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Hey guys, just popping in with a small post-bundle update

It seems both forms of the Count could get stuck in an infinite loop with their ability if they drew the shuffle card or the deck was too low, so I've gone and put in some extra safeguards that I believe eliminated it


-Phil Blank Games

Yeah, runs don't save when you quit since the game is designed around sub-1 hour runs

Cheddarousse's stats are that he only hits to 12 (which is pretty much any two cards) which means he can never go bust, in exchange you only have to beat his initial draw

Pick a somewhat low bet (the slider before hitting the deal button) and focus on not going bust yourself, I'd say hold on anything 15+ unless he has a 10/A card face up. Remember that the most abundant cards in the deck are '10' cards so a good chunk of his hands will just be his face-up card + 8/9/10/A. There's still plenty of other cards though so you just have to wait for good opportunities

Failing that you can always try to brute force the fight with large bets or keep restarting to get Albert (dhampir guy) as your first fight, but I believe you can do it!

Hero and 22 are both good abilities for beating him. If you’ve got it, other players had success surrendering if the initial hand was too high. Low hands will give you more chances to procc Hero or get 22

True, I guess if you're not doing 'strikes' then there's no way to penalize random marking. Although it's possible to meet the requirements of a row or column and still be wrong about it

Btw 100x100 absolutely busts the program lol

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Oh nice, I've been into nonograms recently

Would love to see painting (dragging cursor affects multiple tiles in same row or column) and a one button shortcut for marking dead cells (right click would be best)

Edit: Ok after another round it'd be nice to have numbers go grey as you meet their requirements and to not have to fill in dead cells to check my work. Honestly just go check out PictoQuest. It's easy as hell, but it's smooth to play

Edit 2: Ran into a puzzle with multiple solutions, which was weird. I guess that's legal in nonograms? I know it's not for sudoku. All solutions are valid for finishing though

Oh I tried Shift and Spacebar, haven't played a Ren'Py game in forever

* Flat colors are awful for depth perception

* If you have two hands worth of items, you should be able to flip which one left and right click refer to
* Your hook swinging goes through colliders
* You hide the cursor on game start, so if you go back to the menu you can't actually see what you're selecting

I'd recommend having something to do on the first screen, like the player forgot to grab the chocolate so you have to do it for her

As it is you have to wait for two screens to pass slowly before you get to start inputting

Doesn't seem to work. The enemies just sit there without moving, I made it 500 seconds without touching the keyboard then got bored and closed it

Some nice things to have would be

  • An indicator on screen of the direction to the heart
  • Deadzone so your ship isn't always moving by infinitesimally small amounts
  • An actual exit button

It's uuuuuuuuuuuuuuh

Well I managed to hit 1950. The bit where three come at the same time is annoying to stop but I probably should've experimented with the controls more to see if there was a better way to fight them

Wow, you got a lot of art done for this! Looks good at that

For the technical side, I'd really recommend a 'skip' function that skips over seen segments and stops at new ones/choices. I had to do a few runs because my ego wouldn't let me compromise on the pickle jar (that's another note, needing the player to be 3-for-3 on choices is a bit much)

But overall it's good!

Check if you have a controller plugged in. I do deadzone checks, but those won't help if your stick is stuck beyond them

lmao you both registered accounts for this?

Alright, now that the streams and Phi have finished I'm moving it to a paid package.
Thanks to anyone who tried it out!

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The password is my *current* nickname on AGDG discord

If you're thread-only, either ask around, get in contact with me, or consider purchasing it on Steam

This will be a paid-only package after DD streaming is over

"Personally, I think the wall running should be based on physics, for the most"
It is physics, while moving forward you produce downforce (similar to a drag racer)
Thanks for playing!

Hope you enjoyed it! Yeah, if you stop moving/slow down too much while upside down, you won't produce enough downforce to counteract gravity

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I'm hoping to get a sensitivity slider in before liq plays

Are you using a gaming mouse, perhaps? I'm trying to figure out why sensitivity is so wildly different between testers, if I halve it I physically can't turn fast enough to go along the ramps anymore

Tank mode is just your torso moving separate from your legs. Good for aiming, but there's nothing to aim at and it makes platforming a bitch

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heck off shill!!

The mixed pixel sizes on all assets threw me off at first, that and the fact that none of your assets are constrained to the pixel grid (I get they're 3D, but you can still constrain them). Movement seems to continue for a little bit after releasing a directional key, which is weird since the player isn't aligned to a grid either.

Combat seemed alright, maybe don't make the first battle against six slimes when you only have one monster with single-target attacks. I got past the first boss but decided to quit at the teleporter maze because those are never fun.

Shows potential, keep it up! I loved playing DWM/DQM as a kid even if I was shit at it.

>'painting' is definitely on the list of things I need to get in
>attaching block change to scroll wheel does sound like a good idea, yeah
Also yeah this is just an editor, the game loop is going to take me a lot longer to figure out.

Thanks for trying it out!

It's never too rocky to release a demo, that's what demos are for!

After saving the three prisoners I couldn't find the grapple gun so I couldn't see any way to progress or end the level

The stealth seems wildly stacked against the player. You have to get within a meter to stand a chance, but enemies will pick you up if they catch a small glimpse or if a physics bomb accidentally rolls against them.

