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A minimap would be nice, just to know which rooms are unexplored and maybe if the ladder was behind a pillar I missed.

In addition, enemy attack hitboxes feel rather large. In order to win a melee fight without being hit, it feels like you have to be constantly retreating or kiting. More attack variation, parrying, or smaller hitboxes are some things that could remedy this. At the same time, it doesn't really feel like there's a point to getting in combat in the first place except to get ammo for more combat.

Cute halloween game! Would love to see more complex platforming or more game mechanics, though the movement would need to be refined more for that.

Beat the first level, then accidentally closed the game by trying to skip the end of the cutscene.

It's, uh, it's a game alright. Not sure QWAS actually works in any controllable way, I mostly just used the turn ability to beat the level. Btw, you can use turn to phase through walls, killing yourself.

Oh wow, a Square game where you play as a witch? Who could've seen that coming?

Jokes aside it's an interesting idea that needs some refinement. 

  • Control bindings should've been explained in-game, not on the game page. JKL is a rare binding, more people will associate Spacebar or Z with jumping. Also, even though your main screen says '[J] to start', J doesn't work and only left mouse button does.
  • Camera obstructed gameplay a lot. Some terrain went translucent when I was behind it, some didn't. Some went translucent when I was above it, which was really weird. The camera's movements felt locked to the player, which made movement feel rigid.
  • You should use a projector to add a blob shadow beneath the player and any enemies. This is what Mario 64 uses to increase player's depth reasoning, since it lets players know where everything is on the xz-plane.
  • Absorbing pumpkins in the first level made me poop skulls, but doing it during the boss did nothing.
  • Mummy's bandage has wonky aiming. I had the bandage go 90 degrees away from my forward direction first. Adding some lock-on would be nice, aim assist is also a possibility but it wouldn't work well with grappling to terrain.
  • Door colliders were sometimes still active when the door was opened. I could just jump over them, but it felt weird to suddenly bump into them.
  • Combat overall wasn't very satisfying. It suffers from the same problem as Knight & Witch where combat is slow but mindless. Either speed it up or add more puzzle elements to the fights.
  • Music is good, good job Mobius (btw your name is mispelled on the credits).
  • Art is also good. My nitpicks here are that there's a texture issue with the candle and the terrain is kinda bland compared to the models.

I know it's a lot of criticism but I thought it was a pretty entertaining game. Would love to see you flesh it out more.

Fun little minigame. No idea if you'll come back to it in the future, but here's some comments anyway

  • Having menu advancement tied to 'any key' is annoying, since I accidentally skipped the final screen by trying to jump
  • More spread on the 'x' shot would be nice. You have to inch into enemy lasers to hit them with it.
  • Enemy lasers sometimes fire before they're even visible on screen. You should check whether or not they're in the camera frustrum before their attack windup.
  • I completely forgot the 'c' button did anything. Might be nice to have a reminder when it's usable
  • Level system didn't really feel relevant except at low levels when you can't spam the 'x' button. After you pass a threshold there's no way you'll ever bottom out on mana.
  • The game doesn't do anything to force you forwards. The bountiful pickups mean that just chilling out for a bit and breaking boxes will give you enough health to tank the next few stacks.

Game fails from itch launcher

***Error***: cannot read property 'split' of undefined

  • UI icons are extremely low-res except the potion and keys
  • Movement animations are kinda wonky, especially running backwards and for characters with capes (feet clip through them)
  • Game uses a large amount of CPU resources. Memory side seemed fine.
  • I could never figure out why you'd pick anything other than a mage. They had the best shots, could still dodge amazingly, and often had one-shot kills in their kit.
  • Doors sliding downwards doesn't work very well from a top-down perspective. I'd suggest having them open inwards or outwards.

After opening the red door, I ended up finding a giant pit that I couldn't cross. I'm guessing that was the end of the demo?

  • Game froze for a bit after reading the first sign post
  • There didn't seem to be any portions that explained the ground pound, wall jump, or even that I had a double jump. Only control explanation I found was for the high jump.
  • Respawning in the area with the purple ooze would put your camera out of bounds. It also put you back with only one health, but that might be intentional.

I was unable to clear the cubes leading up to that yellow gem, since they never seemed to give me enough height to reach the next plus they disabled my double jump. The graphical improvements are nice, but controls seem a bit harsher than the 2017 version on Steam.

I suppose, but at the same time I understand that the strange movement of the players is important to your game's aesthetic. It's probably fine, since your game doesn't rely on any precise platforming or such.

