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A jam submission

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Hit a sand bag and run around that's all you can really do right now
Submitted by Ogier (@Ogier_Dev) — 2 days, 20 hours before the deadline

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game is promising, though the juggles seems a little too easy to do add some horizontal knockback to the enemy when theyre being juggled or something, also the air dash kinda removes the need for walking completely


Love the smooth animations and attack variety. looking forward to switching between elements and what you do with enemy AI.

Very nice. The only criticism I feel I can currently add is that I hate that there is a turning animation.


@Sinoc - I don't know if you remember the boss [Cyan] from DD11+ but that's basically what I have in mind, for stronger enemies at least. After hitting them extremely aggressively in a short amount of time he becomes hitstun immune for a couple of moves, though what you suggested might be better.

@AWK - Yeah, you're right. I'll make it move to any attack.

Thanks for the feedback guys.


Good as always, and it's nice to see the game finally get visuals to help convey the action. It's a bit disappointing to not see the level or bosses return from dd9 or so, but I imagine those will come back later.

Playing around with the sandbags though, it seemed way to easy to lock it into a theoretically infinite combo. You could try a system like Hisoutensoku's single player where bosses have a meter separate from there health that will stun them and make them vulnerable to combing when it empties.


Everything feels very satisfying, platforming is easy and intuitive too.

My only gripe is that I expected the ice puck to move with any kind of attack but apparently only the ice swipe triggers it.