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Super 9 in 1 TV Game for PCView game page

Submitted by gamedump, Gato D — 2 days, 12 hours before the deadline
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good song on the goblin's 4th level, instantly killed me thanks


it has chances of playing ANYWHERE in game, but it appears more commonly on the 2048 clone, if we're talking the same song. it's actually a beautiful tune, unintenionally funny; I thought i fit the game's theme. Thanks!

It definitely nail the experience of playing a cheap bootleg, the one i found more interesting where Future escape with that weird backstory at the beginning for a simple dodge game, Crate realm was actually intriguing and Dragon Bowl 2 for the name also it make lose my side finding the bug on the upleft corner. The other one are weird, not fun and Attack Sky is not working, I'm not sure if is part of experience.

Overall i don't know what the direction of this project could be, but if you want to aim for maximum bootleg you should add more games to stand out as the ultimate bootleg experience.


Thanks for playing! I see this project as a bit of a "dumping grounds" for unreleasable things so I might add more later, but I had something like the Caltron 6 in 1 in mind, although I see how Action 52 is the golden standard. Attack Sky uses the mouse, kinda breaking immersion there.

That's a really neat way to hide/package a pushing box puzzle game while adding some style, humor, and flavor.  And not a bad box puzzle game at that.  Always into these pure logic puzzle games like this.  Not the hardest ever, but for a 22-leveler had some really cute concepts.  Particularly thought the spiral one was clever.

Really  miss the "undo last move" that most such puzzle games are including these days, but can't blame the lack of it for the simplicity and 8-bit theme.


You can undo with backspace! I'm glad you liked it. If you really want more you should check the many, many variations of Sokoban of which mine's a shameless ripoff. I went a bit too far and even ripped all of the levels right off the original game -- this whole collection was very low effort

Ah, dang it backspace.  My facerolling didn't make it to that part of the keyboard.  

Anyway, neat styles and got me to enjoy an old classic


Fun minigames the hand moves too slow on the clover one and I didn't understand well enough the text-based ones, cool concept