Shows promise, but needs more for the player to interact with

* Not sure if it's part of the music or an error, but there's a sound like a single piano key being mashed over and over unceasingly
* Game got stuck loading while trying to do the second pressure plate split (the one after the save point)
* Combat still has no real flow to it

* Game is way too zoomed in to actually see anything

* Four directional shooting versus free roaming enemies is awful

Cute game! It reminds me of a prototype city builder/gardening game I was playing around with.

Some notes on your current stuff:

  • It's difficult to get a ground panel going the correct way I want. I'll be trying to close in a shape but it'll keep wanting to go the other direction of what I need
  • Having to close in shapes is boring. You should let players build whatever they want, might work well with village behavior once it gets more complex
  • I noticed almost all my villagers were pathing to the same two trees, even ones spawned from far away villages
  • Auto-collection of materials would be nice. That and you should enable 'Run in Background' under 'Edit->Project Settings->Player' so I can alt tab and still get materials.
  • Occasionally can't read the words due to either the opacity or them being over a white skeleton. Would suggest a colored outline
  • The timing aspect to defense seems annoying, especially since attacking while a defense is queued removes the defense. I'm also not sure it's possible to keep your combo meter in sections with a defense timer (maybe make it so defending stalls the combo timer)
  • After beating the boss a second time, I was told to name my 'new' power (same power as before I think). Entering the same name as I had used the first time caused me to use up a power charge despite me being in a menu.
  • On that note there should be some kinda indicator on screen of what word we picked for the power

Combat feels really slow, what with the player standing still to attack. With both combat and platforming I feel you should be leaning into your character's unique abilities more.

Lots of bugs in your proc-gen code. I've spawned inside isolated rooms with no way out, had treasure chests and enemies spawn inside walls, and had to give up halfway since the path to the next room mysteriously cuts out for a tile.

Brilliant job, Saku. I nearly cried when the T spun.

Gave it a fair number of runs, eventually managed to get out by blowing up the wall above the gates. Some notes:

  • Occasionally the cavern part wouldn't get loaded
  • I felt like there wasn't any real way to fight the tiny bots once they aggro'd. Despite their size, kicking and shots only paralyzed them so I'd have to use a whole red barrel to kill them. Running away wouldn't help since they never lost aggro.
  • Bubble movement felt inconsistent. Since it's important movement tech it'd be nice for it to be consistent
  • Jumping into the gorge lets you skip the entire first segment, I used this a lot :^)
  • Your 'C' button is bound to a debug camera that I couldn't figure out how to exit. Seeing as the last game I played had 'C' as crouch, I ended up losing a lot of runs to it.
  • Lack of saves was annoying
  • Carts and enemy ecosystem were cool, but they were complex enough that I didn't really want to get involved with them.
  • Carrying anything heavy was annoying, even for just a couple meters. The bubble should make heavy items count as lighter than they are for the purpose of carrying.

Cute halloween game! Would love to see more complex platforming or more game mechanics, though the movement would need to be refined more for that.

Beat the first level, then accidentally closed the game by trying to skip the end of the cutscene.

It's, uh, it's a game alright. Not sure QWAS actually works in any controllable way, I mostly just used the turn ability to beat the level. Btw, you can use turn to phase through walls, killing yourself.

Oh wow, a Square game where you play as a witch? Who could've seen that coming?

Jokes aside it's an interesting idea that needs some refinement. 

  • Control bindings should've been explained in-game, not on the game page. JKL is a rare binding, more people will associate Spacebar or Z with jumping. Also, even though your main screen says '[J] to start', J doesn't work and only left mouse button does.
  • Camera obstructed gameplay a lot. Some terrain went translucent when I was behind it, some didn't. Some went translucent when I was above it, which was really weird. The camera's movements felt locked to the player, which made movement feel rigid.
  • You should use a projector to add a blob shadow beneath the player and any enemies. This is what Mario 64 uses to increase player's depth reasoning, since it lets players know where everything is on the xz-plane.
  • Absorbing pumpkins in the first level made me poop skulls, but doing it during the boss did nothing.
  • Mummy's bandage has wonky aiming. I had the bandage go 90 degrees away from my forward direction first. Adding some lock-on would be nice, aim assist is also a possibility but it wouldn't work well with grappling to terrain.
  • Door colliders were sometimes still active when the door was opened. I could just jump over them, but it felt weird to suddenly bump into them.
  • Combat overall wasn't very satisfying. It suffers from the same problem as Knight & Witch where combat is slow but mindless. Either speed it up or add more puzzle elements to the fights.
  • Music is good, good job Mobius (btw your name is mispelled on the credits).
  • Art is also good. My nitpicks here are that there's a texture issue with the candle and the terrain is kinda bland compared to the models.

I know it's a lot of criticism but I thought it was a pretty entertaining game. Would love to see you flesh it out more.

Fun little minigame. No idea if you'll come back to it in the future, but here's some comments anyway

  • Having menu advancement tied to 'any key' is annoying, since I accidentally skipped the final screen by trying to jump
  • More spread on the 'x' shot would be nice. You have to inch into enemy lasers to hit them with it.
  • Enemy lasers sometimes fire before they're even visible on screen. You should check whether or not they're in the camera frustrum before their attack windup.
  • I completely forgot the 'c' button did anything. Might be nice to have a reminder when it's usable
  • Level system didn't really feel relevant except at low levels when you can't spam the 'x' button. After you pass a threshold there's no way you'll ever bottom out on mana.
  • The game doesn't do anything to force you forwards. The bountiful pickups mean that just chilling out for a bit and breaking boxes will give you enough health to tank the next few stacks.

Game fails from itch launcher

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