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Thanks, I'm in the middle of re imagining some of the art direction at the moment. I will post updates soon. Looking forward to checking out your game Red Glare Escape. Im a sucker for classic survival horror :)

Yes it is. Very slowly. lol

Thank you for taking the time!

I didn't know how to get the WASD movement down in time for the jam, so that unconventional W movement is what came of it. lol

Again, thanks for playing and sharing, your video series are a fun watch!

Perhaps. That's undecided at the moment, the controls would be tricky to figure out. 

So glad you could get lost in the atmosphere! I agree, I am adding a WASD update fairly soon for the obsticle bit, but will keep the movement slow and tedious, like the atmosphere. Lol. Thanks for taking the time to check it out! Def more coming soon.

Thanks for taking the time to check it out and make a video! :) I will probably do an update on the WASD controls soon. I didn't know how to do it at the time, and had to rush it due to the jam deadline. 

Thanks for taking the time to play it and do a video. Love watching people's reactions and experience  :)

Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it :) I am downloading yours to check it out now. 

yeah, I won't be working on this one anymore. It's just a short one made for a jam. 

TY! Glad you enjoyed it.

The Space bar interacts with a few elements. There are a few puzzles. Should see text when you interact as well.

Thanks for taking the time to check it out! :)

I played a bit of the game.  Overall I really like it but decided I will wait to play more once the full version is out. Do you have a website or social media pages I can follow besides to keep updated?

Thanks so much for taking the time to play the game and record your experience!

It is so much fun watching your expression as you try to advance through the game.  I can see that a map or a compass would help alot for people trying to navigate, I think I will add this feature in Episode 2. 

Many thanks, I look forward to seeing you play the rest :)


TY! :)