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Like what someone else said, a huge qol feature would be to move the player where they click the tile. There's also a bug where certain squares can't be clicked on. Between this and having to spam click to move around, I stopped playing pretty early.

I finished it but didn't get all the eggs for the bonus level. I liked the characters and their dialogue, and I also agree about the controls the guy below mentioned (spider stopping when changing edges and wall jumping).
You have at least one UI bug (I can turn fullscreen on, cancel, then go back and the value will be true even when still windowed). 

I've played this before in a previous demo day, I don't know if you had other playable characters then but regardless they were fun to try out. I don't think you had the shield boss either, that was also fun.
One criticism is that the bosses and enemies have low IQ, so there's no real challenge to the game. I also never really used other characters or special abilities. Brave's (the guy with the sword?) basic attack was enough to get through the game easily.

Only bug I ran into was both times I beat the stage boss, giant text would show on the screen that I couldn't read.

When I see platformers that look way better than mine I get jelly, and right now I'm jelly. I'm going to be repeating some of the comments already here, but:
- can't see tutorial text that's off-screen
- jumping doesn't work properly when hugging walls, and there's really a certain time frame where you can press jump to wall jump, which is annoying
- hitting the mizu character doesn't work reliably - sometimes it will ignore my input, sometimes it will send me in the wrong direction
- mizu characters seem to carry over my momentum (so if I'm moving right, and I press Space + Up, I'll move to top right) which I didn't want a certain points when I had to do chained jumps
- every minute I'll think "am I pressing the wrong button?" and it turns out no, the game just eats my input and does nothing
- when I was playing around with the movement, it was stiff like people said but I thought it was OK if the game was combat based and you didn't want it to be a button spam game. But it turned out to be a platforming game with a few combat elements.

I'd put as much love into the controls as you did to the art if you're building a platformer. This game looks very promising though, good job!

Much better, this game is very enjoyable! I beat the boss, but it was a pain because when you die after reaching the next stage, you keep that many hearts so I had to memorize the boss's (predetermined?) moves to beat him.

Some feedback:
- I'd like a jump (and slide) buffer and coyote time
- I got told this for my own game, but hit boxes need to be smaller than the sprite (the projectiles from the turret feel very big). I'm certain at times that I hit nothing (a few pixels away from the enemy) and it'll register as a hit.
- Music was nice, but I really liked the art!
- I really felt like a ninja sliding, wall jumping, running on the walls, etc. at certain points in the game, you did a good job constructing those parts

I would definitely play a complete version of this, great work!

I used a controller, I didn't try it with a keyboard. I don't play these types of games so my suggestion could be shit, but a thought that sprung to mind was to have the robot's ammo limited and replenish based on a timer (but honestly that wouldn't change my strategy, it'd just make me kite for longer).
Best of luck with whatever you come up with, I'd love to see a full game around this in the future! Some game progression would get me better acquainted with the other abilities and make me more likely to rely on them instead of just the one.

This is fun, it was challenging for me too (I only got up to 4/5).  The first few deaths I was confused who was who because you use the same sprites for the player and boss. I ended up just kiting and used the robot guy to shoot her down, I never used the melee attack. Should the projectiles despawn instead of traveling the entire room? The room is pretty big.

Good job, it was a fun boss!

Keyboard didn't work at all (except the 'V' key to toggle window size), I had to connect the controller to play.
The dogs are unfair, I didn't want to play anymore because of them. What little I did play was fun, and if you fix the dogs  I'll give it another go.

Really fun! Don't have much to add, I will say that the HUD elements I don't really pay attention to because I can't take my eyes off the paddle area.

This is a pleasant game! I noticed a visual bug where if you're holding down WASD while talking to someone and press "Leave", you start gliding. I do wish the walk speed was faster and that more instructions were provided (e.g. I don't know how to play the fishing minigame, what spending energy on a cart does, why I would want to store items in a container, etc.)
The NPCs walking around really give the town soul!

This looks nice from the thumbnails, but I can't play it because I keep getting the error "RPG Maker 2003 RTP is not found."

I'm not sure what the challenge in this game is, I just went all the way up to the top of the screen where I seemed to be completely safe and then punched the boss and got stuck on the victory slide.

Like everyone said, controls need work. The camera should also lag a little, right now I'm feeling nauseous from the controls + camera combination. I think you need to play some other good 2D platformers submitted here and notice the difference in feel.

