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Here's a video of your game. Maybe I'm just getting retarded but I had a really hard time with it, I played sudoku before but the 4x4 grid and not being able to see the entire field really messed me up.

I recorded a video of your game.

Here's me playing your demo.

Here's a video of your game, I didn't realize the recording was zoomed in, sorry about that.

I did a video of your game.

Here's a video of me playing your game.

Some feedback:

  • I tend to undershoot and miss my target, the cue could hit a bit further
  • It's very hard to redirect the ball while it's moving since I have to both predict where it will be and calculate the right cue angle and force versus the ball's angle and speed
  • The cursor isn't captured while I'm aiming the cue, making it impossible to pull it back enough to hit harder if the ball is near the corners of the screen

Here's a video with some gameplay of your game, recording it with game capture in OBS didn't work so I had to use monitor capture. which made the keyboard overlay I have been using for the gameplay videos to not work for some reason.

Enjoy, I didn't get through all of it but the video was getting pretty long already.

I made a video with a playthrough of your game, the keyboard overlay is on top of the minimap but that's only in the recording, I could see it fine while playing.

Here's a playthrough of you game.

I did a playthrough of your demo.

I did a video of your game, I couldn't figure out what to do next so I ran in circles for a while, I am not clever.

I recorded a playthrough of your game.

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I did a video of your game.

My first try was with the browser version but I changed to the Windows version in the second try, the browser version had some serious input lag. Also I didn't realize OBS was recording the cursor so enjoy Kursor, the canon sidekick and mentor of Kat.

I played your demo and recorded it.

The control config got messed up when I rebinded the keys and started pressing up and down twice so I had to reset it to default.

I recorded a quick video of your demo, I encountered a few bugs like the shop items disappearing and water not blocking your movement, also it's pretty easy to get trapped by putting stuff around yourself, I don't know if there's a way to destroy the walls if you don't have energy.

I made a recording of your game.

The upgraded black hole kinda broke it.

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I did a playthrough of your demo.

Apparently you can just move through the water without making a bridge, also I'm not sure how the fishing works since it doesn't tell me if I actually caught a fish or not.

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I recorded a playthrough of your game.

Like the others said before, the collisions are pretty wonky and the bullet often goes in the wrong direction and the movespeed is way too slow.

Fun game though, it's a nice blend of puzzler and shooter but the level design could be improved a lot, right now it's pretty unforgiving and I'm stuck on level 7 since the bullet often ends up in a bad position.

I would like to see the shooter aspect of it being expanded more, maybe make it more frantic with more aggressive enemies ala Hotline Miami.

Also, you should use preload() instead of load() for switching scenes so that there's no delay when loading levels and menus.

I really like the tweaks to the combat, I'm not sure but I think it feels harder than the previous version since the enemy is more varied and seems to have more health (or maybe my attacks are slower than before), it's certainly a big improvement.

It feels really nice to play but it's hard to tell if I'm actually hitting the enemy or being blocked due to the lack of clear feedback but that's just an art/audio problem. I also think the fight is a bit too long, maybe decrease the health a little bit.

Cool concept and I like the art, but goddamn the audio is horrible.

The gameplay lacks a greater purpose and it doesn't matter if Earth explodes since I can just reset and keep all my upgrades, it could play like a typical wave defender kind of game where it gets harder each level and you lose all progress when you die.

There are also some usability problems, I wish I could see how much money I have without pausing the game and I can't tell which ship has each weapon, it would also be nice to able to shoot each weapon individually too. The buy menu is kinda confusing too and could have better art.

This could be a very solid game with some extra balance and polish, great work!

The enter key only seems to work when the game is in fullscreen (Chrome W10).

Pretty fun and funny game and I love the little details, the completely dark level is bullshit though and I almost gave up there but I'm so glad I didn't, it actually gets very... interesting later on and I recommend people to play it until the end.

I honestly could see this being developed into a full game with some more involved gameplay, most of the gimmicks are pointless since the most effective strategy doesn't change.


