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Velocity NoodleView game page

Platformer with movement focusing on speedrunning levels
Submitted by Shotgun Anaconda (@ShotgunAnaconda) — 2 days, 21 hours before the deadline
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i fell out of bounds and kept falling forever, also I doesnt seem to die unless i touch the ground

overall its a pretty good game but i feel like it only got interesting after you learn the teleport move


yeah i didnt get to implement killzones in this build sorry, death is also triggered on the mask hitting ground i should get to changing that.

Thanks for the feedback :) I agree with you, im thinking of introducing that earlier and making more levels with it.

Beaten all the levels, is a good start but it need some polish

- Can`t jump while dashing, not sure if the problem come from my keyboard
- Pressing R when the character is out of the level make the character disappear forever
- Completing the level by sliding make the game go back to the menu

- The double jump made me skip most of the obstacles, i feel that the game is intended to play without it.
- Making the game without double jump make the game harder but more rewarding to obtain altitude, you could substitute the double jump with a jump that scale with your speed to create a game based maintain speed.
- For a speed running game i would personally prefer bass and drums music


Thanks for playing :)

-Jump while dashing should work... havnt heard this from anyone else, maybe its your keys?
-Noted, mistake from my part
-Odd, will investigate

I will have to become better at boxing in levels/adding killzones. I do agree it breaks some of the current levels. I was playing around with making double jump weaker, have to experiment a bit.

thank you!


I can't get past the title screen, pressing Z doesn't do anything


yeah sorry, it's actually C (jump button) forgott to update the string)


The movement in this game is very well done. Transitioning between run/slide/jump is fluid and moving around the map is already pretty fun by itself once you get the hang of it.

On some of the early maps, the player can walljump upwards to circumvent most of the level, whereas other levels have an invisible wall, although it doesn't really matter since taking the high route is always slow anyways. Also, I'd really like the ability to rebind the hotkeys

Fun game. Some kind of sandbox level for freely practicing tricky jumps would be pretty cool.


THanks for playing!

Yeah i need to do a better job of boxing in levels/adding killzones. Will probably add walls that cant be jumped on since i dont want to add a stamina to wall jumping.


The platforming feels so much better than my game, great job! Music is also killer, it's like you got Kavinsky to make the OST for this.

Personally, I don't go for the best time challenges, I enjoyed the last three stages where there are difficult jumps to make just to clear the level.

Some comments:
 - it says "Z to start" but I have to press C
 - if I die by falling off, I respawn but without my sprite:

 - when I die, there's like half a second where I'm still moving before I get put back in start

- not sure why the game freezes when I press esc to go back to level select

Nice game!


THank you for playing friend!

  • yeah my bad, forgot to change the string
  • killzones will come in the next build, sry
  • death is triggered when mask hits the ground, will probably change
  • no idea.. is this within the levels?  will explore

- if you go down in level select too much, the selection gets stuck
- if you dash into the level ending zone, it's not obvious that you complete the level, seems like I just died and the levels looking identical support it
- took me a while to figure out that you take damage when standing still
- would be nice if the sword could be juggled forever by jumping over it
- the volume increments too fast when using a controller
Overall, it's pretty alright.


-Yes, will be fixed next build
-True, will add more feedback
-Need to implement this better
-Interesting point, will explore 
-In option screen? Ive never used a controller so will have to test, thx for bringing attention.

thx for playing <3