I'm a huge fan of x-com games and this seemed to be influenced by it. I tried to follow the example gameplay you posted but I couldn't see what you meant by 4 step . I had fun just clicking around (and laughing at 6 point precision for nutrition %) but I clicked on "Unlock" somewhere and it just crashed the game.

I'd like to play this again when it's a little more stable!

Cutscenes are funny! The sound seems to be buggy, I had to mute the game shortly after I picked up the sword because I'd get some static crackling. There are also some graphical and physics glitches. Some of the dialogue also didn't' appear for me.

This doesn't work for me, just a black window with what I'm guessing is the fps counter for the window title.

(Moved my post from game page to here)

Played with a controller, I think you're missing the equivalent of the escape key (to bring up the quit menu).

I'm intrigued by this "carrying brain" thing and swapping bodies, but obviously there's not much else here.

Jumping feels a little floaty, and I also expected to be able to do ledge grabs to climb up those trucks.

I do think if I'm aiming with a gun, I should see crosshairs.

I'd really like to choose whether to go up or down an elevator especially if there's multiple floors.

Seems pretty smooth so far, good work! I enjoyed exploring the area.

Really not a fan of starting from the beginning each death, if I beat the first boss you should let me start from there as a checkpoint.

I saw other people had fps issues and my PC wasn't any different. I have a 1080 and certain parts would freeze for half a second.

This is really fun! I played with a controller others played on a keyboard, but I don't have anything to really give feedback on that (nothing was bugged, worked mostly as I expected except some menu things don't go back when I press B)

Some other comments:

- I really like how the outfits change with items.
- This feels like a lego game (in a good way) where I try to break everything to pick up crystals
- You have some ugly clouds (enough to be distracting). I can tell that at least some of them are animals (cats?) but I think they could look better.
- I don't know if I'm a fan of the slight pause when an enemy dies or you destroy an object, maybe it's too long?
- I agree with the other posters about the auto lockon, it's more detrimental than helpful
- I like your item, weapon, and combat  variety, but I think playing as full mage is a handicap (since I can't break everything I want, gotta wait for my MP to recharge). I also think some things need rebalancing (I found knife + multishot is an easy way to clear everything)
- Enemies are too easy (at least up to Temple 3, I didn't play Temple 4)
- I'm not sure what's happening in the screenshot. I know there are items that use HP over MP but when my HP is too low, it'll still draw from it and make it negative. I ended up alt tabbing out to let it recharge back up in the background.

Looking forward to more!

Having seen some people play, I've decided I'm going to turn the difficulty down a notch.

I'll be working with my background artist on differentiating real backgrounds and what the player can interact with too, I guess the only reason I know what's a platform is because I'm the one making the game.

I added Z/X/C as a substitute for the Q/W/Space keybindings I had to be more accommodating, and as someone suggested once I add controller support maybe it'll play easier.

Thanks for playing!

the cat is 100% real, and you may see some other videos where it's dressed as a farmer

thanks for playing, I'm very glad you liked it!

The platforming feels so much better than my game, great job! Music is also killer, it's like you got Kavinsky to make the OST for this.

Personally, I don't go for the best time challenges, I enjoyed the last three stages where there are difficult jumps to make just to clear the level.

Some comments:
 - it says "Z to start" but I have to press C
 - if I die by falling off, I respawn but without my sprite:

 - when I die, there's like half a second where I'm still moving before I get put back in start

- not sure why the game freezes when I press esc to go back to level select

Nice game!

Thanks for playing amigo! I see how it's really unclear what to do and where you can go, so I'm going to work on that aspect.
And yeah, the masks are pixel perfect, so I'll change that to be more forgiving too.

Thanks for the feedback!

This was really great, thanks so much for taking the time to do this. I got angry at myself when I saw you were stuck and my girlfriend kept going "see! I told you that!" every time you pointed something out  :^).

I've made some immediate adjustments based on your feedback, and I'll implement the rest over time (recoloring all the backgrounds is going to be a pain...).

I will add that the doors lead to different rooms, I'm wondering if the lights make it hard to see the room now.

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This is pretty fun, and I  can see why this is called an "idle incrementer game" now.  Since it's idle is there supposed to be no enemy like Warcraft to gather resources to fight against? Not sure what my end goal is except to continue surveying and building more stuff.

