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I've actually fixed all the bugs you've mentioned AND there's a button guide now as well (as you saw in the fishing minigame!) As for a minimap, I don't really feel like that is necessary, and for speedrunning, I have considered that, but I haven't done any implementations of it yet. The only cycle we've been hoping to skip in the speedrunning community is in 1-5, and it's skippable with double jump, so it's not particularly pertinent as far as ILs go.

Deal with it, nerd!

This was the first time me and my my musician had ever did dynamic music like that. It turned out a lot better than expected!

Oh that sounds awful, bro. I'll consider it! Thanks for playing!

It sounds like you're trying to get them in with just pulls (Z key), when you reel with X (hold it).  Here is a sample of intended gameplay:

- Hmm, the difficulty? I think once you get what you're supposed to actually do, it's super easy. Did you check the Fishing Tips? If so, is there a part you don't understand? Trying to convey what to do to the player without giving them the literal exact thing to do has proven a little bit difficult, so I think I could improve on that. What you're supposed to do is use pulls to lower their stamina and then reel when their stamina is low.

- Yeah, I didn't want the player to be able to return to the world map or to see the cutscene where you get your reward, so I just looped it.

Understandable have a great day.

That in itself wasn't intentional but I was excited as well when that happened to me in testing and I instantly caught a yellow!

I had 4 on a small map. I don't think it was working right as it said people were jobless and I could assign the job.  There was a weird spotlight on the first capital as well. Overall I'm not sure how effective the AI is just yet, but it was nice seeing these cities come to life.

Oh shit, you're right, I could have added all the AI players. I'm going to go ahead and do this. While I chug balls at this sort of game, I don't find them uninteresting. 

I'm an art branelet as well. Art branelet broooos!

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The require you to wear down their stamina like any other fish before catching. They have large stamina pools, but they actually don't regenerate stamina any faster than the blue fish, meaning that after you've fought him for a while, he's weakened and you can reel him in. He puts up a hell of a fight before that though.

This seems to be a recurring desire so I've put it on the list to look into.

-About the flashing notifications, they're already taking up the full screen. You really don't need to flash them as well, they're impossible to miss lol. I'd remove the flashes altogether.

- The floatiness was in general gameplay, but it was more pronounced in the section you mentioned.

- I can see what you're torn about with the rings but it sucks a lot that you just die from it. Perhaps you should bounce off and/or lose HP from it instead of simply exploding?

- As for general control tightness, I can understand that being tough. You mentioned it was designed for controller and I was playing on KB+M so take that with a grain of salt.

Played this! Was on FF.

- Performance was pretty bad and I was in a solo arena. This is going to be hard to do better.

- I played Warrior and it felt like my shots were never connecting but my aim is probably terrible since I usually play on controller.

Overall good progress, looks like it could be fun! Keep up the good work!

Time for round 2.

-Generally it feels better than last time.

- Really hate how I go flying off basic upslopes at walking speed.

- Pause menu options don't fit in the provided box lol.

- Elevators similarly feel awful.

Overall I feel like this is an improvement. I still wasn't particularly having fun due to the physics, but it's definitely a nice improvement! Keep up the progress!

I pretty much noped out of this one after placing the capital building. I just don't do well with games like this. The aesthetics were pretty nice and the only thing that I could mention is that it hung for about 15 seconds after hitting Start before Generating Map popped onscreen.

Time to play this!

- Main menu doesn't work?

- Restarting made the main menu work again.

- Send anonymous feedback being placed on actual important text is annoying.

- Banished all gods, couldn't proceed.

- Worked when I just banished 3.

- I really hate the way the text scrolls. Please have a text scrolling speed option with Instant as an option.

Ultimately I'm not really down for this. It's a struggle to pitch these sort of games to me to begin with and the text scrolling hugely detracted from the experience as I read MUCH faster than the text scrolls. I didn't have a good time playing it but I'm not sure I'm the target audience either.  Either way, keep up the progress!