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The mouse stays locked even when I alt-tab away which is very annoying.

I don't see the point of having ammo boxes cluttering the quick bar, but that's just a minor issue.

It's hard to tell what's going on and it's easy to lose sight of the enemies but audio and some indicators would fix that.

I see a lot of potential in this, I love systems-heavy games and I like how the enemies are smart, I want to see more enviromental hazards like panels with life support systems  that can be turned on and off, light sources that can be shot down and stuff like that.

The fun factor already improved a lot thanks to the better level design and controls feel nicer too compared to the last time I played (DD13 I think?). I'm using a controller and I don't think they feel too floaty, I had a bit of trouble jumping on the tree with the tiny branches though.

I'm not sure if I'm doing it right but I have to use a dash to get out of the starting area, it feels punishing since they are limited and I almost got stuck once going back to it with only one dash left. Rolling is fun but I can't find a way to stop it instantly which often means I get hit by something before it ends, it doesn't feel useful since the level is full of evil stuff ready to kill me at the slightest misstep.

I think the game would benefit from being less brutal in general, some enemies like the mosquitoes are annoying, some take several hits and some are in the worst places possible like the snakes on the tiny platforms, there are spikes everywhere and I lose all progress when running out of lives.

I found the semi-secret sign to the upper left but I couldn't reach it the first time since I had no dashes left, so I had to backtrack and try again once I got more energy, I would personally make the dashes infinite and work out a way to make them not overpowered, I don't think such an important movement ability should be so limited.

There's probably a bunch of stuff I forgot to post about but I love your game, it gets more fun the more I play it but losing all progress every time makes me sad.

Also I just realized that the life pickups are the girl's head, I think they look like seashells.

There doesn't seem to be a way to get out of singleplayer or the online lobby so I have to quit and open the game again every time I want to change. 
The aiming preview is not entirely accurate, I can aim slightly higher and still hit the target even though the preview said it would miss.
Arrows from below sometimes go through the targets and miss.
I can't shoot through the invisible wall to the left unless I'm touching it.

The game feels very nice and the controls are smooth, it looks and sounds polished too. I'm not sure about the longevity and fun factor of the game since the level is always the same though, I think some randomization would work well.

I wait for a while but couldn't find an online match, opening two instances of the game works fine though. I will try it again later to play with someone else.

The aiming is fucked, the gun should always point at where the cursor is.

The isometric controls are bizarre in a game like this, I think it would be better if they were relative to the camera instead of the level.

Lighting is too dark and uniform and it's hard to see weapons on the ground, who forgot to pay the bills? The field of view is too small and it's easy to get killed by someone offscreen, maybe make the camera follow the player's cursor a bit.

The gunplay is pretty satisfying once you get used to the weird controls, clearing a room with the FN FAL was fun, it certainly has that Hotline Miami feel to it. Running out of ammo in the middle of a gunfight and being chased by bad guys while you scramble to find another gun is exciting and I could play this for a long while when it gets more polished.

Part [2/2]

The screen is too small for how big the enemies are, it's hard to dodge things even when I know they are coming, this problem is multiplied by the fact that the player ship seems slower than most of the baddies, it's faster when you're not shooting but why wouldn't you shoot? There's a dissonance between the visuals and the gameplay, while everything LOOKS fast, it plays slowly and punishes you for shooting, and it has enemy patterns that encourage safe plays. I want to feel like a badass but the game doesn't let me.

The analog stick works for moving the ship but I can't shoot. (Xbox One controller)

I love the aesthetic and the shaky visuals, but there's very little contrast between the things that matter (enemies and their bullets) and the useless things (score bubbles, background, the player itself). It lacks clarity in general, I have no idea what those aiming reticles at the corners of the screen do, are they supposed to point at the player when he gets hit? It only makes things even less clear.

I can see that you're going for that seizure feel but I think you are pumping up the visual of things that don't matter at all, the score bubbles are the worst offenders. Why are they so large? Why are they even there? You focused too much on useless visuals and forgot playability.