A few QoL features I'd personally enjoy is scroll wheel panning and being able to zoom in and out (looking around a big map is too slow otherwise). Red text for when you can't afford to build something because of insufficient resources is another thing I wish the game had.

Not sure I understand the dungeons, I keep pressing the "Unlock" button and watch the meter fill up and then it does nothing.

Also I would do a Ctrl+F for "rerquires" and fix that :^)

Thanks so much for typing this all out amigo. I'll check out the bugs you mentioned.

The auto-save I deliberately made it work the way it did because it made sense to me then but I can see that it is a little repetitive. The stuff with items definitely need to be fixed though.

Regarding difficulty, I wanted it to be brutal but I've been hearing from other people that it's a little too much. I'll tone it down.

You're 100% with your observation on the cherry/pimp AI, I copy pasted 80% of the code :^)

Thanks again friend!

oh that tattoo idea is soul

Looks like you have some mechanics down, and I was pleasantly surprised that the white bar building up was an execute option. Gotta be honest, not much to do here though.

Is there a reason you only support controller?

I also love the look and I can see this being really fun with a little more stuff fleshed out. I die because I get disoriented (since the map is just blank) and run into enemies while running backwards, what do you think about a minimap or a radar of some kind?

I want to play this but I have no idea how it works, this genre is not something I'm familiar with.
Can you give me quick tips?

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I like the dialogue, and I actually found myself enjoying the boss fight.

tomo ge is on the nose with his comments, the levels could be condensed and it'd help if the boss' actions had visual cues.

I did find a jump bug (I don't think it's intentional?) which I recorded that I'll DM to you on twitter since I don't know how to link videos here. Never mind I can't DM you. If you jump in the same spot under a ledge, although it seems like you need to do a big jump you can make it some times.

Overall, the game is a little easy but if your target audience is casuals then \_(ツ)_/¯

Some constructive criticism:

The controls need to be tighter, they're frustrating. Please check #1 on, it'll be a significant improvement. Turning left and right back and forth is an eyesore.

I can maybe understand why you want the camera zoom to change on room size, but the visuals need a rethink. When zoomed out I have to lean in to see my avatar in the torchlight. This isn't something that adds to the creepiness, it's just flat out annoying.

The music and sound was great though, some of the writing was good at adding to the suspense (like "Can you fly?" as I was falling) but there were enough lines that made me think it was written by a 14 year old.

I'd love to give this game another shot once it plays better, thanks for submitting it!

The first time I beat it was with the assassin class, and I went back to the warrior class to see if I could beat it this time (I found warrior class the most difficult in my previous runs). Died, then tried again and got this broken sword item where I basically one-shot everything on the map. You can see I cleared everything on the "survive" mission because it's OP (don't you dare fucking remove it from the game, i need it)

The healer seems really useless (small amount of heal and has to stand right next to them in order to heal?), I always opt for the mage when I hire companions. Axe dwarf is OK, but I would never pick him over magic missile men

can you also add panning with the mouse wheel button held down?

Just beat the demo, it took me four goes

More thoughts:
- having a crew makes the game significantly easier, with a crew of two and the three spiderlings, i was no longer pressured. i liked this though, it's very xcom
- i think waiting till the portal is open or whatever should show me a counter how many turns left there are, because i could make certain moves knowing i have X amount of turns left to survive
- please let me res my fallen amigos, something like xcoms bleeding out where they can be stabilized
- i like your monster designs
- still no fucking idea what notoriety is but i gave someone 40 gold to do something about it

>Is there anything that could be improved to help you through the game?
have you thought about adding a tutorial? i didn't know till my second time playing after i died that the green squares are good, and i'm pretty confident i'm still missing stuff because i'm dumb

>As for losing progress when dying, maybe I can somehow make that a little less painful by carrying something over from attempt to attempt.
if it's supposed to be a roguelike then ignore my complaints about permadeath

i don't play card oriented games but i have a friend that loves slay the spire, and i've recommended this to him too. good luck, looking forward to playing an updated one next demo day

gameplay-wise, i think you have a fun solid loop. I saw some replies to your progress griping about the look but I think your visuals are mostly fine (but i did lower my standards since it's a demo)

btw i suck ass at this game, and I don't want to lose progress when I die. fuck your reproducing bunnies

sometimes my eyes hurt but this game is 2 0 0 % f u n