Time to play this!

I don't think I've ever been so confused by a demo lol. It's a little bit too rough to make sense of, but I see a lot of good potential here. Keep up the progress!

Time to play this!

- Uhh

The only thing I can really say about this is that I found it awkward how the building walls handles corners. Otherwise it's really too early to talk about. Keep up the progress though, I'm hoping to see you again!

Time to play this.

- 4GB, holy hell. I hope this is good.

- Right after the seizure warning, flashing light pulses is in pretty poor taste imo.

- Rotating feels pretty floaty. Not really what I'd expect from a game like this.

- Flashes on the message boxes feel like they're in poor taste as well.

- I didn't really like how you could die from hitting a ring. 

- I also really wasn't a fan of how loose it felt to play.

It seems like you got something that could be really fun here! Most of the complaints are "hey don't flash stuff for no reason" and "game feel is a bit floaty". Once you tighten it up, I'm sure it'll be great! Nice progress!

- Buttons icons for the menu are something I want to do but it's actually a pain in the ass to do in rewired. I'll do it eventually but it really is a pain.

- As for more animations for the fish themselves, I'm not sure what I'd actually do. I feel like I have less than what I could have as well. Maybe an idle animation or something? Most of the stuff comes off in their mugshots, so this is a hard one.

- Yeah, complex skills were not on the books for a one and done 5 minute minigame. I am looking at making a full version, and I already have plans for more complexity there.

- As for the mountain reflections, they're about 75% smaller instead of 50%. 50% looked really wrong. As for animating them, it's not a bad idea. Maybe I should!

- You can already lure fish with a rhythm with blues and yellows to lure them to the goal point easier. You can use this to instacatch blues and yellows. Reds are too fast to be lured without a fight. I think you were talking about something more in line with the TEC system in Breath of Fire 3, but I thought that system was ludicrously complex and unintuitive even though it did add a good level of skill to the game.

Did you catch the red fish? 

Also it should be stated that all fish punish the player for reeling during high stamina. 50% stamina = 50% line damage taken. Also, if a fish is using an active skill (Angerjack's Gigant Charge), using Pull will deal a massive amount of damage to line HP (20% in Angerjack's case.) You can tell when he's still doing it by the glowing aura and the angry mugshot. It's really hard to convey how mechanics works sometimes and between Fishing Tips and the Fishing Manual, I don't know if I succeeded.

-This minigame is going to be a one and done deal in Wonderland In Ruin, but I actually do plan on making a small game of Fishing In Ruin with some more mechanics, fish, maps, etc.

-You're right that it's a bit easy but it's also not meant to test you that hard given that it comes about when bonus stages are unlocked after beating world 3 and is over in 5 minutes.

-The marker for where you can use would be a bit of a pain to make in a way that works in the context of FiR, but I get where you're coming from.

-As for release, I've received this complaint before. It takes a little bit but you can reel normally to break the line on purpose. Otherwise I'm not sure what to do, as I'm looking at FiR being available on mobile, and I already have a lot of buttons for a mobile fishing game with touch buttons... I'm not sure if I can justify adding another button and you can actually use all 3 buttons at once, so it's tough to say what to do. Sometimes controls are a real struggle, huh?

-As for being able to move the camera, I didn't think about that. I'll think about it, as being able to control the camera there does cause problems with the cast meter that I'd probably need to do some shenanigans to resolve that I'm not sure I can afford the time to do, but at the same time I do agree with you so I have mixed feelings.

Thanks for playing my demo, Donny!

I can understand the confusion. This minigame is sort of a mix between Link's Awakening and Breath of Fire 3's fishing systems. Nothing of those are much in the way of simulators. I am looking at doing a full game of this eventually, and I have more stuff planned for it, but it feels like it's mostly fine for a 5 minute minigame in the middle of a puzzle platformer to spice things up. 

As for your reward, you actually don't get any money at all for completing it. You get a summon that increases your speed by 25% when you summon her. 

