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I've actually changed it to be more left trigger right trigger normal aiming action, pushing an update later this week. 

I'm interested if you think it's works better. 😊

haha thanks for playing! it plays better with a gamepad.

yeah ten cart deathmatch is my goal, adding goat swords and cannons next.. oh and a how to play thing.

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password is "tjernisbestdev"

playdate 2000 utc tonight or something 

also it always connects to europe right now so ping might be bad, 

it's trying to be a warlords-like clone, maybe fun many players.



Move with stick,

Slot items to face buttons from select menu,

Settings on start,

Swing bat at things,

Test tube things with dpad up,

This is a mess.

uh oh

Rad! I'll check out the video tonight, thanks for playing!

hello linux build plz

the goat? Smash into it it hard enough, aim for head/body or really hard legs!

Hello I like rank.

Cool! It's not really a game yet but thanks for playing!

Hmm, a friend tested with his wired xbone controller and it worked fine.  Not sure if wireless is any different but it's the only thing I can think of except reinstalling gamepad drivers?

Also yeah unity input is a mess, I'm using rewired and I really like it. Seems to just work.. most of the time?

xbone controllers should work but I don't have one to test with, so :fingers_crossed: 

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I'll push a new demo on Friday (Sunday! Sorry), please come back and check again?

Wow thanks for the detailed comment!

Yes "over"turning and sometimes letting off on the gas finger are important, I want it to be a mix of that and death grip full gas. You figured it out but it didn't sound like the best experience.

Anyway thanks for playing and check in next Friday for more tracks!

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You can rebind the keys, but it really sucks on keyboards cause no analog. Not sure how to fix it. Also there's nothing to do yet, maybe next demo. Thanks for playing!

cash in cash out

I like the charge slash, not my type of game though. It seemed to run fine and it was pretty fun.

2 complicated 4 me

I want to walk :(