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I did a recording if this is helpful for you. . I found it odd that doing a charge attack while not dashing prevented me from moving, but dashing and using the charge attack let me move. Is this unintentional? Also if I held down the charge button and pressed normal attack while still charging, the charge animation would cancel (as seen in ~5:50). It would play the rest of the animation after letting go of the charge button however.

Thanks for playing. I made updates to the game to fix some of those things listed. I'm not sure if the crash I fixed with the boss is the same thing that caused your crash though; it appeared to happen at a different time compared to the other crash and I can't seem to reproduce it.

Thanks for testing it out.  I'm sure the slopes have some evil hidden away that isn't apparent yet.

[Red] and [Blue] will have different bosses. They are tailored to what the characters can do and since [Red] cannot wall jump it would lead to a bunch of undodgeable attack situations.

Thanks for playing everyone.

I plan on adding an ability that you can use to go through enemies later. Mostly wanted the enemy collision so you can't just sanic past everything.

That's how the enemy collision works in the game currently. They will push each other out slowly (or prevent entering at all), so no standing on heads.

Thanks for the bug report. Hopefully one of the updates fixed this.

Thanks for playing. I have a fullscreen/borderless window option but they are currently disabled because they don't behave like how I want them to at the moment. I'll have to mess with them a bit.

Thanks for playing. Currently I'm still porting over a bunch of stuff from GMS (DD16v) and the Godot 2.1.4 version (mostly menus). Mostly been making sure the entity code won't explode into spaghetti (and working correctly) before I get the other character and the boss back in. When you started juggling the sandbag near the end and it would just fall instead of going back into the air is actually a bug but I'm not entirely sure what's causing it.

Some thoughts:

  • I don't know if I like the Knight being slower than the Witch in terms of movespeed. Could be fine for some puzzles though.
  • Witch-chan does fire a bit fast for the enemy invincibility frames

Could see this being more fun with more abilities and such. Good foundation.

I uploaded a playthrough if that is useful to you. It's not really a first playthrough since the first recording messed up so I tried again. ; Near the end (last screen), I would sometimes be unable to move while getting close to the other character.

Also this next one isn't really a playthrough, I don't really know what happened but I ended up crashing at the end of this.

Pretty much everything is of high quality. My only complaint left is when restarting the game after having a larger resolution set in windowed, you'd have to move the window so it doesn't go off screen (at least on my monitor).

Also I did a recording with my low shooting skills.

Wow update your bios it's still the DD14 version.

Enjoyed it, liked the voices for the pickups. I am not very good with games that have a lot of bullets however and was unable to beat the actual boss[?]. I expected the D-Pad to work but only the control stick works it looks like. 

I did a first time playthrough recording if that is helpful for you. No sound though because OBS didn't pick it up and I didn't notice until the end.

What does the fuel do?

Thanks for playing. You are able to change dash types in the Gameplay menu under Options so if you want to use the other default right dash button for something else you can rebind it. I'll have to adjust the slow shockwave as that is the most common complaint.

Thanks. The lightning attacks are in, but they can only be used in the tutorial/dummy room. Fire attacks are going under a revision right now. Gameplay wise, you'd get the core moveset of the magic all at once, then the special moveset (which is utility focused) at some other point.

Thanks. The backdash functions exactly the same as the forward dash, so holding down either dash button while dashing then jumping will keep that extra speed from dashing if you hold down left or right (you can come to a complete stop and still keep the potential max speed/acceleration as long as the dash button is still held). Letting go of the dash button removes the potential speed. Holding down the dash button while jump kicking off of a wall does a similar thing as well.

Boss fight was pretty fun. Had some issues with the ranged attack (I expected it to work in the air also?) and double jump acted a bit oddly sometimes. I recorded a full playthrough if that helps you any .

Ok I take that back, I managed to find a way to use the clap pretty well. Also I did a quick speedrun to see if I could reproduce the crash (It happens at the end, but the preview of the crash window doesn't pop up in the webm).

Maybe it's because I have a controller plugged in? I'm playing with Keyboard.

The new art is pretty good. Some thoughts:

  • As Norm with his clap attack, it doesn't seem to have much practical use  since enemies will still be invulnerable after the first thumbs-up attack (mostly referring to the mid-boss which is where I noticed this); There didn't seem to be a way to go straight into the clap so odds are they will get hit by the first attack, unless you manage to miss the first attack I suppose
  • I got this error when attempting to ride the cloud after becoming the mid-boss
  • As Noogie, I expected the throwing animation to return to idle after hitting a breakable block or wall, but if you're on the ground you stay in the end of the throwing animation until you move again
  • Just a minor graphical thing

The mid boss was pretty cool, and I like the effect for hitting Norm/Reece enough to be able to possess them.

Also, I'm not sure if you're aware, but there are some odd things going on with the little dirt mounds that act as slopes. I made a webm trying to list the issues. Getting stuck on the slope is from a result of walking up to it then stopping.

@Sinoc - I don't know if you remember the boss [Cyan] from DD11+ but that's basically what I have in mind, for stronger enemies at least. After hitting them extremely aggressively in a short amount of time he becomes hitstun immune for a couple of moves, though what you suggested might be better.

@AWK - Yeah, you're right. I'll make it move to any attack.

Thanks for the feedback guys.

