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Submitted by Lord_404 — 2 days, 22 hours before the deadline
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this game sucks cause i suck at it!!!!!

for real this game is pretty damn hard but its also p damn satisfiying, it has very good sound effects and the way spells work is so juicy, i love it

i love the cosmic thingy spell i think its very cool how it works but at the same time i dont think its that practical considering how fast paced the combat is, unless you are hiding somewhere where enemies cant get to you but i think thats lame

the only thing i actually didnt like was that megaman-ass underwater bullshit level like cmon bro pls

overall very good game even though i only reach the first boss once and got my ass kicked all this feels like its missing is some music


interesting concept. thoughts

  • i didnt understand that the buble was the way forward lol, thought it only was a tutorial
  • controls are cool, took me a while to understand you could parry the seed that gets dropped, the tutorial made me think i could only parry enemies themselves. 
  • Would give the player a little buffer when he drops into the level before the enemies start to attack

good job!

Ok, I have beaten the first boss and then give up because I'm bad at videogames.

So far from bugs, I noticed that the section where you have to descend to the water have some issue with the barrier that closes too much early

about the game I have mixed feelings because I just love the art style, the punching and the weight of the impacts but also I have some problem with the Crocodiles, I think at this stage they should be more vulnerable to stuns, feels like they are a much stronger variant of themselves rather than basic enemies, also the command gets me to confuse all the time with grabbing and throwing items, I don't understand why there should even be possible to drink poisoned items if your focus is the combat than is not a fun mechanics to screw yourself because you press the wrong button. Another not so fun mechanic is the door with water and spikes on the bottom, you cannot recover once you fell in one of it and is just frustrating to see your character bouncing 3 times before recover.

Once I got more confident with the commands I was having more fun, one thing i would like to see is an arrow that indicates where I will throw the item, also I would you to consider the possibility of grabbing enemies while stunned to trow them.

Speaking of the grab I was trying to trow underwater and if you go for sides the item flies straight but if you try vertically the item will stop in mid-air, not sure if this is your intention but for now, is inconsistent.

I'm not sure about the design of "grab the money and enemies appear" why not together?

I like this game so I was more invested to get trough, I hope you found my feedback useful and see you in the next DD.


Fixed both the water quirk and barrier bug, made it so negative effect potions get thrown rather than drank, and grapple is a planned skill.

Thanks for playing.


Here's my thoughts over it :

- It's fun. Real fun big fun kind of fun, everything's responsive, I spent about half an hour in it and could easily have spent more
- It's hard. Punch hitbox is very small (too much for my taste), there's no HP regen, HP pool is small and it's easy to chain mistakes.
- By opposition, magic can be used to cheese stuff
- Cant buy the skill in the tutorial (not enough money)
- Not sure if it is explained in the tutorial that roll makes you go through enemies ? I kept getting blocked by them before I figured that out.
- Cosmic arsenal can be cast without MP, locking you into the casting pose without being able to cast (roll cancels it out)
- lack of HP regen makes the game a bit unfair (I feel like there should be one at least after you clear out the boss)
- Ran into a level that was all green with no displayed geometry, looked like it was a bug ?

Developer (4 edits) (+1)

I never considered that you could get hit in the tutorial and loose points, lol.

Ill fix the both the cosmic arsenal issue and make the tutorial items cost 0 points, ive encountered the green room bug ill see if i can fix it.

Edit: The green room bug was caused because for some reason i saved that level twice with a slightly diferent name (dampPlat1 -> dampPlant1), and since i created it before autotiling was implemented the "inside of the level object" that floodfills to check what parts should be autotiled wasn't included on the level.

Edit 2: Uploaded new build with all of the bugs mentioned fixed.

Thanks for playing.