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A jam submission

CRIMSON BLOODView game page

Submitted by Evilous — 1 day, 13 hours before the deadline
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Enemies need to be easier to see and hit, movement (and death) was way to fast to be able to hit stuff except by cheesing them from long range or around corners. I like the style though


Way, way too dark. Couldn't see enemies until I was low on health or 10 feet away from them, by which point they had already shot me up.  I'd suggest sorting that out first before moving on to anything else.


It was easier to see anything when i had low health so i guess that's a plus. The reload animations were kinda cool. What engine is this?


It's The Gunslinger 3D!! 

You should kinda tone down the colors so everything is more visible. Also if there should be more cover if the enemies are going to gun you down in a couple of shots.


-Run 1: Softlocked when I put the cursor over about.

-Lol what is that ad about just like make game

-Can't see shit captain

-Died without being able to tell where an enemy was.

-Music stopped on replay

-Automatic health regen works on the pause screen.

Overall.... I don't know what to make of this my guy. There's probably something good here, you just have to iron it out. Keep up the progress!


It's pretty hard to see. i can tell you were going for some aesthetic design. The basic fps mechanics are all there which is nice.The enemies deal a ton of damage and kill you really fast when they're close. I had to shoot them from a distance with the revolver. It said I should get to the target location or something but there was only this church and the bunch of guys with uzis that I killed, I'm not sure if that's the end of the demo. I hope to see more of your stuff next demo day though. Keep up the good work.

Crashes after being on for a few seconds in a loading screen. Is this supposed to be played in Dolphin or something?