An enjoyable experience. Nice work on the shaders. I am not a clever man though, and got stuck on the 3rd map for about ~25 minutes and then gave up. Then when I closed the game by using escape, the game crashed (The level select squares disappeared like normal but instead of exiting, it just crashed). Rebooting it then pressing escape at the level select made it close like normal.

Very good. My only suggestions would be to slightly tone down the brightness on the flashes from big enemies when they get hit (starts to hurt my eyes after a bit) and maybe make the first enemies that shoot lasers have a bit of a brighter tell. I am bad at this genre so I didn't get very far.

Good job on the effects. I love spin attacks in games. The only main issues I had were:

  • No pause button(?)
  • I barely understand what's going on with the clear menu that has the equipment and ability selection. Mostly the equipment section. The ability section seemed to act funny when I would try to assign things, but it was understandable in what things did otherwise.
  • The clear conditions for the trails don't seem very clear. Is it just time based to get to the end or do I have to kill everything including the orb things and go fast at the same time? Sometimes it seemed like it would clear the trail if I just sped through ignoring everything, though I'm not entirely sure.

Feels pretty good. The high gravity took me a little bit to get used to, but it's fine. There appears to be a small bug where if you run into a wall on the ground, Whimp will do a very very short fall and then immediately start running even if you were walking. The dust clouds then proceed to go nuts.

Comment too long for itch. The platforms are a bit too dark/blend in with the background and I couldn't really see them. Forgot to mention, when referring to the charge attacks, I meant the melee ones.

Comment was too long for itch. I attempted to find as many bugs as I could. These were the settings I was playing with

+ Cute

+ Some neat effects

= The charge gun seems a bit weak? Maybe if you could fire the offhand gun while charging it would be better

= Found myself just using the standard guns the entire time after a bit

= The explosion from the 3rd shot of the standard guns hurting you seems odd I guess

- Wasn't sure if there was a pause menu or anything; Had to Alt-F4

- Didn't seem like the camera was controllable; Almost got stuck at one point because I got caught behind some blocks and couldn't see in the room with the bomb enemies

Really good work. Some things I found odd were when doing a melee attack you can't use your umbrella shield until it's over, though that's probably intentional. Also the mid-boss's arms always have touch damage even when not moving, but that might just be so it's harder to melee the arms.

It's always something with the ice block. Thanks for that, it should be fixed now, though I can't seem to reproduce the reflection bug.


  • The chest causing an error was something I completely forgot about when I was refactoring the code for item obtaining. It has now been fixed. Thanks for that.
  • I promise I will have at least double the sound effects for next demo day
  • This one is rather silly on my part, but the reason it is like that is because I was having a hard time imagining how a backwards slide would work. I suppose I could add that in for consistency.
  • I was being really stubborn on wall-jumping being how it is now, but you're probably right on this one. I keep modifying it all the time to make it easier anyway.


I suppose I can make the first boss have a longer tell depending on the phase, since it uses more attacks at once and getting hit by like all of them really whittles you down.

The thing with the second boss's jump attack is that it only does the spikes if it has learned how to use your Ice-Upward ability. It also adds an ice block to it if you made it learn that as well.

The third boss isn't really meant to be beaten yet, I just left it in as a silly preview I guess (I haven't beaten it in its current state yet either). Still have a bunch of work to do on it, and it has no difficulty differences right now save for the waiting period between attacks like all enemies do based on difficulty.

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I'll have to figure out mouse support when I do some work on the menus.

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah with the boss tells I understand. I'll need to make them more standout-ish, and add a slight delay before the attack string starts. Also I thought I completely removed access from picking Red. It was mostly an experiment with prototyping something. Whoops.

I lost it when Live and Learn started playing. Also that 1-Up on the platform that you can't return from in Marble Zone at the beginning was nice.

Movement feels nice, and I didn't encounter any game breaking bugs. On the 2nd playthrough I attempted to look for bugs.

I could walk over these gaps with the yellow enemies before the flagpole in map 1.
If I shoot one of those circle enemies near a wall, it gets stuck. In addition to that, if an enemy was stuck in the wall there, if I respawn at that checkpoint, I would get hit immediately.
Shooting on a moving platform (Horizontal at least) makes the grill ignore the carry speed of the platform for a few frames.
(After boss) I went back to the flagpole before the boss, and one circle enemy was stuck in the ground about halfway.

And some minor nitpicks that might not be bugs:
Going on a spring then immediately jumping resets your vertical speed.
I kind of expected to bounce higher off of enemies by holding jump, but it doesn't appear to do that.

Looking great so far though. I also probably spent about a minute trying to get the options menu to work.

Thanks for trying it out. (Is there no reply function on this thing?)


I'd imagine having some sound effects would help a lot. Was having a hard time trying to come up with some though, but yeah there's only so much you can do with pure rectangles with varying degrees of information on them. Going to need to pick up the pace on my art learning.


Thanks for the feedback. You can extend the range by holding the [Magic] button down, up to a specific point. It comes up based on release, or it reaches max range.

Updated .exe to fix 2 bugs and add a short blurb in the pause menu on how to use magic.

Oh you're supposed to use the down + magic ability to make an ice block and then jump off of that if you don't know how to wall-jump. I probably should have put more time into making the maps as they were pretty rushed. Thanks for the feedback.

The background, mainly the first stage's background, made it hard to keep track of the player. Other than that I had no complaints. I am not good at this game genre though so I had to play on Very Easy and just barely beat it.