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Hadal CalmView game page

2D PVP Action Platformer
Submitted by Donpommelo (@donpommelo) — 2 days, 18 hours before the deadline
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 Neat game.

I like the concept.

When I got to the hub I didn't really like how it introduced like 20 different things to me at once. It's not really intuitive. It's obviously in development so it's fine but keep in mind when you show the player a bunch of stuff when they just started like 5 minutes ago. 

Melee weapons seem busted but that could just be me. I was able to kill bosses in like 30 seconds. 

I think there's two bow weapons? I couldn't really shoot them properly straight, they just disintegrated if I angled even slightly down. 

Music is cool.

I'll probably try to get a friend to play multiplayer with me. 

You seem to really like your game and I like your game too. I look forward to your progress! 


You're definitely right about the pacing issue. In the future, items will be unlocked gradually by collecting currency or finding items in the singleplayer campaign. For the purposes of the demo, everything is automatically unlocked for testing purposes.

Melee weapons are a bit overtuned right now. They've always been weak in pvp, so I've been buffing them bit by bit. Might consider weapons having different stats between single and multiplayer modes.

There's only one bow weapon in the game (love bow) and I'm not sure what you mean by disintegrating. Its a charge weapon and doesn't fire very far if uncharged. Also, the projectile is a little hard to see right now, so maybe that's what happened? Also, the projectile can hit allies to heal them, so if you had a summon maybe the projectiles were disappearing when hitting it?

Thanks for playing and giving feedback!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I suck at starbound/terraria style movement/aiming control thus i never made it to any bosses.

Got god mode for single player?


Sorry I do not. Once you make it to the hub area, you can challenge the bosses by interacting ('e') with the arena pyramid. Alternatively, you can create an empty multiplayer server and fight the bosses from the navigations intreactable.


New bosses are pretty cool. Digging the minor quality of life changes too!

Can't wait to try this online. Bet you can get some pretty impressive kill clips with how slick the movement and weapons are!

Keep it up dude.


Time for round 2.

-Generally it feels better than last time.

- Really hate how I go flying off basic upslopes at walking speed.

- Pause menu options don't fit in the provided box lol.

- Elevators similarly feel awful.

Overall I feel like this is an improvement. I still wasn't particularly having fun due to the physics, but it's definitely a nice improvement! Keep up the progress!


Thank you for playtesting!

I hope to spend some time fixing some of the problems that pertain mainly to singleplayer mode (elevator physics) which I've been neglecting a bit so far in favor of multiplayer.


Understandable have a great day.


I only played the singleplayer a bit, but I´m unsure what to make of it. It feels like a metroidvania in some way? The weapons feel fine to shoot with, though some can feel a bit weird but that´s fine. The whole movement can feel a bit weird with how momentum works (stuff like falling onto a slope) and how floaty it is but I think that just takes some getting used to. Why am I collecting eggplants? I eventually killed myself with the torpedo launcher.


Thank you for testing! If you like, you should definitely try the multiplayer part of the game which is  the main focus for now.

The single-player consists off a short campaign section. Once you reach the hub, you can try out a survival arena mode and several boss fights.

The physics are pretty floaty and that has definitely put people off of the game. I think it helps to view the game  more about moving around with  boosting (right click)/fast falling  and treating jumping/walking as more supplemental forms of movement

eggplants were used as currency to unlock new weapons and upgrades, but for the purpose of the demo, everything starts off unlocked.