currently softlock the game) which has a different but still somewhat similar moveset. We want to add more weapons with crazy abilities in the future, so all suggestions are welcome!


Perfect movement style, I specially appreciate that you can teleport to thrown lances and keep your momentum. You have created an excellent base for a game here.

However, please consider that because of the very free nature of the game's movement, people will often have a hard time following paths and knowing where they should go, so a stronger visual indicative of where they're supposed to go next is needed.

Good visuals too, but several sound effects seem to be missing, I recommend at least putting placeholder sounds on everything that you think will make noise in the future, like the gates, levers and altars.

You're not given very good feedback on when you start and complete challenges, making it often feel confusing and difficult to know what's going on. Again, it might be wip but it wouldn't hurt to placeholder everything so people at least know that something is supposed to be there.


Indeed, in its current state, the game lacks clarity in a lot of aspects. We'll be most likely adding some sort of ability or indication to display the next objective/destination at any given time.

Sound is also extremely placeholder for now and we didn't have enough time before the deadline to put placeholders on everything, we're well aware it makes everything much more complicated for now.

I'm unsure what you mean by the feedback on starting/completing challenges, though. Whenever you activate an altar, an energy beam and a bubble barrier should go up, and then disappear again once complete. Sorry if that's not what you're refering to.

Thanks for playing and giving us feedback!


This game does have potential and a cool idea, but there is still work to be done.

Visual - 10 out of 10, but I can't say the same about the gameplay
I have a dash, but I didn't use it because I can just throw a spear and teleport. Jumping and flying is fun, but quickly gets boring, because solving puzzles really breaks the pace.

But these are all minor flaws. What I disliked the most was the enemies. THEY ATTACK ME A LOT OF THEM, BUT I CAN'T SEE THEM T_T
Hopefully you can balance your game. It already looks cool.


Thanks for trying out our demo!

We're aware there's a lot more work to be done to make the game much more clear, specially in the field of audio cues and finding the next objective. Currently, it seems a lot of people are getting stuck in the key carrying part, so we'll probably switch that up a bit since it's not intended to be taken as a puzzle, the challenge is in carrying the key itself.

As for enemies, hopefully better audio cues should help. For now, I'd recommend trying out the dash some more, as it will damage anything in your path while launching you forward!

Thanks for playing and dropping us feedback!


I second what vahellis said. Spear mechanics are interesting and have potential for some fun gameplay scenarios, but the level design needs work. Could not find the door I was asked to take the key to, and the whole thing felt a bit cluttered and difficult to navigate. I'd also like to add that those little orb enemies don't read as such until they start shooting you. Final note, aesthetics are very nice though maybe have an option to disable CA.


Thanks for playing the demo!

We're aware that right now the level design feels more contrived than it should considering our goals for gameplay flow, so that's going to change. We've also got a few changes for the orb enemies in store, and a bunch of work to do in the options front, so hopefully all your concerns will be adressed by the time we push a new update. Thanks for the feedback!


I like the aesthetics but I wish I could turn chromatic aberration off as that makes me nauseous.

I really like the spear mechanics. I got to the point where you get a key and it asks you to bring to the locked door. I couldn't find the door so I climbed all the way up and threw the key over the big rocks at the mountain top temple, which seemed like I was breaking the game and I'm not sure if I was supposed to go there but that's where I found the glowing golden thing so I tried to put the key there but I got stuck and couldn't move. Not sure if I did something wrong but I couldn't find the door and if that place is where you're actually supposed to go then it's very very unintuitive.

Overall I think this has lots of potential.

Developer (1 edit)

Whoops, sounds like you might've hit one of the softlocks that slipped past our own testing.

We've been getting a lot of feedback about level flow and objective clarity, so we'll be changing the level around a little before the next update comes out. We're also going to expand our options past the most basic things to cover more things players might want to tweak. Thanks for playing our demo!


This seems cool. I ultimately didn't like it too much since I never really knew what I was doing. The only thing I really had to nitpick about was my jump getting eaten by jumping a frame or two too late. Please look into Coyote Time. That said, keep up the good progress!


Thanks for the feedback, we'll be looking into improving objective clarity and movement precision, amongst other things. Was there anything that specially felt very confusing/left you not knowing what you were doing, like you said? We've got a general idea of things thanks to all the feedback we've gotten, but if there's anything specific I'd like to hear about it in detail.

Thanks for playing the demo!


I'm not sure. I think it was a combination of me being tired from playing 60 demos and the hard lines of the shader subtly messing my perception of space. I also didn't really like how I put the spear into the pedestal and it started glowing and I looked around to see if something happened, and I couldn't tell, ultimately getting hit in the back by the glowing orb. I wasn't a fan of the glowing orb in general, as I was tired enough to have trouble tracking it, and I didn't feel like it was very fun to hit it with a melee weapon. I missed my spear throw a couple of times as well. I didn't think it was a bad game or anything like that though, I just couldn't get even slightly into it at the time.