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I'll consider adding the option to directly assign stat points, but I liked that it feels like you are picking a random person from a crowd instead of actually creating a character.

It's magic mang, a hitscan spell even, but the spiky rocks and other props can block projectiles depending on the height.

I'll see what I can do about the resolution and windows. Thanks for the bug report!

Thanks for your review! Good thing I just posted a patch an attosecond ago.

  • There's no mouse acceleration at all, specially on the menus. Sorry if I can't fix that for you.
  • I left controller vibration as a menu option because some people (like myself) like to play with a controller for the action scenes and a mouse and keyboard for the menus. Also, since death is extremely super bad, I felt like it justified that crazy vibing.
  • No, just roll away. I didn't want people to go for the same 18-18-2-2 stat builds, or distribute the points poorly. The free , balanced rerolls I feel is a nice middle ground.
  • You probably got hit with that goat's lightning. Its casting can be interrupted with an attack and you can also take cover from it, which will make the spell backfire. It might feel unfair, but it only appears in the first dungeon and it's a pretty unique spell that's fun to counter. I also JUST buffed the starting weapons to make the early game less brutal, plus increased their durability overall. But the idea is that you should zone enemies properly and avoid hitting walls as much as possible, as they not only slow your recovery but also eat away a lot of durability.
  • That maybe will be fixed soon, depending on if I feel it'll be worth it to pay an artist to make real attack animations for the enemies. Stay tuned!
  • I killed the resolution option in order to have better, more consistent visuals. It was worth it I swear! Also, I think that's an engine quirk I'm not sure I can fix. Sorry.
  • I left it that way to really give off that fake-3D vibe without going for full horizontal control only.

The combat is supposed to be slow and methodical. Every hit, or miss, counts. You can dodge any attack, including projectiles, but not magic, which you have to take cover from. Block should always work as long as you're holding the button and you're not doing something else, like attacking or dodging. You can even parry attacks if you time your blocks right.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it (and hope you reached the ending).

I basically went madman with Game Maker Studio 1's extremely archaic 3D functions and squeezed the most I could out of them. Added in a dash of love for killer7 and a bucket of vaporwave and stolen music and that was it.

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Great visuals, but the weapons don't feel distinctive enough, and worse, often don't feel satisfying to use, specially the shotgun. I'm not sure how you implemented bunnyhopping, if at all, so I'd help if that was explained somewhere.

Great visuals and sound, congrats.

The controls are good too, but I recommend working on the design part of the gameplay, it isn't clear you're supposed to slide under the dogs' attacks, for example. A more distict animation for the wall running is needed too, as I though it was just a glitch at first (making these walls billboards with the first reading WALLRUNNING would be neat.). Make the HUD a tad bigger too, as it occupies too little of the screen for how important it is.

The level design working as an intuitive and unintrusive tutorial is great though, as the egotistical dinosaur once said.

Perfect movement style, I specially appreciate that you can teleport to thrown lances and keep your momentum. You have created an excellent base for a game here.

However, please consider that because of the very free nature of the game's movement, people will often have a hard time following paths and knowing where they should go, so a stronger visual indicative of where they're supposed to go next is needed.

Good visuals too, but several sound effects seem to be missing, I recommend at least putting placeholder sounds on everything that you think will make noise in the future, like the gates, levers and altars.

You're not given very good feedback on when you start and complete challenges, making it often feel confusing and difficult to know what's going on. Again, it might be wip but it wouldn't hurt to placeholder everything so people at least know that something is supposed to be there.

Very good and well executed visual and audio identity. Just remember that while people can appreciate intentionally messy and ""bad"" graphics and sound, they probably won't tolerate gameplay like that unless it's highly memeable and streamable. Anyway, keep up the good work!

Just keep in mind that the slow turning of King's Field was part of the gameplay, and that that part could be ruined or ignored if there was also an option for mouse controls, as the player would have much better control of his character and get an unacounted for advantage.

