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Really fun, the music and art style really vibed with me plus it was juicy to play. I'd suggest adding an auto-reload for when the player uses all of their bullets to make the game flow a bit better. I look forward to more!

Thanks for checking the game out, and I'm glad you enjoyed yourself!

As far as the key goes, that may be a bug or your inventory may have been full when trying to get the key; I'll look into it and hopefully have a fix out with the other content next week. As of right now there's no manual saving, though that is a planned feature!

The game has been worked on for about 6 months now, half as a full time job and half as a part time one. I haven't heard of GDWC but I'll be sure to check it out, it looks like something right up my alley and could help spread word about the game plus be something fun to throw my hat into. Thanks!

Thanks for the review and the praise :) I uploaded new versions of the demo (0.23a) this morning which should fix the text issue. If it still happened on that version would you mind taking a screenshot of what you're talking about? And I think I have to "make it" before someone draws rule 34 of  the game. Or maybe it's the other way around?

Thanks for the heads up! I'm uploading a quick hotfix for the game right now that addresses both issues, sorry about that!

Thanks for playing and for the detailed video! I'll be sure to watch a little bit of it every day and use it to improve the game. Anything to help the game be more fun and clear.

Sorry for the late reply, but thanks for reviewing! Most of those issues are fixed in the latest release thankfully. There isn't a level or combat system set up yet, but you're right in assuming those gears and stats will be for such (plus Fallout: New Vegas style speech checks). Thanks again for checking it out!

Thanks for playing! I'll for sure switch to running as the default as I've heard that before, as well as tweaking the run speed and animation to seem snappier. I also found the sign you were talking about and fixed it up, as well as split up some of the dialogue. 

Visually great, it almost feels like a 1990s fever dream at times (in a good way). I don't understand some of the puzzles and lucked through a lot, so a little more explanation or help would go a long way.

I dig the etrian odyssey vibes and look forward to seeing more. 

I wish you saw enemies on the map, unless they're random encounters (are they?). And I feel like you should start the game with all items equipped + a basic skill unlocked, I died a few times before I realized I was falling for that "noob trap" and was able to continue after properly preparing myself.

I like where this game is going, you don't see a lot of Half-life/dues ex inspired games anymore.  My only real complaint was to add some sort of tooltip or item description as you're looting for more clarity.

Super comfy and easy to look at. As long as you keep up the work and same level of charm I can see this game being being a cult classic

I like the tone and setting a lot and the gameplay (aside from movement near walls) was solid. My only suggestion would be to prototype some sort of vision/by-room-lighting, as seeing what's in the next room is great for the player but part of the charm of Dark Souls is never knowing what's around the corner.

Cute and fun. We need more Zelda puzzlers. I was able to soft-lock myself by having one of the pair die when they split up but nothing a quick reset wouldn't fix. Is there a way to revive if one of them dies?

Made it all the way to dungeon 6. I like the simplicity and concept but most of my choices were based on "which would give me the least damage" and not anything related to gold. I feel like slowly introducing a few more mechanics that spice up the choices would be the next step, as well as more/different shop choices. I had fun though, and want to play the next version when it comes out.

Overall a fun cute game. I see where you're heading. Part of me wishes the spear throwing would aim towards your cursor as that's more intuitive but I understand how that would also subtract from the overall design and skill.

In the WebGL version the "ability get" graphic and text are too large for the window. The enemies also seem fairly hard (first took me a couple of tries, the big mech I couldn't beat at all). I also don't know how I feel about touching an enemy = immediately taking damage, especially with the sword range being so small. I feel like I took more damage from trying to hit the enemy than the enemy actually hitting me. Overall though the controls feel very tight, I like the style, and I want to play more but unfortunately am not that good at it.

Short and sweet once I took the time to memorize the controls. I look forward to more.

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Lewd mount and blade is a great concept and this is a great start. I couldn't win a fight for my life but I can see where this is heading and am exciting.

It's kind of hard to find villages, doing something like having roads (at least to the first few villages to teach you where to go and what to look for) would help. I also couldn't rotate the camera once visiting the castle town, and I had to press Esc to get dialogue at the bar to progress at first.

Play as Eloise, a young woman forced to pay off an insurmountable debt after a series of unlucky events. Luckily her partner in crime and cruse-incarnate, Shawn, has a plan: a open up a shop! Explore the quaint town of Glimmersprings and surrounding area, meet the friendly townsfolk, and most of all sell any wares you can!