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Oh right, she's not there on her mugshot because they're not always together in the main game and I don't have different graphics for whether or not the fairy is docked on the cat or not. I haven't even thought about it until now but I'll consider it!Do give the full game a try if you're interested! The current demo has 8 level and 15 missions in it, and can take 20~40 minutes to beat depending on how much you do.

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- I'm not so great at art. What hat? Do you mean that the portrait is missing her bow? Her bow is the fairy that you see in the portrait art.- -

- It does get solvable but I have things I'm thinking about for it later. I think it's fine for this though, as it's just a quick 5 minute breather after a bunch of puzzle levels.

-Second Wind is definitely not a great skill in itself, but I preferred that one with how it allows you to do different things as the default, instead of Gigant Pull or Gigant Reel, which both have more particular usages.

Thanks for playing, friend!

Time to play this.

- Requires Directplay. Oh, I went through this with a friend recently. According to them you can use it to reduce/eliminate this annoyance. Apparantly it has to do with the online features. Still works when I hit Cancel.

- It took a bit to figure out what you wanted me to do in the first room. I didn't find it very intuitive because I find shift for run wierd.

- There doesn't seem to be any key rebinding to fix the awkward run key.

- Esc exits the whole game instead of bringing up a menu.

I can't deal with this level of difficulty with these awkward controls. It seems pretty good though! Keep up the good progress!


Haven't played since DD34. Time to do this.

- No folder for the download. Ick, but not an actual problem.

- I don't think I brought it up last time, but I don't think I understand what the difficulties are, particularly the ones that cost souls. Or are those different campaigns?

- Are there reasons I want to turn my lamp off? I can't see any use for it as is as it doesn't seem to have any sort of oil meter.

- The new interface looks really nice!

- Actually starting with non-rusty gear is really nice!

- The chest animation seems a lot faster than I remember it. You speed it up? Either way it's nice.

- Still is slow as molasses in every other respect. I even made sure to have decent agility (12) when I was rolling.

- Found the sprint. It seems faster than last time as well.

- Dual wielding doesn't work like I expected it to. It's kinda awkward but I can see what you'd want to still be able to block.

- Is durability no longer a mechanic? I was expecting my weapons to break.

- Died to the slime boss. Truthfully I'm not sure what I was supposed to do as a melee character to it. As melee it seemed to come off as a DPS race. I'm sure I could probably memorize when the attacks were coming but I couldn't immediately notice any tells.

Overall, much much MUCH better than the build I played last time. I had a much better time. Keep up the good progress!

I'm too lazy to record or stream tbh. :)

Playing this now!

- Why does the zip have a different name than the game's name? It's not a problem but it's an oddity.

- I think I understand now... Is travelling it?

I can't really tell what kind of game it is but I mean, everything looks cool so far. Good progress! Keep up the good work!

Hey it runs! Let's go.

- That's a lot of gear slots...

- This combat is painfully slow. IMO look into vastly speeding up the wait times. No wait time at all after the animation plays would be preferred.

- The first fight with Sentient Sludge lasted about 2 minutes and almost killed me. Whew.

- I got into a second fight but I can't do it..

If you speed the everloving crap out of the game up, I feel like it'd be really fun, but right now it's needlessly slow. Nice progress either way! This could be really cool once you fix the game speed!

My bois were with me when I went into the cave, they were all there and I waited for them to catch up but they still were missing. I couldn't find a way out of the cave either. I tried to go back the way I came and the guy won't move into the door.

Time to play this!

- I went to bind Dash to M2 and it didn't automatically switch with Impale. I figure this MIGHT be intentional for later game so I'm not gonna yell about it though.

- I actually got stuck and had to devolve to get through a path. I had a laugh about this one.

- I kinda wish there was an area in the editor where I could drop things so that they're not sold but they're temporarily off of the creature.

I had a good time with it. There's nothing much to say bad about. It's a neat game. 

Played this in LDPlayer. It crashed though. Sorry man, I tried.