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I was aware about some of it but thanks for pointing it out in any case. There is more spaghetti that shouldn't be there in the demo so I'll try and fix it this evening and upload a new build.

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Juicy. The core feels great, all the mechanics are intuitive. The level was fun to explore and I liked the subtle, less shooter focused things like platforming or using the vinyl launcher's bounce to toggle a switch. The goal felt a little obscure but that's something you can easily fix by adding more landmarks and misc props. (it also took me more time than I'd like to admit to figure out you had to dive at one part, thought that was just a puddle).
I also had a harder time aiming the pistol than any other weapon, I think because the projectile had a tendency to blend itself with the rest of the map. But that might just be me, I easily have trouble discerning some colors moving over some others.

I'd have liked a bit more shooting too, it felt a little tame in that area. But overall, nice demo !

p.s. - Also some music would give it a lot more atmosphere.

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Quick heads up - Turns out I had an issue shipping the game and the navmesh was non-existant on the second and third level.
The fixed version can be downloaded here, I'll replace the game's file once it's possible to edit downloads.

Like everyone mentioned, the camera is really annoying, it's practically impossible to aim with it unless you stand still, and as soon as you shoot, your aim is thrown off. Just anchor its origin point until you move X units and lerp whenever you cross that, it would improve it a lot.

Performance wise, I had a steady 30fps with "medium" settings. Which I find weird because the game doesn't look visually demanding.

Other than that, I somehow got stuck in the ground on the first level.

Thanks a lot ! Your video is very in depth and precisely defines several problems I had not thought about, I really appreciate it.

I won't go back onto bugs (particularily for weapon selecting with the stick, I forgot to check a bool for the input to be consumed during pausing so it stays stuck) or sfx mixing because these are genuine issues I need to fix.

But for controls, I personally have the index on the bumpers whenever I'm using them, so it made sense to me when I was coming up with them. Anyway I'll just try to have re-bindable controls by next Demo Day.

Thanks for the feedback !

Concerning melee, I'm not too hot on the idea of completely aiming attacks, it still needs some degree of snapping. But I'll agree with you that it is a little too generous right now.

As for spawning enemies, the demo is limited to 5 instances of each enemy. There's not much of a point to more of them, and most importantly they're pooled now instead of being spawned. But I'm not sure how you got only 3 spawns since it should go back to 5 if you put more, I tried to replicate that but to no avail.

I'll refer to your game as Tomato Juice because not only it feels very juicy but it also looks like tomato juice with all that blood being thrown around.

Jokes aside, I don't really have anything to add to what the others said, I've had a pretty similar experience. Blocking is kinda weird too, I didn't really manage to use it (I'm not saying it's broken, I'm just referring to the fact the time frame for it is kinda short).

All around a very impressive demo, everything I've seen is finely polished and the game plays very well. 

However I have to admit I do have some trouble noticing where my character is, despite dimming the background and making the bullets pink. I think they would read better if they were the brightest color they are when strobing.

Aside from that, I've found speeding up to be kinda counter intuitive as someone who's only experience with shmups are Touhou and Mushihimesama, you get used to it after a while but I'm still not too hot on that choice.  And there are some enemies which you can't really shoot unless you absolutely master the movement, which kinda feel annoying, but aren't that awful.

As most of the other people pointed out, the game is a little easy as it is. But it is well polished, the visuals are clear and go straight to the point. 

My only gripe with it was that I felt everyone was a little too slow, both the character and the zombies. However it may be just an issue of lacking any proper environment other than a squared floor, which gives no context to compare the movement to.

I just found it a little weird that you need to aim before you can shoot, not really sure why that is there but it might make sense if you'd use melee when not aiming.

Thank you !
I definitely will,  as it is the game doesn't read as well as I want it to , and if I want fast gameplay I need to focus on that.

Thanks for your opinion !
Concerning Lock-on, your post makes me realize it might not be as intuitive as I thought it out to be, you have to first press F to lock onto the enemy, then V if you want the camera to fix itself on said enemy. 

For the difficulty, it does get harder the more enemies you kill as they start to dodge and attack more but as you mentioned, it's pretty easy to abuse the dodge button. The main reason for that is that I haven't gotten around implementing a more accurate target leading formula.

By the way I'm glad you're mentioning Z.O.E. it's the main inspiration for this.