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Wow, thank you for the kind words, I'm really glad you like it.

And sorry to answer so late (it was nighttime here).

I knew there might be some issues with the switch to multiple save files but never saw them myself. Glad you got it working eventually.

I will make a note to look at that situation again, there are always more bugs to find, so if (or when) you find more, please let me know.

Thanks for telling me, will be fixed soon ;)

Great, I hope you like it ;)

Ok so I made a 32bit version (you can download it where the others are)

BUT, there is a high chance it will not work anyway.

I looked into that a bit more and it looks like there are problems with the newer Unity3D versions and Win7 (If that is the case you might just get a black screen)

I'm still looking if there is a way to get around this though, but there might not be one.

Then I will try and make you a version that actually works.

It should work just fine either way, I always build for both.

Thanks, I have noticed that too and it should be fixed in the next update, which will hopefully be done at the end of the month at the latest (it's a bigger one)

I hope I don't introduce too many new bugs of that kind, but I probably will :)

You can totally win that fight via several different methods.

Hint: When you kill the big main part, the small ones explode too.

Hey, thanks for asking and yes it is.

I fell of the wagon for a little bit because I was on and off sick half of December and January.

But I am now back in the dev-saddle :)

Currently working on enemies for the second sector.

Will probably upload a small update next week, that just fixes some bugs I noticed and fixed already.

Sorry to keep you waiting for that long.

yes works great now

3 points i noticed:

- the controles feel a little spongy (not sure what the right word is here) like it's all dragging behind a little bit (felt a little better when shrunk)

- some of the tiles at the lower parts of the starting region look like they are walkable even though they are not

- i was a little confused what ui element was showing what, for example when i could do the special or not or if my life was full or empty or if it hp at all, if i would actually pay close attention to it i am sure i would see it, but it would be nice if it would be more obvious somehow without paying attention :)

still love the music and sprite animations

i think i got to the end (the last save point that did not activate) and there was only one platform i could not reach, because after everything was dead and i goofed around i could not do the special move anymore to get there.

keep at it!

Thank you, music is on the agenda, but there are a lot of things on my todo list with higher priority for now.

Glad you like the UI, because i am never sure it's good enough yet.

Feels nice and smooth, i could moon-slide back and force all day.

Only bad thing... the box enemie in the debug room has a round collider so i could not stand on it's head!

i did not have a controller available and it looks like there was no way of remapping movement to keyboard, so i was fucked.

But it looks cool (gives me MegaMan X feels) and the music is also pretty cool.

Ok the best part are the family pictures of those aliens, even though that means they are all boning the same turtle...

I fucked up the one dudes garden and he still thanked me for it :)

fell through the world every time i exited the mine, because that darn thing practically canonballed me out of there :)

and every time i fall off the world my costume changes to yellow even though my magic is still set to ice.

you can walk up that one bridge, but not down

while driving the card torched along keep disappearing into thin air (when driving towards the camera)

music is cool, but gets a bit repetitive after a few minutes because the loop is pretty short.

most of the assets look cool and the lighting is also really nice

in the end i could not find my way out of the mine again and was trapped in an endless cart ride to hell

good job, keep going and make more romantic turtle alien family pictures!!!

Hi and thanks for taking a look at this.

Yes crit's will only be something for the player because they feel good and getting crits in your own face feels bad.

I will look into the hitboxes, that's probably one of those things you don't notice when deving and playing your own game all the time.

Yeah the Salvage Ray is overpowered as is healing in general i noticed, so those will certainly get dialed down sooner or later, non of this stuff is final.

One other way that works too but takes far longer is Shield Battery + Inversion Build, but hey i got tons of card ideas, just making art takes me a while and there are also still a million other things to do. I aim for 50 cards at least, also many more Crewmembers (as of now you always get the same more or less)

Some enemies already do follow a pattern, but they start the pattern at a random point, so you don't see the pattern, but yeah others are completely random, which sometimes looks dumb (like healing when full), this is also on the todo list.

Thank you again for playing and the feedback, i am starting to feel like i am on the right track with this one... good feeling to have :)

Yeah unfortunately i work on a budget of zero hehe.

I actually look forward to getting some musical skills, but this is still a good while down the line i think, my todo list seems to actually get longer every week, but once i start i will probably ask in the thread and discord for help, unless it turns out i am a natural music prodigy, which is highly unlikely.

I also feel some kind of pride of having done everything myself so far and i want to keep that going for as long as possible, even if that means everything takes way longer than it would otherwise.

Thank you for that generous offer though, certainly good to know i have some options in case i completely fail at that part :)

Looks and sounds great, but needs a fullscreen mode.

Could be a cool way to improve your typing skills

There might be something wrong with the WPM ( i assume words per minute) counter on a game i was terrible it gave me 30 and the next game i was doing great and typing like my hands were on fire it only gave me 15...

Also a key that resets the typing buffer would be swell

 my keyboard is qwertz which was not an option, but it worked on qwerty anyway.

Damn, thank you very much.

Didn't think i would get high praise for this :)

Half the things you suggested are already on my todo list, like different ships with different themed starting decks and a progression system where you unlock more cards by playing.

The hotkeys for the cards is something i had not thought of yet, but i think that is a great idea.

Learning how to make music that does not suck will be a challenge, since i have never done any music, but hey how hard can it be right?

Thanks again, this comment alone already made my weekend!

pretty hard to mouse over stuff because the camera is so jumpy

also got the music stuck in my head now