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Solve spatial puzzles through a cryptic retro interface
Submitted by AWK (@AWKgamedev) — 2 days, 19 hours before the deadline
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Daunting puzzle game, and it's extremely difficult and satisfying in my opinion. Love the visuals and effects, though the fisheye gets a little tiresome. You deserve a vid playthrough because of how many you upload on demo days. You might as well watch this at 2x speed because I've never felt this brainlet in my life. I didn't understand how blue squares worked until I was deep into one of the later puzzles. Also note I started recording in the middle of my progress on (I believe) the 3rd puzzle. 

I have to agree with a point rokas made, I don't like that black on the map indicates both unseen areas and normal ground. Also reading these comments I see there is an undo button I missed... oops. Enjoy this mess of a video, as I enjoyed your game quite a bit.


Nice, thanks so much for the video. It's so interesting to see someone else playing the game and trying to figure things out, it's difficult for me to visualize how a puzzle might be solved since I already know the solutions so videos are invaluable for me.

You said you only understood the blue blocks later in the game and your video helped me understand why, you seem to have learned it in level 5 (second in the video) once you were forced to go around the pinned box to place the blue block in the bottom right corner, I think I will be making a simpler version of this level earlier on since it seems to be effective, other people who played the game also seemed to be more comfortable once they played that level.

Again, thanks a lot!


This game's great. That's all I have to say about that.

By the way, when I looked up "harmonic" on itch I saw like 12 games before this one, you should maybe add that to the tags or description or something. I'd imagine most people won't type the colons into search bars


I made it through on my first try this time! Or at least I think so, the Thanks for playing screen is the end, right? The text doesn't mean I'm supposed to do some meta stuff to unlock the next levels?

Was the rewind a new thing or did I simply not notice it last time? Either way, being able to quickly undo stuff when you are stuck feels so much better than restarting the whole level every time. There were a lot of small things I noticed, like the level restart animation being skippable, I enjoyed these little things, it felt really polished.

Honestly, I would have loved to play the previous levels with this version. Then again I do think that the new levels had a better flow than last time.

I noticed your update post hinted at some sort of story, I'd like to see that in-game, though I don't know if that would go against the design you are going for.

Really looking forward to the full and/or next version.


Yeah, the message is the end of the demo, there are secrets in the first two levels though if you want to check that out (you'll notice that the goals within them have black cores).

Rewind was in the older versions too, you probably missed it because the help panel with the controls was there too but people would skip it by mistake since any input would disable it, I fixed it in this version.

I'll be redoing the levels yet again, general consensus seems to be that they aren't as good as before, this is fine since I'm being highly experimental with them and figuring out what the best designs are, I limited the mechanics in the first level to only the blocks but it's a pretty big level which might scare off people, and the following levels don't much of a curve since it's a mix of old and new levels.

As for story... I will think of something.

Thanks for playing!

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So much juice. Juice everywhere. Luckily I got all the way to level 6 without my eyes dying of juice overload.
Anyways, my only gripe is with the anti-material block. It took a while to figure out what the hell it was and how it worked. Don't be afraid to explain how it works with text, since you're already doing that for the controls. Once I did figure it out, it was pretty cool, but it also led to a lot of unwinnable scenarios where I had it stuck on the wrong portion of my screen.  It's an interesting mechanic, but it definitely ups level complexity since any mini-puzzle with more than one solution now explodes exponentially with the addition of others.


-The intro level I guess is meant to show that you can push things and have to move to the green thing, but it's also a mess for no reason
-Pushing things you can't see whether or not they can be pushed and having to either tab constantly or undo often is not fun, I miss the wierd screen square mechanics
-Tab shows black squares for places you can pass as well as places you haven't seen, don't do that
-Sokobanning out of the second level is not possible, was wondering around for some time, tried to enable the transparent brown square somehow with space, nothing worked
-Seeing the comment below, went back to play the first level to see if I could push the sand squares into the transparent ones to activate them, nope, still a mess, just let me walk in the tabbed version at this point, completed it again, without the need to enable the fancy square 

I probably missed something, and will try again later, but this experience wasn't anywhere near the one I enjoyed the last time


This is really juicy for something with such basic graphics. Made it through 5 rooms, gonna get onto the remaining rooms later. It's very fun, the core puzzle mechanic and design is solid af. 

Don't have any real complain, only thing that I could comment on would maybe be to change the order of the rooms.(?) I had a much harder time on the first puzzle room than on the rest (the other 4), but it was a good introduction to the anti-materia square. 

Great shader work btw.