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omg the real creator of the father in the sky!!

I couldn't beat him so I added a fade in effect for the bullets lol, patch later tonight (probably)

thank you for playing :)


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thank you marmofriend. It should, but I don't remember which version is pushed to itch lol.

menacing dots...

god bless marmoreal

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Oh yeah it's like half the size, something went wrong when building. Checking.. (should be fixed now!)

Thanks for playing! 📝📝

Yeah the online sound just work!

thanks for playing! I only submit so streamer guy doesn't bully me :)

Did you walk through the door after parking? The rest of the game is there lol, I should make that harder to miss.

I'll check out camera and easier first park, hair color etc is not in the game yet.

That's odd, I use linux too.

Are you sure that the volume sliders aren't at 0? lol

you should push a linux build, unity almost always just make it work :)

it's the same version, v1/v4 is just that I uploaded 3 pc/linux builds before I started supporting mac :)

Really happy you enjoyed it :)


The only thing that happens is that you can stall the rest of the server, it only starts a new round when you've fallen down :)

Added rewind issue to the list, thanks!

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1; yeah this is a bug, or more like I forgot to disable car input when typing in the chatbox lol.

2; those are old maps that got culled for not being very good. 

re: custom maps. First of, the system is bad (both building maps and submitting). But if you go to build, make a map and hit submit, it emails the level data to me (at least it should do that lol), I can then check it out and if it's fun I'll add it.

This game will probably end up being a part of  another project I'm working on.  If it does I'll definitely rework the mapbuilding, so custom maps made right now will be redundant (except for me stealing ideas from them)  but if you manage to wrangle your  way around building and want to see your mapname + nickname show up to impress friends feel free to submit something :)

I didn't expect the reception to be this positive! Thanks for playing, it really motivates me :)

You're supposed to land perfectly on the podium, but I think it's impossible :)

It's basically just a chance for the rest of the players to honk at you when you don't make it :)


I recommend everyone to checkout the itch app, it's pretty good!

Should be fixed now! Thanks for playing :)

oh I think I've made a silly mistake, I'll push something later today lol

there is a settings menu :) 

Settings menu - Start button / Escape

I would like a mac tester, send me a dm @_tjern

thanks for playing!

thanks for playing :)

I'm thinking about a rewind thing, thanks for playing! :)



Can't open dynamic library: bin/x11/ Error: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

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I think the linux build is broken?

I click single player practice and it's just a blue screen.

the windows build runs fine wined though!

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I've actually changed it to be more left trigger right trigger normal aiming action, pushing an update later this week.