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I managed to get myself stuck since my witch had fallen over dead to the buzzsaws in AI follow mode. They still had one heart and the game hadn't ended, though, so this might've been a bug. I'd suggest adding an auto-dodge to the AI follower otherwise the game turns into a babysitting escort quest.

Controls need a lot of improvement, neither character feels fun to control (Witch less so, since she takes forever to aim and does barely any damage). Another thing that could be snappier are enemy deaths, they stay on screen for another second or two before finally deciding they should keel over and disappear.

Combat feels nice so far. The stuff outside of combat is kinda confusing, though.

  • Had one of the knife enemies slide out of bounds after death
  • Some of the enemies seem to still fire while their death animation plays. This is especially dangerous for the shotgun enemies, since their corpse will usually slide super close to you.
  • Took me a while to figure out that I have to shoot safes to open them. Only figured it out since I remember you posting about it once.

Your movement codes seems a bit wonky. There were tons of times where I let go of a movement key but kept traveling for another quarter of a second. Playing around with it I noticed it was hard to replicate with short key presses, so I guess it's momentum based.

Went through until I had killed three mages, just to make sure there wasn't any content still waiting for me. I would love to see more varied enemies or stages as the game progresses.

Other things of note:

  • After the first section it asked me to name my power, which I assume meant assigning the keyword for the bombs (I never used them so not sure). However that word isn't displayed, so I could see players forgetting what keyword they picked.
  • I got one section of story text and the rest were French excerpts from a Merlin story. I'll assume this was intentional and is your 'Lorem Ipsum' equivalent.
  • Defending from the mage felt weird since completing a defensive word has no immediate effect.
  • It's hard to read the combo counter (or any other UI element) while killing enemies, it might be nice to have a small pop-up from the enemy that displays your new combo count.

I love games like Typing of the Dead, so I know there's all sorts of things you can do with this genre. Will be nice to see what you decide to add in the future.

You've set up a good base, but here's some issues I noticed:

  • Only diagonal roll that works is up-right
  • Skeletons occasionally teleport if they get blocked during movement
  • Chests still have colliders once opened, so they can potentially block passageways
  • Combat is a solved game (kite one enemy, block until they attack, then get a strike in) due to the lack of attack options for players and enemies
  • Stamina is basically infinite since you can roll even if the bar is depleted

Good work so far!

* It's impossible to figure out what your right two upgrades are since there's no text on your shop menu. Left two are pretty simple to figure out but still need an icon or text.

* Upgrades provide linear benefits and their costs scale linearly. This means your game is going to be stale throughout.

* Your click upgrade seems to improve in increments of .5, but you only render whole numbers. Don't do this, use whole numbers. Multiply everything by 10 if you're insistent on using the same scale.

* Instead of screenshake, you should apply the shake to the character. Also don't apply screenshake when clicking the shop button/upgrades.

* Clean up your pencil lines.

1/10, I told you half this shit during DD19.

Controls are a bit unintuitive, constantly swapping between right click, e, and tab for similar actions. You've got some sprite ordering issues as well.

The base of your game is getting more polished, hope to see more content over time. Especially fishing, since you already teased us with those juicy progress gifs of the fish.

A'ight, it's proper orthographic goodness now.

Dance minigame is now only a minute-ish long. It was like three minutes before, which was kinda pushing it.

Fixed up the rhythm game. In addition to not being perspective anymore, the collisions register properly.

Also added a tiny score-like thing to help sate your ADD.

"and UI with score and whether you hit the notes at right times being rendered off-screen."
There is neither a score nor a rendered score.

Thank you for your kind words, I will now embark on a pilgrimage to Reddit and send as many people from there to AGDG as I can.

It's perspective, not isometric, but I get what ya mean. If I bring it back I'll have it be orthographic.

I like that it moves to show more of where the player is aiming, but when it happens at the same time as movement it makes motion feel off.

Thing is, I hovered the indicator over each unit and mashed every button the menu mentioned. Nothing happened.

Conversation with the bamboo/grass lady seemed kinda bugged. When I came back to her she'd only say the first half of any conversation and I could never tell if I had completed her task.

Aside from that I'd say watch out for resource utilization. You're spawning in a lot of objects that can spawn in more of themselves, so there's gonna be a CPU drain if you're instantiating and destroying the objects over and over. Object Factory design pattern would help with that.

Had the same tiling issue as UltDev, it seems one of your tilled soil tiles is set incorrectly so it just shows as transparent. Some UI elements would also not show up, so I'd have no idea how much I was watering my plants for.

