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A jam submission

Project Abel pre-alpha [OUTDATED]View game page

Submitted by abeldev (@ProjectAbelGame) — 23 hours, 53 minutes before the deadline

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Project Abel pre-alpha [OUTDATED]'s page

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thanks for playing! much appreciated

I played a bit of the game.  Overall I really like it but decided I will wait to play more once the full version is out. Do you have a website or social media pages I can follow besides to keep updated?


Thanks for playing!

updates coming soon


Aight, played it through. It was a pretty good experience overall, very nice style you've got there.

Some pointers/ critical feedback.

  • If there was something of interest on a wall, it was of annoyance that I could not turn and face the wall if I stood to close to it. Everytime I wanted to turn to the wall I had to do a little loop. 
  • Going into aim whilst you run locks the animation into the running animation even when idled.
  • I got a bit lost on the controlls mid through the game. This was especially apparent whilst in the inventory, having a cheat sheet of commands would not hurt to have displayed there.
  • The zombie npcs very often bugged out and stood shaking at place.
  • A bit nitpicky : The vertical climbing /slowdown in the stairs was waaay slow. Felt like the character was wadding through mud. I'd suggest speeding it up a bit. 

This is good stuff. Don't stop working hard! 


Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks heaps for the feedback! I'l get to work on tweaking those things. Also the truth is I don't have an aim animation yet at all because of the massive task it would be... any ideas how I could handle animating that considering you can move and aim in all directions? How exactly can I animate both the torso and legs while running and consequently synchronize them to look natural.   I played around with not being able to move at all with aiming - that way I would only have to animate 4 (probably 8 in the future) directions. I prefer the current movement options though... :/


Well, if I was to do the task I would definitely split up the sprite into two pieces.  One lower part for the legs and a top part for the rest of the body. That way your running animation is only really dependent on the leg section of the sprite.  Then making the aim animation would be independent if you're moving or not.

also: Highly suggest looking up inverse kinematics if you want to make a very extensive/advanced animation without needing to draw all the frames and stuff yourself. 


sweet. I’ll check that out. Thanks man 


Gameplay video:


Thank you for playing. I should have mentioned in the tutorial you can aim 360 degrees with the right joystick lol. I'm gonna update the demo