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A jam submission

[Placeholder Title] - DDXXI VersionView game page

It's like the DDXVI Version except more janky and less features
Submitted by Ogier (@Ogier_Dev) — 8 hours, 51 minutes before the deadline

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Why can't I fight the Golem boss as Red?


[Red] and [Blue] will have different bosses. They are tailored to what the characters can do and since [Red] cannot wall jump it would lead to a bunch of undodgeable attack situations.

I think it'd be interesting to see them both being able to fight both bosses, but having different workarounds for the same situations.


Thanks for playing everyone.


Liking this a lot, definitely feels better on controller.

One thing to complain is that you can't get past the dummy enemy which can *block your path*. Would be nice if dash could dash through them.


I plan on adding an ability that you can use to go through enemies later. Mostly wanted the enemy collision so you can't just sanic past everything.


Feels nice and smooth, i could moon-slide back and force all day.

Only bad thing... the box enemie in the debug room has a round collider so i could not stand on it's head!


That's how the enemy collision works in the game currently. They will push each other out slowly (or prevent entering at all), so no standing on heads.

Wow really good, i like the smooth animation, and the gameplay is godly too i beated the boss in all difficulty, the only bug i encounter was the golem on normal difficulty not doing anything after gain his arm, but apart from that i want more.


Thanks for the bug report. Hopefully one of the updates fixed this.