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It's in my youtube channel CachiCordova. Nice Ange prof pic btw

Thank you so much! glad you enjoyed it!

loved the artstyle, had a really good time playing it.

The writing is great and the battles were actually really fun. When I die I wanna punch people.

Is stuff like using Maniac Patch for 2k3 allowed? I think I read somewhere that it violates RPG Maker 2003's EULA but I may be wrong.

Thanks a lot! Glad to see y'all enjoying this silly thing. 

Hello lad, the controls are arrow keys, Z to accept and X to cancel. If these are not working try replugging all USB devices. 

Thank you so much for playing, glad you enjoyed it! Those games mostly inspired the level design (especially corpse party) and a few moments (The instadeath is taken from some of the witch's house traps.) 

Great vid. Noticed a few things I didn't even think about before. Thanks a lot, man.

Thanks for the feedback, man.  Sadly, there's no skip text due to the engine.

Man, playing with the keyboard took time to get used to. I bet the experience on controller would be pretty solid tho. Had fun, enemy patterns are easy to remember and movement is swift. The animations are superb as well.

Played in nightmare. Really solid so far, I'd have liked to change weapons with scrollwheel but beyond that it was really fun. Going fast and I play as a cute girl. 

It took me 10 minutes to read the help section. Couldn't get past the level with all saws on the floor. The aesthetics are really good. I played for an hour and I still have no idea how to play.

Thanks, lad!

There's instructions in the game's README file and the download section. There should be an installer in a folder called rpg2003_rtp_installer

Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it.

Thank you! If you ever need help troubleshooting rpg maker games hmu and hopefully I'll be able to help you.

Thanks a lot, man. Glad you enjoyed it. I found the cause of the bug and it's getting fixed ASAP. (it's basically an RNG bug)

Thanks a lot for playing! If you wish to try it again make sure to check out the update.

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it.

I killed 133 people trying to make rice. Game feels way too real. 10/10

Pretty neat short read. A bit of Silver Case vibes here and there. Also, nice Mezzo Forte reference.

Thank you so much for playing. It was originally made for the IGMC but we couldnt make the deadline due to a silly bug we couldnt fix in the 30 seconds we had left. Hopefully we'll be able to give this game the time and dedication it deserves to make it a full experience in a better engine. 

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Thanks for reporting this lad. I'll fix it asap

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Gracias, ahorita checo que causo esto.

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Al darle click a "Descargar" o "Download now" te redirige a la pagina principal del juego. En esa le das click a descargar y ya esta. 

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if you find a bug please post it in this thread. Thank you