Interesting idea to bring those god hand controls back. It's hard to judge because of how early the prototype is, but keep in mind that attacks in god hand had very distinct effects, like guard break, sweep, launch, etc. Be sure to bring those mechanics over, and work hard on the animations to make them readable and reactable, or you'll get hate because of the """janky""" gameplay.

Thanks! The mouse acceleration feel might be that you look around more slowly when sprinting. The spike trap thing seems like a bug and I'll work on it. The durability of ranged weapons is kind of a mix between ammo and actual durability, but I left it as one number to keep it simple. 

And while that salesman did wipe the floor for you, he might've just taken some of the treasure to sell it back to you too.

There's a lot of things to discover in this game, not only item-wise, but mechanic wise, and I hope you have fun mastering it.

Good prototype, you really captured King's Field with this.

But you really have to work on the camera, as its jitteriness actually made me feel sick. Since you're going for a carbon copy, you might consider ditching the mouse control and going all-in with an arrow keys-only camera, and make it extra slow, please!

Thanks man, glad you liked it.

While it can be frustrating to play at times, a lot of the game's progression is discovering all the small stuff in it that can help a lot, like, for example, that you can combine potions to get the effect you want.

From items, to equipment, and even gameplay stuff (like using special doors and traps against enemies, getting them to hit one another, positioning to avoid hitting walls, animation cancelling with dodge, etc). There's a lot to learn that will make the climb go from impossible to consistently doable, and that's one of the things I'm going for.

Still seeing how it goes, though, as I may be asking people to give it way too many chances before it (and they) get good.

Thanks! Unfortunately it's abandonware now, as I realized first person pseudo 3D platformers suck.

Just you wait for tomorrow when I upload the new version with much better visuals, including the monsters.

Character portraits will remain ugly for a little while more, though.

Thanks for the criticism, but the game is unapologetically slow, and it's already pretty fast if compared to the games that inspired it (King's Field series).

Although you might've just been stuck with a low Agi character and slow, fragile weapons.

But everything seems in check with what the game is going for, so it might just not be your cup of tea. I appreciate the time you've put into testing and reviewing it though, so thanks!

Thanks for your review, I'm glad you liked it!

I'll post a much better version of the game after I'm done fixing these damned last minute bugs.

Hope you'll check it out then!

Thanks man!

Well, I bet it's not one of the GOOD ones like the new Playstation™ 5's

(I'll look into ways to solve those stutters)

The stutter is when a new texture is loaded in, it's a Gamemaker thing.

Get an SSD son.

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Thanks for the in-depth review, it was really insightful!

I'll make changes in the next patch coming soon.

(BTW, the key to that door was next to the rock in the spear trap)

Thanks! The first person animations will be adjusted in the next patch, and the enemy animations will Soon™ follow.

Thanks for the review! I'll respond to your points in order:

  • I'm in talks to commision an artist to improve the monster art, so look forward to it!
  • I'll constantly update the game to include more decor, props and landmarks, so the issue should solve itself over time.
  • I'll look into adjusting the attack animations, probably by making the windup slower and the swing faster.
  • Try the knifes next time!
  • Equipment durability has been adjusted for the next patch, including some items to recover it.
  • That's intentional. The idea is to be very careful with positioning and spacing.
  • Did you try controlling the camera with the arrow keys?

Thanks again for being in-depth!

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Thanks for the review! I'll overhaul the menu and shortcut code before release, and I'm in talks to commision some improvements to the monster sprites to address the goofiness issue. I'll probably take the chance to improve on the interface and make it less amateurish-looking too.

Glad you're having fun!

And yes, of course! I couldn't resist after finding those sweet sfx in free sound libraries.

Hey guys, I'm Ithiro, an amateur indie developer, and I'm here to show you my newest game!

Dungeons of Rhamdon II is a hardcore first-person pseudo-3D roguelite action RPG dungeon crawler stylized after old PC games, developed by a single person locked in quarantine. Inspired by classics like King's Field and Heretic.

I won't copy-paste the entire game page here, but I'd love it if you checked it out!