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Eternity Dial -Demo Ver.-View game page

Time is bleeding out. Survive against eternity.
Submitted by Cachi Córdova (@CachiCordova) — 2 days, 21 hours before the deadline
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Great vid. Noticed a few things I didn't even think about before. Thanks a lot, man.


Not much to say beyond what others have already laid out. This is very well put together, very nice and polished. Gun is a bit awkward, but manageable. If there were a way to turn 180 on the spot I think it could help, but that may affect gameplay and balance. Regardless, very nice work.


Everything in this demo is top notch, very well done and very polished as well. I really liked the usage of the resident evil style safe room music, that's a nice touch. You clearly know what you're doing so there's really not much I can say. Excellent stuff.


Incredibly cool atmosphere, sound and writing. Would play just for the story, despite its many flaws. I'm a sucker for existential shit.

Installing the damn thing almost made me not want to play it though (not hard just seemed weird and shady to do). Walking and text is slow. The gun controls were very awkward, and unintuitive, got stuck for a minute with the gun out because I could not put it away since the tutorial faded away. Activated sticky keys several times. Stopped playing shortly after getting the gun but really enjoyed the non-gameplay aspects, probably shackled a ton by RPGmaker huh?


Excellent usage of RPG Maker! Cool art and sound design, interesting puzzles, remarkable atmosphere. But controls with guns seems very off, but I understand its restrictions of this engine.


Didn't expect to see RPG Maker here. On to the feedback as I play through it!

-Title screen said press space to start, I pressed enter. It started. Wowwwww!

-Can't fast forward text, it's driving me crazy as I read at the speed of light.

-Blue key not auto-using was honestly annoying. I made a blind guess at what it wanted and it worked. Tbh I didn't even know I had a blue key.

-It took like 3 whole minutes to figure out that I was supposed to hold shift to exit gun mode. To be absolutely fair, I was trying it out before the tutorial. The method is pretty awkward though.

-The shooting in general is awkward, but I understand that's just the natural of RPGM.

-The hallway key thing is weird. It says "I'm not sure about this", but I expected that to mean a boss battle would start, not that it'd just instakill me. You put a save point right before it so that's fine, but something doesn't sit right about that with me.

-There's a spot in an early hallway that looks like there's a note on the floor, but you can't read the note. Weird.

-A little bit disappointed there's no easter egg for trying 6969 on the combo lock. Like "Nice, but it didn't work."

-When you re-enter the beginning area, the chains respawn and then fade away. I'd consider this a bug.

-The map doesn't seem to make much sense at the moment. I thought it was for the digits of the combo lock but it doesn't add up.

-Hmm, I'm giving up at the combo puzzle. I found the color code, then I guessed red was 3, blue was 8, and green I didn't know if 0, 1, or 4. It feels like some of these puzzles need some work as I don't really know what I'm doing and I played your game for over a half hour.

-On that note, so far, I don't see the point in the shooting at all, at least not with the normal enemies.

Overall, I think this will be pretty nice. Keep up the good work!


Thanks for the feedback, man.  Sadly, there's no skip text due to the engine.


I figured a lot of these limitations were out of your hands, still had to mention em just in case.


This looks nice from the thumbnails, but I can't play it because I keep getting the error "RPG Maker 2003 RTP is not found."


There's instructions in the game's README file and the download section. There should be an installer in a folder called rpg2003_rtp_installer


Amazing atmosphere, music, writing, and artwork.


Thanks, lad!