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baby roy

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Tried this for the first time and wtf this was B movie kinda cheeky and fun. Movement and skills feel great. Why do they have japanese voice acting SFX though lmao was that really such a high priority on the dev checklist, that kind of had me shook to hear

Forget lewds though, tasteful pantyshots during rolls when?

hey this was decent, i'm kinda hooked and want to read more. it seems kind of meanspirited in making the protag an unlikeable caricature, though, but i still enjoyed the presentation.

you should put a little signal marker when the textwriter/image transition is done and the player can safely press enter to proceed.

Only tried a little singleplayer but man this game is just goofy fun. The sounds and animations are hilariously satisfying, swimming around rapidly and reloading feels nice. Easy GMI with finalized art

This game was surprisingly really polished and fun, with a lot of cool tools to use. There's quite a bit of learning curve to the controls, enough that I swapped off keyboard to controller for a better time. And sometimes throwing items used them sometimes it didn't use it I didn't really get how potions worked.

Overall enjoyed it a lot though. And sometimes two songs would play at the same time with the jukebox not sure if that was intentional or a bug.

Great demo, good luck on the KS

speed up typewriter text!
cool ideas and art though. i'm not sure if i would mix combat with a gravity puzzle/exploration game.

hey i got it working this DD. The music and aesthetic is pleasant. The randomized layouts keep you on your toes but sometimes they're pretty unfair in dropping you into traps/enemies. Its also pretty hard to dodge fast moving stuff in such small rooms all the while trying to get your map bearings, the 3 HP drops really fast. Nice though

Played a few levels randomly on controller
Pamao is cute and the tongue hopping is fun and makes the game speedy. I was constantly using the tongue, almost rarely use eggs in comparison, maybe if spitting eggs midair gave you some recoil momentum that would be neat. On one of the vertical levels I just let the flying enemies carry me to the top lol, that was neat

Going through platforms is a little jerky. And would be nice to interact with level select/dialogue prompts with controller, I think you have to click on stuff to select them.

always like seeing your posts in the thread though, great job

Fiddled with sound settings a bit but no cigar. Also first time trying your demo out .

My sound has not worked for 3 other demos too, though, so it might just be some weird fringe case, possibly involving Unity. could just be my speakers 

Crashes after being on for a few seconds in a loading screen. Is this supposed to be played in Dolphin or something?

Atmosphere, music, art are all very fun. Protagonist looks really cool. Words are kinda hard to read atm. 

Wasn't too sure on the game systems, felt very hard to avoid taking damage without a defensive maneuver or mana. I guess the game will be about making those limited mana torches count? I didn't make it too far because it was a little hard.

Love the monsters, they're the best part about the game. Both funny and creepy, would play just to see the bestiary. Not a big fan of character portraits though.... just stick helmets on them. Movement a little slow but gameplay is serviceable. The biggest strength of the atmosphere is definitely the monsters though.

Little floaty and the camera was kinda hard to grapple with. The art design reminds me of old licensed movie games like "Over the hedge" the game specifically, oddly nostalgic. Could be a good or bad thing. A few parts where I thought I could jump onto something but just clipped through. Exploring was kinda interesting though, vertical design is good. Nice foundation.

Minecraft fans would probably love this. I never liked Minecraft though, so i didn't play particularly long. However I thought the sound design was pretty dang good. Maybe a little too loud on default, had to turn it down a bit. Just seemed like a very cool, polished experience from the short amount of time I tried, well done.

I've had non-functional sound for 3 other demos so far so it could be on my end, I just don't know what. A shame too, I wanted to hear the girly grunts. Either way, just mentioned it as a fringe case in case it ever helps.

Didn't even realize I could change the anomaly properties, was just brute forcing with default settings and it didn't seem particularly difficult.

computer thought it was malware, ignored and kept going, and then i needed to make a discord account? i use skype only, zoomer

Feels pretty nice. You move/turn kind of slow and the camera is zoomed in so it has a sort of claustrophobic feel, which can be a good thing.

Not my cup of tea but seems like it could be a neat mobile/Switch game. I thought the default controls were very intuitive and easy to pick up though. I didn't realize I could break through walls so I thought I got stuck and retried a few times.

I know its a vaporwave meme game, but I really enjoyed exploring this game. Changing the music/palette is very cool, and the levels were borderline creepy at times. Really enjoyed this one a ton, just needs some polish.

Movement/platforming is a little nauseating /difficult though.

Incredibly cool atmosphere, sound and writing. Would play just for the story, despite its many flaws. I'm a sucker for existential shit.

Installing the damn thing almost made me not want to play it though (not hard just seemed weird and shady to do). Walking and text is slow. The gun controls were very awkward, and unintuitive, got stuck for a minute with the gun out because I could not put it away since the tutorial faded away. Activated sticky keys several times. Stopped playing shortly after getting the gun but really enjoyed the non-gameplay aspects, probably shackled a ton by RPGmaker huh?

Sound didn't work for me, if its implemented yet. Artstyle is passable, but lots of green. The enemies were pretty good, the players kit is kind of weak and slow in comparison, atm.

godot chads...

Not a fan of the cover atm

Not very intuitive to figure it out. But once you do understand it, the speed becomes neat.

furry chads are based

pronouns are cringe

pretty good customization though, needs tits, height and thickness sliders to be a god tier customization but its already passable right now

Wall climbing is nice, wall jumps are annoying, just ended up tanking the bees. Didn't really understand spiders controls and how to manually stick to walls but spider was fun.

Neat hitboxes, controls felt good after getting used to them.

Could be a neat phone/puzzle game. Give it an undo/rewind button? Things can get out of hand like an ugly Rubik's cube if you're dumb

Hmmm I might have had a gameplad plugged in from previous game demos.

Downloaded fine, unzipped fine. Push application, get a loading mouse for a few seconds, then just nothing. Didn't seem to even seem to open. I might try one more time with gamepad removed.

zero sound for me
Melee felt stronger than the shooting. Really liked the big TV screens as a mechanic, thought the camera was flying enemies at first before I realized it was a screen.

wow punching cars kills you

My sword was glowing for like five seconds then stopped after one magic slash. Really wanted to have that magic slash for further exploration. Very easy to get lost in, not in a good way, just walking into dead ends in the darkness and stuff, getting disoriented after a pincer swarm. Maybe I underestimated the shield but felt like I could take zero damage as long as I had room to backpedal swing, and would die if I got cornered.

But even with the overall lack of sound was very spooky and enjoyed the skeletons a ton. Good sound would make it so much tenser. Maybe add a "prism stone" mechanic for exploration? Or i'm just a zoomer 

Very cool aesthetic. Would play if it nails sound design. Obviously a WIP considering I walked out of bounds so won't harp on those points, but...

Speed up sprinting? Also I just walked circles around the slimes

game did not turn on... tried redownloading several times