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Skeletal Dance PartyView game page

Host a dance party for your skeletons!
Submitted by Catalope Games (@catalopegames), Jesper (@jesperTingvall) — 2 days, 14 hours before the deadline
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My favorite skeleton is the one with the top hat. 

Agree with the below on the camera being off.  Better control of your space bar spell would be a plus too. 



Thank you for feedback, I'll see how I can make the spell aiming better!


Like everyone mentioned, the camera is really annoying, it's practically impossible to aim with it unless you stand still, and as soon as you shoot, your aim is thrown off. Just anchor its origin point until you move X units and lerp whenever you cross that, it would improve it a lot.

Performance wise, I had a steady 30fps with "medium" settings. Which I find weird because the game doesn't look visually demanding.

Other than that, I somehow got stuck in the ground on the first level.


Thank you for feedback! I've figured out one main performance hog (minimap) and temporarly disabled it. Did you do something special before getting stuck in the ground?


Long cooldown on the raise dead ability causes you to sit for 1 minute at spawn slowly making your army.

Other than that it had trumpets so it's a good game.


Thank you, I'll see how I can make the Raise Dead ability better.


pretty hard to mouse over stuff because the camera is so jumpy

also got the music stuck in my head now


Thank you for feedback, I'll see what I can do.

Music getting stuck is a feature, not a bug!

.zip the folder with your game files, not the game files themselves. The "highlights in the menu" are near invisible when you hover on a button. "Privacy Options" takes me to the browser to opt out of Unity, doesn't leave a good first impression. Loading freezes screen for 10 seconds. Pressing escape to go into the menu keeps the mouse locked in Windowed and music blasting, neither are good player experience. Music still plays even on minimization. You're saving files to my PC/Pictures, why? just put it in the folder where the game is run from. Everything is very frustrating due to the bad camera controls, which is something out of a strategy game but mixed onto middle mouse button, no sense of what you're doing and not being able to do what you want because of all of the grating nonsense you have to put up with.

FATAL BUG: start game, press escape, wait some seconds, press escape, get launched into infinity. Happens every damn time I pause to write something here. After around 10 times, I had enough.

Alpha version isn't an excuse for any of the above.


Thank you for feedback Rokas! 

  • I use itch.'s butler application to upload the game files so I assume they are packed they way itch prefer.
  • Save location is something which in ideal case should be customizeable, right now it is My Pictures because in case you run it from Steam, Gamejolts or itch's desktop client the executeables location is hidden somewhere in your file system.

  • As you can see most things is in progress and much polish remains. I've included all feedback into the backlog, thanks!


I think it'd be more fun if the fox-wizardess was less floaty in general. Skeletons could continue to be super floaty and ridiculous, but the controls for the player are rough to mess with in the same vein. Makes it more like you're fighting the game and less like you're fighting your opponents.

Cute graphics, OK sound design (needs more ambiance, sound effects from characters so that you can tell when skeletons die, et cetera), serviceable level design, and somewhat funny skeletals. I'm interested to see where you're going to take this.


Thank you for the feedback! I've had a lot of other comments about the controls so I will see if I can improve them.

The physics seem to be highly framerate dependent; forcing vsync off (resulting in about 160FPS on my system) made the character slippery enough to move around just by waving the mouse, while extremely low framerates made her unable to move at all. Additionally, pressing esc to pause the game and then resuming occasionally makes her shoot high into the sky.


Thank you for the feedback. I'll see if I can find where the physics break.

I danced too much and fell into a random hole located in level 1. 



Exactly as intended!

Safety nets will be provided in patch

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Good colors and aestetics, but gameplay wise it seems to be too random, and the camera angle is terrible, i feel frustrated whenever i encounter a mage because they have the aimbot while i had to be enough close to see if i can hit enemy while my skeleton get destroyed.

Developer (1 edit)

Thank you for playing and testing! I'll put it in the feedback log and see what I can solve.