On the gameplay side, the controls are really bad. Whether it's trying to select a specific item or trying to select a specific tile, the game fights you over it. Honestly I'd recommend against the old Harvest Moon one-by-one approach to items and tiles. Rune Factory does it much better by allowing you to till/water 3x3s at once or allowing you to hold the pick-up button to collect all nearby items of the same type.

Your gun can still fire after death. Also the camera work makes movement seem floatier than it actually is.

The first level I was generated was huge and took about 8 minutes to fully traverse, compared to 2 for the next. I'm also not a big fan of all the narrow chokepoints between rooms, since the enemies will end up firing there for cheap shots. Teleport helps deal with that, but I liked the level structure from the older demos more (or maybe it was just the forest level).

The boss AI has a tendency to get caught in corridors. For bullet hell types this makes it a peek-and-shoot game that takes forever, for melee types it just means you have to kite them through the whole level.

This seems pretty early in development so there's not much to comment on. The fact that the bot targets specific corners of the grid makes it a bit less intuitive as it moves around, but it doesn't take too long to get used to its shot patterns.

Parrying seemed a bit strong. Also I don't see why you need another button for jump when you can just use the up arrow key.

Managed to get myself out of bounds after killing the boss. Since the sludge only deals one damage you can just kinda hop on it until you reach it's end.

Couldn't figure out what to do after placing both units. None of the listed controls did anything when hovered over either character.

It said that I could select an action by pressing enter on a character when its their turn, but there's no indicator of whose turn it is.

Gacha text elements are hidden behind the shop buttons. Screen can't be resized to fix this (you can enable this under Edit->Project Settings->Player).

Gameplay is a bit too simple to bother noting, however I should point out that your Per Second upgrade gets relatively cheaper as time goes on. The cost is always equal to 2 seconds worth of DPS + $10, so each successive upgrade can be bought a few microseconds cheaper than the last. Typically you want upgrades to take longer to upgrade the further along the are, with upgrades that provide linear benefits requiring quadratic resources to buy.

Attempting to set 'Escape' as a button for config exits the game. Probably best to let the player know if that's a reserved key.

Shooting controls were a bit confusing, as I'm sure you've heard many times before. I get that there's benefits to not firing, but they hardly felt worth it and I'd much rather have auto-fire so as to not kill my fingers. The bomb key didn't seem to do anything and the focus key did... something I never figured out, probably a projectile barrier but I think I saw it drain two bars instead of 1.

The level was fast but it wasn't all too difficult aside from a moment or two of tight bullet patterns. I never beat the boss, though, that form where they shoot aimed attacks and can't be hurt until you pop the bubble got me every time.

Juicy as fuck. Fitting music too.

Controls were  bit difficult to understand, even with the tutorial. I think it's mostly because the character doesn't have much weight to their moves.

Played up until right before 'The Swamp'. Premise is decent enough, Doom/Chex Quest-style game with hub world. There's a bit of a visibility problem, though, as I'll often find myself unable to find where to go next due to nearly every wall and floor tile being the exact same. There's no directional feel to the map, so if you get turned around it'll take a while to figure that out.

The non-euclidean element was interesting, reminded me of some maps for Duke 3D. You could always use that in your normal maps to prevent players getting lost. Other than that, all I can comment on is that nearly invisible and disguised enemies feel a bit cheap.

Couldn't figure out how or what to mine. Pretty sure I ran into coal several times, but hitting it with the laser just turned it into a physics object instead of getting it.

Combo counter doesn't reset on its own, only when you kill something. Running out of ammo left me feeling a bit useless, even if I could melee my way out with enough patience.

Way ahead of you, I saw your twitter post yesterday. Thanks for covering everyone's games!

  • Keep your scope minimal. 
  • The theme has already been revealed, so you can go ahead and plan your idea/pull references. Just don't touch the code/art/music yet.
  • It's a ~3 day jam, so at 8 hours a day you'd get around 24 hours of work on it. I wouldn't recommend working more than that or you'll go stir crazy.
  • First day should probably be main mechanics.
  • Second day should probably be content generation.
  • Third day should probably be a bit of content generation and a lot of polish.
  • Style is like salt, use it to cover up mistakes and make weird things look intentional.
  • KEEP YOUR SCOPE MINIMAL. You're not making a shippable project, you're making a tech demo where the tech is replaced with fun.

UI seems a bit busy. Also there don't seem to be any disadvantages to being seen (aside from being shot at), so I just murdered my way to the cash pile.