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Yatpig - 2D Pixel Adventure Game
Submitted by yatpig_dev (@yatpig_dev) — 1 day, 22 hours before the deadline
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That is some spectacular art and animation! Really impressed! I would maybe touch up the UI to mesh a bit better aesthetically with the rest of the game. But really top notch work! Great job!


It's pretty good. I managed beat the boss.

Things i liked:

  • Graphics -pretty good, player animations are very smooth. I really like the animated cutscenes.
  • Music - not sure if it's original or licensed but it's really nice and fits.
  • Style - speaks for itself
  • Orignality

Things that might be improved:

  • on hit sound
  • better telegraphed attacks
  • level design (city is super nice but some club rooms felt like platforms are placed at random)

Overal I enjoyed it I definietly would play finished version based on this demo.


good art and music, wished the longer you pressed the jump button the longer you went up and the roll was faster and longer as a tradeoff, feeling trapped in that animation feels bad, game's difficulty is pretty high, I like it


Nice presentation, i love the music and the animation, the setting is pretty unique so this will be your strong point i hope the plot get so cheesy and gross to make me wash my and every play session.

Talking about the gameplay:
- I think making 3 animation combo will increase the smoothness
- return projectiles with the melee could be a thing
- one of the strong point i want to make you consider is to abandon is the dodge button, you tend to design everything around that and for the demo enemies where not fun, i had to dodge and atk or trade, it would be better for my prospective be able to dodge by jumping or dashing and it would feel more organic in the end.

personal thing that make me triggered


only got two words for this: kino

everything about this game is great, the animations, the character, the style, the music , this is some serious good shit ur makin

btw was that cat in the title screen real? (sorry for the small text idk how to disable this)


the cat is 100% real, and you may see some other videos where it's dressed as a farmer

thanks for playing, I'm very glad you liked it!


The art, animation, music was all really good and really like the unique setting. I got a little lost at first, but didn't mind the extra wandering around because the game looks so good.

Game was pretty difficult. Really captures the feeling of being a single mom. I also had some difficulty distinguishing between platforms and background elements, particularly the theater balcony seats.

I really wish I could rebind my hotkeys. (unless i missed this in the menu)

Really good game.


Having seen some people play, I've decided I'm going to turn the difficulty down a notch.

I'll be working with my background artist on differentiating real backgrounds and what the player can interact with too, I guess the only reason I know what's a platform is because I'm the one making the game.

I added Z/X/C as a substitute for the Q/W/Space keybindings I had to be more accommodating, and as someone suggested once I add controller support maybe it'll play easier.

Thanks for playing!

  • Art is great, really juicy
  • Humor wasnt my cup of tea but im too pc
  • its a bit hard of understand what to do, not that you need to put in waypoints but with all the heightlevels and able to walk behind layers i wouldnt mind a greater sepeartion in e.g. sprite colors on whats interactive or where its possible to walk
  • the spikes and enemies are really pixel precise , dont know if u are using a seperate mask but if you it would benefit from being smaller

good job


Thanks for playing amigo! I see how it's really unclear what to do and where you can go, so I'm going to work on that aspect.
And yeah, the masks are pixel perfect, so I'll change that to be more forgiving too.

Thanks for the feedback!



This was really great, thanks so much for taking the time to do this. I got angry at myself when I saw you were stuck and my girlfriend kept going "see! I told you that!" every time you pointed something out  :^).

I've made some immediate adjustments based on your feedback, and I'll implement the rest over time (recoloring all the backgrounds is going to be a pain...).

I will add that the doors lead to different rooms, I'm wondering if the lights make it hard to see the room now.


That will teach you to doubt your girlfriend. ;)


Alright I just finished playing your demo here is what I think. (I'm going to assume all the demo had was the fight with the pimp because I never found anything else)
Holy shit this fucking game is dripping with soul. The art, sound/music, and aesthetic is all quality man.

That being said I had a few gripes with it but first the bugs.
Screen transitions leave behind a black box that doesn't actually cover the screen but only a piece of the screen. Really noticed it in the city and nightclub but didn't really notice it in the apartments. (minor visual bug)
During the pimp fight the pimp can actually yeet himself out of the playable area, I wish I remembered what attack specifically it was but I'm almost certain it was the triple swipe with his cane. (Soft lock) (I'll come back to this later)
Auto-saves are busted. The only auto-save that actually saved was upon entering the nightclub. I kept dying and dying trying to explore but it kept putting me back at the entrance to the night club having to reactivate the Japanese guy.
Speaking of the Japanese guy he can sometimes bug out and teleport back to the ledge (only for a split second) after finishing his falling animation. (minor visual bug)
Not sure about this last one didn't really test it but I think it may be one (upon restarting the game like exiting the game to the main menu and reloading you are given all your items that you had at the last auto-save (entrance to the nightclub) even if you used them.)
Back to the pimp fight, after he flew out of the map I had to exit to the main menu and reload. To my surprise I spawned inside the pimp's room NOT the entrance to the nightclub. That is where I want to load every time I died to the pimp. 

Now gripes
The auto-save should save all the shit I picked up/used exploring. It should also teleport me to that last save. I'm not saying every door should be an auto-save but you need more checkpoints basically (specifically the door to the pimp could use one)
The Japanese man room doesn't need the vomit and broken bottles on the floor. It discouraged me from walking and I ended up just standing where I couldn't be damage trying to fight what I thought was a boss.
Also if you can you should auto-save key events (the Japanese man being one of them) so that I only need to activate him once (minor gripe really)

The enemies (and game in general) are fucking brutal. Not sure if this is what you are going for but holy shit the cherry enemies have 3 attacks 2 of which are a counter to her vulnerability. I felt the only balanced enemy was the nose.
I think it is because you have played it and played it and now assume it is too easy because you are speed running it. The cherries only need 1 attack the flying leg kicks.

They also melt your fucking health.
The pimp I thought was maybe unbalanced. Maybe take away his ranged attack while the strippers slide down.
The pimp is iffy I'd be ok with him the way he is now because once I figured out his pattern he was a piece of cake. It was just the deaths I spent learning his attacks that fucked me.
Also it's funny, imagine if the pimp instead of resting after his triple strike, bitch slapped you if you got close enough to attack and that is pretty much the cherry enemies for you.
Remember they are the first enemy in the game it's ok if they are a little dumb. Balance it by removing the 100% drop rate of the cherry item so players can't farm them comfortably

All in all it is fucking great man.


Thanks so much for typing this all out amigo. I'll check out the bugs you mentioned.

The auto-save I deliberately made it work the way it did because it made sense to me then but I can see that it is a little repetitive. The stuff with items definitely need to be fixed though.

Regarding difficulty, I wanted it to be brutal but I've been hearing from other people that it's a little too much. I'll tone it down.

You're 100% with your observation on the cherry/pimp AI, I copy pasted 80% of the code :^)

Thanks again friend!