Part [1/2]

You turned Space Invaders into a button masher, the gameplay is too "flat" right now, enemies all move at the same speed and fire at the same rate and never change. You can easily clear whole rows of enemies simply by standing still, spamming the shoot button and dodging the occasional bullet, there's no strategy involved like in the original Space Invaders where you practically dance with the aliens, hiding behind the barrier and then peeking out when your weapon has reloaded.

It's odd how enemies keep appearing, I already cleared the whole screen but I have to wait the next row of enemies to show up.

Some bullets seem to hit multiple enemies sometimes, I don't know if it's just the hit sound playing more than once though. The audio as a whole is WAY TOO LOUD too, at least 3x louder than it should be.

I don't know what you're planning for this game but if you want to make a Space Invaders clone then you should look into what made Space Invaders fun.

  • Dialogue boxes spawn outside the view if you are too high
  • The top of the big tree sprite ends abruptly, you can jump high enough in some sections to see it
  • The game froze when I dashed into the boss and I had to force quit the process, it only happened once though
  • I used Bucka Chucka to easily kill him, I'm not sure if that's intended
  • I dislike the walk-run mechanics, having to double-tap or jump just to move at a reasonable pace is annoying and makes the game clunkier, I can't think of any situation where I would want to walk slowly. The rest of the controls feel right to me though.
  • The sound effects are too meek and lack impact, but I like the music and I didn't mind leaving the game open and listening to it on loop


I played this one before outside DD and it's one of my favorites, I finished all chapters and feel like I could play it forever as long as you throw more levels at me.

I do have a few nitpicks and suggestions though.

  • The turrets that aim at you should reset their attack timer if they lose track of you, right now they ready up a shot and might fire at any moment when you come back to them, I have to keep track of their timers in my head. It does add some nuance to them but it feels inconsistent
  • The cutscenes and "storyline" don't mesh well with the game itself. Communism is not what comes to mind when I see sterile test rooms and such
  • Some hitboxes feel larger than they should be, particularly the bullets. I think close calls are more satisfying than bullshit "that didn't even hit me" deaths

I love the art, the jokes, the encounter system and how you have to be smart and not waste all your skills early on, but I don't like how the skills have their positions shuffled every round, I feel like I'm relearning the same character every time, there no point in showing duplicates either.

Skills could always keep their slots and have charges instead, with cards representing these charges just to keep the whole card system going on but without the annoyances I mentioned. You could add some systems like not being able to use the same skill twice in a row and encounter cards/enemy abilities that disable skills too so there's still some random aspect to it.

The table background is a good idea but it doesn't really fit the rest of the art right now, the dark wood and shadowy spot makes the game look more somber than it needs to be, I dislike the tiny font used in most of the text too.

The combat is pretty much broken so there's not much to talk about it, just holding enter to win isn't interesting.

The aesthetics of the characters is nice, I'm not a fan of the 3D enviroments though and I think 2D backgrounds can be more expressive when done right.

The combat-heavy gameplay doesn't really fit the temple setting but I'm assuming that's not the final design.

A bit too much on the easy side, I managed to beat the furry in my first try without getting hit once. I think the joy of games like Punch-Out is in getting your ass kicked the first few times to figure out the enemy's patterns and tells and then finally beat him.

Everything needs a speedup in general, dodging should be faster, punching should be faster, the enemy's punches should be much faster, the countdown should be faster, you get the point.

It felt pretty intuitive and I figured out what to do pretty much instantly which is nice, the problem is that I never felt like I had to do anything other than spam punches and calmy press down to dodge the very slow incoming punch.

I wish I could set the mouse speed more exactly, 2 feels too slow and 3 feels slightly too fast for me.

The controls feel just right and exactly as I would expect. I think adding a bit more friction would be an improvement, it (very slightly) feels like I'm on ice.

Enemies could have flashier muzzle flashes, they look like peashooters.

The fun factor already improved 10x from the previous demo day since the enemies aren't utterly useless, I had fun with it and shooting feels very satisfying.